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50th Reunion is coming weekend of Sept 14-16, 2018

40th Reunion was September 26 & 27, 2008

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Debbie Mitchell - Email removed 2017-11-07 - Chairperson
Mack Abernathy - Email removed 2011-11-07  - B.A. Mizzou 1972, M.A. CMU 1975 -
                                                                                  Administrator, MO Dept. of Social Services

David Again - 2008-01-14
Paul Albert - BIO - Email removed 2008-05-15
Phyllis Alexander - Deceased (2014-12-28)
Judy Asbury - Email removed 2018-11-19
Dave Bailey
Vicki Baldwin - 2017-08-28
Frank Balsamo - Email removed 2009-05-29
Drew Bass - 2008-05-23
Martha Bass - Email removed 2008-05-15
Scott Bess - 2005-03-12 - Univ of MO-Columbia - Professional golfer
Vickie Betz - Email removed 2007-06-29
Mike Blackburn - 2004-01-01
Nancy Blackmore - 2008-08-07
Tommy Bradley - 2005-11-12
E William Brandecker - 2008-05-21
Michael Breedlove - 2018-01-08 - B.A & M.A. Mizzou (1972 & 76), Ph.D Univ. of Florida (1999)                                                                                   - Senior Research Associate, U.S. Geological Survey
Tricia Brock - 2008-05-19
David Brown - Email removed 2010-12-13
Michael Brown - 2014-04-20
Lewis Buckner - 2008-07-29
Linda Bundy - 2005-11-05
Darlene Burks - 2012-12-28

Steve Callahan - 2008-05-27
Sharon Caldwell - Email removed 2009-02-27 - Univ of MO-Columbia - B Ed & William Woods - Masters Ed Admn
Kay Carter - BIO - 2006-03-09
Chip Casteel - 2008-05-21
Linda Chancellor - 2007-10-19
Debbie Christenson - 2008-06-14
Ron Coleman - Deceased (2019-01-01) BIO - 2003-01-05
Cindy Collins - 2013-06-24
Michele Cragin - 2005-11-07

Steve Creath - Deceased (2007-09-15)
Charles Cromwell - Email removed 2002-08-11
Linda Crow - Email removed 2008-05-15
Connie Cunningham - 2013-05-21

Andy Curry - BIO - 2006-06-11 - KU, JCCC, UMKC, Western Governors University -
                                                                                            A.A., B.S.  in Computer Information Systems
Susan Cutler - 2008-06-09
David Dalton - Deceased (2022-02-28)

Mark Dalton - BIO - Deceased (2021-07-22)
Della Derryberry - 2016-09-27
Dede Devine - 2008-05-16
Steve Dietz - Email removed 2011-11-07
Sherry Dobbs - Email removed 2010-04-10
William Dowdy - 2008-08-15
Dana Lynn Drummond - 2011-09-19
Kelly Dude - BIO - 2008-05-12
David Dwyer - 2008-12-15
Susan Easley - Email removed 2014-09-24
Patricia Echternach - 2009-09-02
Robert Emery - Email removed 2004-02-27
Charles Enochs - Email removed 2001-12-21
Jim Evans - 2002-01-11
Chris Finlay - Email removed 2009-02-26
Byron Fisher - 2007-10-29
Stuart Frazier - 2008-06-14 - DeVry Institute of Technology - Manager
Kurt Gerhardt - 2014-03-18
Linda Gibson - 2007-03-12 - Christian (Columbia) College, UMC - Licensed Missouri Architect
Mike Giovanini - 2017-05-20

Glenn Golson - 2008-06-14
Marc Griffin - Deceased (2021-07-02)
Nancy Hall - Email removed 2004-05-19
Robert Hardt - 2008-05-29
Wanda Hathman - 2002-08-27
Joan Heibel - 2008-08-20
John Heibel - 2009-05-16
Rhea Helmreich - Picture - 2018-05-15 - Lamar University, Beaumont, TX - Teacher
Diane Herman - 2008-05-27 - Univ of Missouri - BS in Education
David Hinshaw - 2008-02-29
Mary Hoffman - Email removed 2009-08-29
Carolyn Houf - 2010-07-27
Elaine Hume - Deceased (2021-08-26)
Leo Hunt - Email removed - 2018-11-19
Steve Jenkins - 2008-05-19
Grace Johnston - 2008-05-20
Sam Johnston - 2015-05-26
Rod Kelly - Deceased (2018-07-19)
Valerie Kelly - Email removed 2016-07-31
Sharon King - 2004-06-29 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Legal Assistant
Michael Koonse - 2008-05-09
Chris Korschgen
- Email removed 2012-10-01
Maria Lindner - 2008-09-27
Anne Lynn - 2016-06-28
Keith Mansfield - 2008-05-22
Stephen Marquette - 2012-01-20 - University of Texas, Southern Methodist University - BS-Computer Science, MBA-Business Administration

James Marzolf - 2008-05-21
Nancy McCluskey - 2008-05-06 - University of Missouri - Education/English
Donna McCracken - BIO - 2006-10-03
Phil McCullem - 2014-10-28

Pam McElroy - 2008-07-14
Charles Merrill
Janie Miller - BIO - 2017-08-27
Richard Monroe - BIO - 2002-01-01
George Montgomery - 2003-03-10
David Moorman - BIO - Email removed 2010-04-11
Dana Morgenthaler - Email removed 2008-05-15
Marsha Morse - 2005-05-23
David Mountjoy - 2011-11-08
Jennifer Mutrux - 2002-06-13
Donna Naumann - Email removed 2010-04-11
Nancy Nelson - 2008-05-22 - University of Missouri-Columbia - B.S.  degree in art with education endorsement
Ted Pettit - 2007-03-10 - University of Hawaii - Ph.D., J.D.  Lawyer
Bill Petty - 2011-09-26
Linda Pinnell - 2003-12-28
Cathy Price - BIO
Steve Price - 2005-10-29
Richard Quisenberry - BIO - Email removed 2001-06-28
Jan Rivers - Email removed 2012-10-01
Sherry Robb - 2007-09-26 -
Sandra Roberts - BIO - 2003-01-13
Randy Rogers - 2006-10-08
Randy Rosson
Kay Sachs - 2010-04-05 - Southeast Missouri State -Bachelors - Special Education,  Southwest Baptist -
                                           Masters in Education - 7th grade Special Education - Learning Disabled students
Sandi Sanford - 2013-05-27

Leslie Sapp - 2008-05-28
Lucy Sauer - 2008-05-23
Betty Schilb - Email removed 2008-05-15
Sam Schull - Email removed 2011-11-07
Diane Scott - 2008-05-29
Charmian Semmons - 2006-12-28
Lanetta Shaw - 2008-06-19
Steve Shelton - Email removed 2009-03-01
Paul Shepard - 2008-05-16 - MU-Columbia - B.A. English - Sr Technical Writer - USDA Forest Service Contractor
Sam Sisson - BIO - 2008-07-02
Janis Smarr - 2004-04-18
Linda Stidham - 2008-05-21
Tom Strader - 2008-07-25
Sandie Sutton - Email removed 2001-01-11
Allan Tallmage - 2009-09-09
Janet Thomas - 2008-05-31
Jerry Turner - 2008-06-23
Joy Turner - 2012-08-05
Vicky Turner - BIO - 2003-01-14 - Columbia College - Coding Consultant, Health Information Management
Tim Vanatta - BIO - Email removed 2012-10-01
Julie Vaught - BIO - 2008-05-16
Susie Vemer - 2017-08-06
Katherine Voss - 2007-07-30

Gary Vroegindewey - Email removed 2009-0-26
Marilyn Walton - 2007-05-27
Richard Waters - 2012-10-01
Tom Weaver & Karen Koelling - Email removed 2011-02-27 - (Karen - University of Missouri - Education)
David Weiss - Email removed 2011-11-07
Charles Wells - BIO - Email removed 2012-08-06
John Whipple - 2008-06-14 - UMKC School of Dentistry - DDS-General Dentistry
Mike Williams - 2015-02-03

Ann Willis - Email removed 2006-05-10
Gary Willis - 2008-06-13
Linda Wilson - Email removed - 2018-11-19
Jim Workman - 2008-05-18
Billy Wright
Paul Albert May 7, 2003

After graduation, I joined the Air Force and hired into a Japanese software firm at discharge four years later.  Another five years and two children on, we returned to Columbia to complete a BS in Business Administration and then moved on to San Francisco for an MBA at Golden Gate University before returning to Japan to work for multinational firms in Information Technology.  We have lived the past 20 years in Tokyo, and a total of 25 years since graduation.  Now married for over 30 years – oldest son is married, both graduated from universities in Japan, and both now live in Tokyo.  No grandchildren yet.  Hobbies include beekeeping, scuba, skiing, and other outdoor endeavors.  I make it back to Columbia a couple of times a year and have a small farm in Boone County as a possible retirement location.

Kay Carter August 7, 2004
After graduating, I continued working at Gerbes for several years, then worked at UMMC until 1977. I went to Boone Hospital Center next, where I worked for 19 years. I married in 1973 (Thus, the strange last name, lol) and divorced in 1983.  I have one son, 15, who is my pride and joy.  And like all parents who fear their children will be smarter than them, I went to Columbia College from 1996-2000,(yes, I did everything late!).  My major was English with (.....Yes, those who know me should get this) a concentration in Creative Writing.  Which is what I dabble in now.  I've won a couple of awards,(toot-toot) had a few things published, and am just enjoying life right now.   Since High School Life has taken many turns. Some good, some not so good, but I assume that most of you are about the same. I remember My friends from Junior High and Hickman with fond memories (ok, most of them anyway) and hope that each and every one of you are doing well and are happy, chat with me on Yahoo as dameyoda1 I'd love to hear from you all...or drop me an email...
Ron Coleman - Died 2019-01-01
January 5, 2003

Married 31 yrs. to Kim Fitzpatrick , class of '70. Two sons, Christopher, living in Chicago, Justin, living in St. Louis. Vice President, Eateries, Inc. Garfield's Restaurant& Pub; Corporate & Franchise Operations conducting business in eighteen states.
Andy Curry January 2, 2002

Went to KU in 1968. Got involved with music and have played and sung professionally in bands since then.  Moved to KC area in 1983, began career as computer programmer/analyst.  Am getting ready to be married (#2) in June 2002. I come to Columbia every fall to act as cantor for Hillel and Congregation Beth Shalom for the high holy days.  My stepfather was transferred to San Antonio after my junior year, and I graduated there.
Update 2006-06-11 - http://www.andycurry.info
Mark Dalton - Died 2021-07-22

Mark Dalton here...shortly after graduation joined the Army and did tours in Germany, and Vietnam. After returning to Columbia in 1971 got married and performed in an abyssmal fashion at MIZZOU. Divorced (inadvisably)and after working at the VA for three years moved to Texas (Austin), joined the Texas Army National Guard, and ended up working for them as a Parachute Rigger and am now trying to retire. Couldn't get quite enough jumping through the military so in parallel fashion have been skydiving for just over 24 years. I swear if its possible I'm going to jump in the game ball at a Kewpie football game. Currently single with plans to be essentially stricken with earthly wanderlust and supplementing retirement dollars by working as a Bicycle Mechanic. Lived without a car (by choice) for seven years now and have become quite imbued with all that is cycling (plus keeps me young enough to "chase"). I feel every Kewpies pain for those of us that have moved out of state and explained what a Kewpie is never mind the hacked pronounciation of HICKMAN. Tim Vanatta...it was an INCREDIBLY lucky shot from the corner and if memory serves...nothing but net, God what a heartbraker. Kindest Regards All and Hope we all get to see each other again...Mark Dalton '68 PS-All the Dalton Boys and sis are well.
Kelly Dude May 12, 2008

I graduated from Mizzou in '72 with a history degree.  I was in the same college fraternity (Phi Gamma Delta) with five other Hickman grads -- David Hinshaw, Steve Jenkins, Ted Pettit, Mike Welch and Mike Crim.  We were aptly called "the Columbia J.O.s".  Got a B.J. from Mizzou in '74 and then spent six years as a sports writer -- three at the Atlanta Constitution and three at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver.  Returned to Columbia in 1980 to enter law school.  Graduated in Dec. '82 and returned to Denver to clerk for an appellate judge for a year, before marrying a woman I met in law school (Cindy) and moving to Colorado Springs, where I've practiced law for the past 24 years.  We have two sons (Andrew, 19) and Eric, 14).  We live in the foothills and often have bears in our backyard and even an occasional mountain lion.  I'm senior partner in my law firm, where I specialize in representing school districts. I keep in touch with Jenkins, Hinshaw and Pettit via e-mail, and get back to Columbia to visit my parents and my sister Kim from time to time.  I have fond memories of high school, but then again, my memory often fails me these days.
Rhea Helmreich

Ohio/Minnesota Game - October '06
Donna McCracken October 4, 2006

Hello!  I married right after high school, had three children, one boy, and two girls.  I was married for 15 years living various places ending with Ashland, MO.  I divorced in 1983 and remarried in 1983.  My second husband is retired after 20 years on the Columbia Fire Department.  We live in western Audrain county right in the middle of the Amish community.  Love it!  My husband, Jim, has a welding business based at home.  I babysit two of our ten grandchildren.  I taught myself the computer in 1990 and love it.  I am quite good at it, and am always helping friends with computer problems.  I have a printing business doing printing for the Amish.  I also am very involved in machine embroidery, quilting, and sewing.  I do regret that I did not attend college but have a very happy and full life.  My youngest daughter, Robyn, is working at State Farm.  My middle daughter, Christy, is managing a college bookstore in Hillsboro and working on getting her bachelors degree.  My oldest son, Brian, is in the AirForce stationed in New Mexico.  He has 16 years in now and is working on his 20 for retirement.  He has two children and is very active in scouting.  My grandson, Anthony, will receive his Eagle Scout badge this fall.  I'm very proud of him.  My granddaughter, Alyssa, is in the gifted program.  I would love to hear from all my old classmates.
Janie Miller August 27, 2017

Left Columbia in 2004 and living on the gulf coast. Retired - enjoy the beach, southern atmosphere and have a dog sitting business. Life's Good! I'm on Facebook and would love to hear from any classmates.   JW

Richard Monroe January 1, 2002
I am a draft dodger....I enlisted in Air Force to avoid draft in '68 after graduation. Basic training at Lackland AFB , San Antonio. then tech school Shepard AFB Witichata Falls, Tx. Then Forbes AFB Topeka, then CCK AFB, Taichung, Taiwan. After medical dicharge in 1970, lived in Topeka with first wife and Daughter till we moved back to Columbia in 1973 after my Dad died. Then wife took daughter back to Kansas in '74. Married current wife in '77 moved to Nashville area in '80. Still in Nashville area now ....at least sometimes when I am not out making money Driving my truck. Spend my spare time working on my Dale Earnhardt tribute website.
David Moorman December 30, 2001

Attended CMSU Warrensburg. Married Sheri Walton of Montgomery City in 1971. Son Matthew born 12-31-74. Graduated CMSU in 1975 (Finally). Worked at various jobs in KCMO and Ogden, UT. Enrolled at St. Paul School of Theology in KCMO in 1982. Received MDiv Degree in 1985. Served United Methodist churches in Colorado ever since. Publish a software digest for Commodore 64 computers.
Cathy Price December 31, 2001

Hello to all of the class of 1968.  We moved to Texas in 1984, but have sent both of my daughters back to Columbia to attend Mizzou!!  I have been teaching for 13 years - 3 in 5th grade and the last 10 in 7th and 8th grade English.  Having recently remarried a retired Air Force colonel, Bill (also a teacher)and I plan to stay in Fort Worth.  We travel, ski, and enjoy our children. When they are all here Bill is greatly out-numbered as all are girls!! Would love to hear from anyone from our class and would love a call if you are coming through our area.  Best wishes to all and look forward to the next reunion.
Richard Quisenberry January 12, 2004

Not much to say.   Been working for the University of Missouri since 1974 as a Computer Operator.  Got married to my 1st wife in 1971. We both had one son RLQ III and adopted one Lee Shawn.   Got a divorce in 1989.  Married my 2nd wife in 1991.  She had a son that we have 3 grandchildren by, all boys.  My adopted son is married and living in Philly. her son lives in Atlanta Ga. with his wife and kids an my son is living in Boonville about 5 miles up the road from me!!
Sandra Roberts January 13, 2003

My husband Steve (1967) and I never left Columbia (we will celebrate are 35th anniversary in November 2003), we live in a suburb north of Columbia, called Hallsville.  We both are currently employed by the University of Missouri and are looking forward to retirement.  We have 1 prized possession, our daughter Sarah, who graduated from the University of MO,  Law School in 2002, and is currently employed, along with our new son-in-law, in St. Louis. We plan on making "several" trips to their new, old home in St. Louis Hills, MO.
Sam Sisson August 13, 2008

I went to Linn Tech in electronics after graduation then to Northwest Missouri State.  In 70 started working installing switching equipment for GTE Automatic Electric out of Northlake IL. which moved me all over the country for about four years.  I then moved to Detroit till 76 when I moved back to Columbia.  In July of 76 Hitched to San Francisco to look for work ended up working in Casper Wyoming for Westinghouse.  When I first was in Wy I would go to Denver when ever possible (the need for the city).  The wide open spaces of Wyoming finally took hold one day and been here for thirty-one years.  In 79 started working as an electrician which led to my starting an electrical contracting company in Evanston, Wy.  Married my wife Cindy in 80, we have two sons Harley 27 and Joe 23.  I have enjoyed twenty-two years of being clean and sober but still a hippie at heart.  Hope to see ya in September.
 Vicky Turner January 14, 2003

Currently, I reside in San Lorenzo, California, with my husband of 19 years, Greg and two children, Jessie Leigh and William. We also have in the house 3 cats, 1 (soon to be 2) Corgi dogs, several koi and tropical fish, along with my two geckos.  I work in healthcare as a consultant for Kaiser Permanente Health Plan.  Work has sent me all over the United States literally, from Washington, DC to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Hobbies?  I don't think I have time for any.  Jessie is going to graduate high school this year and William is graduating from 8th grade this year.  Oh wait, I guess, the sailboats that we have at the marina are hobbies.  I consider them get-aways from the kids... We, do the skiing thing since we are so close to the Sierras.  Kids are into snowboarding but I haven't skied since I pulled the medial collateral ligament out of the bone.  I'm active in the California Health Information Association where I did get honored with the 10th Annual Literary Award, i! n 1996, for the many articles I have written about my area of expertise in health information management.  Beyond that I think life has been great and I look forward to each day.
Tim Vanatta January 1, 2002

Moved back to Missouri about three years ago with my wife of 30 years, Rhonda Hartley - Class of 1971.  Went to Tulane Univ to play basketball and start my NBA career, but found out my 6' 2" 175 lbs frame wasn't big enough.  Ended up getting my BS and MS from Mizzou.  Have been Director of Parks and Recreation all over the country.  From Nashville to Mahattan, KS to Naples, Fla, to Aspen, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Wichita and now O'Fallon, MO. Have had the pleasure of working with major and minor league baseball as well during my career. Have three great sons. Class of 1968 (Basketball State-Runner Up. Lost on a lucky last minute shot)  would like to challege the class of 1962 to settle the matter of Kewpies best basketball team.
Julie Vaught May 19, 2008

Moved to Los Angeles in mid 70's and never left.  Have two kids, Adam 25, an Executive Sous Chef at a 5 Star Restaurant here, and Rachel, 21, an internet executive.  My husband Gaylon, died in 1995 and I have been in a long term relationship for the past 8 years with a man who is an amazing music producer and wonderful human being.  I have worked in music for 30 years and for the past decade have run a company owned by a songwriter named Diane Warren.  Work, motherhood and love keep me very busy.   See you all soon.
Charles Wells March 5, 2003

University of Missouri 1968-73: BS Educ,'72,Masters Educ.,'73 MA History California State College - Stanislaus, 1983. US Air Force 1974-1994. Retired Lt Colonel. Trained as Navigator in KC-135A. Assigned to SAC (Strategic Air Command) and ACC (Air Combal Command) Taught history at US Air Force Academy and at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell (British equivalent to our Air Force Academy) Flew combat support missions in Desert Storm while stationed in Turkey, 1991. Stationed in Washington State, California, Colorado, United Kingdom, Texas.  Married to Linda since 1971, one daughter, born in UK in 1987.  Presently employed by Farmers Insurance, initially as claims adjuster, now assigned to National Dept that addresses complaints from unhappy customers and state insurance depts. Have to work in Kansas and thus tolerate the awlful grads and supporters of that Lawrence school. Unfortunately at this point in time, daughters Blue Springs South team had defeated the Kewpies twice, hoping for victory next year.

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