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Bill Ellzey, Class of 1963 is September 2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
Jim Bryan, Class of 1963 is August 2001 "Kewpie of th Month"
Etta May Graves, Class of 1928 is July 2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
*Linda Sublett, Class of 1967 is June 2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
Rob Blackmore, Class of 1986 is May 2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
Carl Meadows, Class of 1963 is April 2001 "Kewpie of the Month" - YouTube
Sam Walton, Class of 1936 is March 2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
Dale Bittle, Class of 1963 is February 2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
Judd McIlvain, Class of 1960 is Dec/Jan 2000/2001 "Kewpie of the Month"
Katie Keith Hanley, Class of 1961 is Oct/Nov 2000 "Kewpie of the Month"
David Neenan, Class of 1960 is Aug/Sept 2000 "Kewpie of the Month"
*Jake Whitesides, Class of 2000 is June/July 2000 "Kewpie of the Month"
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*****Deborah Burks Smith, Class of 1969 - "Kewpie of all time"*****
*Bob LeMone, Class of 1961 is March 2000 "Kewpie of the Month"
*Ethel Lloyd Harris, Class of 1929 is February 2000 "Kewpie of the Month"
*Steve Simon, Class of 1961, New ExxonMobil VP, *update 2006-02-08 Board of Directors
*Tom Hourigan, Class of 1965 "On Track"
*Hickman coach had unequaled success in three sports

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Jane Froman, 1924 Kewpie


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From Betty Pearson, Class of 1952

I went to Hickman my sophomore year only and had a great time.  I recently renewed contact with Kirkie Bragg of the class of '51 through "classmates".
Here is a good story.  I was attending a women's church group meeting in Augusta, Georgia in 1962, where I also happened to finish high school but had been away for 10 years.
I saw the husband's picture on an end table and commented to his wife that I could remember him from high school. She said "that's funny because he didn't go to high school here.  He went to Hickman High School in Columbia Missouri."  What a coincidence......


Dale Bittle

After graduating from Hickman High School in 1963 Dale entered the United States Navy and reported to the US Naval Training Center in San Diego, California.  Upon completing training Dale was stationed aboard the USS CABILDO LSD-16 where he served as a Radarman.  During his navy service Dale served three West-Pac tours in Vietnam and was discharged from the Navy in 1966.

Shortly after returning to Columbia Dale moved to Springfield, Missouri where he started school at Southwest Missouri State University.  In July of 1967 Dale married the former Maureen Talty of Springfield.  In September of 1968 Dale begin, what turned out to be, a 28+ year career of service with the Springfield Missouri Fire Department.  Along the way Dale managed to graduate from Drury College in Springfield, Missouri with a degree in Fire Science.  Dale retired from the Springfield Fire Department in January of 1997 as the Assistant Fire Chief.

Dale and Maureen were blessed with three children, two daughters, Michelle and Shannon, and a son Shawn who has followed his father as a career firefighter in St. Louis Missouri Fire Department.  Dale has five grand children who are the focal point in his life and proudly strives to be the nightmare all parents fear.  He wants fear in the heart of his children when the grand kids say lets go to Pa Pa’s house.

Since retiring from the Fire Service Dale has moved from the city and into the National Forrest South of Springfield where he is an avid woodworker.  Dale also serves as the President of the USS CABILDO LSD-16 Association and is active in Christian County politics.

Rob Blackmore, Class of 1986 coaches the "Kewp Pups" T-Ball team for the Columbia Diamond Council, sponsored by

Rob's son, Jacob (my grandson) takes the field for his first season of baseball!

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By IRENE HASKINS of the Tribune’s staff

Story ran on Thursday, May 10 2001

’Tis the season when our town is blanketed with boutonnieres and bouquets. Following the crowd, a special prom took place April 24 when the senior class of Hickman High School hosted their seventh annual Seniors for Seniors Prom held to honor the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. Forty members of the Class of 2001 joined more than 70 RSVP seasoned citizens in enjoying a meal provided by area restaurants and dancing the night away to the music of Charley Blackmore.

Some escorts wore tuxes — one even wore tails — and every "young lady" had flowers, courtesy of Hickman’s student government.

John Shepter and Kathryn Baldwin cut quite a rug, cutie Polly Dunavant and Kewpie Patrick Brooks were a big hit demonstrating swing dancing, and Brian Weaver and Tiffany McCracken entertained the group with their Salsa routine. And Julie Smith’s long red dress seemed to be a hit with all the guys. 1951 Kewpie grad Bonnie Arnold and her grandson Steve Arnold of the Class of 2001 were a couple of smoothies gliding across the floor. Keeping it in the family, Steve’s mom, Laura Arnold, is RSVP director, who coordinated the event with Hickman’s Jami Thornsberry.

In a generous gesture, Irene Minnick won a quilt as a door prize, then donated it back to be given to a family who had lost their home in a fire.  A fun evening spanning the generations.



Because I received an award I was the first girl to receive a diploma from Hickman High, the first was Lane McCullough.  We were the first Class in the new school and it was wonderful, although the first 3 years going half days and other things weren't so good.

After graduation I was employed in the President's office at MU.  Stratton D. Brooks was president, and I stayed l0 years and worked for Walter Williams and Frederick A. Middlebush, quitting for the birth of my son.  When he was three I went to Jefferson City to work for our Senator Whitworth, and later became secretary to the Lieut. Gov., Frank Harris, who died in office and I stayed on with Walter Naylor Davis.  I loved the work I did and the men I worked for, and being the only one in a beautiful office.

My second son was born in l946, and by that time my husband had established himself in business, and from that time on I worked for him.  The Central Brace Company established then is still in operation, being run by our youngest son, Jerry.  Norman has his own business in advertising and public promotion.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family and good health and recently celebrated my 90th birthday.

For Reunion Information Updates
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Class of 1963


Yo Charley,
Check out my first National Geographic magazine cover (September 2001).  I made the photograph while in Egypt teaching a photo workshop some years ago. The second image that I'm attaching, the one with the moon, was made the same night.  I double exposed the moon on the spot in an effort to come up with a photograph that was different from those of the photographers who had set up tripods to my right and left.  (I arrived at the "light and sound show" early to find a spot where the sphinx was directly lined up with the background pyramid). Because so many shooters were there I looked around wondering how to make my image different and noticed the moon rising behind us.  As inconspicuously as I could I clipped the camera off the tripod, stepped back a few paces, put on the 300mm lens, shot the moon, then returned to the 80-200 zoom and tripod and, since the pyramid and sphinx were sometimes lit one at a time, waited for them both to be lit to make the second exposure.  Voilla!  Geographic has used the moon version 4 times prior to this cover useage (book, film strip, poster, in-house mural).

Although Geographic was aware that I double exposed the moon, I think they opted not to use it as the magazine cover because a few years ago they caught flack for altering a cover image, coincidentally a pyramid photo.  They probably decided that using "straight" photographs is the only way to avoid such problems.

Anyway, it's been a dream for 30-some years to have a photograph in National Geographic Magazine.  And here it is on the cover!  Yee-haw!  Would you post this to my fellow classmates?  Thankee much.


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Class of 1963
HOME AGAIN (from the "Digital Missourian 2001-08-12)

After being away for 25 years, the Rev. Jim Bryan returns to Columbia to follow in his father's footsteps as pastor of Missouri United Methodist Church.

His white robe and golden wedding band gleam in the light flooding the stained glass windows. His deep voice echoes slightly off the sanctuary's lofty beams. His gray hair shines above the carved wooden pulpit, as he reads Scripture from Luke.

He is no longer Jim, the preteen pastor's kid who once brought a snake to church. He is the Rev. Jim Bryan, senior pastor of Missouri United Methodist Church.

Forty-four years ago, the bishop chose his father, Monk Bryan, to serve as the senior pastor of Missouri United Methodist Church on Ninth Street. Now Jim Bryan has returned to lead the members of his father's old flock and its new generations.

Jim Bryan was 12 years old when he first came to MUMC. The seasoned pastor remembers himself as a skeptical adolescent who was difficult to teach. Although he said he was not intentionally defiant, Bryan remembers constantly challenging the claims of his elders.

"I just didn't accept anything without deep and thorough challenge and question," Bryan said. If a Sunday school teacher told him the story of Noah and the ark, Bryan said he would immediately counter, "Wait a minute. You're telling me he brought two moths?" But Bryan added that his rebellion never led him into deep trouble. He avoided drugs, alcohol and other teen pitfalls, and he never left the church.

During the years his father was minister at MUMC, Bryan accumulated many fond memories of the church. He married his wife, Caryl, there in 1966, with his father officiating the ceremony. Two years later, Bryan left Columbia for the first time, when he was drafted to serve in Germany during the Vietnam War. He was gone for two years. A year after he returned, Bryan again stood with his wife and father at the altar of MUMC, this time to baptize Bryan and Caryl's son Andy.

In 1972, 16 years after he came to MUMC, Bryan said goodbye to his home church and moved to Salem to work as a health information specialist in the University of Missouri Extension Service. Four years later, Monk Bryan also left MUMC to serve as a bishop in Nebraska. It would be 25 years before Jim Bryan would return.

Last August, MUMC lost its senior pastor when the Rev. Rhymes Moncure was elected to serve as a bishop in Nebraska. In September, Bryan returned to lead his childhood church.

"This church has meant a great deal to me ever since I started here in junior high school," Bryan said, sitting at his father's old post behind the senior pastor desk. "It's a great place filled with wonderful memories."

Still, Bryan admits he was a little nervous returning to pastor in the church where he grew up. He questioned whether the people who had known him as an inquisitive adolescent would be able to accept him as an authoritative adult.

"Some of them were actually my Sunday School teachers and others were adults," Bryan said.

Sitting among the other worshipers during Bryan's first sermon as senior pastor of MUMC, Catharine Twitty, who has been attending the church since 1957 - the same year Monk Bryan came, had no trouble accepting her new pastor. After the service, she called Monk Bryan to praise his son's work.

"I said, 'I just wanted to tell you he did a great job, and everybody's glad to have him,'" Twitty remembered.

Monk Bryan was thrilled to see his son return to MUMC.

"I love that church very greatly, and I love that man very greatly, and I think it's a great team-up," he said.

Although Jim Bryan has followed his father's footsteps to MUMC, he said he has not felt pressure from his family or his church to lead like his father.

"The main thing is not the history. The main thing is to pastor this church to the 21st century," he said.

To succeed, Bryan thinks the church must be open to change and willing to talk about current controversial issues.

"There are too many churches where the teaching and programs are not keeping up with questions people are having today," Bryan said. Stem-cell research and homosexuality are two topics he said he wants to address, but he added he does not necessarily want to give set answers for the questions he raises. Instead, he hopes to present both sides of issues and let individuals decide for themselves what is right and wrong.

"I want this church to be the kind of place where issues can be talked about, explored and people are cared for - no matter their position," he said.

Leading the people who were once his mentors supplies Bryan with extra motivation for overcoming the challenges of his work.

"I feel like they're still my surrogate parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and that's just filled with grace and joy," he said. "What a privilege now - to come back and give back - because of what they did for me."

For Reunion Information Updates
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Class of 1963

Brian DeFoe, deceased (Class of 1977)

"Mother America's Parade of Heroes"
It looks like I will be transported to New York City with a piece of art that I created.  Local (Dallas) and NYC fire and Rescue workers have pleaded with me to make every effort to get this in front of as many folks as I can.  They are expecting over 50,000 firemen and police to attend the event at Madison Square Gardens on the 18th of November.  I am also working on getting it on air the night before on David Letterman.  My intent with this piece has always been to help bolster the spirit of the American people. If you feel that the Kewpies of the world would get something out of it, then you can share it via your website if you like.  The piece is featured on Digital City Dallas, it is the lead article on CompuServe's Fine Art Forum-front page and is currently on show in a Dallas gallery.  The piece is very symbolic and patriotic.

Here is a link to the web page... just click on the picture............ to your right!

Best regards,

Brian J DeFoe (1958 - 2005)
Class of 1977

Seniors for Seniors Dinner & Dance
at the Hickman High School Cafeteria
April 23, 2002

Jenna Isaacson photo

David Colborn and Maxine Thomas, right, cut a rug last night as Trent Hubbard and Luci Dannar, left, sway to the music during a "Seniors for Seniors" beach party dance last night at Hickman High School. Hickman students hold the annual dinner and dance to honor senior citizens who do community service through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

By IRENE HASKINS of the Tribune’s staff
Published Thursday, May 2, 2002
Spanning the generations, the seventh annual Seniors for Seniors Prom, a collaboration between Hickman High School student government and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, took place April 23 in the Hickman cafeteria. About 100 youngsters and oldsters alike got into the swing of the beach-party theme with plenty of bright shirts, skirts and other appropriate attire filling the room. Guests were invited to don beachwear but were told "no swimsuits allowed."

Charley Blackmore once again provided music featuring beach sounds as well as hits from the ’40s and ’50s to draw dancers to the floor to cut a rug and do the obligatory bunny hop. A special treat was a "Grease" medley performed by cast members of Hickman’s recent production of that old Broadway hit.

Had there been an award for "best old smoothie couple," it would have gone to Lucy Danner and Norman Lenhart, who really showed the kids how to trip the light fantastic. Also swinging and swaying were Kewpies Sam D’Agostino, Cale Sadowski, Rachel Coble and Trent Hubbard with their RSVP partners Betty Staats, Ruth Starman and newlyweds Howard and Mildred Bennett. Usually in the thick of things, this year Vicki Calvin enjoyed watching from the sidelines, except for a few jumps in the bunny hop. Local artists and participants Polly Dunavant and Mary Alice List donated their handiwork for door prizes, as did many businesses. The early evening affair ended at 7 p.m., in time for the seasoned seniors to get home and go to bed at their regular time, which is when, after cleaning up, the young seniors started their post-prom pizza party.

Traditionally, prom is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, but for many of these attendees it was a repeat performance — for Ralph Johnson it was the fifth. To keep the numbers manageable, only individuals who have documented 100 hours of volunteer service, along with new RSVP members, are invited. As many Hickman seniors as are interested are encouraged to participate, and every one of them said they would like to do it again. Sorry, they’ll have to wait about 40 years until they’re eligible once more.

Young or old, upcoming "seniors" had better keep those dancing shoes handy. RSVP director Laura Arnold and Hickman faculty coordinator Bill Morgan say plans are already in the works for next year’s prom.

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Presented @ my 10th apperance at the "Seniors fo Seniors Prom" in the Hickman Commons
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Class of 1963