John Lumb, Class of 1954
Kewpie of the Month, December 2022

Grand Marshal
Ava Missouri Christmas Parade 2022

Grand Marshal's wife, of 64 years, as of December 5, 2022
Janice Mills, 56 Kewpie

Grand Marshal, having Christmas Fun!

Grand Marshal, wife Janice and daughter Jana Lynn

Grand Marshal, Kewpies Krusin'!

Mr. & Mrs. John & Janice Lumb!
Happy belated 64th Anniversary, December 5, 2022

The Grand Marshal's ride - rearview!

Captured from the YouTube video of the Ava, Missouri Christmas Parade 2022

John Lumb, oldest of the Lumb boys
younger brother Kenny, 59 Kewpie and youngest Ronnie, 63 Kewpie

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