The Louisiana High School Bulldogs


Sketches by Lee Roy Sevier
from the 1963 Alamo
for comments or infomrmation or
Charley by phone: 573-442-1873 (9am-midnight)


Gerry Green Carolyn Kritz Janet Robbins Patricia Stewart Aaron Hemphill
Bill Bass Bart Griffith Bill Leverington Jerry Robinson Jan Thomas Ellen Morrow
Jerry Blackwell Carol Griffith Dick Marcellus Colleen Rose Donald Turner Margaret Shaper
Ilah Bolton Mike Griffith Karen Millner Lee Roy Sevier Catherine Ward Lewis Taylor
Bob Campbell Margaret Henderson Margaret Mosley Bill Sheppard
Harold Webb
Suanne Collier John Herren Patsy Painter Bob Shields Betty Artus James Woolcott
Randy DeVerger Loydd Hunt Virginia Patrick Jean Ann Shields Sarah Branstetter
Karl Dewey Marilyn Johns Helen Perkins Bette Smith Richard Coxey
Lloyd England Kirk Klemme Diane Price Mary Smith William Cunningham
Leota Francis Marilyn Knaus Gary Roan Vickie Stephens Lula Griffith

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