Pictures taken by Dr. Robert Shaw at

David Henry Hickman High School, the home of the "Kewpies"

during the 1954 - 1959 school years

  There are over 1100 pictures which Dr. Robert Shaw took while he was a teacher at David Henry Hickman High
School of Columbia, Missouri, before he became the Superintendant of Schools.

Those pictures have been scanned from the originals, which were 35mm slides, and can be viewed from this webpage.
As a matter of fact I need your help identifying them since I wasn't at Hickman until after these pictures were taken.

The pictures are in seven groups and many are probably incorrectly categorized at this point which is why I need your help. I categorized them the best I could from the condition they were in when I received them. I would appreciate you help if you can identify any of the people in any of the pictures or have information about when any of the pictures were
taken or at what specific event the picture was taken. (Several Kewpies entered the data on the spreadsheets and I think some of them got labeled by the wrong picture. Perhaps they just got out of sync with the numbers. That is why I ask for your help! Please do whatever you can to help identify and help me group the pictures in some kind of a time frame if you don't mind!)

Once these pictures are identified and can be assembled in a chronological format I plan to convert them to slide shows so classmates who attended Hickman High School during this time frame can each have a copy if they desire. I am in hopes that people will desire to make a contribution to the " Scholarship" in appreciation of this project, particularly those who were in these pictures and naturally will enjoy them the most.

Your donation to the, Scholarship will be greatly appreciated.

*****Further explanation of this project!*****

Group one (1) - 1956 - 1960 Misc

Group two (2) - 1956

Group three (3) - 1957

Group four (4) - 1958

Group five (5) - 1959

Group six (6) - 1960

Group seven (7) - Previous Scans

Slide Identification Chart



Details of the "Dr. Robert Shaw slide collection" In Memory of Dorcas Jeans, Class of 1958 (When I first announced the completion of these slides having been scanned Dorcas was my most interested supporter and she exerted many hours to making most of the identifications that are on the "Identification Chart" as of now, September 2009) Thank You, Dorcas, Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

The slides that were referred to as the Dr. Robert Shaw slides were turned over to me by Jan Mees when she retired from Hickman High School in 2006 as the Media Coordinator. Her students were going to scan (digitize the slides) but only got started and then the project ended. The best I could tell from the condition of the slides when I received them:

1)      It appeared that the students had scanned 166 slides named Group 7 on this CD and labeled (Previous Scans)

2)      The folder named (1956 - 1960 Misc) were slides which had been separated from the rest.

3)      The rest of the slides, the best I could tell, where still in groups sorted by years so I named those folders, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960.

There were over 1100 slides. I scanned them, sixteen slides per scan, on an HP Scanjet G4050 and then each slide was individually cropped to get rid of the rounded corners and black or white bars; above, below and/or on the sides….. None of the slides were altered; only the bad edges were cropped….

I was really shocked at how good the slides turned out. This was the first time for me at scanning slides; I didn’t even have a scanner that did slides. But since I was going to start a project with my own personal slides I bought a slide scanner and now these slides are scanned but I still have a few thousand more of my own to do.

Some of the slides had names, etc. written on the borders but to scan 1184 slides it really didn’t seem like a one person job to try to make notes at the time of each scan. Maybe that was a mistake, but since no one else had offered to do this project in the last 10 years or so, I elected myself to do it.

Now I am asking for your help to complete the project.

There is an Excel spreadsheet already laid out and numbered to match the corresponding slides as you peruse them. Even though they are grouped by years… 1956 through 1960, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is correct so there is a column for Class and Date. Should you have other comments to make about slides you recognize, just include the number of the slide and email me any information you have. Please only identify slides which you are certain about. Information such as; I think slide 006 was taken in 1954 and I believe that is Joe on the far left will not help!


For any questions contact me at:

Charley Blackmore


573-442-1873 (between the hours of 10:00 AM to midnight)


*****Thanks for your donation to the, Scholarship.***** 

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