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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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Sharlyn Spragg - (Chairperson, but doesn't have email)
Lloyd Allen - 2009-01-18
Marjorie Davis - 2011-05-29
Reba Cornelison, passed away January 17, 2017
George Mansur - Bio & Picture - passed away April 4, 2020
Glen Neiderheiser -2006-07-28
Earl Smarr

I skipped my senior year at Hickman to attend UofM -- graduated BSinEE 1949 and MSinEE 1956.  Attended Iowa State
University -- Ph.D in EE 1963.

Married Mary Lu Jones (Hickman Class 1945) in 1948 and have two children, Rick and Maryann, two grandchildren, and two greatgrandchildren. Will celebrate 60th Anniversary in Sept. 2008.

2 years US Army service (MOS-infantryman), 1952-1953, fought in Korean War, honorable discharge.

I had the privedge of directing construction of the World Wide Tracking and Communication System for Apollo in the mid-60s, and subsequently was President and Chairman of Aeronautical Radio, Inc. (ARINC) until I retired in 1988.