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Kay Baird  - Chairperson
Sharion Acton - Email removed - 2018-11-19
Wayne Anderton - BIO - 2007-06-05
Darrell Ausherman - 2010-11-15- Univ of MO, Columia - PhD 1969 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Bill Barker - 2009-10-21 - Washington University St. Louis, '64: UCLA '66 - AB Political Science W.U. STL; MBA at UCLA
Virginia Barnds - 2006-06-23
Mary Louise Baumgarth - BIO - 2009-08-26
Bob Black - 2002-10-07 - Central Missouri State University - Criminal Justice
Jerry Brady - Email removed 2008-09-25
Sally Brown, deceased August 30, 2016
Sarah Brown - 2009-06-01
Joan Brooks - 2013-03-04
Judy Carter & Doug Ely - Email removed 2007-02-23
Chuck Closser - BIO - Email removed 2016-08-12
Carolyn Coleman - Email removed 2007-02-23
Marilyn Conner - 2007-02-23
Bruce Cornett
Barbara Cowan - 2015-09-19
Bill Crabtree - Email removed 2007-02-23
Jean Crawford
Tom Crawley - Email removed 2007-02-23
Dulcie Creasy - 2008-02-23
Ken Critchfield
Joyce Cross - 2013-01-28
Karen Duncan - Email removed 2008-10-31
Angela Dunkin, deceased December 14, 2020
Sue Ellis - 2010-02-06
Judy Clark & Doug Ely - 2008-03-24
Dorothy Estes - 2010-07-25
Judith Faurot-Mason - Email removed 2007-02-23
Jack Fitch - 2013-04-22
Kathy Forbis - Email removed 2007-02-15
Larry Foster
Gordon Gilpin - 2009-08-04 - University of Missouri - BS in accounting, CPA
Sally Ginn - Email removed 2007-02-23
Carol Gleim - 2003-05-11
R W Harrison - Email removed 2007-02-23
Daryl Hartley - Email removed 2002-01-20
Larry Hartmann - BIO - 2010-05-12
Linda Head, deceased November 6, 2007
Bob Heibel - Email removed 2008-10-31
Ann Hodges - 2014-09-14
Perk Hoecker - Email removed 2008-10-31
Burney Holmes - 2004-10-14
Ann Jackson - 2009-06-03
Barbara Jones - 2015-06-30
Mary Ann Kanatzar - Email removed 2003-12-23
Eddie Lane - BIO - 2005-02-09
Kenny Lay, deceased July 5, 2006 - Kewpie of the Month, February 2002
Donna Lear - BIO - Email removed 2016-04-28
Buddy Leech - 2006-03-24
Fred Lewis - Email removed 2008-10-31
Jane Mathis - BIO - Email removed 2007-02-23
Jerry Mathis, 2023-03-03
Linda Matney - 2015-08-12

Paul McAtee
Judd McIlvain, deceased March 9, 2015 - Kewpie of the Month, December/January - 2000/2001
Annie Laurie Meriwether - 2002-06-11 - Un of MO - University of Iowa - BA, Marketing Certification UVA
Carol Mitchell
Kathy Mussman
David Neenan - Kewpie of the Month, August & September 2000
Ron Nielsen - Email removed 2011-01-23
Helen Neiger - Email removed 2009-02-27
Bill Palmquist - 2002-12-10
Larry Pemberton - 2005-04-16 - Mizzou - BA Liberal Arts
Joyce Poehlman
Joan Polmantier - 2002-06-21- University of Missouri at Columbia - B.S. in Education
Joey Powers
Phil Prather - Email removed 2007-04-21
Joan Puckett - BIO - 2015-09-27
Marilyn Quell - BIO - Email removed 2004-03-10
Mike Reece - 2008-07-17
David Ridge - 2006-08-30 - NorthEast Missouri Teachers college - Science and Edication--
                                                       Carpet Retail, Computer VAR & Farmer
Dean Robb - Email removed 2007-02-23
Sylvia Roberts - 2003-12-08
Chuck Rouse - 2003-11-07
Judy Sapp - 2005-08-22
Judy Schulte - Email removed 2008-10-17
Roberta Spears - Email removed 2007-04-18
Larry Steinberg - 2011-02-25
Alex Stewart (Palmer) - Email removed 2003-11-05
Kenneth Stone, deceased August 31, 2020
Roy Strid
Barry Stuart - 2010-03-07 - MU, Columbia;  Colorado State University - BS Ag, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Marie Taft - 2005-06-24
Gary Thornton - Email removed 2008-10-31
Dennis Thurman - 2006-09-05
Barbara Trimble - 2005-08-21
Charles Tutt - Email removed 2007-04-18 - Southwest Baptist University and U. of MO-Columbia - Retired
Judith Visser - Email removed 2011-08-14
Barry Voight - BIO - Email removed 2012-09-27
Margaret Windsor
Frank Withrow - Email removed 2010-05-21
Phyllis Zumwalt - Picture - 2015-09-10

Wayne Anderton - 2007-06-05
Worked as an Ironworker from 1965 to 1992 and got out while I still had a body left. Married in 1964 and divorced in 1972 . I remarried in 1996 , but it didn't last long enough to count . I have 1 daughter and 2 grandsons. I lived in Flordia for 8 years and California for 2 years . I went into the telecommunication business working mostly on milatary bases all over the U.S. and retired in 2001. Just kickin along , enjoying life , and doing whatever might strike my fancy that I'm still capable of wanting to do . No complaints however , and I like to think of myself as not being an old fart , but as merly having different priorities . I must be being a good boy because I haven't noticed any unusual fun lately. I look forward to seeing the folks at the picnic . Class reunions are a good thing and I always find them to be enjoyable.
Mary Louise Baumgarth - 2009-08-26

Spouse -- James Allen Igert, deceased
Name of School -- University of Missouri, Northern Michigan University
Profession -- Secondary Teacher, English

Daughter... Heather Louise Noggle, 37 Grandchildren -- James Raymond, 3 & Jack Michael, 1

Hickman Teachers Remembered --  At the very top of the list is Conrad Stawski, English IV.  I used many of his concepts the years that I taught English IV.  He treated us as young adults, challenged us to really desire to learn more, and expected quality from us.  He managed all of this and was just "fun" at the same time!

Kent Toalson and Helen Williams were two other most excellent teachers.  Creativity and caring concern while demanding our utmost were demonstrated by these two on a daily basis.  They were jewels.

Memorable songs -- Well, Ricky Nelson had a little ditty entitled "Hey, Hey, Hello, Mary Lou" or something equally cutesy, and I was greeted with this hourly, so it seems.  This was probably the reason that I chose to be addressed forever after as Mary Louise, my family name.

What I have been doing since my days at HHS -- I began my teaching career in Michigan, and as my husband was with the Federal Government, we traveled as his position required.  I think we moved 23 times in 31 years of marriage, and I have taught in numerous districts.  Our last move was to Springfield, Missouri, in 1984.  He loved the fishing at Tablerock and Bull Shoals, and we decided that this would be home.  Jim died in 2000.

I have taught high school English for three decades plus, my last at Willard High School, a suburb of Springfield.  I know that I found the positively best career for me!

I am retired now and in the process of writing a book about teaching.  I interviewed ninety teachers whom I respect; they are from 11 different states and two foreign countries.  I also have another historical fiction about my family book bouncing about in the hopper.

The last three years I have lived in North Palm Beach, Florida, more than in Missouri; it was a family matter.  That is now completed, and I am pleased not to be in the pink-turquoise-limegreen humidland!  Give me brick and oaks and seasons!  I can, however, slap up those hurricane panels in amazing speed for a senior citizen.

I volunteer much at my church and at our local food bank, teach senior citizens the basics of computers, and am learning to be lazy.

Memorable Moments at HHS -- As a student new to Columbia, the concept of wearing a Beanie was rather unique, and, as I soon discovered, a v-e-r-y serious tradition.  I can't remember the song I sang, but sing I did--and not by choice!

I was also selected as Miss Cheerful during my sojourn at HHS.  I still have the charm--the little metal one.  The other charming charm...not so much.

Plans for the future -- My daughter and her family have just purchased a home in Springfield.  They reside now in Webster Groves and will be moving here soon.  I shall continue to be GrandMother to these two little boys--without the four hour drive!  I also hope to keep on doing all of the other stuff!

Future reunions -- I am planning to attend our next reunion in 2010--I cannot believe that we have been out of high school for twenty years now!  :)

Chuck Closser May 2, 2002
From Hickman I went on the MU and then to Starlight Theater In Kansas City. From professional performance I turned to teaching first at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, then on to Ball State University in Indiana, and finally\ to UMFK where I have been for the last 27 years.
Charles E. Closser, Jr.
Professor of Oral Communication and Performing Arts
Chair, Arts and Humanities Division
University of Maine at Fort Kent
23 University Drive
Fort Kent, Maine 04743
Larry Hartmann May 12, 2010

Married Patti Angell in 1962 & divorced in 1982. Married again & divorced 1991. Married my 8th grade Sweetheart in 1991 & we are still married, 3rd time was a charm. Worked  for MacDonnell Douglas in St.louis after graduating. The in 1964 to 1966 managed the A&W Kusty Kone on Ashland Gravel & Hwy 63 in Columbia.
Worked for JCPenney's at Parkade Mall in 1966-1968. Managed Hill Motel & Liqoure 1965-1980. Went back to work for JCPenney's & retired from there twice, 1st in 1997 then in 2002. Joyce & I have 5 children between us, I have 2 daughters & 1 son. She has a son & a daughter. We also have 5 grandkids, LOVE them all.

Eddie Lane January 21, 2002
Attended the University of Missouri for a semester and then joined the U. S. Marine Corps.  Married Sherry Hiley (divorced in 1987) while on leave and moved to Twenty-Nine Palms, California.  Transferred overseas (Okinawa, Japan) and spent 13 months there.  Returned to states (Cherry Point, N.C.) for two years and then sent to Vietnam.  Spent a year in Vietnam and then returned to states and recruiting duty in Chicago, Illinois.  Spent two years there and then went back to Vietnam for another year.  Got out of the Marine Corps in 1970 and went to work for the Columbia Police Department.  I worked for the Columbia Police Department for nine months and then was accepted for employment with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  I started the Academy May 1, 1971, in Jefferson City and we had the distinction of being the first class through the new training academy.  After completing training, I was assigned to Troop H, St. Joseph, MO, and assigned to Rock Port, MO.  Spent 9 years in Rock Port and then transferred back to Columbia where I worked for 14 years.  I was then assigned to General Headquarters in Jefferson City and then the Missouri Gaming Commission.  Retired from the Missouri State Highway Patrol September 1, 2001, with 30 years, 4 months of service.
Remarried in 1989 to Edna Arnold (U-High Graduate).  Have six children; Doug, Christie, Michelle, Jennifer, Wendy, and Keith.  Have thirteen grandchildren; Brandon, Amber, Kyle, Cory, Cadie, Kelcey, Blaine, Brianna, Austin, Tyler, Jozie, Casey, and Zane.
Edna and I are enjoying retirement.  I work part-time for the U. S. Marshal Service at the Federal Courthouse in Kansas City, MO.
Best wishes to all Kewpies out there!!!!!!
Donna Lear April 11, 2001

Married to Marvin Bozarth 1962. Moved from Columbia 1965. Three children Tina, 1964, Ed 1966, Scott 1974. Left Florissant, Mo 1969, moved to  Potosi Mo until 1989, relocated to Louisville Ky 1989. 1996 got an associate degree in Travel and Tourism, graduated Suma Cum Laude in 18 months. Employed by Louisville and Jefferson County Convention & Visitors Bureau. One grandchild, Mitchell 33 months, what a joy! Hobbies and activities: Reading, oil painting, chruch choir, and interest in horses acquired in 1982 while. teaching horsemanship to school children from St. Louis at YMCA lodge in Potosi, Mo, traveling 39 states, South America, New Zealand, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, plus several countries in Europe. This spring will be my 15th trip to Europe.
Jane Mathis June 27, 2002

Grad HHS May '60--went to work for Ducky Creasy's dad as sec. for about 4 mos. then landed a job with GTE on 9/22/60--Made plans to visit my sis(judy)& her hubby Lon Richards in Germany(had plane ticket,passport,time off from GTE) Then met Richard Darrell Pemberton--cancelled the trip--whirlwind courtship--married two weeks later on 4/17/63--Son Darren Dean Pemberton born 9/3/65--Divorced 11/66--lived singles life very happily for 16 years--lost dad in '74--lost mom in '83--son joined Navy--Met my soulmate & love of my life in '83 Howard Vernon Wade(HHS Class of '51 & also Russell Wade's (Class of '59) big brother ) otherwise known as "PRECIOUS"--Won't get married cause I don't want to live in his house & he doesn't want to live in mine--See him on weekends & we are happy as 2 little pigs in a mud wallow--Have taken many trips together including Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand--Was diagnosed in '84 with Scleroderma(causes rigor mortis while you are still alive)a slow painful ! disease that will kill me eventually (unless I'm hit by a mac truck instead)--Retired from GTE disabled in '93--despite illness, am having a wonderful time spending time with grand kids Rich & Megan & love those times with my Kewpie friends!! CHEERS!
Joan Puckett June 7, 2001

Two years ago my husband Phil and I retired to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, (about 15 minutes north of Asheville).  Phil was with IBM for over 30 years, and during that time we lived in Missouri, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey and the last 18 years in Atlanta.  We have three grown sons...  Todd and his wife Catherine and granddaughter Ceci (18 months)live in Charlotte, NC where he is vice-president with Bank of America. Chris and his wife Katherine and new grandson Pepper (2 months) live in New York where Chris owns an Internet Advertising Firm in NYC.  Kenneth, our youngest is currently teaching at the University of Tennessee and pursuing his Ph D in Spanish Literature. We keep busy traveling, taking classes, and working in the yard.  I also do voice-overs for radio and TV advertisments, and have gotten the chance to return to my first love...  the theater. Phil does a lot of work with stained glass and wood working and recent!
ly took up basket making (I knew he would "crack" after 35 years with me!). We have not missed a reunion yet... and are looking forward to the next one.  If you are down our way, let us know... we would love for you to stop by....   JOANIE & PHIL
Marilyn Quell June 9, 2001

I graduated from MU in 1965, then moved with my husband to San Diego,where I couldnt find a teaching job so I worked as a bank teller.  Then my nusband was drafted, so we moved to Rhode Island, then White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.  We had two children, and when my   husbands tour of duty ended, we moved to Albuquerque.  We divorced, and I and the children moved to Los Alamos, NNew Mexico, where I worked at the National Labs in Laser Fusion research for several years.  The I returned to school at the Univ. of New Mexico to take undergraduate courses in psychology.  This turned out to be the right step, because I was offered admission to six of the seven graduate programs I had applied for.  I chose Florida Tech in Melbourne, Fl, and received my M.S. in 1983 and my Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1984.  I interned for one year at the University of Indiana in Pennsylvania, then was delighted to take my first clinical job in Georgia, where I worked for several years.  Th!
en I re-married in 1988 and moved to Florida, where I worked for about 10 years.  During this time I became increasingly ill from a mercury poisoning incident at the Lab, although this has only been diagnosed about a year ago.  I spent 10 years very ill and disabled, but at last through the help of a doctor trained in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, I am slowly regaining my health and hope to return to some kind of work within the next year.
    My children are successful adults, and my son has two  children.  During the periods when I've been well enough, I've made a hobby of watercolor and acrylic painting, and before I became ill, I played the bass fiddle in a bluegrass band for four years.  That was a real blast, and I hope to be able to return to playing the bass and the fiddle before long.
     Well, those are the bare bones facts.  I hope to hear about many of you soon.  In particular, Jane Raye, are you there?
     And thanks to Kay Baird - you got us started!
Barry Voight February 24, 2010

Joined the US Navy June 1st, 1960. Was in the aviation branch. Got my wings in 1963 and flew for seventeen years. Seen the world. Retired in 1981. Since then have been in the commercial aviation business, aircraft modifications, retired then went back to work. Worked as a sales engineer selling maintenance services or aircraft. Worked for United Space Alliance at the launch center in Florida. Worked there for 4 years, then was ask to join a US Government agency. Which I did and in a special program where I go to the middle east for 6 months at a time. I have been to Afhganistan, (WOW!) Knee damage sent home early for knee operation. (close call.) Kuwait twice and headed back to Iraq in March 2010. If I pass the physical. After this tour I will come home and probably retire again, (I think!). Hopeing to travel. I have been married for forty-four years,three daughters, and 6 grandchildren. Life is a trip. Hang on the rides almost over. Last one graduates this fall December 2010. I live in Titusville, Florida. Built our retirement home, and my office is at Northrop/ Grumman, 2000 NASA Blvd.,Melbourne, Fl. C/O DCMA. 
Phyllis ZumwaltJuly 28, 2002



Gene Daly, Fred Daly, David Oliver, Barry Stuart, and John Judd
Kneeling on the gound in front Bobby Heibel
40th Reunion Picnic, September 30, 2000

Barry Voight & wife,  Ken Stone,  David Oliver,  Carl Nichols & wife Margaret Tremaine, David Oliver's wife, Sylvia Roberts

Verne MacArthur, Margaret Windsor, Larry Steinberg, Barry Stuart, Helen Godfrey Gill and husband, David Gill
comments on the picture were added by the person who took the picture!!!!

Kay Baird (presenting surprise gifts to Fred Lewis, Joyce Cross Jones, and Jane Mathis Pemberton)
Ramada Inn - Saturday evening, September 30, 2000 

Kay Baird and Mary Ridge shaking hands and being introduced by David Ridge
when the grade school pictures were being taken at the 2000 reunion.
David described the picture as a thorn between two roses.