"Made possible by caring Kewpie alumni, classmates & friends"
Original Scholarship explanation

Donors & Memorials (2016 & 2017)
Donors & Memorials (2013 - 2015)
Donors & Memorials (2012)
- Donors & Memorials (2011)
Donors & Memorials (2010) -
Donors & Memorials (2009)
Scholarship totals

Thanks to all the GREAT Kewpies who support the scholarship.

Make check to "Community Foundation of Central Missouri",
put ' Scholarship' on the memo line on your check and mail to:
Community Foundation of Central Missouri, P.O. Box 6015, Columbia, MO 65205-6015
A tax-deductible credit card donation can now be made - CLICK HERE!
To make a donation as a memorial to a classmate or family member; please sent check (made payable to Community Foundation of Central Missouri) only mail it to me with memorial instructions and/or send email with your request and instructions!

For any questions or concerns about this scholarship:  
Please email: or call: 573-442-1873 (noon to midnight daily)
Charley Blackmore, 2312 Deer Creek Ct, Columbia MO 65201-3564 
Two Kewpies have been named from "The Class of 2016" and they were announced May 17th
 Lucy Kingsley and Adam Moesel
Recipients receive $1,000.00 from the '263' Great Kewpies
 & sixteen 'Great' classes
who made this scholarship possible!

Recipients for 2015 - Britt Grindstaff & Zach Nichols
Recipients for 2014 - Daniel Foley & Lois You

Recipients for 2013 - Olivia Jones & Adam Suppes
Recipients for 2012 - Thomas Nabelek & Claudia Sipakiati
Recipients for 2011 - Carly Lancaster & John Quint
Recipients for 2010 -
Andrew Gieseke & Jordan Mills (Presentation)
Recipients for 2009 - Emily Pintel & Drew Mitrisin (follow up  comments, 2011)

See them on 'Facebook'
Daniel Foley - Drew Gieseke - Britt Grindstaff - Olivia Jones - Lucy Kingsley - Carly Lancaster
 Jordan Mills - Drew MitrisinAdam Moesel - Thomas Nabelek - Zach Nichols
Emily Pintel - John Quint - Claudia Sipakati - Adam Suppes -
Lois You



This scholarship kicked off October 29, 2008, with a goal of
$50,000.00 and the goal has been raised to $100,000.00.

As of June, 2016 the total raised is $62,404.22 and $16,000.00
in scholarships have been awarded so far from!

Only 5% of those who registered to use the webpage contributed.
Over 900 people per day visit!
On any given day, there are twice as many people
visiting my webpage as the amount
who have made donations to this scholarship in seven years!

Of the 5,066 registered Kewpies who use,
The Class of '45, the Class of '50, the Class of '51, the Class of '53,
the Class of '54, the Class of '55, the Class of '57, the Class of '62,
the Class of '66, the Class of '67, the Class of '71, the Class of '73,
the Class of '81, the Classof '83, the Class of '89, the Class of '94

and 263 Kewpies have made 406 donations.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your donations, to those
263 '
GREAT' Kewpies, 16 'GREAT' classes
and those who made donations to the
Ethel Lloyd Harris Memorial"

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Emily Pintel & Drew Mitrisin
Hickman Kewpie Class of 2009

Congratulations Emily & Drew, on being selected to receive the “ Scholarship.”
This as you probably already know is the first time it has been given and I hope it will
continue to repeat perpetually if we can raise enough money. The scholarship was made
possible by 106 individuals of the 4,613 registered users of
(The Kewpie Classmates Association)

My name is Charley Blackmore I graduated in the Class of 1963 and am the sole proprietor
and webmaster of I have a request to ask of you and hope you will be able
to help me. Hopefully you input which I can publish on will create more
interest in my scholarship and encourage others to make donations or encourage those who
have given to make additional donations. My dream is to establish as many as 6 more
scholarships like the one you just received.

I know this is the busiest of times for you but if you could email me a brief biography, some
pictures of yourself and a story about your future plans, you will make me very happy! Then
as things progress your keeping in touch with me, through to keep the
“Kewpie Spirit” growing, would make me extremely happy too.

On behalf of those 106 Kewpies who made this possible, who can be seen by clicking on
“ Scholarship” from the home page, I wish you success and
happiness in all that you are about to pursue now and for your entire future. I am very
proud of being a “Kewpie” and very proud of you for being the “1st Kewpie” to receive
this scholarship!

I look forward to hearing from you as often as you have time to call, email or come by to visit.
Establishing a long term relationship with you is my dream and I would be honored for you,
if you are available next year at this time, to join me in presenting this scholarship to someone
like you next year!

With Kewpish Regard,

Charley Blackmore
Kewpie Classmates Association
2312 Deer Creek Court
Columbia MO 65201-3564

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Email from Emily 2009-09-22
Hi Mr. Blackmore!

First off I want to apologize for getting my letter to you so late! I wrote it in June and I thought
I sent it but I was on your website today and realized, obviously, that I hadn't! I want you to
know how grateful I am that I got this award and how much it meant to me. Having been in
college now for about two weeks, I can honestly say how much I really miss my times at
Hickman. I'll be sending you letters often because I would love to keep in touch! I'm so sorry
again and I will be sending pictures also!

Thanks for understanding!
Emily Pintel
Kewpie 09 :)

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Congratulations  to Jordan Mills and Andrew Gieseke.
This year's two $1,000.00 scholarships were presented by last year's recipient, Emily Pintel! "Thanks EMILY!"

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I hope you enjoy and if you do, you can say, Thanks, Charley,
with a donation to Scholarship!