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Martha Palmer - Chairperson
James Acton - 2012-10-04
Phyllis Adkisson - 2011-01-16

Marc Anderson - BIO - 2008-12-10 - Southeast Missouri State - BA-Sociology/Psychology - Financial Rep
Linda Andrews - 2007-04-27
Steve Ayers - 2014-08-31
Martha Baker - 2016-10-05

Henry Ball - 2010-04-01
Jim Ballew - BIO - 2007-08-03 - CMU - Freelance Writer / Publisher
Larsella Barnds - BIO
Lynne Baurichter - 2011-11-07 - St. Louis Community College - Medical Transcription
Dick Berkley - BIO - 2006-06-01
Jerry Bledsoe - 2009-04-10
Sally Bolstad - 2004-03-29 - University of Missouri - Journalism
Anna Brown - 2005-02-14
Barbara Brown - 2007-12-01
Nancy Burnett - Email removed 2008-09-23
Phyllis Callison - Email removed 2010-12-31 - BIO
Steve Clark - Email removed 2007-04-17
Mike Coghill - BIO - 2010-04-22
Vicki Comer - 2006-06-28
Jean Crosby & Thomas Petersen - Email removed 2007-04-17
Debbe Crum - 2007-04-14
Robert DePew - BIO & Picture - 2005-03-01
Donna Dickenson  - BIO - 2009-04-12
Charles Dorrel - 2006-02-10
Darriel Douglas, deceased - May 6, 2012
Denny Douglas - 2003-03-18 - University of Missouri - BSBA
Elaine Eagle - Email removed 2015-08-11
Charlie Enochs - 2007-10-05
Eric Fields - Email removed 2008-04-03
Andy Fox - Email removed 2018-04-21
William Frost - 2010-01-28
Cathy Fuchs - BIO - 2006-11-06
Gary Gardner - BIO
Sherry Garrett - 2010-07-31
Patsy Grant - Email removed 2011-01-24
John Gruender, deceased - September 21, 2008
Mariea Hall - Email removed 2011-02-01 - Stephens/UMC - BA-Hmn Dvlpmnt '92  MA-Highr & Adult Ed '99
Cheryle Hansen - 2013-01-01

George Hansen - 2016-04-29
Karen Hansen - Email removed 2011-01-24
Susan Heisner - 2006-08-28
Jim Hentges - 2004-09-06
Jim Hill - Email removed 2018-08-20
Linda Holton - Email removed 2007-04-18
Barry Hudspeth - BIO - 2012-04-17 - MU and Univ of West Florida - BS in Ed (English/Psych) BA Acctg/MBA
Sharon Jacobs - 2011-02-11
Pat Jagger - Email removed 2016-11-11
Perry Jenkins - Email removed 2007-04-17
Linda Johnson - 2005-09-17
Marilyn Kingsley - Email removed 2009-02-27
Carl Kintner
Linda Klein - 2015-01-20

Lee Koester - 2002-11-11
Stirling Kyd - 2006-10-29
Paul Ladenson - 2011-01-09
Alicia Long - 2012-06-07

Phyllis Martin - 2003-02-26
John McAllister, deceased - October 8, 2017
Linda McBride - 2007-05-31
Glenda McCray - Email removed 2008-08-13 - UMSL, BS in Education '71, KU, Masters '87 - retired teacher
Betsy McMullen - Email removed 2009-06-11 - Stephens & MU-grad school - Ed Specialist in Elem Adm-Elementary Principal
Joyce Meyer - 2015-04-22
Carolyn Mitchell - 2003-04-14
Nancy Moore - Email removed 2009-10-29 - Harris-Stowe State University - Instructor of English
Gene Morgenthaler - Email removed 2011-11-07
Dorothy Newcomb - Email removed 2007-04-18
Cathie Newkerk - Email removed 2007-04-18 - BIO
Shirley Neiger - 2016-10-17 - University of Missouri - Physical Therapist
Anna Peschell - 2006-11-06

Jerry Porter - 2011-11-26
Tom Prewitt - BIO - Email removed 2011-11-07
Lynne Price - BIO - Email removed 2004-09-07
James Roberts - Email removed 2010-07-27
Laure Ross - 2009-01-21
Tom Shrout - BIO - 2013-04-03
Laura Smith - Email removed 2007-04-18
Sharon Stidham - Email removed 2011-11-07
Burt Stoerker - 2002-03-23
Doug Stufflebam - 2010-07-08
Kirk Sumpter - Email removed 2010-07-27 - Hannibal LaGrange College - Bachelor of Church Music
                                                                                                   - Currently a computer programmer
Ron Tegerdine - 2009-10-26
Alice Thompson, deceased August 10, 2011
John Tinsley - 2009-11-28
Mary Trumbower - 2015-09-18

Ron Turner - Email removed 2015-09-15
Lynn Uhler
Mike Volmert - Email removed 2007-04-18
Craig Weaver - Email removed 2008-10-31
Bill Weitkemper - 2013-06-10
Jackie Whipple - BIO - Email removed 2011-11-07

Charmae Willard - BIO - 2006-07-25
Ron Williams - 2007-03-29
John Wilson - 2005-10-15
Pauletta Wilson/Glasgow
Wincie Wilson - 2007-02-26
Mari Ann Woodson - BIO - 2005-10-30 - UMC - B.S and M.S. in Health & Physical Education
Becky Wright
Stephen Young
Lynn Zeilbeck - Email removed 2010-04-11
Marc Anderson July 30, 2002

Married with two children, David (14) and Drew (11) / yes, these are my only children and I did starte late!
I still live in Columbia and love it.
No, I don't have a motorcycle, but SOMETIMES wish I did.
E-mail me and let me know what you are doing and I will fill you in on what's going on in my life.
Jim Ballew August 3, 2007

freelance writer / publisher, boating, fishing, married, two kids (Billy will be 31 in November-an attorney / & Katie will be 23 in September-grad student). moved to Orlando, Fl 1970, to Port Charlotte, Fl 1999. Hope all are well and happy.

Larsella Barnds February 19, 2001
After CMS I lived in Columbia, then Maryland and now Atlanta. Are there any Atlanta Kewpies?  I have three great kids with a not so great ex-husband.  I manage operations at an import and export company and have traveled quite a bit.  If you every call the Clark Howard Consumer Action Center on a Tuesday from (4-7) you just might talk to me as i am a volunteer there.  It's great fun.
Dick Berkley June 21, 2002

Since graduating Hickman in 1966 I took music education degrees at Mizzou and UTexas/Austin and then from 1974 to 1999 was band director at Round Rock High School north of Austin and also served as percussionist in the Austin Symphony Orchestra. I have retirerd from band directing now but continue to play in the orchestra. I am single and have no children.  Best of everything to all my fellow Kewpies....Dick
Phyllis Callison February 17, 2001

I attended MU and then married Mike Miley (class of '65)and moved to St. Louis.  I lived in STL for 14 years (divorced Mike during that time and married Mark Byrne). I moved to Oklahoma City in 1981 and remained there until 1991 (divorced Mark during that time). In mid-1990 I suddenly became unemployed (I was in banking and the banking industry in Oklahoma was brutal during the 80's...new CEO...lasted 2 years and then 'resigned').  I became ill (mild form of M.S.) and moved back to Columbia in 1991 to be near family plus had a great job offer here. I have remained here and enjoy a great career at MFA Incorporated as Human Resources Manager. I have one son, Joe, who is 29 and have 2 grandsons ages 8 and 2.  Joe and his family live in Oklahoma. My life now is filled with great friends and church activities.
Mike Coghill June 18, 2008

During the summer of 1965, my father moved our family to Hopkinsville, KY., Where I graduated from Christian County High School in 1966.

Even though I did not get to finish high school in Columbia, I am and always will be a “Kewpie”.

I met my wife, the former Betty Smithey in 1971, while visiting a church in Clarksville, TN. We dated from Sept. 6, 1971 until we married on Sept. 6, 1980.

We purchased our home in Clarksville in 1980,and we still live in the same home.

We have no children, unless you want to consider three Pomeranians as children.

I spent forty years in retailing. The last twenty-two at Auto Zone. After a heart attack on November 6, 2006, I am now retired, and drawing my social security disability. I pretty much live my life as a couch potato.

Betty is a switchboard operator at Premier Medical, a large medical group here, in Clarksville. She also is a minister, licensed with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN.).

Together, we are field representatives for Smoky Mountain Children’s Home in Sevierville, TN. As field reps, we go to churches for the purpose of raising funds for the home and sponsors for the children. My wife and I currently sponsor a cottage of eight beautiful girls. We consider them to be “our kids”. Want to see pictures?

Betty and I also have a ministry for widows at the Clarksville Church of God. We receive no compensation for either ministry. We choose instead, to enjoy the blessings of a wonderful Father, and we are truly blessed.

Picture September 2006 - Vernonia, Oregon
Robert DePew March 1, 2005
Graduated from Hickman in 1966.  Graduated from  SouthWest Missouri State University in Springfield Missouri in 1970.  Worked for the University of Missouri Medical Center as Cardiac cath lab and Pulmonary function tech before working for Veterans Administration Hospital in Columbia Missouri.  Moved to Oregon to work with Dr. James Morris, Chief Pulmonary Medicine at VA hospital Portland, Oregon then started Vascular clinic/Lab with Dr Richard Yeager for the VA Hospital  in Portland.  Retired from there in 2000.
      Currently man of leisure on mini farm with horses, goats, chickens, dogs & cats.  Married to Joan for last 14 years ...   Was married to Barbara immediately after graduation from college in 1970 and divorced in 1975. Married in 1975 to Linda  and divorced   in 1990.  Married to Joan ever since and we are enjoying retirement together immensely.  We visit friends in Alaska each August and catch the run of Pink Salmon.  We cruise the Bahamas, Mexico, or Hawaii  each winter and spend a lot of time playing tournament bridge.  Most recent hobby is a remote controlled airplane.  Love having time to do what I want and would love to hear from high school class mates... 
Donna Dickenson March 29, 2001

I left Columbia and went one year to Gulf Park College and three to Louisiana State University.  I got my undergrad degree and masters from LSU in elementary education. I taught in BR for four years and then moved back to Columbia and worked at MU for the college of Education and did all the coursework for an EdD which I never finished.  I was married for three years to a college sweetheart in BR but we divorced in 1973.  In 1978 I married my present husband who had come to Columbia to work at MCGraw Edison.  We have one daughter who is a sophmore in college, majoring in business at Jacksonville University. We lived on a 46' boat for two years when we first came to Florida in 1984 but then bought here and moved here full time in 1986.  We love the warm weather and sunshine. I stopped teaching when we moved to Florida and to raise Susan. I do some volunteer work, play bridge, travel and invest with a construction company. A few years ago I built a log house in Maggie Valley, North Carolina which I rent and spend a little time at in the summers and fall. My latest big trip was to Kenya, Seycheles Islands and Egypt.
Cathy Fuchs November 6, 2006

Since graduation in 1966, I raised three boys who are currently raising children of their own. I have three degrees; speech patholgy, registerd nursing and education, none of which I put into use until 1998. In 1998 I began teaching 2nd grade at a local Catholic school here in St. Louis. I taught for 8 years and currently am working as a Pastoral Administrator at the Catholic Student Center of Washington University.  When I am not working I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren...all 7 of them.
Gary Gardner August 6, 2001

I will retire from USN in Jun '02.  I intend to return CEMO with my son Blair so he can finish his degree at MU.
I am single again and hope to travel with military benefits after retirement.
Can't wait to get that $300 Republican refund this week!  Ha.  (I was fired by Reagan in '81 during the PATCO strike.)
Good luck to all.  Keep in touch.
Barry Hudspeth September 28, 2005

Hello to all fellow Kewpies.  My wife and kids are Floridians and laugh at the Kewpie mascot name.  I tell them that in Missouri noone laughs, but rather, bow in respect!!

After graduation I went to Mizzou on a NROTC scholarship and got a degree in English Ed.  That and a quarter.......

Navy flight got me to Pensacola and Navy wings.  Stayed active for 11 years and retired from the reserves, (after flying for around 3000 hours) in 1998.  Got an MBA and an accounting degree along the way.  Somehow I got into healthcare and have been an administrator in various facilities for about 15-20 years.

My wife Carol is a 4th grade teacher and my son, Brett, is a Navy Lieutenant flying F-18's and my daughter, Collyn, has two kids.  I love being a Granddaddy.

Haven't been to Columbia much lately.  I enjoy Florida and the beach lifestyle.  Most of my free time is spent as a deacon at First Baptist Church, Pensacola.

Cathie Newkerk December 26, 2001
Living in Atlanta, GA now for almost 2 years. Have lived many places since I left Columbia including Washington, DC, Monterrey Mexico, Miami, Florida just to name a few. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Criminal Justice but never have used it too much except when I worked for IBM in Boca Raton. I am divorced, no children. I work as a senior account exec for BellSouth and have for 10 years. I travel to the UK quite a bit having gotten engaged to a Brit and started the British in Atlanta Social Club here when I moved from Florida and did not know anyone. Just bought a house in downtown Atlanta in the historic district of Grant Park and live right around the corner from where Martin Luther King grew up and a few blocks from the underground where the underground railway ran the slaves to the north. (I left Hickman in the middle of my junior year to move to Florida.)
Tom Prewitt February 13, 2001

From Hickman to William and Mary for four years (my old school).  From to University of California with first wife and daughter -- Carol and Sandy. Ten years later, with Ph D in Physics and great body suring skills, left for the real world -- or at least a half way house -- Bell Labs.  Been there since migrating from R&D to Marketing.  Now with Avaya enjoying adventure learning/exploratory marketing assignments and coaching kids in recreational leagues local to Holmdel NJ.  Married for the second time, Carol again, with three more kids, Mike, and twin girls -- Erin and Lindsay.
Lynne Price May 19, 2001

After living in Columbia for most of my life, I moved to St. Louis in August 1999. My life has been filled with two wonderful, grown children (Shaye, class of 91 and Sean, who graduated from Rock Bridge).  They are now 28 and 26 years old. Shaye lives in Springfield, Mo. with her husband Kevin.  Sean still lives in Columbia, helping his dad with a car repo business.
Their father and I divorced in 1990.  Since then I have a terrific man in my life.  We are raising his four year old daughter together.  It's a lot of fun to be a mom again.
Since H.S., I have dabbled in many careers.  I was a dental assistant for 9 yrs, ran a licensed home day care for 13 yrs, worked at T & C Lanes for 20 yrs
(everything from youth coach to assistant manager).  Along the way, I was an insurance agent (life and health), real estate agent, and several other things.
Since coming to St. Louis, I helped manage another bowling center, managed an apartment community, and am currently a recruiter for a staffing agency.  I am making plans to go back to school in the IT field.
I would welcome hearing from anyone who wants to write me via email.
Tom Shrout August 25, 2006

Since graduating from Hickman, went to Mizzou for a Journalism Degree. Spent one year in NYC with the AP before being lured by former Hickman faculty Jim Ritter and Charlie Campbell to do pr work for Truman State University in Kirksville. Jim and Charlie were new hires there in the early 1970s. Spent 15 years there on the staff eventually heading the pr department and doing legislative affairs. Married my wife, Debbie, in 1974. In 1986 we moved to St. Louis. Debbie was chair of the English Department at Kirkwood High School for 20 years before becoming director of the St. Louis Campus of Columbia College in 2006.

In 1988 I became executive director of a not-for-profit, Citizens for Modern Transit. We have worked for the development and expansion of the light rail system in St. Louis. We have two children, Thomas III who graduated from Truman State who lives here in St. Louis and Rachael who graduated from Occidental College in 2004. Rachael is affiliated with the Broad Foundation in LA. We live in a 100 year-old house in the Central West End of the City which keeps us busy with constant rehabbing. My Dad and Mother moved back to Columbia to retire after being gone for 15 years. Mother died in February of 2006. 

Charmae Willard 2006-07-25
My husband Joseph John Barone, deceased 1999. My children: Son number one,  Charles Gary,  married to Misty Marlene, granddaughters Chelse Gin (18) and MacKenzie Lauren (7),  Son number two, Lloyd B , married to Joyce, two step-grandsons, Ryan (22) and Shawn (21)

Employer “Champion Porsche/Audi” Accounting Department

 Family interests gave our family the opportunity to explore new places. We left Columbia in 1966, moved to Florida, then off to Nassau, New Providence in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Our home base was Florida, though we had a charter boat business out of Nassau. Sailing has been in our hearts for years, as we came to Missouri from Southern California where we sailed the Pacific. Our goal in the islands was to enjoy the quiet way of life the islanders enjoyed. As they say,” rum and coca cola!” No AC, no TV, food, shelter, and clothing necessary....the essentials of life……I can’t begin to describe all the amenities we encountered in those years, I could write pages.   Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel were two of the famous persons aboard our sailing vessel, “Yacht Mata Hari.” which they chartered.

Aging along…….my family arrives one after the other, one year and fourteen months apart. Two boys, Charles and Lloyd……….the loves of my life.  We traveled extensively in Europe, West Indies and ……….throughout the U.S, gathering new friends along the way. Joseph, my husband, was the distributor for the “Seminole Indian Tribe” here   He became a manufacturer of a “bond trader” which was useful to stocker traders. I worked with him in most all of his business; I spent most of my life creating wonderful delicious Italian dinners!  A housewife!  Yes, I wore an apron!

 I am working with a wonderful company “Champion Porsche/Audi” a dealership in South Florida. My home is on the New River, just 1 mile from downtown Ft. Lauderdale……..the Seminole Indians traded just along side the river bank of our home.

Previously my intentions were to join earlier reunions, but family obligations didn’t afford my being able to take those trips. I am looking forward to paying tribute to my fellow ”Hickman” friends, Columbia has and will always be my gentle side………  our little town has grown  and so have I.

Jackie Whipple January 2, 2002
Hello Kewpies from sunny southern California. I graduated in 1966 and am looking for fellow Kewpies in my area. Thank you for this site! I am single now and love to SCUBA, ski, dance, and travel. I have been priviledged to live an amazing life and have alot of life left in me. I will probably live to be at least a hundred. I read a book a week, often several at once. My brother, sisters, and parents live in Columbia, so I visit often. I own a home in Colorado Springs where my childrenI am an RN and the medical supervisor in a small drug and alcohol recovery facility.  I feel like a real Kewpie making a difference and having fun doing it. Contact me at jackiewhipple@earthlink.net
Mari Ann Woodson October 30, 2005

I have lived my whole life in Columbia.  Married Bob Bihr (class of 65) and we had two girls. We divorced in 1992 and I remarried, John Horstman, in 2003.   I taught health and physical education for 30 years at Jefferson Jr. High, Oakland Jr. High, and Lange Middle School.  I have enjoyed watching Columbia grow and change and feel like while I never left Columbia it is not the same place it was when we were growning up. Hickman has really grown and of course the addition of Rock Bridge High School adds another demension to the local rivarly.  The last 5 years i have been employed as the State Consultant for health and physical education at the State Department of Education.  I have enjoyed meeting lots of wonderful teachers from all over the state and on occasionally running into some of my old students. My boss at the department was Sharon Ford Schattgen, also a Hickman class of 1966 graduate. My two girls have been the high point of my life and I continue to be most proud of them and their accomplishments.  Now I'm ready for grand children, but they are to busy with careers and having fun.  I am very happily married to a Minnesota man and we do lots of trips up north (mostly in the summer of course). Plan on retiring in December of 2005 and hope to travel, and get back into shape.  Life is good, I'm healthy and those I love are healthy and that is what is important.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2006 reunion.  Hopefully all of us in Columbia will make it this year.  i've been guilty of being overbooked and missing a few.  Hope to see lots of old friends and get reacquainted.