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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 199
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40th Reunion was Oct 14 & 15, 2016
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35th Reunion was June 30 & July 1, 2006

Diane Maxwell - Chairperson
Linda Ballew - 2006-06-30 - Columbia College, Columbia, MO - Business Adm, State Farm Insurance Agent
Robert Barnett
Rob Bartel, died May 10, 2020
Judy Bass - 2011-02-07
Bruce Bisping - 2005-03-16
William Bond - 2002-01-13
Elaine Boyle - Email removed 2004-09-21
Michael Bulkley - Email removed 2003-05-08
Fawn Caldwell - Email removed 2008-10-31 - Columbia College - BS Fine Art - (Art & Photo Teacher @ Hickman)
Blake Calvin - Email removed 2014-09-24
Keith Cary - 2003-02-27
David Chapman - 2005-03-17
Patty Chappell - Email removed 2013-01-01
Edward Chester - BIO - 2010-03-19
Richard Crabb - Email removed 2004-01-27
James Walter Crane - 2003-10-17
Faith Crowell - Email removed 2009-04-05 - Registered Dental Hygienist, (retired), Home Education Consultant
Laurie Cunningham, died February 11, 2017
Bill Dale - Email removed 2011-05-29
Richard Dalton - 2009-09-18
Paul Daniel - 2002-01-10
Angi Daniels, died April 22, 2015
Kristy Dannar & Richard Leath - Email removed 2008-10-31
Randall Davidson - BIO - 2009-03-16 -Cornell College (1971-75), University of Minnesota (1984-87) -
                                              Composer, publisher, producer, arts administrator
Cindy Dingus, died March 16, 2015
Tom Dowell - Email removed 2003-09-30
David Drake - BIO - 2003-04-08
Vicki Dukes & Gary Phillippe - BIO - 2009-07-07
Steve Dupree - Email removed 2002-09-10
Max Fisher - 2011-01-12
Patricia Flood - 2007-08-04
Hope Fench - Email removed 2013-09-29
Susan Galeota - 2008-10-31
Deborah Gerzen - 2006-07-04
George Gibson - died April 15, 2021
Charles Gimarc
Richard Gimarc
Dan Giovanini - 2006-12-27
Paula Giovanini - BIO - Email removed 2008-10-31
John Gonnerman - Email removed 2008-10-31
Judy Griggs - 2008-11-10
Linda Jo Guthrie - 2005-04-17
Trent Hall - Email removed 2008-10-31
Sharon Harris - Email removed 2003-09-03
Rhonda Hartley - 2010-01-22
Paulette Heidy - 2005-05-21
Don Helmreich - 2011-02-24
Delores Hiatt - 2010-07-21
Donna Hiatt - 2008-11-08
Marjorie Kelly - 2016-09-06
Jill King
Philip Koch - BIO - Email removed 2008-10-31
Debbie Kunkel
Becky Lindsey - 2008-12-04
Kirk Lohman - Email removed 2014-09-24
Donnie Long - 2017-11-07
Marty Loring - 2002-05-17
Jim Lundsted - BIO - Email removed 2005-10-26
Karen Lutz - 2005-04-20
Linda McCann - BIO - 2002-01-17
Martha McCune - 2008-04-19 - Michigan State University - Registered Nurse
Dan McGee, deceased 2020-07-11
Mike Madole - 2008-03-23
Judy Mason - Email removed 1999-12-30
Bill Moyes - 2009-04-13
Fred Mottaz - 2006-12-12 - University of Missouri B.S. 1975 - Banking & Finance
Janice Myers - 2002-01-13
Micki Nathe - 2011-02-01 - MU/Columbia - Business Management/Psychology
Patricia Nelson - 2010-02-04
Tim Neds - Email removed 2012-10-29
Deborah Neill - 2011-01-06
Randy Nichols
Roger Niebruegge - 2004-03-31
Ken Olin - Email removed 2002-09-10
Margaret Perkins - Email removed 2002-09-04
Barbara Powell - BIO - 2009-05-10
Barbara Rathert - Email removed 2018-11-19
Frank Riggins - 2005-04-26
Jeff Roble - Email removed 2005-08-02 - University of Minnesota - currently retail hardlines supervisor
Brian Sadler - 2005-12-22
Rick Sapp - Email removed 2005-06-27
Ruth Ann Schwada - 2008-08-02
Glenda Semmons - BIO
Deborah Sheets - BIO - 2002-03-12
Ted Shively - 2005-12-10
Wayne Smith - 2011-01-14
Patty Sprague - 2019-03-10

Sandra Stone - Email removed 2008-10-31
Alice Taft - 2010-09-02
Patrick Tapley - BIO - 2010-07-10 -  "Kewpie of the Month" May/June 2005
Debbie Teaff - Email removed 2006-12-29
Craig Toogood - Email removed 2008-10-31
Lee Turner - 2006-07-11
B. L. Vanlandingham
Scott Vroegindewey - Email removed 2011-01-24
William Wayne - 2006-11-08
Larry West - 2011-09-04 - Macalester College and University of North Carolina - BA and MRP (Master Regional Planning)
Charlie Wheeler
Butch Whittler - Email removed 2003-09-03
Brad Whitworth - Email removed 2008-10-31
Evan Wiggs, deceased 2014-06-05 BIO - 2011-10-31 - Univ of MO, SIUE - BS Forestry, MBA
Dennis Winingear - BIO
Debbie Wright - 2009-05-12
Edward Chester - March 21, 2010

Look out world here I come.  Graduated in 71 from HHS.  I joined the United States Air Force straight out of High School.  Became a Telecommunication Systems Specialist and Later Lateral cross trained into Automated Computer Systems Supervisor.  Worked for the USAF for 15 and half years.  Got out in December of 86.  Became a single parent of 4 boys.  My Job at that time was working at the Vet Center, handled records for veterans suffering from PTSD and other problems.
Went to the University of Nebraska at Omaha in Sept 89 graduated in December of 91 believe it or not with a 4 year degree (that always amazes me).  I was having so much fun going to college and enjoying classes did not realize I took so many credits and graduated so quickly.  I should of gone for a Masters instead of a Bachelors Degree.  I have been all over the World and seen most everything.  The only places I have not been is Alaska and Russia, the latter because I had such a high security clearance while serving in the USAF.  I enjoyed the Military and kind of miss it but such is life.  I graduated from college then went on to work for the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the IT dept.  Was a Manager in the MultiMedia Dept, I was responsible for maintaining software, equipment upgrades, system security which consisted in monitoring numerous colleges around the State of Nebraska.  Maintained computer systems for online learning with Multimedia in Mind.  Was the one Doctors called when they needed upgrades or problem resolution in auditoriums in which they taught. I have since moved to Los Lunas, New Mexico to live out the rest of my life.  Enjoying it very much.  I am Ministering to Single Parents and trying to get a Mentoring Program started with their children at my church.
Hope to get the Men Mentoring to the Boys and the Women mentoring to the Girls.
Well wish me luck, God is Awesome!!!!!!   Praying that you all will find inter piece with yourselves and be Obedient to the Lord.
Randall Davidson - December 2, 2008

I have been migrating north from Columbia since high school. I now live in Minneapolis. I suspect that I am headed for Winnepeg -- who knows? The thing I know is that I have been making connections with Kewpies at an accelerating pace since 2006. I was back in Columbia for my 35th reunion and it was lots of fun to walk around the neighborhoods where I grew up. The inner portion of the city is the same as it was in 1974 when we moved to Los Angeles. It's eery but strangely reassuring.

I've been working in the Twin Cities since I graduated from Cornell College in 1975. I am working at Augsburg College right now but have worked for Minnesota Public Radio, the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Composers Forum, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

There are few places on this earth as exciting as the Twin Cities. I am truly blessed to live here with so many wonderful music colleagues, family and friends. My wife, Merilee, is one of the three most powerful oboists in the Twin Cities. My son Ben has a band called Medical School Knife Fight -- and it is really, really loud. But he's a very talented young man -- it will be fun to watch his success unfold.

There are few things I regret in life, but I always regret losing touch with dear friends from Columbia. The classes of 1970-73 contain some of the classiest individuals I have ever known.

I recall one of them right now, particularly. His nickname at Hickman was "Doobie." I saw him the last time I was in Columbia. He is working at Stephens College now. We had a chance meeting as he was working his rounds and I was in a small office. We looked at each other and in 30 seconds we were in a great big bear hug.

I send that bear hug back to him now and to everyone else from David Henry Hickman High School. Kewpies Rule!

David Drake February 27, 2001
Went to Germany...came back and spun wrenches for a living.
Went to work as a Correctional Officer in S.C., lived through a full scale riot and was a hostage for 2.5 hours.
I have been a San Diego County Deputy Sheriff for the last 11 years and plan on retiring at 20 or so years.
Vicki Dukes & Gary Phillippe September 22, 2002

Gary Phillippe and I were married in 1974 and we have 3 children who are all married.  We have a total of 6 grandchildren, the oldest one born in 1998 and the youngest born 2002.  I was a stay-at-home mom while our kids were small. I went back to work in the Columbia Public School District once they were all in school.  Gary has worked for Verizon telephone company (formally GTE)since Aug. of 1973.

Paula Giovanini January 9, 2002
Since graduating from HHS in 1971 I have been living in BEAUTIFUL Ft. Collins Colorado.  I am a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with specialities in both Women's Healthcare and Family Practice.  I am also a Fibers Artist and have shown locally,regionally,nationally and Internationally. I am married to Paul Morris since 1982 ( another Missouri boy from Springfield) and have a 17 year old son, Adam.  I try to get back to Missouri about 1-2 times a year to visit my twin brother Dan (in Columbia), my older brother Mike (in Moberly) & my parents (up near Macon).  I finally attended my first high school reunion last summer (# 30) & it was a kick!
Cheers!  Paula
Philip Koch July 16, 2001

Lived in the Dallas, Texas area since 1989,own a custom furniture company, married to Lisa VonDomek, parents still live in Columbia.
Jim Lundsted April 13, 2001

Employed State of Missouri for 24 years.  I served 23 years with the Missouri
State Highway Patrol, and accepted a new job in October, 2000, as Telecom Manager
with the Missouri Department of Conserevation, IT Section.
Linda McCann January 17, 2002

Currently, I am working for Arthur Andersen as a director in the business consulting practice. It is a great job with great people.  My significant other and I have been together for about 7 years and live with our 4 dogs and 2 cats in our dream house we built almost 2 years ago.  I make it back to Columbia about once a year as my family still lives there.  It has changed considerably since '71.
Barbara Powell May 10, 2009

I graduated in 1971 from HHS. I attended Columbia College and MU and Central Methodist College. I am an oncology (cancer nurse)  of 30 years.
I find an outlet doing Old time photos and modern photography. My home business is Vintage Photos and Vintage Photo Parties. (See Kewpie Business Owners' Page) I do event costume parties with a vintage twist. My business is located in Hallsville on part of my families century owned estate.
I also do Historical Tea Parties for all ages. Also we do civil war and cowboy reenactments.
I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren by my first husband," Chopper " David Thomas graduate of HHS in 1970.
My husband, Ray Spencer who graduated from HHS in 1980 enjoys muscle cars and is restoring a 1969 Nova SS.

Glenda Semmons August 5, 2001
I graduated from Hickman in 1971, went on to Columbia College and graduated there in 1973 with a A.A. Degree.  I moved to Kansas City in the fall of 1973 to work as a travel agent.  I was layed off, and worked at K.U. Medical Center and became interested in Nursing.  Started nurses training in 1975 and graduated from Research School of Nursing in May of 1978.  Have been a nurse for 23 years.  I was married for 20 years and have a beautiful daughter who will be 16 at Christmas.  Currently I am a school nurse in Praire Village, Kansas and I love what I do.  I have been a host family to foreign exchange students for the past 3 years. We have hosted kids from England and 2 from Germany.  Out lastest European daughter will arrive on 8/11/01 and she is from Germany.  Judy Bass and I have maintained our close friendship all of these years.  We have been friends since 1st grade, and that is over 41 years.
Deborah Sheets March 12, 2002

After graduating in 1971, went to "Beauty School" here in Columbia (just wasting time until I knew what I wanted to do.  Still don't know!).  Got married in July 1972 to Curt Russell (Class of 1969).  Have two daughters Jennifer (Class of 1994)is 26 and is married and has our first grandson Jacob.  Robin (Class of 1996) is 24 and is married and lives in Hermann.  I work at University Healthcare and Curt works at the Columbia Post Office. I started collecting kewpies back in the early 90's and has become a major obsession.  We like going to flea markets and antique stores....and I love going to auctions but don't get to go as much as I would like.  I discovered Ebay and am becoming a major kewpie buyer there!
Patrick Tapley July 10, 2010

Hello from Washington State! Effective July 18, 2010 I will be an "Environmental Protection Specialist" working for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, located at Grand Coulee Dam and living in Grand Coulee, WA.

As you can see from the photo from our wedding day, I am married to the most beautiful, wonderful and loving wife ever. I am truly a blessed man, God is great!

Evan Wiggs, deceased 2014-06-05 October 31, 2011
Hello all. The 40th Reunion was a real blast and a bunch of fun. Thanks to the planners. I have been married for 37 years (1974) to a most amazing And beautiful woman. We have two daighters: Katie, born 1980, who is married to Daniel Stark and have their first child Ella Rose 1 year old, Hannah, born 1983, engaged to marry James Rogers Susan teaches full time in Vancouver. I am an international Evangelist traveling the world watching God do miracles. Glory to the Lord!!
Dennis Winingear August 13, 2001

I had worked for the City of Columbia for 23 years and now am retired. I am now currently in school getting an associates degree in computer technology at Electronics Institute in Kansas City MO and will Graduate December 21, 2001.
I have two daughters grown and will be a grandfather in March of next year. I am looking forward to the future as well as my first grandchild.

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