"Kewpie of the Month" for January 2007
Bill Griffin - Class of 1963

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William H. Griffin was born in Saint Louis, MO(March 25, 1945) he lived in Jefferson City through kindergarten at West School, moved to Carthage where he attended Mark Twain Elementary School and moved to Columbia in time to start the 7th grade at Jefferson Junior High School in 1957. Bill graduated from Hickman High School May 28, 1963.

Bill Griffin has MBA and BS degrees from the University of Missouri in Marketing.

After 2 years as an Officer in the U. S. Army, he began his career with Burroughs Corporation as a Named Account Representative.  He transitioned to the Oil and Gas industry where he joined Teleco Oilfield Services, Inc. as North Sea Operations Manager and advanced to Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations and COO.  In a 10-year period, living in England and Scotland, he commercialized the industries first telemetry system in 19 countries and 6 States.

He then joined Drake Beam Morin, Inc. and Right Management Consultants as a VP and Management Consultant from 1988 - 2005 and managed Adventure Travel Clubs from 1996 - 2003.

Bill lived in Florida from 1988 until December of 2005, when he returned to Columbia to make it his home. His son Sean, age 35, also moved back to Columbia from Florida.

Bill's return to Columbia is actually the third time he has retired. September of 2006, Bill became Marketing Director for the State of Missouri, what's he thinking? He also is acting as general contractor for a house in the Highlands and son, Sean is his right hand man!

(See story about Bill's new house from "inside columbia")


The 1962 Hickman Kewpie Football Team


Underwater in Cozumel, when I ran the Adventure Travel Clubs.

Me leading a trekking trip in Italy for the Adventure Travel Clubs.



Bill and Sean in Aberdeen in 1976.



Marketing Director for the State of Missouri - 2007


               Still crazy after all these years...

The President of Verse Choir addresses the gathering as VP of Verse Choir observes.
                                                                                                                                                                      Bill & Doug reminisce
40th Reunion - October 9-12, 2003


3rd Annual Class of 1963 Picnic - June 10, 2006
Bill - Mike Andrews - Carolyn Kemper - Dave Maupin - Barrett Spangler - Spring Jenkins - Mark Oldham - Mark Holsinger - Betty Gayle Smith


Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - Cards World Series, Scheduled Game 4 (Two Old Dogs & their Day 1 of 3)


We will look at this again later?


What will be in this room?


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