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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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20th Reunion - Was Aug 21 & 22, 2013
The 10th Reunion was July 25, 26 & 27, 2003
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Kim Andert - 2013-06-04
Cleveland Adams, deceased (2013-04-01)

Mary Barabtarlo - 2002-06-25 - University of Missouri-Columbia - English
Meghan Boltz -  2002-12-06 - Un of Georgia - BS Pharmacy--Pharmacist
Kristen Borcherding
Matt Bradley - 2002-07-19
Emily Brown - Email removed 2004-03-10 - Univ of S Florida - B.S. in Special Education /  ESE teacher
Heather Brown - 2006-04-07
Trevor Bulgin
Frank Burnam - Email removed 2009-03-01
Elizabeth Clevenger - Email removed 2019-04-21
Michelle Coleman - Email removed 2009-03-01
Crystee Cooper - Email removed 2019-04-21
Matthew Craig - 2007-06-26
Matthew Cronin - Email removed 2009-03-01 - Univ of Missouri--Columbia, B.A; Univ of Iowa, J.D. - attorney
Tina Daughenbaugh - 2013-12-24
Anna Duff - 2003-01-01 - Massage Therapy Training Instiute - Reiki Master - Teacher,

                                          Reflexologist and Flower Essence Therapy consultant
Lynn Dustin - 2002-04-10
Tawana Edwards - Email removed 2009-03-01
Kathy Furlong - 2008-05-29
Nicki Gray - 2003-03-03 - Univ of MO-Columbia, School of Nursing - Bachelors of Science in Nursing-RN
Naomi Greenstone - Email removed 2009-03-01
Eric Grev - BIO - 2006-10-30
Marlin Guest - BIO - Email removed 2018-11-20
Scott Husted
Shannon Hutchison - 2008-04-15
Brian Jenne - 2002-04-05
Amy Keller - Email removed 2004-04-07 - Univ of MO-Columbia - Bachelor's of Journalism; beauty editor
Aaron Kirk - BIO - Email removed 2009-08-29 - B.A., Univ. of Missouri, J.D., Northwestern U. School of Law - Attorney
Dee Lamphear - BIO
Julianne Laws - 2005-07-14
Christina Lindsey - Email removed 2007-01-11
Ben Mahloch - 2002-09-07 - Missouri Western - Operation Manager with KMart
Stephanie Mazurka - 2007-08-24 - Columbia College, University of Notre Dame - Consultant, CPA
Amy McAllister - 2003-03-31 - University of Missouri-Columbia, St. Louis - Agriculture, Social Work
Allison McCormick - Email removed 2009-03-02
Lesley Meier - Email removed 2013-05-25
Jackie Miller - Email removed 2009-03-01
Daral Millich - Email removed 2019-04-21
Eric Moegling - BIO - 2002-10-30
Melanie Mohatt - 2002-07-17
Matt Moore - 2009-11-20
Michelle Mueller - 2002-06-28
Andrea Myers - 2003-05-09
Brian Nevins - Email removed 2004-02-27 - University of Missouri - Mechanical Engineering
Tim Peters - 2005-06-23
Erica Powers - 2002-06-07
Travis Rule - 2003-04-12
Jeff Runyan - Email removed 2009-03-01
Brandy Sapp - 2009-01-24
Kelly Schweikert - 2002-10-16
Kathaleen Scott - 2004-10-03 - University of Missouri - Geography/Geographic Information System
Darron Sheets - Email removed 2018-11-20
Allan Shotts - BIO - 2003-08-25 - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - BS in Electronics Management,
                                                                                                             now working on a BS in Computer Science
Shayla Sommers - Email removed 2009-03-01
Rebecca Stauffer - 2003-08-07 - Univ of MO-Columbia - BES in Special Education, Social Work & Psychology
Corey Strawn - 2002-08-17
David Townsend - Email removed 2011-11-07 - Drury University and MU-Law School - Attorney
Michael Kevin Turner
Lisa Vaughn - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01 - Southwest Missouri State University - Agronomy (Soil Science)
Rebecca Wagster - Email removed 2011-0124 - University of Missouri - Attorney
Jennifer Walkenbach - 2003-05-15 - University of Missouri, BS Ed Elementary Education, Clemson University,
                                                                                              M Ed Reading Education - 3rd grade classroom teacher
Alneka Warren - 2006-01-10
Regan Washington - Email removed 2009-04-13
Tara Wesley - BIO - Email removed 2006-08-24
Tina West - BIO - Email removed 2003-09-21 - Central MO State Univ - High School Business Teacher
Brayden Whitney - 2008-03-02
Thomas Williams - BIO - Email removed 2003-07-01 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Music Education
Shawn Wilmsmeyer - 2005-10-17
Patrick Wroge - Email removed 2009-03-01
Kelly Yates - 2012-09-08
Dalanda Young - Email removed 2001-01-11

Eric Grev April 8, 2007
Those who know me will know I can not “blow my own horn” so this will be a challenge!!

After Graduation, I entered the United States Navy and quickly departed for San Diego, California for 6 weeks of Boot Camp. There I was “beaten”, “cycled”, and made to PT so many times a day I lost count. During week 5, I had the splendid opportunity to work in the mess hall (Naval Term: Messdecks) where I washed dishes all day in the steam rack / scullery. Graduation could not come soon enough! The day was hot and the wind was not present. The guy in front of me collapsed from the heat. I was only allowed to keep him from bouncing on the ground before returning to attention. The medics quickly came and took him away. My parents thought it was me that “fell out”.

After Bootcamp graduation was Navy Enlisted “A” and “C” Schools. These schools are where a Sailor receives his/her initial training on the equipment used on the ship and to receive a technical rating. My Rating is IC. AKA: Interior Communications Technician. I was trained on Navigation Equipment (Gyroscopes, magnetic Compass, GPS, Plotting Boards) Satellite Communication systems (Voice and Data), Onboard the ship Phone Systems both wired and wireless, Closed Circuit Video Monitoring Systems including Flight deck monitoring and regular television/VCR systems. In Short, I was trained to be the Cable Guy with a background in DirecTV!

My first Ship was USS Paul Hamilton DDG-60 stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii! Since I was part of ship’s Company while it was under construction, I am called a “Plank Owner”. A special title that signifies all of the hard work it takes to build and test a United States Ship (USS) for Service in the US Navy. That was the BEST 3 years I have EVER spent!! I would like to return to Hawaii but the cost of living is too much for my current budget so I will have to dream about it until I win the lottery! During this sea tour, I participated in one deployment to the Persian Gulf with stops in Guam, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and several other Countries!

The Second Ship was USS Decatur DDG-73 stationed in San Diego, California!! I am also a Plank Owner with this ship! During this sea tour, I visited the Persian Gulf again but this time it was during the first gulf war and we launched several Missiles at targets deep inside Iraq! We also had a set of 5 Iranian gun boats make a move towards the Carrier USS John C. Stennis CVN -74. We came up to 38 knots (about 45MPH with 9,800 tons of butt kicking steel!!) and positioned ourselves in between the Carrier and the gun boats. Armed to the teeth and having all 9 Portside barrels pointed at the gun boats, they soon departed. The Ship has a total of 18 topside gun mounts. Nine down each side featuring 5 inch LWG (Light-Weight Gun), 50Cal, Mk40 chain gun, 25mm chain gun and CIWS (Close In Weapons System). That is a lot of fire power that would erase the gun boats from the face of the earth quickly and easily!

I finally received orders for shore duty in San Diego, California at SIMA (Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity) where I was the lead supervisor on the overhaul and repair of the Rapid Securing Devise (RSD) This piece of equipment is used like a winch to pull the helicopter down to the deck of the ship in ruff weather. It also allows towing of the helicopter from the hanger to the flight deck without motoring of the helicopter’s engines.

My next duty station was Norfolk, Virginia at the World’s largest Naval Base. A very True Statement! I had the not so good pleasure of being ship’s company on USS Porter DDG-78. By far the worst command I have ever been attached to. For 3 miserable years, I made my way around the ship repairing equipment and leading a group of 8 in the daily hell of life onboard a crappy command. We did what we could to keep up our spirits. After several months and many meetings later the ship finally decided to install DirecTV system onboard to help improve the moral of the crew. That was good for most but since IC’s work on it, we had to install it! For three weeks we worked 12 and 14 hour days running about 16,000 feet of cables and installing equipment topside and in multiple spaces inside the ship. When it was complete the ship had over 300 channels of entertainment including special events like boxing and racing via Pay-Per-View. My shipmate Bryan and I gathered up all of the research and documentation of the system and placed it on a CD for others to use as a reference in installing their own DirecTV system.

Currently I am back in San Diego, California working at Naval Base Coronado directly for the Commanding Officer as his Material and Supply Officer. I also head up the Audio / Visual and Information Technology Shop that oversees the AV and Computer equipment on 7 bases in the Southern California area. This is the next BEST place I have had the pleasure to work at. I have a shop full of upbeat workers that make me have a difficult time keeping them tasked daily as the tasks are completed quickly and effectively!!!

I will be retiring from the Canoe Club (US Navy) in 5 more years and will be looking for a real job! With my documented skills in communication systems, I should have an easy time landing a good job!

I hope you enjoyed reading my bio thing. It took me four days to write it and I know I left out a lot of info! If you want to know more about me, please drop me a line either via email or by phone. If you are in the Southern California Area, I beg that you look me up and I will gladly take you and your party/family/friends to dinner!!!*
eric grev
757-613-2917 cell

Marlin Guest May 30, 2002
Life moved fast after HHS.  After a few years of nowhere jobs I moved down to Austin, TX and started working at DELL as an Internal IT staff.  After some hard knocks there I moved back to Columbia (the black hole that is the mid-MO) and started working for the public schools in IMS doing more computer tech stuff.  For the last three years I have been working at the University of Missouri doing much the same thing.  I got married to a lovely and patient woman a little over a year ago.  We now have a beautiful daughter who is by her perspective the center of the universe and we have not done much to convince her otherwise :)  Every day is an adventure with her and I would not trade it for anything. 
Aaron Kirk June 27, 2002

I am working as an attorney at the Chicago office of Latham & Watkins.
Dee Lamphear May 25, 2001

I am a teacher in New York City.  I teach at York Preparatory School on the upper West Side teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Life Science. 
Eric Moegling April 20, 2003

Wow, 10 years...spooky! After almost 10 years of suffering, learning, and living... I now own OPeCKiE Productions Artist Development in Tallahassee, Fl. After spending the last year promoting several shows at the now legendary "Floyd's Music Store" (some record breaking)and helping many small unknown bands gain a huge following, and in many cases get signed to major labels (Creed, Socialburn, New Address, Big Dismal, Presence, Standstill, Disturbed, From Zero, Lost Hopes, Goodbye Love, and MANY more); I've given up the headaches that come with promoting to persue my dream as a songwriter/producer. With 4 recording projects currently underway, 2 more in the coming months, and a gig managing a rock band...it looks like things will stay busy. Feel free to E-mail me, and let know how life's treating you! I'll try to respond as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I don't get up to Columbia much, hopefully I can make it to the Reunion this summer to see some old faces, and!  share some great stories.
Allan Shotts August 25, 2003

10 years, Wow how time flies.  Since Graduation I have been through several jobs, schools and states.  Now living in Carterville, IL while working on a Computer Science degree at SIUC, and working for several small companies setting up and maintaining computers; mainly a small computer manufacturer building and testing Single Board Computers, but still looking for a place to land.  I went through the dotcom ride (jumping in to watch it go bust).  I watched the company I started with go from 10 people to 50, and then back down to 11; but we are still open and starting to pick back up.?  Maybe.  I am currently looking for a steady stable job, (one where the paychecks don’t bounce)
Lisa Vaughn October 7, 2002

Since graduating I have had many trials and errors. More errors than trials.  I stayed in Columbia and worked until 1995 when I moved to the Lake of the Ozarks.  While working there I met my husband with whom I have been together with for six years now.  I have a beautiful daughter,Kelsey, who is 5 now.  I studied at SMSU and received a BS in Agronomy.  After being at the lake for 7 years, I now live in Holts Summit and work for the Department of Natural Resources.
Tara Wesley October 6, 2005

I only attended HHS for a short 3 months, due to an unexpected pregnancy. I unfortunatly thought that I should drop out and start working. My life has been much of that ALOT OF WORKING!!! I have stayed in Columbia and WOW how it has grown!! I never attended college even though I have wanted to. I have bounced around from job to job trying to get by on the little education that I have. I currently am a Manager at Sonic, its funny because that is where I worked when I attended HHS, and I enjoy it. I have two daughters, Kaitlyn 13 and Meagan 5, who both attend Columbia Public Schools. In a two years my oldest will be in high school, that is a scary thought for me!! I enjoy watching my favorite primetime shows on tv, watching movies, hiking at Devils Ice Box, and hanging out with my girls!!

Tina West July 2, 2002
Currently, I am teaching Business at Fulton High School.  Because of the free summers, I have been able to do a lot of traveling.
Thomas Williams
July 1, 2003
There is no freakin' way it's been 10 years!  Whoa!!!  After graduating I went on to study Music Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and completed my core cirriculum, (i.e. my Music requirements without any General Ed classes except for Psych, History, English and a few others) then went on to the professional musician life of touring around and recording with Del Alma, The Psychodaddies, and several other bands that sold several thousand albums. I served as Adjunct Professor of Guitar at the University of Missouri from 1996-1998, but found that though the title was nice, the pay wasn't.  In 1998 I played on the second stage at Horde Fest, along with the likes of Government Mule, Barenaked Ladies, Paula Cole, and lots of others.  Since 1998 Del Alma, The Psychodaddies(all Hickman alumns!), and the newest band "Soulstace" have been pretty much center stage, taking us from San Francisco to Washington D.C., and quite afew places in between.  Currently, ! I have 2 studios teaching guitar to a roster of 40-50 students of all styles and ages.  Drop me an e-mail if you read this!  I'd love to hear from y'all!

Hey Kewpies!  We had our TEN year reunion
July 25th, 26th, and 27th
Get Your 10 Year Reunion Memory Book

Friday July 25th 7pm to close:
Join your Kewpie classmates and the Bruins class of 1993 at HARPO'S for drinks and good times. You only have to pay for what you drink or eat.
Saturday July 26th 12pm till 2pm:
Pack your own lunch and meet us and Rockbridge class of 1993 grads at the Bethel Park Pavillian. Sand volleyball, tennis, and other games, playground equipment, and fun in the sun.

Afterwards, enjoy a tour of Hickman High and see how the school has changed (or not) since we graduated 10 years ago.

Fun for the entire family!

Saturday, July 26th 7pm till 11pm:

Cocktail Party at the University of Missouri Alumni Center. This event is for adults only and will cost $40 per person .** There will be a DJ there to spin all you old favorites, a dance floor, a memory book to take home as a keepsake, videos, appetizers, beer, wine, and soda will be provided. Wanna hear a song that was special to you in high school??? Just let us know when you send us your registration and we'll be sure to play it!!

Sunday, July 27th 10am--???:

Golf outing at A.L. Gustin. Pay when you play: 18 holes w/ golf cart is $39 per person or 9 holes w/ cart is $33.50 per person. We need to set up your tee time so tell us if you want to play no later than June 1, 2003. FYI: please be advised that you will not be permitted to bring your own food or drink onto the course.

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