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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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40th Reunion - Was October 6, 7 & 8, 2017

35th Reunion Was July 27 - 29, 2012
30th Reunion was August 3 & 4, 2007

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Mike McCuistion - Chairperson
Dan Amerman - BIO - Email removed 2003-09-21 - Mizzou - BSBA, MBA, CFA, Consultant & Author
Kurt Anderson - Email removed 2004-03-10
Ann Baker - 2021-07-09
Donald Barnhart - 2004-02-03
Melanie Bean - 2005-12-19
Chris Beasley - 2016-04-27

Barry Bennett - 2005-07-11
Mary Blanchard - 2007-06-05
Larry Blase, deceased (December 6, 2013)
Sue Bolander - Email removed 2003-11-13
Nate Brown - Email removed 2004-03-02
Marty Bruce - BIO - 2007-06-19
Deborah Bulkley - 2008-07-27
Susan Burchfield
Pam Byington - Email removed 2011-10-15
Tara Calvin - BIO - Email removed 2009-02-27
Terry Calcote, deceased (May 20, 2017)

George Canton, deceased (December 13, 2006)
Howard Chapel - 2014-02-09
Jackie Cook - BIO -
Email removed 2008-11-28

Stephen Cooper - Email removed 2009-02-27
David Crosby
Sally Dale - 2012-08-13

Brian Defoe, deceased (February 2005) - Kewpie of the Month, November 2001
Gary DeVore - 2007-08-04
Karen Dier - 2009-07-25
Cindy Dougherty - Email removed 2011-11-07
Lisa Duemmel - 2003-08-31
Dan Duncan - 2017-06-24
David Ferguson - Email removed 2009-02-26

Alice Foster - BIO - 2007-09-25 - Missouri State University - Foods & Nutrition/ Home Economics
Karen Gebhardt - BIO
Joel Gibson - 2006-08-16
Angela Gordon - Email removed 2009-02-27
Katrina Hall - Email removed 2009-02-27
Sheila Hauber - 2008-12-23 - Columbia College - MBA
Marla Holland - 2007-06-11 - UT-Dallas - CPA
Joni Dawn Hulen - Email removed 2009-02-27
Angie Jones - BIO - Email removed 2002-08-06
Karen Jones - 2007-06-11
Jamila Khalil - Email removed 2007-12-20
Chris Linger - 2004-08-06
Patrick Luebbert - Email removed 2004-03-23
Judy Marsh - 2021-11-11
Cathy Martin - BIO
Susan Matches - 2003-01-14 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Physical Therapist
Daniel McGavock
Robert McNear - 2006-11-17
Terri McMurry - 2006-08-27
Allison Miller - 2016-10-13

Kim Mitchell
Martha Mitchell - New 2002-02-04
Susan Mitchell - Email removed 2009-03-01
Rowley Molina - 2003-08-13
Cindy Morgan - Email removed 2004-02-18
Chris Neff - Email removed 2009-02-26
Linda Neuffer - 2012-08-13
Jackie Oliver

Lea Patterson - BIO
Jayne Pearman - 2007-05-16
Dennis Peel - 2002-10-14
Clarice Phillips
Martha Pickens - 2009-02-22
Regina Piper - 2009-12-27
Kathy Porter - 2010-10-24
Janice Proctor - 2006-07-16
Carla Ray - 2012-07-30

Robert Regan - Email removed 2003-11-25
Lisa Richards - Email removed 2009-03-01
Cynthia Richardson - 2013-01-01
Paul Robb - 2007-05-04
Tammy Romjue - 2003-09-18 - William Woods University - Advertising Specialist at Shelter Insurance
Mary Ross - 2010-05-03
Steven Sapp - Email removed 2013-01-01
Terry Schneider - BIO - 2011-10-23
Chuck Short - Email removed 2015-08-11
Bruce Smarr - 2007-02-21
Carl Smith - Email removed 2009-04-12
Stephen Smith, deceased (2011-11-29)
Susan Springstroh - 2010-11-28

Ahmad Suleiman - 2011-09-02
Richard Tadlock
Beverly Thompson - 2016-08-04

Lee Ann Thurman - Email removed 2017-11-07 - Central Methodist University - Registered Nurse
Peggy Thurman - 2010-01-15
Mark Toalson - 2007-01-26 - MU-Columbia, Baker Univ-KS, William Woods -
                                                B.S.ed,Masters.ed,ED. Specialist in Public School Administration
Susan Toalson - 2007-01-29
Linda Trask - Email removed 2003-04-06
Marsha Travis - Email removed 2011-10-15
Paul Van Gorp - BIO - 2009-11-11 - MU-Columbia 1981 - BS Housing Design & Const Management
Mitzie Walden - 2021-01-26

Missy Watkins - Email removed 2009-03-01
Purris Williams - Email removed 2009-02-27
Amy Willliamsen - Email removed 2011-11-07
Bill Wilson - Email removed 2009-02-27
Sharon Wulff - 2013-06-13

Dan Amerman June 23, 2002
I went to Mizzou, graduated with BSBA and MBS degrees in Finance, and moved to Memphis, TN to be an investment banker.  Did the marriage and divorce thing.  Moved to Northern Minnesota in 1995, and love it here.  I am a Chartered Financial Analyst, do consulting for investment banks, write books (a couple on investments have been published, the novels haven't yet), and enjoy the outdoors.  I do a lot of hiking, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, etc., and did whitewater canoe trips to Hudson Bay in 1998 and 2001.
Marty Bruce June 19, 2007

After graduating from Hickman, I attended college where I received my associate's degree in Animal Health Technology.  I worked for a couple of private veterninary clinics then got on at the University of Missouri, working in research.  During this time I met my husband and we were wed in 1981.  We live on a cattle farm south of Fulton.  He was a widower and had a very young daughter, Christa, from his first marriage.  Seven years later we had a daughter, Heidi, so I became a stay at home mom.  Once Heidi was old enough for preschool, I started subbing in our school district (South Callaway R-II) and have been there since. (for all of those who attended Oakland, I see Mr. Wax, our social studies teacher, from time to time at school and he still looks the same).
I'm a grandmother twice over from our oldest daughter Christa and her husband Mark and Heidi just graduated from high school and will be attending Truman State in the fall.  This will be the first time in our 26 years of marriage that we will be childless.  It will seem very strange and take some time getting use to!  We've always enjoyed traveling, so hope to do more of that, if we can figure out what to do with the dog.
Tara Calvin May 10, 2007

I have resided in Columbia since graduation.  Have a daughter, Malinda, from my first marriage.  Am pleased that she also graduated from HHS in 2004, and is a 4th generation Kewpie!  Married in 2006 to my long-time sweetie, Michael Cox, who is a member of the Columbia Fire Department.  Employed at City of Columbia since 1978.  My husband and I look forward to possibly retiring in a few years - then, who knows what'll happen or where we'll be!  Looking forward to the 30th reunion!
Jackie Cook August 30, 2006

Hi Class of '77- I'm still in Texas!  I have a new job as a Regional Sales Manager.  My territory includes Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. I love my job-hard to believe I get paid to "talk" with people! I travel about 35% of the time and have seen some great places, met some interesting people and enjoyed a few good margaritas. If you are ever in Texas, give me a call.

Alice Foster November 7, 2001
I graduated from Hickman in 1977 and went to college. I graduated from Southwest Missouri State University in December of 1993. I married a sailor in 1985 and moved from Missouri to Long Beach, CA, then Pearl Harbor, HI and then to San Francisco, CA. When he retired in 1995, we moved back to Missouri with our adopted son and have been in Ashland ever since. I work for an Insurance Company and we are Foster parents. 
Karen Gebhardt August 7, 2001

I graduated from Stephens College in 1981 and moved shortly after to Dallas, Texas where I worked for the Trammel Crow Company in land development.  One of the partners and I started a company and I handled the finance/marketing aspects until I married Andy Briscoe in 1987.  Our son Drew was born in May of 1988 and daughter Callie in September 1991.  While being mostly a mother at home, I completed a Masters degree at Southern Methodist University.  In 1994 my husband's job took us to McLean, Virginia across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.  When my daughter entered school I started back to work and now am working for a landscape design build company.
Angie Jones July 22, 2001

After graduating from Hicman High, I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I graduated from there in 1982 with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy. I married Reed Carlson, who I met at BYU, in June of 1983.  He works as a librarian for the Federal Government at the Technical Library at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. We live on the Army base in Dugway. I teach private piano lessons and have taught music classes at Dugway Elementary for about six years. We have two children, Heather who is 16, and Thomas who is 14.  We keep quite busy with work and our kids activities. We are also very active in our church.

Cathy Martin June 13, 2001
Hi Hickman class of '77 alum.  I'm an Internet Marketing Manager living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area - it's great here!

Lea Patterson February 2001
Graduated from HHS in 1977 and UMC in 1981 with BS degree in Housing and Interior Design.  Married high school sweetheart, Eric Evans (class of 1978), in 1982.  He works for UMC teaching emergency management practices with the Fire and Rescue Training Institute.  Our son, Jason, was born in Columbia in 1987. I'm self-employed part-time as an interior designer.  I spend most of my time volunteering with PTA and working in my son's school (Jeff Jr.).  Eric and I are loyal Kewpies, although we've started wearing Rock Bridge colors since that's where Jason will attend in another year.  We all love Columbia!
Terry Schneider 2007-03-14

I left Columbia after my Freshman year at Mizzou to attend Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield (now Missouri State) and graduated in 1982 with a BS in Accounting.  I met my husband during my junior year, and we were married in May 1983.  Ken still puts up with me after almost 24 years.

I worked as an Accountant for an electric utility for the next 20 years -- I know, not very exciting!  I left Associated Electric in 2003 to stay home with our two boys (then ages 15 and 13).  I took a part-time job at their high school a year later and also do taxes each Spring.  I'll probably go back to work after they are both out of school -- then again, maybe not!  There's certain benefits to being a 'kept woman'.  :o)

Our oldest, Andrew, will graduate from Parkview High School in 2007 and plans to attend Ozarks Community Technical College here in Springfield.  He is a musician at heart and would like to get into a field that allows him to remain involved with music.

Our youngest, David, is still looking for his passion.  At this point, he's thinking he would like to be a pilot and that the military would be a good way to achieve that.  I'm proud of him for having the selflessness to volunteer, but the mom in me still worries.

Paul Van Gorp November 3, 2002
I moved to South Padre Island, Tx (southern tip) in 1981 after college and joined a real estate development company. Built high-end condominium marinas for 6 years and ran offshore billfishing tournaments for 3 years during that tenure.  Went (drank) to Mexico more than a hundred times. Went into the swimming pool construction industry in 1987 in San Antonio. Two years there and then on to Orlando with my future wife who I met in Mexico in 1987.

Eight years spent in the land of Mickey opening and running swimming pool branch offices for Florida's largest builder. Twin sons born in 1992 after Terri and I were wed in Austin, TX in 1990.  Helluva party.

Moved to Phoenix, Az in 1987 for a bigger, better deal and ran the number 5 company in that market building 500 pools yearly.  Tired of the heat and dirt of the desert, moved "home" to Texas in 2000 and run my own design and construction firm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Wife (an Austinite) is glad to be back within striking distance.

Love to travel (been on 4 cruises) and collect motorcycles.

Not much else........glad to still be foggin' the mirror.



Brian DeFoe
"Mother America's Parade of Heroes"
It looks like I will be transported to New York City with a piece of art that I created.  Local (Dallas) and NYC fire and Rescue workers have pleaded with me to make every effort to get this in front of as many folks as I can.  They are expecting over 50,000 firemen and police to attend the event at Madison Square Gardens on the 18th of November.  I am also working on getting it on air the night before on David Letterman.  My intent with this piece has always been to help bolster the spirit of the American people.  If you feel that the Kewpies of the world would get something out of it, then you can share it via your website if you like.  The piece is featured on Digital City Dallas, it is the lead article on CompuServe's Fine Art Forum-front page and is currently on show in a Dallas gallery.  The piece is very symbolic and patriotic.
Here is a link to the web page... just click 
on the picture............ to your right!
Best regards,
Brian J DeFoe, Class of 1977