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Edith Hulett - Chairperson
Claybern Burnham
Jim Donaldson - BIO
Edith Hulett - 2010-12-30
Martha Martin - BIO
Bob Oliphant - Email removed 2008-10-31
Chubb Phillips (Chair person), deceased 

Jim Donaldson February 16, 2001
After graduating from Hickman High and moving to St. Louis where I worked until Pearl Harbor in December, 1941,I entered the service in January, 1942 and married while in the service. Retiring from General Motors as a middle management employee after over 33 years, I now live in North Georgia during the summer and Ft. Myers, FL during the winter. Hearing from anyone that attended Hickman High during that time would make me most happy.
Martha Martin July 30, 2001

Graduated MU after WW2 and married Pat Patterson in 1944.  Lived in Indianapolis, IN., Chagrin Falls, OH, Kokomo, IN and presently reside in Columbia, SC.  We have three children, Marty Gill Unger, Vance Martin Patterson and Janette Lee Haas.  Pat passed on July 22, 1996. Our company, PATTERSON FAN COMPANY, is thriving under Vance's leadership in Blythewood, a suburb of Columbia.