Hickman Kewpie Wrestling Coach (1961 - 1972)

Dan Judy Day -
November 15, 2018
Pictures from Dan's Day at HHS
Team Pictures 1962 - 1970
Those Old Kewpie Wrestlers & Others Who Attended
J'den Cox, 2013 Kewpie, Olympic Champ, Special Guest
Emails for Dan from Old Wrestlers Who Couldn't Attend
My Pictures from Dan Judy Day - Marcus Wynn Pictures
How It All Came About
Regrets from those who couldn't attend
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No team pictures for 1971 and 1972 in respective Hickman Cressets

Old Wrestlers
Steve Ayers - Class of 1966
Bruce Ballard - Class of 1967
Chuck Carl - Class of 1963
Will Frost - Class of 1966
Pat Grathwohl - Class of 1969
Paul Hinshaw - Class of 1971
Peter Hinshaw - Class of 1972
Don Jaynes - Class of 1966
Charles McKibben - Class of 1966
Terry Nelson - Class of 1965
Jim Shaw - Class of 1970

"Special Guests"
J'den Cox - Class of 2013 [Olympic Champion)
Dan Judy - Kewpie Wrestling Coach (1961 - 1972)
Don Wynn - Class of 1967
Don Wynn Family - Donna Wynn, Marcus Wynn, Marilyn Wynn & Teresa Wynn-VonHoldt

Other Guests

Charley Blackmore - www.kewpie.net
JD Coffman - Hickman AD/Assistant Principal
"Mighty Kewp" - Kewpie Mascot
Dan Pieper - Hickman Wrestling Coach & (Current Kewpie Wrestling Team)

How Dan Judy Day, came about.
A surprise for Don Wynn, Class of 1967, from his daughter Teresa.

On November 6th I received and email from Teresa Wynn-Voholdt, the daughter of Don Wynn, 1967 Kewpie who wrestled at Hickman for Dan Judy back in the mid 60's. She said that with her dad having a 70th birthday coming this month she was trying to find something meaningful to for his birthday, something he would never forget! Since she had little knowledge of what her dad did while at Hickman she tracked down a 1967 Cresset (her dad's senior yearbook from Hickman) and that's how it all began.

After Teresa got the Cresset and discovered her dad had been on the Kewpie Wrestling Team, she decided to try to find his coach, Dan Judy and wondered if he was still living. She was unable to find an obituary and continued to search, finding a phone number for Dan, she called and Dan answered the phone. She explained who she was and why she called and Dan confirmed that yes he had been her dad's coach at Hickman for 1965, 1966 and 1967. After she asked, Dan explained that he would be 91 years old in March of 2019. Teresa asked if he would be willing to meet her at Hickman if she drove to Columbia from her home in Iowa. Dan said absolutely so she drove to Columbia and they met at Hickman where she met JD Coffman, Hickman Athletic Director and JD gave Teresa and Dan the grand tour. When in the wrestling room, Teresa saw trophies and plaques, saw her dad's name on one and took pictures and they notice the banner of J'den Cox and discussion began. JD tells of all of J'dens accomplishments; Hickman, MU and the Olympics and Dan explains he has never met J'den but sure would like to  meet him. OK, now the wheels are turning in Teresa's little brain.... and thinking how this could all come together, WOW, what would her dad think!

Teresa couldn't imagine that Dan and J'den had never met so she did a little more "Googling" and reached out to J'den and within 30 minutes he texts her back and says he would love to meet Coach Judy. Since J'den lives in Colorado he told Teresa he would be back in Colubmia Thursday, November 15th to spend time over Thanksgiving with family. Coach Judy agreed he was available the 15th and so Teresa thought she could now introduce Dan to J'den and surprise her dad who hadn't seen his old wrestling coach for over 53 years. JD also agreed he would be available on the 15th and it would work to meet at Hickman at 1:30 pm on Thursday, November 15th. Now, I get a call and I agreed to attend and take pictures but explained, knowing what it means to teachers/coaches to hear from there old students/athletes from the past, that I would do what I could to get as many old wrestlers as possible to attend on such short notice of only a week.

Now I had to get things rolling and fast. I put together a list of 93 Kewpies who wrestled between 1961, the year Dan came to Hickman and 1967, the year Don Wynn graduated. I contacted all of the 93 wrestlers who I could manage phone or email information for and had good luck. I left lots of messages and talked to lots of old Kewpies, which is what I do and have for the last 20 years of www.kewpie.net. Ultimately a dozen old wrestlers managed to make it in to see Dan Judy and I received email messages from another 10 which I printed out with pictures of each of the old wrestlers and presented to Dan. As it turned out, we had a November snow east of Columbia of up to 8 inches in some places, but J'den managed to drive in from St Louis and old wrestlers drove in from Bloomington, IL, Springfield, MO and St Joseph, MO..... and  I heard comments of how they would have driven further to see Coach Judy.

The school Mascot, Mighty Kewp was in attendance and JD Coffman, Hickman AD, arranged for Coach Pieper (current wrestling coach) and the wrestling team to join the party. There is no doubt that a good time was had by all. I personally extend my sincere appreciation for all those old Kewpies, who again never let me down, when I call on them to show up and make me look good by supporting me, whenever I need them!!!!!!! Also, thanks to Coach Judy, JD, Coach Pieper, the Hickman Wrestling Team, the Wynn family and "Mighty Kewp"!

Comment from Teresa Wynn-VonHoldt:
"I called you, Mr. Kewpie because I thought you should be involved. You said u would contact some former Wrestlers from 1961-1967 and you pulled it all together on that end. JD lined up current wrestlers from Hickman, the current Coach and Mighty Kewp! So, it was an amazing collaboration!! I got the ball rolling, but definitely had help pushing!! Lol! I love the fact that Hickman is a beautiful school full of tradition and pride!! Although I personally did not attend Hickman, everyone treated me and my family members like we were Kewpies!!! Thank you for such a memorable event!! I am sure this is a Birthday my dad will never forget!!"
Teresa Wynn-VonHoldt

Wrestlers who I talked to by phone and asked me to express their regrets to Dan for their not being able to attend
Bill Asbury 1967
Lee Baker 1965
Bruce Ballard 1967
Jim Bodard 1962
Mike Carey 1963
Dave Edmondson 1967
Alan Fugit 1963
Richard Gillespie 1964
Randy Hagan 1963
Bob Haseman 1965
Wayne Houpt 1966
Don Morris 1965
Gary Pemberton 1965
Wesley Roemer 1972
Jay Spangler 1963
John Tuthill 1967
Wrestlers who have passed away since graduation from Hickman High School
Larry Berkley 1969
Bruce Bynum 1968
John Daly 1963
Danny Griggs 1964
Robert Hickem 1962
Clayton Johnson 1962
Eric Kostbade 1969
Coach Bob Lee 1954
Henry Loving 1968
Dennis Marriott 1963
Eric Nelson 1962
Cordey Potter 1964
Marvin Saunders 1964
Ron Shawver 1968
Mike Shedd 1964
Steve Taliaferro 1967
George Todd 1963
John Yeager 1966