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25th Reunion was August 10 & 11, 2007

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Craig Snethen - Chairperson
Lisa Allgood - 2002-07-30
Hani Alsohaibi - 2005-08-13
Julie Anderson - BIO - 2006-04-09 - University of Missouri - Bachelors of Journalism
Susan Appelbaum - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30
Alex Aslanidis - 2002-07-21
Michael Atkisson - 2003-01-24 - Linn State Technical College - Computer Network Technology
Lorri Bailey - Email removed 2017-11-07
Daniel Baldridge - 2007-08-07
Sam Barbee - BIO - Email removed 2018-11-19
Terry Baumann - BIO - 2015-07-06
Michelle Beiger - 2010-10-26
Michael Bishop - BIO - 2002-08-16 - Coulmbia College - BS-Criminal Justice 1987
Derek Bogard - 2007-08-09
Michelle Boothe - Email removed 2013-10-18
Jon Bourne - 2002-08-05
Brian Brown - Email removed 2019-04-21
Jerry Brumfield - 2006-07-27
Lynne Butler - Email removed 2011-01-24
Bill Calvert - 2007-07-21
David Camp - Email withheld - 2009-02-26
Michele Carmichael - 2007-05-10
Mike Carrington - Email removed 2011-01-24 - Central Missouri State Univ, 1986 - Systems Mgr, State Farm Ins Co
Darin Chandler - Email withheld - 2002-08-22
Jenny Chase - Email removed 2008-12-05 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Registered Nurse
Kerry Clark - 2002-07-11
Cathi Coffey - BIO - 2013-11-15
Earl Coffman - BIO - 2002-05-09 - Portland State University -
                                                                 Junior in Theatre Arts. Work as an Office Specialist 2 for PSU
Marcia Collins - Email removed 2005-08-25
Jeff Cook
Al Crego - BIO- Email removed 2007-07-30
Christa Crouse - 2007-06-07
Dana Davis - 2007-08-06
Mike Duemmel - 2005-08-06 - University of Missouri-Columbia - BS CFE 1991
Patrick Duff - 2002-07-21
Phillip Duff - Email removed 2014-09-24 - University of Kansas-Lawrence - B. Arch. / Architect
Susan Dunkerley - Email removed 2011-11-07 - UMC/Pratt Institute - BFA/MFA
Tammy Dye - 2007-06-04 - BS '86 Mizzou, BS '93 U of Washington - BS Parks & Rec, BS Electrical Engineering
Cinda Eichler - Email removed 2005-08-25
Pat Fancher - Email removed 2010-07-27
Robin Flett - Email removed 2011-01-24
Vicki Foley - 2002-05-09
Mark Forrester - Email removed 2015-09-16
Toni Gallian - Picture - Email removed 2011-01-24
Tim Garro - Kewpie of the Month, July 2002 - Central Methodist College - Social Science Education
                                                                                -Teacher/Coach ,MA- Learning and Technology
Cindy Gerau - 2015-09-22
Loretta Graves - Email removed 2010-04-12
Mary Gustke - 2015-03-26

Dee Hager - 2007-07-10 - UM-St. Louis - German Teacher at St. John Vianney High School
Doug Harl - Email removed 2018-11-20
Byron Harmon
Kim Hayes - Email removed 2007-07-30
Suzette Heafley - 2009-02-18
Chris Henderson - Email removed 2010-04-10
Becky Henry - Email removed 2003-09-21 - University of Wyoming - Audiologist
John Higdon - Email removed 2007-07-30
Brad Hine - 2004-10-22 - Mizzou - BSN, MBA, MHA/Healthcare IT Consultant
Rob Hollinger
Joe Holsinger - BIO - 2002-07-12
Michele Hostetter - 2007-07-04
Benedict Hughes - 2007-09-05 - Brooklyn Colleg - Masters of Fine Arts
Jeffrey Jenkins - 2002-07-16 - University of Missouri-Columbia - BS Accountancy
Jim Johnson - 2002-07-15
Jeff Johnson - BIO - 2013-12-06 - Southwest Missouri State University - BS/Public Relations
Ty Johnsen - 2017-05-04
Kay Johnson - Email removed 2008-12-08

Peter Kays - Email removed 2005-08-25

Stacey Keely - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30
John Kelley - Email removed 2009-02-27
Karla Kespohl - BIO
Diana Kreutz - 2002-08-11
Deb Kuntz - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30
Donna Lamb - Email removed 2018-11-19
Kristan Leavene - Email removed 2008-05-14 - Columbia College - Social Work
John Llorens - 2002-07-15 - University of Oklahoma - Masters Electrical Engineering
Steve Lochner - 2007-05-01
Paula Magruder - Email removed 2011-11-07
Joyce Maier-Schaberg - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30 - University of Wyoming - Physician
Kathy Malarkey - Email removed 2009-02-28
Timothy Martin - Email removed 2007-07-30
Andrew McIntosh, deceased 2012-07-26
Rex McLaury - 2011-02-20
Andrea Miles - 2008-01-24
Shari Mirts - Email removed 2010-04-12
Michael Moran - Email removed 2007-07-30
Matt Morgan - Email removed 2007-07-30
Whitney Morris - Email removed 2004-01-27
Christina Murfin - 2007-07-18 - MU-Columbia/Lesley College - B.S. of Education/M.A. of Education
Christine Nichols - 2002-07-05
Susan Nichols - 2007-06-22
Linda Nieuwenhuizen - 2007-05-22
Kelli Offutt - 2006-11-20 - NSU DEGREE - BS and MBA
Jennifer Oldweiler - 2002-08-11
Jeff Page - Email removed 2004-06-10
Dennis Palmer - Email removed 2007-07-30
Douglas Petty - 2007-05-18
Terry Pfeifer - 2007-05-23
Jill Phelan - Email removed 2013-06-25
Jeanne Reynolds - 2009-03-28
David Richter, deceased 2021-08-11
Cheryl Rupe
Tom Sanders - Email removed 2009-02-27
Joanna Shear - 2002-07-26
Sharon Shores - 2007-07-02
Renee Simmons - 2002-02-25
Randy Singleton - BIO - Email removed 2003-09-16
Jeanie Slate - Email removed 2002-08-19
Aaron Slaughter - BIO - Email removed 2009-02-27
Andy Smarr - Email removed 2013-10-23
Lisa Smith
Sandy Smith - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30 - Central Methodist College - Elementary Education
Todd Smith - 2002-07-07
Teresa Sontag - BIO - 2011-01-07
Devesh Srivastava - BIO - Email removed 2011-11-07 - Univ of MO-BA Biology; Univ of Houston-PhD;
                                                            Univ of MD-JD (2004) - Student Associate/Patent Agent Biotechnology
Steve Stone - 2002-07-03
Amy Sublett - Email removed 2007-07-30 - Univeristy of Missouri Columbia - Bachelor's of Journalism
Mary Szalka - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30
Terri Terzopoulos - 2008-11-06
Linda Trickey - BIO - Email removed 2007-07-30
Jacqueline Turner
Warren Turner - BIO - 2003-02-13 - DeVry University, Phoenix - BS in CIS--Programer/Analyst
Tammy Ubl - 2002-12-12 - Park University - CIS--Application developer
Gary Vaught - BIO - 2007-09-24 - DeVRY University - BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Steve Veros - BIO - 2008-03-17
Shawna Vogel - 2012-08-25 - Mass Institute of Tech - Biology / Technology Licensing Officer, MIT
Cheryl Ward - Email removed 2007-07-30
Martha Watkins - BIO - Email removed - 2018-11-19 - 2002-08-06 - University of Missouri-Columbia - B.A., Political Science
Bill Weide - Email removed 2009-02-27 - Arizona State University - BS Computer Science
Jody Westbrook - Email removed - 2002-08-19
Jani Whitesides - 2007-05-09
Kevin Whitesides - Email removed 2007-07-30
Alan Willis - 2005-11-13
Kelly Wilmoth - Email removed 2010-07-27 - University of MO-Columbia - BA in Theatre Arts (specialization in Dance)
Kim Wilson - Email removed 2018-11-19 - Columbia College - Business Administration/Accountant
Rick Wilson - Email removed 2005-08-25
Bart Wise - 2004-12-11
Mike Zwonitzer - 2007-07-02
Julie Anderson
April 9, 2006
Julie Lynn Anderson, now Julie Anderson Slattery. I'm livin' in New Jersey with husband and son, writing at home and volunteering at my son, Sean's school. I lived in St. Louis for two years after graduation, then moved to Manhattan, NY, for ten years. Got married to John Slattery (of the Bronx) and we had son Sean in 1995. Moved to suburbs in 1998, and Central New Jersey in 2003.
     Our town, Pennington, is like "Mayberry" and located between Princeton and Trenton. Love the area;we're ten minutes from where George Washington crossed the Delaware. Tons of history here and short train ride to Manhattan. Thirty minutes to Philly.
     I edited and wrote for trade and consumer magazines previously, and am working on longer works of fiction, now.  I also work with the Trenton Film Festival and run a newspaper club for 40 fourth and fifth graders. I've written some short fiction and won the Graveson Award, from the Garden State Horror Writers, for a short story called "The Quarry."
     My husband works for Merril Lynch, formerly in Manhattan, recently in Hopewell, New Jersey.  Our son is in fifth grade, loves skateboarding, sports and playing electric guitar. We have a huge Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Bear who guards our house with an iron paw.

Susan Appelbaum March 2, 2002
Hi fellow classmates. After graduation, I married in 1983, and moved to St.Louis, were my husband started to work for Footlocker. We were transfered a couple of times before ending up in Cape Girardeau, Mo. I worked in a couple of flower shops as a designer until I moved to Cape, there I starting managing a flower shop. After almost ten years of marriage, I divorced, and remarried in 1994. My husband, Doug, and I have been married almost eight years, and we have two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Jamie. Doug was born and raised in a small town about twenty miles from Cape Girardeau. The population of out town of New Hamburg is about 245 people. The town was founded by about twenty families that migrated here from Germany. It's great to live in a town that is so small, and your kids walk up the street to school. I've worked in flower shops most of my life since high school, and still playing a mean game of volleyball when I can. My husband is also an avid volleyball player, and it helps to be 6'4. I can't wait to come back to Columbia for the reunion, and see the town. I hope to hear from any fellow classmates in the future. 
Sam Barbee February 15, 2001

married monica kalaf '83
lobbyist in jefferson city, 3 boys:  charles (chas) walker 6-20-94; joseph conrad 9-20-96 and jackson elias 4-5-2000.
Terry Baumann August 29, 2005

Hey, Hope all of you are doing great. I've been in the Army basically since we graduated. I love my job, (Airborne Ranger) and love being in the military. I've had the responsibility of leading soldiers in combat 3 times, Iraq twice and Afghanistan, I wish all my soldiers could have returned home but that wasn't meant to be. I currently live in Georgia and serve as a first sergeant at the mountain phase of ranger school. I'm married and have 3 children who have traveled all over the world. I love to parachute and enjoy teaching mountaineerining and rock climbing to ranger students. I wish I were more like more friends from school who seem to achieved great things in life, take care and God Bless.
Michael Bishop August 15, 2002

After graduation I attended the University of Missouri at Columbia for two years.  In 1984 I transferred to Columbia College and graduated in 1987 with a BS in Criminal Justice.  I was a Columbia Police Reserve Officer for approx. one year in 1986-87.  I then accepted my current position of Police Officer with the Olathe, Kansas PD in Aug. 1987. I married my high school sweetheart, Sheila Stalling (HHS 84)in April 1986.  We are very happily married (16 yrs.) with two sons, Drew MAR 89)and Austin (APR 95) My wife, Sheila works full-time in the office for our church, Grace United Methodist. We enjoy to jet-ski, work in our yard and spend a lot of family time.

Cathi Coffey November 15, 2013
Still living in Columbia and work in Human Resources. I am now single and have two terrific sons who are now adults and both in college! 
Earl Coffman May 9, 2002

Went into the Air Force 3 days after Graduation. Was stationed in England for 1.5 years. Left the Air Force in 84. Moved to Astoria, OR. Started Community College in 85 left college and moved to back to Columbia in 86. Lived in Columbia until moving back to Astoria in 90. Met the love of my life and moved to Portland, OR in 1997. Partner, his two kids (my stepkids) and i moved in together in 97. Started working at Portland State University in 98. Started back to college, Theatre Arts Major, in 98.  Have been doing a lot of stage work in the last 20 years. I am an Actor, Singer, Dancer and Choreographer.
Al Crego October 8, 2001

I took just about forever to finish my undergraduate career at MU. In 1989 I began a PhD program in economics at the University of Iowa but transferred to another doctoral program in natural resource economics at the University of Maryland at College Park.  I finished all the coursework and exams over four years, and when I took at job at the World Bank I really did have every *intention* of finishing my dissertation while doing research on world economic growth at the Bank, but things got too busy once I got a real job.  I worked for the Bank for about six years and occasionally I got to travel to Africa and learn about the majority of the world that lives in relative poverty, even some of the world's most extreme poverty. Many of people in Africa are wonderful despite circumstance and I miss going there. I got more than a little worn out on the headquarters work, though, so after a few years I changed fields and became a programmer for research at the National Institutes of Health. I was eventually hired out of the rewarding work at NIH by the RAND Corporation, a research oriented think tank known for cutting edge work in many sectors important to public policy, including education, health, and various aspects of national defense.

For fun I read a lot and study ancient history and theology, and I even attend seminary classes to keep me honest in some of those efforts. I joke about being on the fifteen-year plan at seminary, but I enjoy it. I also spend a lot of time with my sweetheart shelter dogs (yellow lab mixes) and play with programming of different sorts. Whenever back in Columbia, I still head to G&D Pizza for the pizza, of course, and the Texas Toast, something I wish would catch on in Washington. :)

Toni Gallian
July 30, 2009

Joe Holsinger July 12, 2002
Currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale Florida with his wife and 4 children.  Joe is Director for Merrill Lynch Greater Fort Lauderdale market after 10 years with the firm.  He entered the Securities industry in 1986 and has remained there ever since.  Kids, Fly Fishing, Wine, and occassional weightlifting  are what he does in spare time.

Jeff Johnson May 16, 2002
What's up, Pewkies?  Looking forward to seeing most of you in August.  As far as I'm concerned, I finished up school at SMS in '86, the same year I married my wife, Jill.  Since that time, we've popped out four kids: Jacob is 15, Grant is 14, Rachael is 9, and Makenze is 7.  After a few stints in corporate sales, I took an ad agency job in Springfield in 1989, which is where I still live.  From there, I worked at a small agency for five years before starting my own firm, The Team, in 1996.  We currently have 15 employees and are enjoying a great run of success with regionally-based Clients of all kinds.  When I'm not hanging out brainstorming advertising campaigns or helping Jill shuttle kids around, you'll find me on the golf course.  Take care, fellow grads.
Stacey Keely June 6, 2002

I moved to AZ the day after graduation.  Held a few jobs, lived with a boyfriend, quit the jobs, quit the boyfriend and moved back to Columbia in 1986.  Got a job, lived with a boyfriend, quit the job and quit that boyfriend too.

In 1991 my luck changed!  Got a great job at Shelter Insurance which developed into the perfect job. I get to work on several of their websites and do other graphic work for all different sorts of people/departments.  I love it!

In February of 1992, my luck got even better.  My boyfriend (Forrest) from senior year called out of the blue.  All those years, I just knew he wouldn't forget me!  Here's the sticky-sweet condensed version:  After I moved to AZ, he moved to LA.  His path took him to (not necessarily in order):  TN, NJ, TX, and lastly HI.  He happened to catch an Oprah show on lost loves and, of course, thought of me!!!  Are you retching from the sweetness yet?  It gets worse!  We phone dated for about three months -- AT&T became our best friend.  We even rented the same movie one night and watched it together -- I fell asleep -- Big time difference between MO and HI.  He moved to MO in May 1992, so was here for the last reunion.  We married on Sept. 26, 93 -- The day we'd met way back in 1982!

We live in rural Fulton.  Don't have any human children, but have 6 dogs and 5 cats -- All sizes, colors, shapes and ages.  I could go on and on about the critters, but will restrain myself.

What's so great about being a grownup?  Not worrying about what anyone thinks about me!  Because I've been blessed with a good husband, the best friends in the world and have a terrific job, everyone wants to be me!!!  And that's certainly not the way I felt at 18.

I look forward to getting together with friends from the past, the friends I see day-to-day, and I hope to make new friends too.  See you in August!

Karla Kespohl July 15, 2001
After graduation I attended MU for six years, gaining credits in three different majors, but no degree.  In 1989 I married Mike Geerlings of Vandalia, MO.  We adopted two children--Sean, now aged 8 1/2, and Krissy aged 7.  I work as a Library QAssistant II at Ellis Library at MU.  Mike is a jewelry smith at a local jewelry story.  My battle with my diabetes has been a trial, and I am now on a waiting list for a kidney/pancreas transplant.
Deb Kuntz August 11, 2002

Hi, Deb is currently retired from neonatal nursing and is a stay at home Mom.  She homeschools her twin daughters in Mexico, Missouri and loves it.  Her husband, Don, is a general manager with MFA Agri-Services in Laddonia, Vandalia, and Martinsburg.
Joyce Maier-Schaberg May 2, 2002

My family moved to Denver Colorado and begrudgingly took me along in 1981.  Even though I graduated from some high school in Colorado, my identity is closely tied to Hickman.  The opportunity to have kids came along before the opportunity to go to college.  So I was a late bloomer in the career pathway.  I got my degree in Molecular Biology in 1993 at the University of Wyoming.  I then went onto get my M.D. degree at Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  I've been active duty Navy since then stationed in San Diego, CA.  I'll be leaving active duty to finish residency training in OBGYN at the University of Nebraska June 2002.  I waited to get all my kids in school before finishing this rigorous endeavor.  My husband is a software consultant working with HR and payroll systems.  He works out of the home which is a bonus.  I love kids (obviously), exercise, sunny San Diego weather, traveling, crafty stuff and of course medicine related to women's health.  My kids are Sarah born in 1984, Kristen born in 1986, Amy born in 1988, Andrew born in 1991, Ryan born in 1994 and Rachael born in 1996.  I finally learned in physiology class what caused kids, so we ended with our baby girl Rachael!  Just kidding...

Randy Singleton September 18, 2001
After leaving High School I was in a Rock Band out of the Lake of the Ozarks for a year than entered the US Navy in 1983.  In the Navy I was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida in a Helicopter Squadron which was attached to the Aircraft Carrier "Coral Sea".  We saw action during the Libya crisis as well as competed a Mediterranean Cruise (8 months at sea) where I visited Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Sicily, and Israel.  I got off active duty in 1987, but remain in the Navy Reserves where I hold the rank of First Class Petty Officer.

When I got off of active duty I went to work for the Marriott Corporation in Orlando, Florida at the World Center Resort.  I held several positions there which included Room Service Captain, VIP Coordinator, Restaurant Supervisor, Assistent Restaurant Manager, Executive Steward, and Convention Operations Manager.  I stayed in Orlando a total of seven years than transfered with Marriott to Kentucky to Marriott's Griffin Gate Resort as a Senior Catering Service Manager for four years.  I than transfered to Detriot, Michigan to Marriott's Renaissance Center as a Senior Catering Service Manager for two years and in 2001 I transfered back to Kentucky at again Marriott's Griffin Gate Resort as Director of Catering Operations.

I married Sherene Breeling out of Omaha, Nebraska (I know, how could I marry a Cornhusker), and have been married for sixteen years now.  We have four children: Spencer 13, Taylor 10, Alexa 6, and Skylor 4.

Aaron Slaughter January 28, 2007
I joined the Marines after Hickman and went to college.  I just retired from the Marines in October 2006.  Now I live in O'Fallon IL.  I got married in 1992, and have three kids.  I've lost touch of the Kewpies that I knew in High School, but will always be proud to be a Kewpie.  I embarass my wife frequently by singing "On Sons of Hickman" to our friends. 
Sandy Smith May 17, 2002

Hi Everyone!  After graduating from high school I got involved with someone who made some very bad choices.  We had two daughters together, Amanda 16 a senior next school year, and Jessie who is about to turn 14.  After an abusive/rocky road I finally came to my senses(and thanks to Delores Greening(Sanders) got away.  I met my husband Robbie on Delores's birthday!  We got married, he adopted Amanda and Jessie and we had two more daughters, Lauren who is 11, and Kayla who is 10!  I was a stay at home Mom until they all began school, worked as a teacher's aide for a year and decided to go to college and be a teacher! (Something I had always wanted to do!)  I graduated on Mother's Day from Central Methodist College in Fayette, MO with a BS in Elementary Education.

I am very excited to begin my teaching career next school year! I truly want to make a difference in children's lives.  It's a cruel world out there and if I can make a positive difference in ONE child's life then I will feel I have truly accomplised something.  Please pray I go as God leads me!

 I don't know how many of you knew Delores Greening(Sanders)from the class of 83 but she passed away with leukemia this year not long ago.  She was truly a blessing to all she came into contact with.  If it had not been for her who knows what would have happened to me.

My husband Robbie and I stay very busy with the four girls.  They are all active in sports(softball and basketball)and my youngest two daughters are in 4H. Kayla(10) is doing a steer for the first time!!!!! Quite an experience!!!! We also are active in church (youth group) and enjoy fishing and spending time at the pool in the summer.  If you have any suggestions for fairtime showing a steer PLEASE email me!!!!! My email is rspage@undata.com or slpage_abc@hotmail.com

I hope to see you all at the reunion! 

Teresa Sontag December 9, 2001
After a disasterous first marriage and 1 child, I finally met my husband I am getting ready to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  I have a total of 4 girls and one boy, and 2 grandchildren.  Worked in accounting & secretary field for about 10 years, then finally decided that was boring and went to nursing school.  Graduated in 1998, passed my boards on first try, worked at Columbia Regional Hospital for awhile til University took it over, then went to Nursing Home Charge Nurse position.  Miss the hospital atmosphere but not the pay!  If anybody tells you a nursing home is not challenging, don't believe them.  We have to be doctor, family member and transcriptionist.  Ever tried to read a doctors handwritting?   Anyway, i am still a tomboy. Started garden tractor pulling 3 years ago with my husband Butch, and now my son and 2 of my daughters pull.  I am also the announcer for our association and announce Spring Nationals for Missouri.  Anyone that remembers me knows!
 I always had a big mouth.  Stayed here in Columbia after graduating nursing school, and miss the small towns we lived in.  My husband works for the State Hwy Shed here in Columbia.  My kids are:  Nicki-20, Tiffany-14, Trey-11, Leanne-6, Leah-1;  Grandchildren are Anthony-18m, and Kirsten-6m.  Miss everyone from high school.  you can email me at:  pink_panther65202@yahoo.com   Teresa
Devesh Srivastava - June 12, 2002

Since the last reunion, 10 years ago, I completed work on my Ph.D. in Houston, spent 6 months at UCLA as part of my dissertation work, completed a 3 year post-doctoral fellowship at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins, worked for a few years at the Patent Office and am currently enrolled in law school and work as a Student Associate at an Intellectual Property Law firm in Washington, DC. On the personal side, I was married in 1997, and my wife, Arunima, and I have two wonderful boys, Deven (age 3 years) and Jatin (age 18 months).  I never thought I would have so many simultaneous roles and get by on even less sleep than graduate school!
Mary Szalka April 30, 2001

I married Larry Heddinghaus my first husband in June 1984 and we have a daughter together named Sarah age 15 and we were divorced in 1988. I met my second husband John Butler in 1988 right after my divorce and by Dec. of 1988 we moved to Iowa and our kids Christina age 12 and Corey age 9 were born there and also after 2 years of work received full custody of his daughter Danielle age 14. We now live in St. Louis,MO and he works as a computer programmer for the Catholic Knights Of America and I work part-time for a cleaning company deomonstrating their products and also part-time at a local bakery.
Linda Trickey May 30, 2002

After I graduated from Hickman, I went to Mizzou and then on to law school at SMU in Dallas, TX.  I practiced law in Dallas for three years, then moved to the Los Angeles area to see if a long distance relationship I was in would work out.  (It didn't, and thank goodness.)  I met my husband, Allen (also a Mizzou grad)in California at a Mizzou alumni party. We were both at Mizzou at the same time, including the same formal dance in 1985, but never met until California.  We got married in Columbia in 1995 (we have a great photo in front of the Mizzou columns) and moved to Atlanta so I could accept a position with GTE Wireless.  My husband does marketing with Fluor Daniel.  We have one daughter, Emma (almost 3), and are expecting another daughter in June 2002.  I wonder if I am the only Class of 1982 grad still having kids! I am in-house counsel with General Electric (Power Systems) here in Atlanta and looking forward to maternity leave this summer. See you in August! ...
Warren Turner February 13, 2003

After Graduating, I bummed around for a couple of years trying to figure out the meaning of life. Then I decided to see a little bit of the world and joined the USMC. The USMC not necessarily being the best choice I could have made, but it did get me out in the world a bit. I met my wife of 10 years overseas and picked up a interest in computers while shoveling paperwork for the military. After I was Honorably discharged out of the USMC in Yuma, AZ, I drove up to Phoenix and received my degree from DeVry in CIS. I have been currently working for a company call Pegasus in Phoenix, AZ for the last 10 years. No kids, 2 cats and can't wait until retirement.
Gary Vaught September 24, 2007

I went to MU for two semesters, learned that I wasn't a scholar, yet.
I went into the Air Force for 9 months.  It took 4 months to find out my
"natural limberness" was actually hypermobile joints - a condition which
made me unfit for world-wide service.  I spent the other 5 months trying
to fight the discharge (waste of time, but I had nothing better
Stayed in San Antonio until '88.  Got married, had a son (Christopher).
I'll tell ya more if ya want to know.
Moved to Independence in '88 and Columbia in '89.  Got divorced.  Sigh.
Moved back to KC area in '92 and began pursuing my BSEET - which I
achieved in just under 3 years.
Married Linn Brown (high-school sweetheart) on 9/11/93.
We moved around a bit.  Despite the wonderful economy, and the big tech
boom, seems the companies kept laying people off and locking the doors.
In 2000, we moved back to Columbia (after 3 layoffs in 5 years) and
decided to do whatever it took to be close to family.
August, 2002, we had Jessie and Cassie.
Here it is, over a month after our 25th reunion and I'm still in
Columbia.  Sort of.
I work for MOREnet, an organization affiliated with UM.  I have been
programming there just over 2 years.
I am very active in our church (who'd a thunk it?) and hunting.
Hopefully, I'll be visiting the Baumann's before the year is out for
some Georgia mountain hunts.
Steve Veros March 17, 2008

in columbia and tampa bay area, work with a marketing company there, travel alot. life is great. have three wonderful kids. they are bruins. OUCH. if i know u email me. not really prompt with the email thing but i will try. hope everyone is well. talk to you soon,

Martha Watkins August 6, 2002
I graduated from MU in 1986 and have continued to work and live in Columbia. I have worked for the MU News Bureau, the Missouri Association of Realtors and the University of Missouri System in public relations -- media relations, publications editor and writer. I currenty work as outreach coordinator for WaterPartners International, a non-profit based in Columbia that helps communities in developing countries build safe water systems. I'm married to Bob Brendel and we have three kids, Bo (9), Cole (7), and Rose (2). We live on the same street I did when I was in high school -- three doors from where my mother still lives. Although I often envy the experiences of friends who have moved around, I have been happy in Columbia. The last twenty years have gone by so fast -- I'm looking forward to the reunion and taking a look at old memories from this perspective.



Class of 1982
20 Year Reunion
August 9 & 10, 2002
The schedule was:
Friday August 9th
  8:00 a.m. Golfing (A.L. Gustin)***
        8:00 p.m. -??? Harpo’s***
Saturday August 10th
  11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Picnic (Burford Shelter, Cosmo Park)
        7:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m. Party (Holiday Inn Executive Center)



It was almost 1:00 AM but a few Kewpies & Bruins
hung on for the last few songs.
It appeared from my vantage point behind the controls of my Dell laptop
that a good time was had by all!