The Kewpie Athletic Birth Certificate
"It was money in the bank for Hickman & Rock Bridge but it never got off the ground due to little or no interest shown from either schools' athletic departments" was Charley Blackmore's comment.
Presentation to Bob Vanatta, "Inaugural Recipient"

What was planned, but never happened:
Doug Mirts, Athletic Director at Hickman High School, will soon be announcing a new unique loyalty program, the
Hickman High School "Athletic Birth Certificate®." The Athletic Birth Certificate® concept is the creation of Russ
Sloan, a 1956 Kewpie graduate who went on to achieve All Big 8 Honors as an End on the Missouri Tigers
1959 Orange Bowl Team. The Kewpie Athletic Birth Certificate can be ordered on-line and personalized with the
recipient's name and birth date. The 8-1/2" x 11" certificate is printed on heavy acid free Archival Parchment
cover stock, and totally customized with the school colors, Kewpie Logo, and signed by the Principal and the
Athletic Director. The certificate also carries with it a congratulatory message from the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.
Besides being such a unique sports memento item, the majority of the purchase price of $19.95 flows directly
back to support the Athletic Program at Hickman.

Although the program is currently available on-line to all Kewpies and fans, there will be a special presentation
during the football season honoring a cross section of past Kewpies who have distinguished themselves
athletically as well as in their post Kewpie years.

After hearing of this new Kewpie Loyalty Program, Doug Mirts said, "We are very pleased and honored to be
chosen as the first high school in Missouri to offer this unique Athletic Birth Certificate and we also appreciate
the fact that the majority of the sales price of $19.95 comes right back to support "Kewpie Athletics."
Russ Sloan, President and CEO of Athletic Birth Certificates, Inc.® and former Kewpie, noted that to his
knowledge his program is the only one of its kind in America, in which the majority of the sales price is
designed to go directly back to support the Athletic Program.

Sloan stated that "As a former Kewpie, Coach, Athletic Director and Bowl Game Director, I wanted to design a
new and unique Athletic Loyalty Program for both college and high school athletics that financially supported
athletics and is my way of partially repaying the tremendous benefits and experiences I enjoyed in athletics at
the high school and collegiate level."

Russ Sloan, who the heck is that? Well as one of my dear friends Betty Lewis Slate, a classmate of Russ has always said
he was always the nicest guy. Betty is exactly right and all you need to do to confirm that is meet the man! He is one of
the greatest ambassadors for all Kewpies of Hickman High School. To get to know Russ better go to "Russ Sloan, Kewpie
of the Month" for April of 2007. But rest assured the best part of my buddy Russ is his beautiful bride, Peggy Fisher, a
1959 Kewpie and she has been the force behind this big guy since their days at Hickman High School. Give an Athletic
Birth Certificate to every single Kewpie in your Kewpie family. Take my word for it, get one soon and let everyone know
you have it. Hey don't you know they're just $19.95 and the money does go back into the athletic program at Hickman
High School!  by Charley Blackmore, "Mr. Kewpie"

Courtesy of Charley Blackmore, Kewpie Classmates Association
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Bob Vanatta, 1937 Kewpie of Jupiter, Florida becomes the
"Inaugural Recipient" of the 
'Kewpie Athletic Birth Certificate' from Russ. 

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