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Richard Hayden - Chairperson
Paula Abell - 2009-10-31
Kurt Albert - Email removed 2008-07-09
Ed Alviso - 2010-10-12
Richard Amend - Email removed 2011-06-07
Rob Anast - BIO - 2015-02-08
William Anglen - 2005-08-31
Garth Ashpaugh - BIO - Univ. of Mo. - Columbia - CPA
Margaret Baer - BIO - Email removed 2017-07-19
Warren Ballew - BIO - Email removed 2003-10-14
Dan Balsamo - 2003-07-28
Dorsey Bass
Lynne Beasley - Email removed 2015-10-28
Mary Bell - Email removed 2005-10-17
Karen Black - BIO - 2005-04-20 - Claremont Graduate School - Sales and Marketing
Jim Bohnenkamp - 2009-09-13
R. Michael Bradley - Email removed 2005-10-17
David Braisted - Email removed 2009-02-26
Archie Brooks - Email removed 2005-10-17
Steve Brooks - 2005-07-07
Patrick Brown - Email removed 2017-07-19
Ivy Cagle - 2012-04-12

Mike Caldwell - BIO - Email removed 2010-04-11
Joe Callahan - 2017-11-07
Melinda Canole
Jeanne Chapman - 2010-01-16
Steve Chase - Email removed 2007-11-14
Roger Coday - 2002-03-02
Tom Cook - Email removed 2010-07-27
Nancy Cope - 2006-12-28
Todd Crawford - BIO - 2008-08-31 - MU @ Columbia - BS Civil Engineering
Bradford Crum - BIO - 2017-01-14

Kim Cunningham - 2012-12-19
Bill Dalton - BIO - Email removed 2017-07-19
Mindy Dieterich - Email removed 2007-02-17
Tim Drennan - 2009-11-07
Kim Dude - BIO
Deborah Easley - 2010-04-22
Sandra Falloon - Email removed 2007-02-13
Donna Fenton - BIO - 2009-04-12 - Undergrad-Stephens College/Masters-Lesley College -
                                                  BA in Elementary Education, Masters in Creative Arts in Learning
Rita Fichter - 2009-11-02
Kim Fitzpatrick - 2005-08-12
Kathy Flischel - 2021-04-19
Carol Forbis - Email removed 2018-04-21
Paulette Ford - Email removed 2005-09-09
May Freelon - Email removed 2005-05-25
George Fuchs - 2015-12-11
Charlie Garrett - 2011-03-09
Carol Gentry - 2005-08-28 - UMC - Learning Specialist, Boise Public Schools
Pat Gillespie- 2009-01-08
Howard Glauert - 2003-06-02
Candece Glauser - 2008-09-07
Peggy Grathwohl - 2009-10-15
Susan Green - Email removed 2010-07-27
Lenzy Griffin - Email removed 2017-07-19
Carolyn Grim - Email removed 2007-02-13 - Univeristy of Missouri-Columbia - B.S. Education
Jerrie Gronemeier - Email removed 2008-10-27
Rick Hamilton - Email removed 2003-03-24
Terry Hansen - Email removed 2016-11-10
John Herman - Email removed 2006-05-10
Archie Hendren - Email removed 2013-05-08
George Hessenbruch - 2014-02-01
Randy Hume - BIO - 2011-04-13 - University of Missouri-Columbia - BSBA-Accounting
Jane Hunter
Mike Hupp - Email removed 2005-10-17
Sandra Jagger - Email removed 2010-04-11
Julie Jenkins - 2003-03-30
Rich Johansen - 2013-02-06
John Jones - Email removed 2015-03-10
Larry Jones - Email removed 2008-02-07
Dana Karnes - 2006-06-28
Lynn Kenyon - Email removed 2011-11-07
Mark King, deceased 2015-12-09
Ann Kuhlman - 2009-10-26
Herbert Larson - 2016-11-28
Valerie Lawlor
Vincent Lutterbie - BIO - 2005-10-14
David Maxwell - 2007-11-18
Cindy McCulloch - Email removed 2013-05-08
Glenn McElroy - 2009-10-27
Carol Milhollin - Email removed 2019-02-23
Gary Mills - 2005-09-24
Tony Morgan - BIO - 2006-09-09
Paul Morris - BIO - 2016-10-19 - Northeast Missouri State University - BSE Industrial Education
Susan Mowrer - Email removed 2003-09-16
Sheila Murphy - BIO - 2015-08-11
Mary Musacchia - 2015-10-27
Barbara Nichols - 2006-05-23
Meredith Oborn - Email removed 2007-02-13 - UMC & SLU - BSN-retired nurse
Arlene Overton - Email removed 2008-06-25
Susan Owens - Email removed 2003-11-17
Karen Palmer - 2013-05-11
Penny Parman - 2015-05-10
Mary Kay Patt - Email removed 2002-04-28

Debbie Pauling - 2002-05-19 - Brigham Young University - Bac. of Science in Family Studies
Susan Peet
Brad Pemberton - 2010-08-24
Paula Phillips  - BIO - 2017-01-21
Christina Purdy - 2006-01-18
Randy Reynolds - 2005-02-11
Dale Roberts - BIO & Picture - Creighton University, UMC Law,
                             Natl Judicial College(U.Nev.-Reno) - C.B.A., J.D. ,  Chief Judge and Adjunct Prof. @ Mizzou
Leslie Roden - 2018-12-04
Jim Rutter - 2002-01-17

Jim Sanders - BIO - Email removed 2005-10-17
Cindy Sapp - 2007-08-20 - Stephens College - Retired-Web Manager
John Schaperkotter - Email removed 2017-07-19
Mary Seewoster - 2004-04-01
Jim Shaw - 2009-10-31
Linda Smith - BIO & Picture - 2005-08-19
Peggy Smith - 2004-07-01
Carole Southall
Barb Spangler - 2002-05-01
Betty Starke - Email removed 2011-11-07
Gene Stephenson - Email removed 2005-10-17
Brenda Strawn - 2008-03-18
Dennis Strissel - BIO & Pixture - 2007-11-19
Debra Stull - 2008-06-30
Ed Sullivan - 2002-05-31 - Columbia College - AA-Nursing and Accounting
Beth Summers - 2009-10-26
Clifford Thomas
Beverly Thornton - BIO - 2010-10-20
William Toler - 2014-08-20
Sally Tull - 2009-07-16
Susan Tull - 2009-06-10
Karen Turner - 2005-08-31
Mary Walker - BIO & Picture - Email removed 2007-02-08
Mark Wappel - 2009-01-26
Molly Watson - Email removed 2019-02-10
Bily Razz Weinman, deceased - 2019-09-21
Christy Welliver, deceased - 2011-08-09
Ruth Withrow - Email removed 2008-09-14
Shelly Zuber - 2010-10-17
Rob Anast April 20, 2004

I am happily married with four children, ages ranging from 18 to 27.  I live in the Chicago, Il area; employed by Discover Card as VP of Analysis and Modeling. 
Garth Ashpaugh May 1, 2002

Have lived in the Orlando area since 1991.  Have a small firm and doing okay.  Really enjoyed seeing everyone at #30.

Margaret Baer March 17, 2002 - Email removed 2017-07-19
After graduating from Hickman in 1970, I went to college at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, for 5 quarters.  I took mostly general ed. classes, but I was majoring in music, with a theatre minor.  At that point, I returned to Columbia, where I lived and worked for about a year; I also took a couple of courses at MU, one in accounting, and one in the (ancient) computer language, Fortran. I then married Ken Waldram, whom I had met in Utah, and went to live with him in the Chicago area, where he was doing his research for his masters degree in chemical engineering at Northwestern University.  After he received his masters, we moved to Richand, Washington, where our first son was born.  Over the years, we also lived in Monroe, Louisiana, and now Santa Ana, CA, where we have lived for 22 years.  We have had 3 more sons, and a daughter.  Our sons are now aged 25, 20, 18, and 12.  Our daughter is 16. After having worked for the past 19 years as a (piano) accompanist for the Santa Ana Unified School Distric, playing for school choirs at the elementary, intermediate, and high school levels, I am currently BACK in school, working toward a degree in liberal studies, with the objective of being an elementary school teacher.
Warren Ballew February 23, 2003

After graduating from Hickman, I entered USMA in July of 70 and graduated in 74.  After a short career as an Infantry Officer with over 1020 parachute jumps, I got my Pilots license and have pursued my love for aviation ever since, starting with King Radio in Overland Park, Kansas.  Since then, I have worked as an engineer at every major aircraft company to include McDonnell, Hughes, Boeing, Lear and Cessna and flying the Piper Aztec and Aerojet L-29.

My wife of 14 years and I now live in Marietta Georgia, and have a precocious 4 year old son named Jet.  Sue is a Flight Attendant with Northwest Airlines.  We just returned from an enjoyable one year assignment in England doing Fuel Safety Assessment for Airbus.  We are at home preparing for our next aviation adventure.

We get back to Columbia about once a year visiting the home folks at the family farm near Murry.  We look forward to the next reunion and welcome contact from old friends and schoolmates.

Karen Black April 19, 2005
I attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas after graduating from Hickman and then went on to do graduate work in Los Angeles at Claremont Graduate School.  I spent many years in sales and marketing with IBM and lived in many different states.  I married a man from Atlanta and had two wonderful children with him.  He died in 1997 and I have been single since then.  My daughter is a freshman at Northwestern University in Chicago where she has continued her mother's tradition of public speaking/debate.  My son is in 7th grade here in Atlanta and has inherited his father's southern charm.  I would love to hear from any classmates who would like to email me.
Mike Caldwell August 31, 2002

Have been involved in the electrical business since the middle 70's. Got married in '82. Lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 10 years, then in Clearwater & New Port Richey, Florida for 3. Divorced in '97 to move back to Columbia and marry classmate Karen Hill in October, that same year. Karen died five months later in '98. I am still living in Columbia, single, and work at French Gerleman Electric Company.
Todd Crawford June 23, 2010

I graduated from MU (BSCE 76)and hired on with the Missouri DNR as a professional engineer.  After a divorce, I married Ann and we raised a couple of great little jaybirds in Jefferson City (Haley, 28, and Trent, 26) who have both graduated from MU and are off doing great things. No grandkids yet. (watch this space) In 2007 I left DNR and we built a house on 110 acres near Jefferson City where we run a small ranch raising alpacas, boarding horses and growing hay.  We generally have too much to do.
Brad Crum January 14, 2017
Attended the University of Missouri from 1970 to 1972 and then transferred to Stanford University in California to get BA in Communications, Film and Television. Worked in various positions in television and advertising. Director of Creative Services, KDKA-TV Pittsburgh, Director of On-air Promotion and Video Marketing, Lifetime Cable Television, New York City, Vice President of Affiliate Advertising and Promotion at CBS Network in Los Angeles, Promotion Manager and Senior Producer at WTTG in Washington DC, and Principal at Brad Crum Creative Advertising. Moved back to Columbia, Missouri in June of 2016 and am currently (as of 1/17) employed as Senior Media Producer at KOMU-TV. Married to Joanne Crum since 1984, with two children, Gray Crum-Ballinger and William Crum.
Bill Dalton July 25, 2007 - Email removed 2017-07-19

I still live in Tucson...love the winters...hate the summers.  Still self-employed and things are going OK.  My son Josh and his wife Cristina live here in Tucson and have 3 daughters, Clara (almost 5 years old) and the twins Anya and Eden (nearly a year old).  He teaches school at Desert Christian High School.  My older daughter Joanna just received her Masters from Seattle Pacific University and has just moved back to Tucson where she will start teaching, also at Desert Christian High School, this month.  Anyone else long for the good ol' days at Hickman?

Kim Dude December 19, 2001
I am married and have two children, Drew 20 and Kelsey 10.  I have never left Columbia.  I work at the University as the Director of the Wellness Resource Center.
Donna Fenton September 11, 2005

After attending the University Lab School from kindergarten through tenth grade, I spent my last two years at Hickman.  I completed my B.A. degree at Stephens College, and received a Masters’ degree in Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley College Outreach Program, Cambridge, Massachuttues.
 I married my high school sweetheart, Denny Russell, more than 33 years ago.  Denny works at Square D Company as a supervisor and enjoys hunting, a little fishing, and tinkering with cars in his free time.
 After student teaching at Shepard (many, many years ago), I taught first and third grades for 3½ years at Parkade Elementary.  Our first child, Julie, was born at the end of my third year.  So after another year I decided to try my hand at the “full-time mom” profession.  Our second child, Becky, was born during my first year at home.  Oh, what a wonderful experience we had in our three years at home!
 In 1980 I returned to a full-time teaching position at Ridgeway Elementary, teaching in Unit B (3rd-4th) for 13 years.  Both of our girls completed their elementary schooling at Ridgeway.  In 1993 Shepard became my new home.  I taught sixth grade for two years and this will be my 10th year teaching 4th grade.  I’m seriously looking forward to retirement in 3 more years.
 The girls are grown now and off in the real world.  Julie is 29 and living in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Matthew Townsend.  Both of them work for Republic Beverage.  Julie is the Division Manager for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.  They are busy, busy, busy!  Becky is 27 and living in Ashland with her husband, Doug Quinn.  Life in Ashland is a little slower paced than Dallas.  Becky just finished her fourth year teaching 2nd grade at Southern Boone Primary School.  Recently Doug and Becky blessed our family with our first grandchild.  Colton Michael Quinn was born March 21st of 2004  and he is absolutely the light of our lives!  Aunt Julie even manages to come home for visits quite often now!
 In my spare time I enjoy traveling (Texas has become a favorite spot), walking and bicycling on the Katy Trail, sewing, reading a good book, and snow skiing down the slopes of the Colorado Mountains.
Randy Hume November 23, 2007

After high school, I attended MU, graduating in 1974 with a major in accounting and a commission as a Navy Officer.  I met Cindy Fink, from Centralia, in college and we  married in 1973.  Our only child now lives in north Texas, with her husband and our two energetic grandkids. My brief career in the Navy took us to Athens, GA, Guam, and San Diego.  In 1978, I resigned my commission and began a career pubic transportation in Palm Springs, CA. My transit career has taken us to Michigan, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Memphis, Oklahoma City and now Austin, TX.  I am currently Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration for Austin's Capital Metro. While in Memphis, I managed the design, construction and start-up of the Main Street Trolley system.  My parents moved to Springfield, MO, while we were oversees in the Navy, so we haven't had many opportunities to get back to Columbia, although we still try to stay up with news there thanks to the internet.  My hobbies include golf, collecting trolley/streetcar memorabilia,work around the house and of course entertaining the grandkids. Our church continues to be an important part of our family's life. 
Vincent Lutterbie October 15, 2005

I am a dentist in Marshall, MO. working exclusively with mentally retarded/developmentally disabled people. <>

I have written a novel; "After The Facts" and you are welcome to search for it on Amazon.com.

Married in 1972 and had two children; Lindsay and Miles.  Divorced in 1983, and remarried to Melody (a Hannibal Pirate) in 1987.  I guess that's a good combination, as we plan on growing old together.

I am a councilman in Marshall, active in city and state activities.  Look me up sometime.

Paul Morris December 4, 2001
Lived in St. Louuis since graduating for Northeast in 1974.  Started out teaching industrial Arts at Hazelwood School Dist. Left in 1979 to get married and start my own business (bad combination). I was in the furniture/piano refinishing and remolding buisness until I returned to teaching in 1994. I am the Industrial Technology chair at McCluer North High School in Florissant.
I have two great kid, Chris, 20 and Abby 17. Chris is at CMSU studing to be a pilot and Abby is a senior at McCluer North. We have lived in Ferguson the past 15 years and and enjoy travel and sports. Resently divorced my 2nd wife of 2 years to date my college sweetheart! Small world, we had not seen each other in 25 years and her kids go to my school! Guess I should have married her the first time and saved myself a lot of greif.
Intrests are photography, woodworking, politics and dining out.  Too many good places to eat in St. Louis.  Very active in MNEA(Teachers Assocation)Politics. Enjoy the Gov's ball every 4 years as long as a Democrat wins!

Tony Morgan September 9, 2006
Joined the Air force for 23 yers total and moved back to North Carolina afterwards which is my home state. Now living in Indianapolis and working as an energy management support technician.
Married divorced after 10 years.
I am the head of Americas Basenji rescue www.basenjirescue.us and the Indiana state co ordinator for Animals in Crisis a nationwide emergency response group for animals in need from a disaster.
I am a member of the Basenji Club of America and a rescue team member and an adviser for MSIR a National Shiba Inu Rescue group.
Sheila Murphy December 6, 2003

I married in 1973 moved to Maryville where we had our own home store.  Two children, Chris 27 and Amy 29, one grandson Brady 9.  Divorced in 1990, moved back to Columbia and sold cars for several years.  Met my present husband at the Bullet in Columbia, been together for almost 10 years, married for two.  I am a medical transcriptionist for a national company and work at home.  My husband runs the Hannibal Housing Authority in Hannibal.  Contact me and we will talk.
Paula Phillips - January 21, 2017
Greetings Kewpie classmates! After 45 years of living out of state, I have recently returned to Missouri. I now live with my husband on 65 acres outside of Tuscumbia, MO. I am retired, but am enjoying delivering crisis management training for the US Department of State and the US Forestry Service to all parts of the world. I love the travel and the cultures - but, there really is no place like home!
Dale Roberts February 22, 2020 “You can find me on LinkedIn.”

Jim Sanders January 9, 2002

I am a client server analyst and work for the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Denver Colorado. I just went back to school and earned a CCNA certificate. I am a Boy Scout leader and run a Venture crew with at Joy Luthern Church in Parker Colorado. I am also staff on a C.O.P.E. course.

Linda Smith August 20, 2005
I married David Williamson (HHS Class of 1970) and we lived in Germany for 3 years while he was in the Army.  We traveled through out Europe taking in all the famous tourist spots, England, Frances, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, etc.  On our return to the States, David went back to school at University of Missouri until we divorced.  David is a fireman with the Columbia Fire dept. for the last 23 years.

I've been working at the University of Missouri in computing (Information & Access Technology) since 1976 when we returned to the Columbia.

I have remarried and have two girls, Sarah age 22 is currently going to the University of North Texas, getting a degree in Emergency Management.  Erica age 15 is a Sophmore at David Hickman High School (class of 2008). My Stepdaughter, Jessica, is age 29 and lives in Wichita, Kansas.

My husband (Mark) and I have property at Lake Nehai (Chariton county) where we enjoy boating, swimming, Clubhouse with pool, etc.,  Mark enjoys the fishing, we even have a small 9 hole golf course across the road from our place.  It is a private lake, just 600 acres but its quieter then the Lake of Ozark.

In 2003 I traveled to India to do some research and photo documentation of shrines and temples on island in the middle of the Narmada river at Omkareshvar, central India. Click here to view some of my many pictures on our website.

I'm currently working on the publishing the book I did photo documentation with Dr. Nagar (Prof. Emeritus, UMC), it is a resource book soon to be found in the Library of Congress, London, India and of course the University of Missouri. We are in the final stages of editing it and hope to have it completed by the end of this year.

My travels to India was a true adventure of it own kind.  The people there are so friendly and of course they speak English (once was British occupied) which made language not a hardship.  I found myself drawn towards a culture of wonderous music, dance, colorful costumes, a people devout to their religion of Hinduism.

My current plans are to retire from the University in another 5 years and we'll see what I find to do with my spare time then.

Dennis Strissel - 2007-11-20
Would have graduated in the class of 1970 but for the fact that parents were transferred to St. Louis, so I did my senior year at Cleveland High School in St. Louis.

Married to Sharon for 32 years, (6/14/75), and have two children Scott, married to Shanais, and Sherry, married to Brian. Scott and Shanais have two boys, (Isaiah and Zechariah), and are expecting twins in May 08. Sherry just gave birth, 11/17/07, to Dylan, our third grandson.

We have served as Salvation Army officers for 34 years; a number of years in the States and abroad. Were State leaders of the Army In Indiana and Missouri. Currently we are the Army's top leaders in the country of Ghana in West Africa. This is our second time living on the African continent, and claim it as our second home. Should anyone desire to see some of our current work you can look up our xanga site at TSA Spotlight on Ghana.

Beverly Thornton October 25, 2010
Hi, 1970 grads! I got married to Jim Schmidt (class of 1969)in November of 1970. WE will be married 40 years this year.  We have 2 sons, now 38 and 36,they live in Arizona,and 1 grandson finally. Thought we were never going to get one and he is our miracle baby.  He will be 2 in January, hope to get back to Az. for the big occasion. In 1974 we moved to Az. for my husband's work. We stayed there for 10 years in Mesa, Az. In 1984 we moved to Florence, Al. for husbands work, stayed there for 5 yrs. In 1989 we moved back to Mesa Az.for 13 yrs.  We had 2 business's that we started, still had them when we decided to move back to Columbia, Mo. in 2002. We are still here in Columbia, I am retired and husband still working and ready to retire.  We really had to get use to this weather again , but finally enjoying it.  I retired in 2004, was manager of women's clothing stores in Az. I really like be back and seeing people i haven't seen for years. Things have really changed here, but still seems small to me since we lived in big cities in Az. I have to say i like the weather better in Az., but like the hometown felling you get here. People  in Az. don't talk to you very much. To many people from other places.  Hope to hear from you all.  Take care

Mary Walker June 20, 2005
You knew me as Markie. Enlisted in U.S.  Navy right out of school.  Moved to Oregon in 1972 after honorable discharge.  Several lifetimes & a couple of careers later... (obtained a degree in Computer Information Systems back in 1998, then the dot.com bubble burst, Ah well.)  I am a professional stained glass artist and presently working on a degree in Veterinary Technology (not quite a doctor ~ way more than a nurse).  Will graduate in June 2006 ~ Plan to work with llamas, goats, dogs, & cats.  I now share my life with two pack llamas, a Golden Retriever, & two cats ~ would like to have a couple goats just because.  Wilderness camping & gardening are my primary passions after working in animal health care.  Let me hear from you!