Kewpie Class of 1963
60th Anniversary of Our Graduation on May 28, 1963 from David Henry Hickman High School
 Will be held on
(Tues - Thurs) October 3 - 5, 2023 
Tuesday, October 3rd - Casual Get Together (afternoon - evening)
Wednesday, October 4th - Lunch and Dinner  & Program
Thursday, October 5th - Breakfast (continue hanging out)
*****All locations for events to be determinded*****
  Please, let me know ASAP if you plan to attend! or Call/Text 573-808-5314 (Noon-Midnight) 
Details will be posted here and announced through Facebook!

Memorial Page for our deceased Classmates
50th Reunion Slideshow, after glow!
Class Picture from 50th Reunion
Thanks to all! $7,430.00 was raised for the
"Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship"
at the 50th Reunion!
Two $500.00 annual scholarships are now endowed!

 "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship."
Please make a donation and a 'Special Thanks, to those who have!

Virtual Memory Book
Please send me a life story, or update the old one you sent 20 years ago, about yourself since you left Hickman for the Virtual Memory Book and include plenty of pictures!
Or humor me, click here, send pictures & answer my questions?
Cut me some slack, it will be fun, if you just DO IT! 

It's our 60th Reunion, the Class of '63, undeniably, the greatest Class of Kewpies ever to
attend David Henry Hickman High School! Our 40th and 50th were two of the Greatest Reunion ever in the history of HHS!
57 Classmates plan to attend, but...
"Regrets were received from eighteen classmates!"

             '63 Kewpies who said they will attend
Our 60th Reunion, Oct 3 -5, 2023
Joann Asel Martha Glascock     David Sappp  
Jim Atkinson Bill Griffin Bill Sheets  
Janet Ausherman Dave Griggs Martha Shrout  
Carolyn Barr Randy Hagan Barrett Spangler  
Dale Bittle Eddie Hutchison Jay Spangler  
Earle Breedlove Spring Jenkins Helen Stone  
Jim Bryan George Johnson Bill Taft  
Walter Burnett Lynn Johnston Judy Thomas  
Mike Carey Bud Lewis Mimi Thomas  
Chellie Corcoran Ron Lumb Vicki Vaught  
Jenny Cox Corky Mansfield Zay Winscott  
Jane Cunningham Dave Maupin Jack Wonneman  
John Cunningham Doug Miller Caryl Wood  
David Curtis John Modlin Jim Woodruff  
Mike Delaney Alan Murphy    
Dan Drane Mary Murphy    
Keith Drummond Diana Mutrux    
Diane Dugan Grayson Neate    
Carol Fisher George Poehlman    
Alan Fugit Harriet Ratliff    
Ken Geel Alice Rouse   *Yours Truly*
'63 Kewpies who said they will NOT attend
Medarda Aslin, Jeff Beasley, Marinell Dorsey, Jim Flickinger, Lila Gafke, Pam Harris,
Jan Jouret, Chris Mattingly?, Mark Oldham & Libby McCluskey?, Chris Odor,
Barry Oosthuzien, Bonnie Pahl?, Roger Plowman, Susan Rogers, Carl Scott, Ron Smith, Joe Wade

See classmates and hear a chronological collage of the #1 songs from Sept '59 - May '63
See the entire '63 Cresset or any of the Cressets from 1912 - 2021
See pictures from previous reunions & more
Virtual Memory Book
In Memory of Classmates Who Have Gone Before Us

Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship
Established, Oct 2008, Initiated by George Johnson,
David Curtis & David Griggs and named by George Johnson,
who stated with Charley's name on it must be a service scholarship with no enphasis on 'grade-point'.
Eighty seven of our great classmates have help bring the scholarship balance to $32,530.20.
Thank you, thank you very much!!!!!
Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship on Facebook

Picture from Picnic at Stephens Park at 50th Reunion

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