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Charley Blackmore, '98
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Was June 24 & 25, 2011

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Matt Ballew - Email removed 2009-02-28
Adam Barbee - Email removed 2004-01-13
Adam Bonderson - Email removed 2011-01-24
Jennifer Brown - Email removed 2003-10-14
Phil Burns - Email removed 2006-02-23
Ally Burton - Email removed 2019-04-21
Cathey Caruthers - Email removed 2013-01-01 - BIO
Becky Chapman - Email removed 2008-03-09 - certified dental assistant
James Clark - 2004-04-07
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Brian Cornelius - Email removed 2003-09-29
Jose Da Silva - 2006-11-03
Leslie Datel - Email removed 2005-09-14
Heather Davis - 2010-03-23
Sara Douglas - Email removed 2006-02-23 - University of Missouri-Kansas City - pharmacist & professor
Bill Ellis - 2002-05-08 - University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law - Attorney
Justin Foley - 2003-11-07
Mike Forbis - Email removed 2006-02-23
Mark Foley - 2008-08-08
Tony Gadbois - 2004-10-124
Aboma Galatta - Email removed 2011-02-21
Brandi Geel - Email removed 2006-02-23
Shandra Gray - 2002-04-19
Scott Griffith - BIO - Email withheld 2003-08-27 - UCLA - Ph.D. Biochemistry
James Guffey - Email removed 2006-02-23
John Guptill - 2002-04-19
Rebecca Hague - Email removed 2008-03-09 - Moberly Area Community College - AAS Computer Information
                                                            Systems - Network and System Administrator Little Dixie Regional Libraries
Robert Heckathorn - 2008-05-29
Ben Henick - See Class of 1992
Michael Holm - 2007-08-06
Sarah Holste - BIO - 2006-07-03
Jori Houmes - Email removed 2008-03-09 - Augustana College - BA in Psychology
Rob Ingram - 2008-04-12
Skip Isaacson - 2008-12-10
Chris Johnson
Cindy Johnson - Email removed 2008-03-09
Jennifer Johnson - BIO - Email removed 2007-12-29
Wendy Lane - 2005-08-24
Chris Larson - Email removed 2004-04-28
Jason Lee - BIO - 2002-04-22 - Un of MO-Columbia - BA Computer Science - Systems Analyst  at MU
Kimberly Lindner - Email removed 2002-04-28
Thomas Lockwood - 2005-10-28
Tonya Mauller - BIO  - Email removed 2004-04-28 - Col Pub Schools Practical Nursing Program - L.P.N. / Singer
Jill McCormick - Email removed 2003-01-12
Gina McGeachy - Email removed 2006-02-23
Marci Mitchell - Email removed 2006-02-23
Cale Mithcell - Email removed 2006-02-23
Kim Murray- 2008-07-31
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Melissa Nickell - 2009-07-16
Martin Peters - BIO - 2002-03-05
Amy Schlichting - Email removed 2008-03-09
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Susan Sharp - Email removed 2000-11-07
Laura Singleton - 2006-02-25
James Morrow Smith - 2008-03-08 (Bruin)
John Smith - 2005-12-27
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Randy Taylor - 2009-08-25
Trina Teacutter
Amanda Terrell - Email removed 2007-08-29
Vu Tran - BIO- 2008-03-09
Meghan Turner - 2005-08-10
Trent Warren - BIO - 2003-06-21 - Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville - Double Major: Poli-Sci,
                                                                                                            Sociology; Information Technology
Glenda Weber - 2003-12-31
Aaron Wildt - 2008-03-19
Zachary Willenberg - 2007-10-23 - University of Missouri - B.S., Ball State University -M.S. - Quality Assurance
Amy Woods - 2004-12-22

Cathey Caruthers May 13, 2001
Graduated in 1991.  Stephens College after that, graduated in 1995 with a degree in education.  I got married in 1998.  We now live in Columbia with our 2 dogs and three cats.
Scott Griffith August 27, 2003

Kristin and I married after we graduated from MU.  Twenty of my relatives joined my grandparents to have the only family float ever to participate in the MU homecoming parade. We motorcycled the American west, southern Europe (from Athens, Greece to Lisbon, Portugal) and central and south America (from Los Angeles to Lima, Peru).  We attended UCLA for our PhDs and now live in San Diego.  We enjoy surfing.  We return to Columbia regularly to visit family.
Sarah Holste August 2, 2002

After graduating from Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) in 1995, I came to Madison to attend medical schoool at the University of Wisconsin.  I graduated in 1999 and am currently completing an otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) residency at UW.  My husband Jonathan and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in April.
Jennifer Johnson March 22, 2005

After graduation I attended MU for a while, I managed to get good grades aside from partying way too much so I decided to move and finish my last two years at Drury in Springberg (Bachlers in Studio Art and Chemistry - wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do).  Then off to Cameroon W. Africa for a Peace Corps stent-aside from the Malaria and constant diarrhea it was an awesome experience!! Came back home (to the US) and lived with my mom in Iowa (BURRRR) that lasted for about 2 months.  Decided I would move out to Virginia Beach, VA and eventually became a zookeeper!  Yes, I scooped poop for a living and LOVED it!!  I then picked up my husband after 7 shots of tequilla (maybe 8...liquid courage).  He woundered why I was so smiley.  Since he was in the Navy, gotta love those uniforms!!, we moved to Croton, Michigan.  Croton was a town of very few people but had 3 bars, library/firestation, mini-mart and two gas stations.  It was an intresting place to live but WAY TO COLD! While there decided that I should get yet another degree, this time in nursing (still scooping poop).  Worked as a NICU nurse and loved working with those little wipper snappers!  But I decided that I need to yet get into more debt and moved to Springfield, Missouri to get another degree.  This time I smarted up a little and decided to get an advanced degree, I moved onto the MASTER'S LEVEL.  However, while going through the school, I decided that I didn't become a master of anything...not even to my dogs who continously wounder the neighborhood despite my efforts to attach them permantely to my homestead.  Or my two beautiful girls who run our household.  Sooooo I am now a proud owner of a Master's in Anesthesia as well as have a certification as an anesthesia provider...so if this bio hasn't put you to sleep I actually really can certifiably put you to sleep.  So for whatever reason you want to be in Springfield, Missouri give me a ring....I'd love to catch up.  However, better make it quick...I probably will get the urge to move again.......
Jason Lee April 22, 2002

Never left Columbia and pretty much happy that I didn't.
Tonya Mauller January 29, 2003

I have been enjoying life after High School.  I am a L.P.N. I am not currently practicing.  I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.  I am married to Arron Pauley.  Arron has an Electronics Engineering Degree and works for 3M.  We reside in Columbia Missouri.  We have two children Jacob is eleven and Abby is five.  I have had a wonderful time with my singing.  I have sung in Washington D.C. for a Veterans Memorial Service.  The Memorial Service is called Tomb Trek.  It is held in the ampatheater behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.  I have sung for three years for this event and I am invited back again.  I am a VFW Ladies Auxiliary member and am currently their President.  I am involved with my children’s education.  I am a room Mom and PTA member.  I also sing for Weddings, Banquets, Air Shows, funerals, Church, and anything else that comes up.  My goal is to go back to school and get my R.N.  Once I do that I would like to be an OB-GYN Nurse or maybe a School Nurse.  I still want to be very involved in my children’s education.  My family comes first.  I am very proud to be a graduate of Hickman.  I had wonderful teachers and role models that have influenced my life.

Martin Peters September 30, 2007
Graduated from MU in 1995 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and immediately started graduate school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI.  After 5 years and 9 months I finished my PhD in Biomedical Engineering and got married.  We moved to Chicago where I started working as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group.  We enjoyed Chicago but after 4 years I became tired of the consulting life and we moved back to Ann Arbor where we had our first child (Rohan) in 2005 and I now work as the head of Strategic Marketing for a small biotech company.  I still make it down to Columbia about 4 times per year and overall life is good.
Tracey Stone April 15, 2002

I am married to Robert Koelling, Jr and we have 2 children, Trevor and Taylor.  I live in Jefferson City, MO. I work part time but enjoy being a full time mother and wife.  We enjoy going camping ALOT and doing alot of outdoor activities.  I am very involved with my children and their activities.  Fellow classmates and friends can E-mail me at TheKoellings@aol.com to update me on your lives.  I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

Vu Tran October 30, 2001
Well, after graduating at HHS, I went to Mizzou, joined a frat and let my grades slide to almost get kicked out of school.  I then did nothing but party and sponge off of my parents for a few more years.  I then decided to listen to my sister and move down to Arlington, TX in the summer of '94 to get away from things, clear my head, and get a new fresh start.
Upon arrival to the Lone Star state, I worked as a delivery driver for Incredible Universe; installing appliances for one year in wait to aquire in state residency in order to go back to school.  I then got a job at National Semiconductor (manufacturing integrated circuits) in '95.  I worked full time and went to the University of TX @ Arlington and graduated with my degree in Electrical Engineering and still work for the same company as a process engineer.
I later married and had 2 beautiful twins (a boy and a girl).  Their names are Brandon Quang Tran and Lauren Mai Tran.  To this day, I have become a Rangers (baseball) and a Stars (hockey) fan.  I still hate the Dallas Cowboys.  Go Rams and Chiefs!!!!!
Trent Warren June 3, 2005

Moved to Los Angeles!!! DJing my heart out...

I got my start as a DJ while I was in high school by making “pause button” mixtapes. It was natural for me to progress into turntables when I got the chance to DJ at the University of Missouri for the residence hall’s radio station. I worked the graveyard shift during the week, manning the decks from 12am-4am and eventually rose to the title of Hip-Hop Music Director.

    I used my growing skills to land a position as one of the DJs at The Blue Note and mixed for the weekly “Hump Night” while also spinning between Hip-Hop concerts acts. As often as possible, I would DJ parties for fraternities and “after-sets”. I branched out to do the occasional private party or wedding event.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have begun working with A Vision Productions as an event DJ and spin private parties and events when booked. I am working full-time as a global technical support agent in a biometric security firm and also started my own mobile DJ business. My wife [yes, I got married!!!] has her own hand-made greeting card business. Life is looking good- especially since I don't have to suffer through mid-western weather anymore!