Class of 1962 Kewpies 
50th Reunion
Was September 28 - 30, 2012
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'62 Senior Pictures & '62 Cresset - Facebook Page
'62 Kewpie who were unable to attend!

Kewpies who will be attending the 50th Reunion

Algiere, Thomas Grogger, Bob Page, Mary Sue
Allee, Linda Hanlin, Carolyn Powell, Janet 
Barkwell, Barbara Harris, Nancy Rees, Betty Jo
Bartlett, Ron Hatton, Terry Sapp, Gary M.
Berkley, Howard Henricks, Ida Sapp, Gary W.
Boggs, Ida Maude Henry, Joyce Schneider, Gary
Burford, Pam Hickem, James Shaw, Patricia 
Burnett, Larry Hoffman, Dorsey Sheets, Gary
Callahan, Judy  Hofstetter, Dianne Spelman, Gloria
Cannaday, Gary Hudson, Shirley  Stalman, Linda 
Canton, Carl Humphreys, John Stone, Larry
Clark, Judy Ann  Hunt, Lindell Stone, Sharon
Clemons, Daniel Irwin, Sally Thornton, Bonnie 
Cockrell, Gary Jones, David Thurston, Bob
Cook, Jerry Jones, Judy  Turner, Tom
Cooper, Sally  King, Molly Tutt, Mary 
Crane, Ruby Kirby, Lonnie Ward, Janice 
Dalton, Dick Kohler, Janie Warren, Charlene 
Daniel, Katy Lambert, Bob Watkins, Bonnie 
Davison, Margie  Lines, Clifton Weyand, Charlie
Deatz, George Manning, Cheryl  Winkler, Marilyn
Dixon, Kay McArthur, Kay Woodward, Dan
Drane, Don McMinn, Glenda Wright, Bonita
Ealey, Karen Mendenhall, Richard Zumwalt, George
Etnire, Larry Mills, JoAnn
Fearheller, David Montgomery, Richard Additions
Gardner, Marjorie Moore, Larry Pat McGinity
Gill, Janice Moss, Jerry Pete Spies
Glenn, Julie  Nebel, Nancy Sonia Robinson
Godfrey, Paul Nelson, Eric "Rick" Michael Dickerson
Graham, Judy Nelson, Glenda  Larry Wyatt
Grant, Stephen Nichols, Janet
Gray, Delores Nichols, John
Griffith, Susan Oliver, Donna
Grim, Peggy Overton, Vivian   

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From Jody Wiggins November 21, 2012

Nice work, Charlie. I am sorry I missed the reunion. I guess I didn't get the email. I got very behind in my email June - September. I would have attended. Will there be another Class of '62 reunion?

My mother, who lived with me for the last 13 years, began to have trouble breathing in mid June because of an aorta valve stenosis. She died on August 3 at 94 years old. She was very active: walking our dogs, cleaning, cooking, etc. until the end of June. She had had no trouble before that. There was a minor procedure (that was not evasive) the cardiologist wanted to preform, but he went on vacation for three weeks and by the time we got her admitted to the hospital, she died before he could do the procedure. Although I miss her a lot, I am so grateful that I had so many wonderful years with her. Now my brother, George "Woody" Wiggins (Class of '61) is in the hospital on life support from pneumonia. He has had COPD for two years. I am very worried about him. Five of my eight children and their families will be here for Thanksgiving today (I have 31 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren!). I hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving.

I'm sending you some pictures. The first was taken a couple of years ago at my son Roger's. Mom is holding our Yorkie, Coco (who died 2 weeks before Mom), I am next to her and my brother , Woody, is next to me on the end (my oldest daughter (Heather), a granddaughter and daughter-in-law Jill are in the picture also).

The second picture was taken last year. Mother is standing next to me, and my youngest daughter, Danica, and daughter-in-law Deedra are sitting at the table.

The third picture was taken last year of Woody, his wife and step daughter. He and Susan were married in July, three years ago.

I really enjoyed the pictures of the reunion, but I didn't recognize anyone.

Thank you for all the work you are doing for HHS, students, and former students.

Jody Russell

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