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Be the next 'Kewpie' seen; somewhere, anywhere & everywhere,
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Just dig out an old picture or snap a picture of yourself or another Kewpie/Kewpies in a Kewpie shirt, hat or something that identifies you as a Kewpie in some recognizable location and email your picture to:

Donna Dickenson Sublett, '66 Kewpie & Jim
@ Final Four, March 31, 2012, New Orleans, LA
For you old QPs, Donna's dad, Fred Dickenson & his friend and Wayne Sapp, 1953 Kewpie,
Western Auto on Walnut St, in Columbia in the 50s - 70s.....

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GB, Mr. Kewpie & 'Last Kiss' Kurtz
April 13, 2012, 3:10 pm Kansas City Royals' Home Opener
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Judy Burnett Ridgley, '67 Kewpie and
(Melvin's little sister) with
Mr. Kewpie at Bennigans, Columbia - Friday April 20, 2012
Judy & Joe stopped for lunch after we visited Melvin at New Salem Cemetery, Ashland, MO
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 Mr. Kewpie with 2009 Kewpie, Drew Mitrisin at William Jewell,
April 24, 2012 after pizza and watching a William Jewell Cardinals' game. Drew was the 1st recipient of the ' Scholarship' in '09. His dad and went to Liberty for the game, what a fun day!
Best of luck, Drew!
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From '63 Kewpie, George Poehlman, MD while walking down
a dirt path in Embangweni, Malawi - Africa. A fellow Kewpie?

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From Ed Elliott, '51 Kewpie
This is a unique group of relatives. This gathering was on March 13, 2013 at
Ed and Marty Elliott’s house in San Diego, CA.
(L. to R. front row) Verna Dean Crane-Price ’46, Dorothy Crane-Turner ’44,
Edwin Turner ’43, Martha Crane-Elliott ‘51
(L. to R. back row) Ed Elliott ’51, Lowell Elliott ’45, Jay Elliott ‘43

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