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30th Reunion was August 5 & 6, 2005
 40th Reunion was August 7 & 8, 2015

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Hugh Emerson - Chairperson
Jack Adams - 2010-06-17
Kandee Altis - 2002-01-28
Lyn Anderson - 2010-08-22
Janet Bachman - 2008-12-05
Ann Beasley - Email removed 2009-03-02
Peter Bell - 2009-10-08
Melody Bensinger
Cheryl Berg - 2002-01-26
Jacqueline Black - 2011-06-19
Matthew Brake - 2011-07-10
Charles Brown - 2008-06-28 - University of Missouri - BSBA Marketing
Jeffrey Buchner - 2005-04-12
Julie Buddemeyer
Kathy Capron - 2006-01-30
Nancy Carter - Email removed 2013-10-12 - Stephens College - Accountant

Gwendolyn Chally - Email removed 2009-02-27
Cindy Cochran - BIO - Email removed 2013-10-12
Mark Conner - 2017-06-14
Larry Cornell - 2005-03-30

Jim Crane - Email removed 2006-01-19
RoseAnn Davidson - 2008-06-25
Janet Davis-Bachman - BIO - 2003-03-06 - Univ of Colorado - Master of Science Information Systems
Judy Davis - 2003-05-30
Dave DeRyke - 2015-01-14

Vicki Downey - BIO - Email removed 2018-11-19
Marsha Duff - 2008-04-12 - University of Kansas - Artistic Director Springfield Ballet
Kenneth Duncan - 2002-01-28
Mark Eubanks - Email removed 2009-03-01
Stephen Foreman, deceased 2008-09-06
Kathy Frala - Email removed 2010-07-27
Annie Gibbs - 2011-05-27
Don Gilpin - Email removed 2006-09-28
Mike Gilpin - 2011-06-19
James Givens
Pete Grathwohl, deceased 2023-01-16
Glenda Graves - 2005-03-24
Dave Green - 2004-07-16
Michael Grimes - Email removed 2009-02-27
Ron Hawkins - 2002-02-24
Shelley Heifner - 2005-08-09
Tom Hoft - Email removed 2017-11-07 - University of Missouri Law School - Law
Ken Holland - BIO - 2004-06-06 - Masters in Education - California Lutheran Univ -
                                                                                                Elementary School Teacher

Stanley Hughes - Email removed 2005-11-15
Lola Hume - BIO - 2010-06-06 - SMSU - B.S. in Education (Elementary/Special Education)
Catherine Iffert - 2011-11-02

Terrill Jones - 2017-04-20
Arbie Johnson - Email removed 2018-06-22
Sandra Johnston - 2005-04-26 - University of Washington - PhD in Nursing Science, June 2004
Jim Lacy, deceased 2012-07-99 - Bio & Picture - 2006-09-29
Mark Lee - Email removed 2013-05-25
Thomas Leonard - Email removed 2006-08-17
Andy Lister - Email removed 2011-01-23
Terry Maddox - Email removed 2012-12-08
Mary Magnusson
Craig Martin - Email removed 2013-05-25 - UMC - Doctoral degree-Educational Leadership -
                                                                             Principal at Smithton Middle School in Columbia
Mark Martin - 2007-09-19
Mike Martin - Email removed 2009-02-27
Levina McAlpin - 2004-03-13 - Univ of MO-Columbia - B.S. in  Elementary Education
Martin McCulloch - Email removed 2003-02-08
Eric Monroe - Email removed 2009-06-11
Susan Monroe - Email withheld 2003-07-09
Charla Murphy - BIO - Email removed 2006-01-25
Louise Neely - 2005-05-01
Joe Newberry - BIO - 2002-02-25
Dana Nichols - Email removed 2011-01-23
Kenan Oran - Email removed 2012-02-26
John Payne - 2005-06-06
Nancy Philllips - 2010-09-12
Blair Pickard - 2011-06-19
Susan Popkes - BIO - 2002-01-29
Geoffrey Preckshot - 2020-05-05

Anita Pruitt - Email removed 2006-11-22
Gregory Purdy - 2009-04-15
Chuck Ragland - 2004-10-19
Cindy Regan - Email removed 2010-07-27
Paula Robertson - 2009-03-21
Valerie Sapp - 2008-04-22
Patty Scheurich 2011-06-19
Barbara Schroeder - Email removed 2009-02-27
Ken Serfass - 2010-02-17
Sheryl Silvey - 2005-01-30
Mark Smith - Email removed 2004-01-20
Mary Strange - Email removed 2011-11-06
Bob Stull - Email removed 2002-05-19
Jim Sylvester
Melissa Tapley
Bruce Terrill - BIO - Email removed 2015-08-11
Mark Thomas - 2010-03-15
Randy Trimble, deceased - 2006-06-26
Dottie Turner - 2008-07-18
Sherri Van Leer - 2007-08-21
Charles West - Email removed 2012-08-07
Lori West - 2011-06-19
Laura Weston - Email removed 2008-10-10
Jennifer Whitt - BIO - Email removed 2009-02-27
David Wilcox - BIO - 2002-02-02
Billy Williams - BIO - 2004-06-02
Mary Jane Wilson - Email removed 2009-03-01
Wells Wilson - 2016-04-07
Kathleen Wolf - 2014-04-09

Allan Woodman - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01 - Purdue University
Susan Wulff - 2011-06-20
Janet Young - Email removed 2009-02-27
Janet Davis-Bachman March 6, 2003

I was married for almost 20 years and have two beautiful teenage daughters who keep me very busy and on top of life.  I am now very happily re-married.  I finally finished my bachelors degree in 1995 and turned around and finished my graduate degree in 2000.  I have lived in Colorado for 17 years now, and I love it.  It is nice to be back home in my birth state where I have so much family.  I left Columbia in 1979 and moved to West Virginia, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, and finally to Colorado.  I work in Information Systems as a consultant and teach part time for DeVry University.
Cindy Cochran August 3, 2005

After graduating from Hickman, I went to college at SMU in Dallas.  I graduated with my B.A. in December, 1977.  I spent my last semester of college in Spain.  This is where I met my future husband, Jess Leyva, an engineer working for Hughes Aircraft.  After college graduation, I returned to Columbia and worked for 6 years as a legal secretary.  I then went to law school at the University of Tulsa and graduated in May, 1987.  I passed the Missouri Bar and worked for 2 years with a large law firm in Kansas City.  In July, 1989, Jess and I got married, and I moved to Lompoc, California.  Jess is the stereotypical rocket scientist, working for the Aerospace Corporation at Vandenberg AFB and launching Titan and Delta rockets into polar orbit.  I passed the California bar in February, 1990, and worked part-time in a small law office until the birth of my first child.  I have been a stay-at-home mom since then and have three children:  Jennifer (born 1991), Heather (born 1992), and Ryan (born 1994).  I am a Christian and am grateful to God for all his good gifts.  With the housing costs in California out of control (no way will our kids be able to afford housing here!), I’m hoping we might be able to return to Columbia in the next few years.  We love to visit Columbia and come nearly every summer.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the 30th reunion because our visit the summer of 2005 was in July for a family reunion.

Vicki Downey March 21, 2002
Anything that has happened before today is merely history and I was always bored in History so I will spare you. Today I am a Western and Equine Artist. I have a website that I am constantly battling with as I am not a computer wiz by any means. I was going to put my URL here but see below I am apparently not allowed to. It would have been a better bio. However, I suppose this will have to do.In the meantime, I am "waiting to be discovered". :-)
Ken Holland - February 24, 2002

 After spending my entire life as a bachelor, I recently celebrated my first anniversary. Ruth Hernandez and I met at a luncheon after church. We began dating soon after that, and 14 months later we were married in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, CA. She immigrated to the US from the Philippines in 1998. She and I are happily looking for reasonably priced housing in Thousand Oaks, CA area. Call or write anytime! I'd love to hear from some of my long-lost friends.
Lola Hume June 6, 2010

I graduated from SMSU (now Missouri State) in December 1978 with a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  Having lived in Texas, Mississippi, and Missouri, I settled in Collierville, Tennessee outside of Memphis in 1997.  My second husband, Jerry, and I have been married three years and between us have 7 grown children and 13 grandchildren with two more on the way.  I am currently teaching 8th grade language arts at Schilling Farms Middle School and enjoy reading, music, and travel.
Jim Lacy, deceased 2012-07-09 October 1, 2006

All though I spent only my last school year at Hickman (came staight outa Fulton HS)
I made my best grades there.
To say I was lucky would be an understatement. (I got kicked out at Fulton :-)
Hickman was cool, and I went on to college ... in 2000!
No one really knew me there, so I'd be unknown at a reunion,
still I had fun - and graduated to boot.

Charla Murphy  January 29, 2002
Hi, I am living In Salisbury, MO.now.  I work in Moberly at Tawneys Flower shop. I recently got married again last September, 2001 to a great guy, Mike. I have three kids of my own when Married to Bob Bynum and my husband now has three kids so I guess I am now a mother of 6. YIKES!!! Mail me any time...

Joe Newberry February 25, 2002
I moved to North Carolina in 1982.  Since then, I have been a newspaper editor, carpenter, schoolteacher, musician and actor, and full-time Dad, sometimes simultaneously.  I now work as the communications director for our state arts council.  In my other work life, I combine traditional music with narrative theater, play banjo, guitar, and fiddle with the string band Big Medicin, and teach at music camps around the country.  I am married to Susan Newberry, and between us, we have five daughters and eight grandchildren.  Whew!
Susan Popkes January 29, 2002

I was married for 16 years to John Hodges (RBH 1974) and have two daughters, Kate and Leslie.  I am now single.  I left Columbia directly after college and lived in a variety of places including: Silicon Valley, St. Louis and Kenton, England.  I returned to Columbia in 1991 and love it again.

Bruce Terrill November 28, 2001
Graduated from UMC with Masters in Mechanical/Aerospace degree.  Married to Amy Saunders (class of 72) for 16 years, divorced in 1996.  No kids, just a dog and a cat.  Currently living with Christine Robinson, who works at Compaq Computer.  Worked at Boeing in Seattle as Propulsion and Structural engineer for 8 years.  Switched to selling workstations for Silicon Graphics (SGI) in 1988. Hobbies are: digital photography, riding Harleys, weightlifting, kayaking, racquetball, and designing websites for friends and family.
Jennifer Whitt  January 8, 2002

Married with 3 children, Worked at Kraft Foods for 20 yrs.
David Wilcox February 6, 2002

Moved to Florida since graduating in 1975.  Worked a summer at Marineland; playing with the dolphins.  Currently with Melbourne fire department for the last 20 years. Have been a Lieutenant at the Melbourne airport for the past 3 years.  Living in the country now. Enjoying riding my Harley with the love of my life, and soon to be third wife.  They say 3's a charm.  Looking forward to retirement, and traveling. Interested in a class reunion, since there hasn't been one since,I believe 1985...
Billy Williams April 20, 2004

Since graduating, I've bummed around Columbia for 10 year and finally decided in 85 to do something.  I joined the Navy and toured the world for six years.  Upon separation, I married and settled in sunny San Diego.  I went back to school and received my Paralegal Cerificate and have practiced Intellectual Property Law for the past 10 years.  I have remained active in the theatre and have recently completed a three year stint with the San Diego Choral Arts Ensemble where we traveled and perfomed in Europe and Scotland.  I look forward to seeing my "old" classmates at the next reunion.
Allan Woodman February 1, 2003

I attended Russell Blvd Elementary School, West Junior High School, and then Hickman High School.  My parents moved to Indiana and I had to finish school 11-12 grades in West Lafayette, Indiana.

So much of my life was in Columbia, rather than in West Lafayette, and I would like my old friends to know how to contact me and to share my on-going life.  I hope to find out when a reunion would take place and then attend.