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                      - Chairperson
Glenda Adams - 2008-04-30
Nancy Anderson - 2008-07-01
Larry Andrews, died May 9, 2015 - BIO
Susan Burford - Email removed 2010-07-27
Judy Campbell - 2006-11-20
Jim Crum - Email removed 2003-11-13
Harriet Duerst - 2016-10-02
Doug Elder - 2009-03-18

Nellie Fisher - 2018-09-08  - BIO - Christian College (Columbia College) - Associate in Arts 1960
Barbara Levacy Forbis - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01

Bernita Ford - Email withheld 2003-06-11

Jim Grant - Deceased - 2019-01-23
Charlotte Godfrey - 2009-03-24

Jack Griessel - Deceased - 2003-05-27
June Guthrie - Email removed 2005-05-19
Gary Harmon - Email removed 2012-08-05
Fred Harrison - 2008-03-07
William Peter Hickem - Email removed 2005-05-19
Mike Hood - 2009-07-27
Margery Isbell - Email removed 2012-08-05
Mike Hood - 2009-07-27

Dorcas Jeans - Deceased - 2009-05-10
Bette Keene - Email removed 2009-03-01
Sarah King - 2006-07-11
Karlene Koch - Email removed 2011-01-23
Alan Leach - Email removed 2012-08-05
Judy Leach - Email removed 2010-07-27
Judy Mathis - Email removed 2004-08-11
Martha Matney - Email removed 2013-02-02
Gloria McBaine - 2007-10-26
Ruth Ann McCallister - 2005-10-13
Michael McCreery - 2008-10-29
Ronald Miller - Non Grad - 2003-09-13 - UCLA  for BA; Purdue for MA degree - USN retired;
                          Currently: Director, Chapman University, Coachella Valley Campus, Palm Desert, CA
Mary Mitchell - Email removed 2018-11-19
Jim Moller - 2007-10-14
Linda Moore - Email removed 2002-12-17
Tom Nathe
Barbara Neenan - 2006-11-04
Fred Perkins - 2009-11-24
J D Roberts - 2015-01-09
Andy Rule - 2006-07-19
Carl Sapp - Email removed 2002-05-19
James Shamberger - 2008-04-17
Ed Stephens - 2004-10-06
Sharon Todd - 2016-01-11
Larry Andrews, died May 9, 2015 - May 23, 2008

I retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln February 19, 2008, as a Professor of English and a Professor of Education. I began my career at UNL in 1969, the year I received my PhD from Mizzou. I was tenured and promoted to full Professor in six years, then served UNL in a number of administrative capacities. I eventually returned to the faculty in 1986 in a convulsive fit of acute sanity. I have published numerous journal articles, one university-level textbook now in its third edition and another in its second edition; I have been a Visiting Professor at the University of London.

Although retired, I stand ready to give either a formal or informal presentation about various aspects of linguistics anywhere and anytime there are at least two people who will buy me a glass or two of chardonnay. I’m trying to redefine myself; being retired, I am in that awkward stance of being forgotten but not gone!

My singing abilities, as dubious as they were, are seriously diminished; a 2-week intubation followed by tracheoscopy aren’t good for the voice. Because my church has an understanding and forgiving music director, I sing with the chancel choir. Additionally, I’m married to the director of the gospel choir who, guilty of flagrant musical nepotism, permits me to sing with that group, as well.  I remain an avid St. Louis Cardinal fan and I still like all kinds of music: jazz, the Killer B’s (Basie, Beethoven, Bach, and Brubeck) and the Georges (Strait and Jones). I am still trying to catch a 5-pound bass. I read the Columbia Daily Tribune on-line from time to time, checking the obituaries to see if my name is listed there. So far, so good

In addition to directing the gospel choir, my wife is the Office Manager at our church and also serves both the pastor and the congregation in the critically important but unofficial and unpaid capacities of Assistant Pastor, Associate Pastor, Mother Confessor, Guidance Counselor, Traffic Coordinator, and Spiritual Adviser to those who are wandering and wondering. Whenever our pastor is away from the pulpit, I often fill in as the substitute preacher. (I know what you’re thinking; “This is, indeed, a very sad commentary on the status of the United Methodist Church!”)

I have many warm memories of my Hickman days and I am genuinely grateful to those of you who were both kind enough and generous enough to let me call you my friend. Thank you. I’d like to hear from you at either of these e-mail addresses: landrews1@unl.edu or at landrews1940@ gmail.com.

Nellie Fisher March 4, 2001
Married to Charles Roger Jeffries April 1960. Have 4 children, James Roger, Columbia, Julie Reichert, Centralia, Joseph, Columbia, and Jerry, Columbia. We have 7 grandchildren.  Roger retired from U. S. Postal Service in October 1992 and we are active in volunteer building at church camps and churches locally and nationwide through our church, Hallsville Baptist Church, SBC, with a group called Campers on Mission. Enjoy antiques, quilting, traveling, reading.
Barbara Levacy Forbis December 11, 2001

It has been more years than I want to count since I graduated, but life has been both good and bad.  At the present I am completely retired and living where I belive to be a beautiful place.  I am really close to Columbia, just down the road as one would say in Lake Ozarks, Mo.  My husband Bill Ott is now retired and we have just finished moving from St. Charles.  Our plans are some traveling and just being still long enough to enjoy the world around us.  I worked at Ellis Fischel for 25 years and then I retired the first time and moved to St. Charles to be with my husband whom I married in 1991.  I worked for a trucking company for the next eight years and in 1995 I quit working for good.  I have been blessed with three children Scott Dean, Susan Denise and Steven David.  I now have five grandchildren from the ages 14 to 23 and I am enjoying the birth of my great-grandson who was born July 16, 2000.  So it looks like life goes on for me and family and I truly hope that I ! am blessed with many good years.
Ronald Miller June 2, 2003

I attended elementary school [3rd thru 6th grade] with the class that graduated in 1958