Leighton McCormick
Kewpie of the Month - January 2017

Leighton McCormick, 1959 Kewpie, began his writing career with articles in U.S.

Marine Corps newsletters in the U.S. and overseas. After four years
of active duty and a love of “wordsmithing,” he attended the University of
Missouri School  of Journalism and earned a Bachelor of Journalism degree.

He then joined the corporate world as a magazine writer/editor. In this role,
he crafted more than two dozen articles and was selected “Feature Writer of
the Year” for the International Association of Business Communicators.

Over the next 10 years, Leighton wrote and self-published a successful
job-hunting book and photo-essay entitled Soulard Market Sunday, in
addition to completing a Master’s Degree and teaching writing courses
at a local university.

Beyond House On October Hill, he has penned an as yet-to-be-published
adolescent fiction novel. Currently, he continues writing toward a list of
several conceptualized books, and manages his Veteran-owned business
consulting firm in St. Louis.

Patti & Leighton McCormick


House On October Hill

Traces the lives of Matt Durham and Karen
Forsythe from first meeting in 1942 to present day, colored by world events
impacting them. It chronicles their evolving relationships as friends, classmates,
lovers, spouses, career builders, and parents.

After college, Matt serves as a fighter pilot in Korea. When that conflict ends,
he and Karen marry, and he soon faces different kinds of dogfights in the fledgling
advertising business. Over the next several years, his professional life as an original
“Mad Man” soars, while his personal life crashes.

Karen’s story focuses on her love for Matt, and successful career in interior design
in Connecticut. While he commutes to New York, Karen manages a thriving business
and raises their two children.

Close family and friends, The House itself, and the quaint village in which it’s
situated feature prominently.

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