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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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50th Reunion was September 28 - 30, 2012
40th Reunion Picnic - Was October 19, 2002 
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1962 - (No Chairperson)
Linda Allee - 2006-07-15
Larry Athen - Email removed 2002-10-03
Marcelle Atkins, died April 8, 2015
Johnny Baird - Email removed 2005-04-11
Ron Bartlett - died October 13, 2018
Howard Berkley - 2004-10-26 - USAF Academy, St. Mary's Univ - Engineering BS, Pshchology MA,
                                                                                                                Pilot 37 yrs,retired
Jim Bodard - BIO - 2010-09-26
Judy Callahan - 2007-02-23
Judy Calvin - 2010-02-14
Judy Clark - 2007-07-09
Gary Cook - 2008-12-24
Jerry Cook - Email removed 2005-04-11
Sally Cooper - 2002-02-28
Dick Dalton - BIO - 2002-12-28
Charles DeVore - Email removed 2007-02-13
Michael Dickerson - 2003-02-08 - UMC School of Journalism; Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary -
                                                                                                            Ordained Disciples of Christ minister
Larry Etnire - 2012-06-03
Jeanne Evans, died, January 23, 2008
Durward Faries - Email removed 2011-08-30
Dave Fearheller - 2009-04-12
Joe Geremia - 2006-08-27
Janice Gill - 2012-05-28

Paul Godfrey - 2006-05-20
Stephen Grant - Email removed 2012-01-19
Richard Greenblatt - 2007-05-02
Susan Griffith - Email removed
Louis Griggs - BIO - 2007-01-10
Peggy Grimm - Email removed 2008-05-23
Buddie Halbert - Email removed 2006-06-03
Terry Hatton, died, June 9, 2019

Delbert Hemphill
Ida Le Henricks - Email removed 2010-07-27
Carolyn Hunt - 2003-05-14
Lindel Hunt - Email removed 2006-06-03
Carol Jones
Judy Jones - 2007-08-18
Molly King - 2009-05-27
Carolyn Kintner - 2011-01-22
Janie Kohler - Email removed 2007-04-21
Bob Lambert - 2002-07-31 - U of MO - BS - Insurance
Clif Lines - 2003-09-13
Heath Meriwether - Email removed 2006-06-03 - Kewpie of the Month, December 2002
JoAnn Mills - 2002-10-08
Richard Montgomery - Email removed 2015-04-02 - Kewpie of the Month, November 2004
Ginny Myers - died May 29, 2012 - BIO
Nancy Nebel - Email removed 2008-10-31
Glenda Nelson - 2007-02-07
Eric Nelson - died February 19, 2014
Janet Nichols - 2005-10-30
John Nichols - Email removed 2009-03-01
Bob Ormiston - 2004-10-14
Mary Page - 2002-10-30
Ruth Ann Palmer - Email removed 2010-07-27
Anne Parker
Susan Platz - 2018-11-18
Carolyn Ratheret - 2005-04-03
Daryl Saunders - 2002-10-02
Sandy Shock - Email removed 2006-10-10
Cheryl Sigsbee - 2010-07-27
Karen Sigsbee - 2016-08-01
Linda Stahlman - Email removed 2008-10-27
Larry Stone - 2004-08-12
Judy Throckmorton - 2012-10-01

Bob Thurston - 2002-07-11
Bonnie Watkins - 2011-03-23
Marilyn Wayland - Email removed 2012-01-19

Jody Wiggins - 2005-11-09
Dan Woodward - 2004-10-28
George Zumwalt - 2010-01-17
Nell Zumwalt - 2016-01-18

Jim Bodard  April 12, 2003
Most of my life was spent in Columbia.  The last 20 or so years in the home remodeling field.  My wife and I currently are retired and living close to Stockton Lake where I spend my time fishing, hunting, tending livestock and other miscellaneous farm and outdoor activities.
Dick Dalton December 28, 2002

I have loved teaching Health Classes at Lincoln University for 17 years.  Every semester I seem to evolve a little.  I have loved being married to Marsha since 1981.  She works in computer warehousing at the State Department of Health.  I have loved my daughter, Alethea, who is 29 and living and working in Columbia.  I loved working in the ministry for 25 years starting in 1975.  I have loved exploring the broader arena of spiritual paths the last few years.  I loved being part of Dr. Jean Houston's West Coast Mystery School this past year and exploring myself as we explored 8 other cultures of the world.  I wasn't all that thrilled this summer to find out my prostate cancer had returned for the 3rd time.  The radiation treatments had side effects but I'm through that and feeling very good.  I keep up singing, do a little acting, am writing a few books, have more books than I read, enjoy quality time with friends and keep my website up to date.  You can find me there at: http://www.lincolnu.edu/~ddalton.  I answer friendly emails and would look forward to hearing from you.  Pray for peace.  Live as peaceably as you possibly can.  You do effect the world, one way or. . . .

Louis Griggs December 18, 2001
Married to Vannessa Griggs.  Eight children (3 are stepchildren), 8 grandkids.  Big on Rams football, Cardinal baseball, bass, croppie & trout fishing, NASCAR and family.  Presently have one son a staff sergeant in the USAF based in England and another a Marine Corporal recently back from Kosovo.  We have had some anxious moments since 9/11.  Also have another son a Navy vet.  Wife is an Army vet so the family has all branches of service but the Coast Guard represented.  Have been a computer programmer with my present company since 1982.  Did mainframe programming for 8 years but have done almost exclusively PC work for the last 10 or 11 years.
Ginny Myers February 11, 2010

I have lived in Columbia most of my life, was born in Boone Hospital Center. It was Boone County Hospital then. I grew up in Midway, running barefoot, riding my bike, fishing in the creek, playing baseball with the guys (and Ruthie Watson and Martha Jordan - we were out numbered being the only girls) and swimming at Henderson's Lake. Yup! I was a tomboy big time! When I reached my ninth year of school I left the one room school house in our little neighborhood and joined the city kids in Jefferson Junior High. Culture shock set in! I was a shy backward kid until my senior year - then the new dance called the Twist happened & I was fairly good at it. I won the first three or four Twist contests in Columbia. What fun!! At least it brought me out of my shell.

My first husband was Rick Bear from Atlanta I spent a year with him there and then moved back to Columbia in the fall of 1963. In 1965 I married Ron Vaught from Camdenton, Mo. and we lived in Columbia for the six years we were together. In 1971 I finally got it right. I married Stan Starks and we have lived in Columbia for all these years. I have three sons, two granddaughters (twins born in August, 2002) and one grandson (Born in March, 1987).

I did take some classes at Columbia College when I was in my 40's but did not complete a degree. In 1978, I became a licensed Real Estate Broker/Salesperson.

Stan has been a home builder in Columbia for most of our time together.
I was his assistant in many areas. I managed his office/accounting, I was his Real Estate Agent, ran a lot of errands and assisted in the choosing of the *girly stuff* in the homes he built. We worked together very well because we had only one boss. He said it was me and I said it was him - go figure! I enjoyed being a part of his business for many years.

In 2002 at the ripe old age of 57 our Medical Insurance became so outrageously expensive that I decided to find a job that would put us in a group policy. That is not an ideal time of life to try to find a job, but I did. My first job did not work out - my choice not theirs.

But in July of 2003 I began working for the Dialysis Clinic, Inc. and have been with them ever since. I am hoping to retire in January, 2011 when I reach my eligible SS retirement age of 66. Well maybe - if I am still physically and mentally alert I may work a bit longer. Who knows? Ginny passed away May 29, 2012


40th Reunion
It's Fall - Come One, Come All
Let's Have a Ball

Was - Saturday, October 19, 2002 - 10 a.m. -10 p.m.
Dexheimer Shelter House - Cosmo Park
for the Hickman Class of 1962
Bring Desert or Salad

For Information
Call:  573-445-2717
email:  Sandy Shock Smith
or:  charley@kewpie.net
See Pictures from Saturday, October 19, 2002



Durward Faries, Jerrry Cook, Charles Neill, Terry Hatton & Leon Schmidt

Sandy Shock & Pat McGinity

Dick Dalton

Dave Hood(Class of 1963) & Glenda Nelson Hood, Beverly Brooks Wyatt(Class of 1965),
Larry Wyatt, and Durward Faries

Barbara Tapley, Jo Ann Mills & Sharon Stone