In Memory of our deceased classmates of
the Piggott High School, Class of 1964

Bennie Berry

Charles Bratcher

Alan Carpenter
Margaret Champ

Larry Cowgill  

Gracie Crawford

  Teddy Crews  

Janice Cullen

Carolyn Davis

Larry Dunlap

Linda Dunlap

Faye Gray
Marjorie Green
Delaine Halter

Don Janes

Danny Jones

Denny Lack

Nancy Langley

Garland Mayo

Judy Mobley

Sheila Pounds

Michael Predeau

Sue Stewart

Glenda Vernon

Glendel Wagster

Philip Wright

Jerry Wyatt

Those we love truly never die

Though year by year the sad memorial wreath--
A ring and flowers, types of life and death--
Are laid upon their graves.
Well blessed is she who has a dear one dead
A friend she has whose face will never change,
A dear communion that will not grow strange.
The anchor of a life is death.
There is no death, nor change, nor any ending.
Only a journey, and so many go
That we who stay at length discern the blending
Of the two roads, two breaths, two lives, and so
Come to the high and quiet knowledge that the dead
Are but ourselves, made beautiful instead.

 From, "Readings on the Philosophy of Death"
Author Unknown, from book, "Poetry For Verse Speaking Choir"
of Hickman High School, Columbia, Missouri
Arranged by, Helen D. Williams by Charley Blackmore, '63, Verse Choir VP

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Updated February 15, 2021