Thanks for your registration! Sept 5th was the deadline.
  59 Classmates - 77 w/guests(Total Confirmed) 
For any questions, please call 573-808-5314 (Noon - Midnight)
Kewpie Class of 1963, 60th Anniversary of Our Kewpie Graduation on May 28, 1963 from David Henry Hickman High School

 Will be held on (Tues - Thurs) October 3 - 5, 2023
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  For questions or concerns! or Call/Text 573-808-5314 (Noon-Midnight) 
Details will be posted here and announced through Facebook!

Memorial Page for our deceased Classmates
Virtual Memory Book
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Please, send me a life story, or update the old one you sent 10 or 20 years ago, about yourself since you left Hickman for the Virtual Memory Book and include plenty of pictures!
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Cut me some slack, it will be fun, if you just DO IT! 
Tuesday, October 3rd - Casual Get Together (afternoon - evening)
Wednesday, October 4th - Picnic and Dinner  & Program
Thursday, October 5th - Breakfast (continue hanging out)
*****All events will be at the Hampton Inn @ Stadium Blvd & Rock Quarry Rd, same location of the 20th and 25th Reunions, except the picnic on Wed will be at Riechmann Indoor Pavilion, same as at 50th Reunion *****
Memorial Page for our deceased Classmates
50th Reunion Slideshow, after glow!
Class Picture from 50th Reunion
Please make your donations to the
"Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship"
amytime or at the 50th Reunion!
Two $500.00 annual scholarships are now endowed, but we can and should do better!

 "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship."
Please make a donation and a 'Special Thanks, to those who have!

It's our 60th Reunion, the Class of '63, undeniably, the greatest Class of Kewpies to
attend David Henry Hickman High School! Our 40th and 50th were two of the Greatest Reunion ever in the history of HHS!
59 Classmates plan to attend, but...
"Regrets were received from 42 Classmates!"
1963 Kewpies, who said they will attend
Our 60th Reunion, Oct 3 -5, 2023
Carolyn Acton Alan Fugit Mark Oldham  
Joann Asel Ken Geel Harriet Ratliff  
Jim Atkinson Barbara Gerau Alice Rouse  
Janet Ausherman Martha Glascock David Sapp  
Carolyn Barr Bill Griffin Terry Sapp  
Dale Bittle Dave Griggs Sandy Smith  
John Brown Randy Hagan Jay Spangler  
Jim Bryan Eddie Hutchison Helen Stone  
Mannon Burks Spring Jenkins Bill Taft  
Walter Burnett George Johnson Judy Thomas  
Chellie Corcoran Lyn Johnston Vicki Vaught  
Jenny Cox Peggy Jones Pat Wilson  
Jane Cunningham Bud Lewis Zay Winscott  
John Cunningham Ron Lumb Caryl Wood  
David Curtis Corky Mansfield Jim Woodruff  
Mike Delaney Dave Maupin Jesse Yeager  
Dan Drane Libbby McCluskey    
Keith Drummond Doug Miller    
Diane Dugan Mary Murphy    
Bill Ellzey Diana Mutrux    
Carol Fisher Grayson Neate *Yours Truly*
1963 Kewpies, who said they will NOT attend
Medarda Aslin, Jeff Beasley,
Barbara Belton, Earle Breedlove, Patti Bryson, Diane Buckler,
Mike Carey, Chuck Carl, Doris Creath,
Marinell Dorsey, Jim Flickinger,Rodney Fox,
Lila Gafke, Sharen Garrett, Pam Harris, Dale Holman, David Hood, Jan Jouret,
Chris Mattingly, Bill McGill, Sharon Milhollin, Lewis Miller,
John Modlin, Chuck Moore,
Alan Murphy, Robert Nichols, Chris Odor, Barry Oosthuzien, Bonnie Pahl, Noel Peterson,
Roger Plowman, George Poehlman, Susan Rogers, Carl Scott, Bill Sheets, Martha Shrout,
Peggi Smith, Ron Smith, Barrett Spangler, Mimi Thomas, Joe Wade, Jack Wonneman

Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship
Established, Oct 2008, Initiated by George Johnson,
David Curtis & David Griggs and named by George Johnson,
who stated with Charley's name on it must be a service scholarship with no enphasis on 'grade-point'.
Eighty eight of our great classmates have helped bring the scholarship balance to $29,312.59.
Thank you, thank you very much!!!!!

Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship on Facebook

Picture from Picnic at Stephens Park at 50th Reunion



Hello Classmate,

If you are reading this after Sept 5, 2023, which was the registration deadline and cutoff for reduced rates on rooms at the Hampton Inn, please call/text Charley @ 573-808-5314, ASAP. Thanks!

Well finally I have confirmed a headcount of 61 of us ’63 Kewpies who will be at the 60th reunion. This email will be posted on our website at so if you lose your email, the information will be readily available there to download and print if you need.

I will first give you a breakdown of the itinerary and if there is anything you’d like further explanation of you can email, text, or call me. The registration fee is $135.00 per person attending, which is not refundable and is due by no later than Monday, September 4, 2023. You can pay this fee by mailing a check to me, made payable to Charley Blackmore, or go to your Venmo App and enter “mrkewp” to send your payment.

The reunion will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 3, 4 & 5, 2023. The location is the Hampton Inn at the corner of Stadium Blvd and College Ave (historic – Rock Quarry Rd), which was where the Campus Inn used to be, which was the location of our 20th and 25th reunions in 1983 and 1988. If you want to put it in your GPS the physical address is 1225 Fellow's Place Boulevard, Columbia, MO, 65201 There will be a $139.00 room rate, with the cutoff being September 5, 2023. Check-in is at 4:00 pm and check out is 11:00 am. The Stadium Grill is located on the same property as the hotel, and the hours are 11:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

For reservations, CALL 573-214-2222 and tell them you are part of the "Hickman 60th Reunion Class of 1963"

Tuesday (afternoon – evening) come to the Atrium (NAME TAGS will be provided) around 5:00 pm to gather and start seeing other classmates as they arrive. There will be a cash bar in the Missouri Room beginning at 5:30 pm and we will have food at 6:30 pm which will consist of (YOUR CHOICE OF 2-Sliders of BBQ Pork, Chicken Salad & Classic Cheeseburger Sliders, Chips & Salsa, Boneless Chicken Wings, Soft Pretzel Bites w/ Mustard Dip and Classic Potato Chips & Kewpie Kake) around 7:30ish pm we will open the adjacent banquet room and have access to both the Missouri & Stephens Room, and access to the Truman Board Room across the hall for a “quiet room.”

Wednesday (11:00 am to 4:00 pm we will have a picnic, delivered at 11:30 am, at the same location as the picnic at the 50th reunion, The Riechmann Indoor Pavilion, at 2300 E Walnut St, at Stephen’s Lake) We will have a box lunch from Honey Baked Ham consisting of (Class Ham & Classic Turkey sandwiches, Lays Chips, Choc Chip Cookie and a soda and water)

Wednesday (5:30 pm, back to the Missouri & Stephens rooms at the Hampton Inn with a cash bar and dinner at 6:30 pm consisting of (YOUR CHOICE of EITHER -  Bistro Medallions OR Chicken Marsala), Twice Baked Potato, Green Bean Medley Roasted Honey Dill Carrots, Salad & “Kewpie Kake”) we will honor our 110 Classmates who have gone before us, have some music, see some slideshows, maybe play some games and do lots of visiting, I’d guess as late as you want! We will also have access to the Truman Board Room across the hall for a “quiet room.”

Thursday (8:00 am to 8:30 am breakfast buffet in the Missouri Room at the Hampton Inn (consisting of Bacon & Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Breakfast Potatoes, Sliced Fruit, Assorted Fruit Juices, Toast Station & Coffee) Check out time is 11:00 am… If you need a NAP before you start home, make arrangements with one of your local classmates OR you’re welcome to nap at my house… at 2312 Deer Creek Ct!



With Kewpish Regards,

Charley Blackmore
2312 Deer Creek Ct
Columbia MO 65201-3564
Text/Call Noon – Midnight: 573-808-5314 
P.S. If you like this webpage and the services that I offer to all Kewpie alum of
‘David Henry Hickman High School”, please say “Thanks Charley” by making a
donation to the ‘ Scholarship’ or Charley Blackmore’s Class of ’63 Scholarship”
or a gift to support the website 

P.S. When you send in your registration, the $135.00 is what is required for each classmate and guest, but if you'd like to send a larger amount, that wiill certainly be welcomed. Thanks!!!!!