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  The Class Members Listed Below
the "35th Reunion of The Class of 1963"
In Columbia
Aug 28, 29 & 30, 1998

Carolyn Acton    Mary Allen    Pat Andrews    Janet Ausherman
Janice Barnhart    Barbara Belton    Marcella Blueitt    Patty Bryson
Mannon Burks    Pam Chorlton    Michele Corcoran    Glenda Crane
Jane Cunningham    Dian Dugan    Marilyn Erickson    Karen Garrett
Sharen Garrett    Martha Glascock    Ellen Gregory    Beth Helling
Bobbi Hunt    Spring Jenkins    Carolyn Kemper    Sharon Lay
Libby McCluskey    Doyne McKinney    Mary Murphy    Grayson Neate
Linda Niles    Sally Orr    Jean Ellen Pace    Harriet Ratliff
Tessie Redmon    Judy Roberts    Suan Rodgers    Alice Rouse
Barbara Ruth    Martha Shrout    Lyn Slagle    Betty Smith
Rita Spriggs                            Phyllis Turner    Connie Warren
Donna Williams    Caryl Wood

Jim Adams    Mike Andrews    Jim Atkinson    Bill Ballew
Dale Bittle     Charley Blackmore    George Bradfield    John Brown
Jim Bryan    Walter Burnett    Mike Carey    John Cunningham
David Curtis    John Daly    Henry Doenges    Bill Dolen
John Douglas    Dan Drane    Bill Ellzey   Pat Eng     Rodney Fox
Alan Fugit    Ken Geel    Bruce Goebel     Dave Griggs
Randy Hagan    Dennis Hendrickson    Eddie Hutchison
George Johnson    Mike Judd    Kary Kabler    Ron Lumb
     Dennis Marienfeld    Dennis McGreer
Carl Meadows    Dean Mercer    Doug Miller    John Modlin
Richard Mohr    Dan Neenan    Mark Oldham
     Gene Porter    David Sapp    Terry Sapp
Dan Schuppan    Jay Spangler    Eddie Sutton    Bill Taft
Bill Trumbower    Barry Vanlandingham    Joe Wade
Jack Wonneman   Jim Woodruff

Late Comers?
Daryl Bach    Susan Norman     Jim Flickinger   Jimmie Jones
Pat Wilson      John Parker    Gary Saunders
Didn't Make It!
Bob Parker     Corky Mansfield     Susan Troelstrup
Here's The Numbers For the Reunion:
181 Loyal "63 Kewpies" Replied
105 Class Members Attended
70 Class Members Came to TP'S Friday Night
 91 Class Membes Attended the Picnic
97 Class Members Attended Sat Nite at Club
 Only 36 Class Members Attended  Sunday Brunch

Those that didn't attend cannot imagine the love that was felt by those of us that were here.  I think a lot of us are starting to realize what an impact Hickman High School and those class members that we shared our lives with back then, have had on our present lives.  Being able to see people that we grew up with somehow becomes so much more important the older we get and feelings felt at these events are truly immeasurable.

Friday at TP'S got off with a bang, lots of people showed up and a good time was had by all.  Lots of Purple & Gold Balloons, Bald Heads and Gray Hair.  Hey Troy, "Thanks, young, Kewpie, you're Tops."
Saturday Picnic was great, big crowd, good food, 20 parents, great weather and a Good Time.  Thanks,Pat & Dave and Thanks too, to Del & Nancy...... and Thanks, Jennifer and your friends, for all your help too!
Saturday night was equally well attended and the Good Times, ran on into the night.  There ain't nothin' finer than Old Friends.....
The Weekend was topped off by a Wonderful Brunch, "Thanks, Sharon, it was GREAT!"  Those of you that missed the brunch, Your Loss!
October 2003, 40th Reunion of the "Class of 1963"
Make Plans Now, It is going to be "The Best Ever"
Got addresses for 2 more Lost Class Members:
Rita Barnett and Jim Russell are Found!

Jim Aldridge    Gene Angell    Carol Ashlock    Rodney Ayers
Carol Barnds    Elaine Barnes     J. T. Barnes    Marilyn Barnett
Jeff Beasley    Betty Bibb    Sandra Beismeyer    Connie Bowser
Earle Breedlove    Gretchen Brunk    Eddie Bryant    Bob Bryson
Gaye Burton    Chuck Carl    Suzanne Coday    Linda Crawford
Jim Crow    JoAnn Denney    Keith Drummond    David Dunn
    Alex Estes    Carol Fisher    Lila Gafke    Kay Henricks
David Hood    Nicky Hourigan    Mike Huddleston    Jim Jones
Carolyn Kaiser    Marla Kingsley    Steve Kossman    Larry Lasley
Nathalie Levitt    Bud Lewis    Jerome Mathis    Carolyn McIlvain
Carol McMullen    Eldon Mosby    Jane Murdock    Alan Murphy
Vicki Myers    Dan Neal    Linda O'Malley    Chris Odor
Barry Oosthuizen    Tammy Page    Gail Petri    Roger Plowman
David Poe    Billy Puyear    Marcia Quick    Jerry Reynolds
Judy Reynolds    Patty Rimmer    Felix Sabates    Gerald Sappington
Carl Scott    Ronnie Smith    Sandra Smith    Helen Stone
Paul Strawn    Judy Thomas    Mimi Thomas    Flora Vaughn
Vicki Vaught    Frances Wade    Rick Waggoner    Frances Washington
Miriam Weinberg    Norma Whitmarsh    John Willey    John Windsor
Zay Winscott    James Wiswall     Jesse Yeager    Rick Gray

"I'm broken hearted now, since we have parted now, My mind wanders now and then, Remember Then..." The Earls, 1963

Hello All You 1963 Kewpies.....


The system was purchased from Sound Solutions of Mexico, Missouri.  The System Design Consultant was Brent Davee, HHS Class of 1982.

I had plaques made to put on the side panels of the sound equipment case.
"In appreciation of our gift, the plaques was never attached to the equipment case."
The plaques read:  Donated by  THE CLASS OF 1963 Click to see plaques
As of 2006-04-14 those plaques were never attached to the sound system equipment case!

The system we purchased consists of the following components:

4)  JBL EON 15 Two-Way, 250 Watt Speakers with Storage Covers
4)  Ultimate Tripod Speaker Stands with Storage Bags
1)  Spirit FX8 Eight Channel Mixer
1)  Mixer Rack Mount Kit
1)  Carver PXm900 Dual Channel Power Amplifier(450 Watts per Channel)
1)  Custom Speaker Connection Panel
4)  Heavy Duty Speaker Cables--50 ft
1)  Premium 8-Channel, Multi-Pair Audio (snake) Cable--100 ft
1)  ETA PD-9L Power Conditioning Distribution and Surge Unit
1)  Concert Grade Equipment Case with Casters-Top Mount for Mixer
1)  Denon DNT620 Commercial CD/Cassette Combination Unit
1)  Shure SC24/58 True Diversity Wireless Handheld Microphone
4)  Shure BG5.1 Condenser Vocal Microphones
4)  Heavy Duty Microphone Cords -- 25 ft
1)  Microphone/Cord Storage Hardcase, Foam Lined
4)  Ebony Microphone Stands with Booms
Misc.  Rack Panels, Rack Storage Drawer, Connectors, Hardware, Full Assembly, Calibration, Delivery, Set-Up and Training

COLUMBIA MO   65201-3564
Make Check Payable to:  "Class of 1963"

"Dave, Pat & Sharon:
You're the GREATEST!, We Love You"
It is your generosity that has allowed us,
The "Class of 1963" provide the $5000.00 to purchase The Sound System
for David H. Hickman High School.
On behalf of all the participating members, I extend a heartfelt, "Thank You!"

There has been mention of a get together, at least for all the '63 locals, every year.  I will be happy to set it up if there is enough interest.  If you would like to have an Eat Out Together Night, that could be done monthly......or whatever.....  There are lots of things we could do, old people are easy to entertain, ya know....!  We Could have a Name That Tune Night, Meet at the Movies and then go to dinner..., play Spin The Bottle, what the heck.... Give me some input on your thoughts and ideas and I'll get something in motion!

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"In appreciation of our gift, the plaques were never attached to the equipment case."

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