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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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50th Reunion was May 22 & 23, 2015

45th Reunion - was September 24 & 25, 2010

Slideshow from 40th Reunion November 4 & 5, 2005

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Wally Williamson - Chairperson - Email removed 2007-01-09
Brenda Acton - BIO - 2010-02-09
Jane Anderson - Email removed 2011-11-07
Dennis Athen - 2013-01-29
Lee Baker - 2006-07-18

Marjorie Barnes - Email removed 2018-11-19
Robert Barnes - 2012-05-09
Bonnie Barr - Email removed 2007-11-30
Carolyn Baumgartner - 2004-09-15
Roy Bell - Email removed 2007-04-17
Ron Blacklock - 2013-09-28
Gary Blackmore - 2004-03-17

John Bowling - 2002-11-08 - Oklahoma State University - Corporate pilot
Robb Bowser, deceased (August 22, 2008)
Brenda Bradley - 2015-05-16
Charles Breedlove - 2014-04-17
Bill Brinkman - 2010-05-22 - University of Missori-Columbia - Bachelor General Studies (Graduated 2003)

Jim Brown - 2007-12-03 - Northwestern University - J.D.
Phyllis Brown - 2015-05-12

Sally Brown - Email removed 2008-08-13 - Lincoln University - Registered Nurse 4
Linda Brumfield - 2007-01-09
Keith Buescher - 2009-05-09
Ron Callis - 2005-07-11 - University of Missouri-Columbia - CPA
Joe Calvert - 2007-10-01
Nancy Cassity
Tom Coday - Email removed 2001-11-15
Scott Covington - 2014-08-13
Lucy Cox - 2012-07-31

Marie Annette Cragin
Mike Daniel - Email removed 2012-09-24
Ron Daniel - 2002-03-20
Dan Danley & Maggy Cheavens - 2009-01-15
Donna Day - 2007-04-17
Jay Delmez - BIO - 2010-08-29 - Washington University School of Medicine - MD
Jack Dothage - Email removed 2008-10-31
Phil Driskill - 2006-05-18
Barbara Duggar - BIO - 2010-09-08
Barbara Jean Dulle - Email removed 2008-10-31
Nelda Ehler, deceased (September 14, 2011)

Mike Eng, deceased (January 9, 2015)
Charla Emmons, deceased (Jan 19, 2021) - Univ of MO - BA-1969  MA-1979
Jan Fearheller - Email removed 2011-01-24
Patricia Flischel - 2005-11-04
Patricia Floyd - 2012-07-10
Betty Forbes - 2010-05-02
Pat Forbis - 2004-07-12
George Fox - Email removed 2008-12-22
Patty Frye- Email removed 2009-02-27
Laura Fullington - 2008-02-24
Karin Gardner - Email removed 2013-05-14
Gayla Garrett - 2012-02-10
Linda Gerhardt - 2005-09-06
Dan Gillespie - 2009-01-14 - Northeast MO State Univ-Kirksville MO - Law Enforcement
Mike Grathwohl - BIO & Picture - 2003-12-08
Sharon Grathwohl - 2005-03-09
George Gregory - 2010-08-12
Eric Griffin - 2009-01-15
Carolyn Gross - 2006-09-12
Patti Guy - 2014-06-25

Bill Hanlin - 2005-10-31
William Haws & Amorette Sackreiter - Email removed 2007-04-17
Walter Henderson - Email removed 2009-02-27
Judy Henry - 2010-08-21
Claudia Hiley - 2007-05-04
Franny Hoffman - 2005-09-25
John Hofsess - 2005-01-25
Susan Hogan - 2005-11-06
Doretta Jean Jackson - Email removed 2011-11-07
Patti Jackson - 2005-09-15
Barbara Jones - Email removed 2006-07-01
Kirk Kelly - 2005-02-25
Jon Kempton - 2010-09-06
Gary Kespohl - Email removed 2016-05-01
John Kurtz
Diane LaHue - Email removed 2010-07-27
Barbara Lambert - 2007-01-24
Gary Lear - 2006-02-04
Bobby "Big" Lewis - Email removed 2006-02-23
Wayne Long - 2005-04-21
John Marquardt - 2009-12-15 - Univ of MO-Columbia - Education
James Martin - 2016-11-04

Joe May - 2002-07-18
Tom McGinity - Email removed 2006-06-03 - M.A. from St L Univ in 1985 - Land use Planning and Development
Connie McMinn - 2009-10-26
Mike Megarity - Email removed 2011-11-06
Gene Miles
Helen Miller - BIO
Susan Modlin - 2010-09-12 - BIO
Marcus Monroe - 2004-05-21
Allen Moore - Email removed 2012-02-26
Jack Morgan - BIO - 2003-05-07 - Univ of MO-Columbia - BS Chem Engineering 1970, Juris Doctor 1971
Don Morris - 2012-05-01
Carl Morrow -
 Email removed 2017-11-06
Tom Moseley - 2005-08-21
Bob Neds - 2004-09-27
Suzanne Neukomm - 2010-09-20
Susie Nirmaier - Picture - Email removed 2010-04-10
Janice O'Malley - Email removed 2006-05-04
Betty Overton - 2012-11-12
Chris Owens

Karen Owens, deceased (2011-11-22)
John Patterson - 2009-06-16
George Peterson - 2005-11-07
Verna Piper - 2007-04-03
Phil Pratt - 2015-04-05 - University of Missouri - California Department of Insurance
Vicki Pugh - 2015-05-26
Jeslyn Rader - 2005-08-22
Randy Reeves - 2010-08-25
Peggy Roberts - Email removed 2011-11-07
Randy Rowland - 2005-06-21 - Registered Nurse
Bill Sangster - BIO - 2013-02-05
Ed Sexton - Email removed 2006-06-03
Brenda Sheets - 2010-08-24
Tom Smith - BIO & Pictures - 2010-01-25 - Clinical instructor of anesthesia University of Florida
Jim Snider
Dennis Spears - Email removed 2007-04-18
Don Sprague - 2007-09-26
Mike Stewart, deceased (2013-07-26)
Stanley Stoner - 2003-10-20
Donna Taylor - Email removed 2008-10-31
Kenneth Taylor - 2007-04-27
Carolyn Unklesbay - 2006-07-07
John Watt - Email removed 2002-03-05
Linda Waggoner - 2004-04-30 - U. of MO - B.S. in Educ.
Mike Whitworth - Email removed 2013-04-02
Kent Wood - Email removed 2015-08-11
Margaret Ann Wright - Email removed 2010-04-11
John Zeigler
Brenda Acton December 21, 2001

I married right out of high school and remained so for twenty-two years.  My husband and I ran a mechanical repair business in Columbia with all phases of repair both new and old.  We had two children who live in the area.  I have four grandchildren, ages, two to six.  When I left Columbia in 1989 I traveled and lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for four years.  I met and still live my current companion.  He also lived in Flagstaff.  He had wanted to go to Alaska for many years so we decided this would be a nice change and the opportunity to explore was practical as we were both still active and eager to travel.  We drove the Al-Can Highway all the way to Alaska. We lived in Anchorage for some two years where I worked for businesses as a sales professional.  I was involved in a bad car accident that interrupted my life and caused me to move to the Kenai peninsula for the next two years.  I really felt that Anchorage was a dangerous city to drive in and proved that by finding out that statistacly it was the second highest place for severe accidents in the United States.  People drive ninety miles an hour in total darkess on glare ice with shinook winds blowing at seventy plus miles per hour.  Since Anchorage is a melting pot of people from all over the world there are no consistant driving habits or patterns.  Bottom line was that I didn't feel I had to stay there.  I worked for The Anchorage Daily news for two years in Kenai, Alaska.  This is the Salmon Capitol of the world.  It is too beautiful to define. The only downfall is that you can't take a normal walk in the woods.  There you are the prey.  Moose and bear own the land.  Anyone who has not been there is missing the most beautiful of all states.  I highly recommend a visit. Unfortunately the unemployment rate runs around thirty per cent in the Kenai area and my companion could not find adequate work to stay employed full time.  My mother became ill and my daughter was about to have a child and I felt I was too far away to be at their side in a moments notice so the decision to return to the lower forty-eight was made.  We drove back down the Al-Can highway in November of 1995 returning to Flagstaff.  Shortly thereafter I returned to Columbia and after that my companion came here as well.  I now own five acres in Millersburg that I am putting together.  I have paid for everything cash out of pocket and continue to improve my new home.  They say ninety per cent of all people return to their homes which appears to be quite accurate.  My desire is to have a summer house in Flagstaff as this humidity and sweltering heat is starting to annoy me.  Plus I have lots of friends there.  My ex-husband moved to Florida.  As you can see we went to opposite ends of the United States which accurately describes just how much we wanted to get away from each other.  I work for the Columbia Daily Tribune and will celebrate my fifth year in April of 2002.
Jay Delmez August 29, 2010

I am a kidney specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis and Professor of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine.  My wife (Katie) and I live in the Central West End but return to Columbia frequently to assist my 97 year old mother and 94 year old father.  I have never attended a Hickman reunion and look forward to it this year (2010).
Barbara Duggar Apirl 21, 2001

Barbara married David Curtis, Kewpie class of 63, in 1966.  They have 3 children and live in Warrensburg, MO.  She is now The Rev. Curtis.  She pastors two rural United Methodist Churches, Drakes Chapel and Calhoun UMC. Barbara is a licensed sky diver, gardener, and public speaker.  In 2001 she spent several weeks in the Wilderness of Zinn, camping with Bedouins and riding her camel.  In 2000, she backpacked to the top of Camel's Hump, Vermont and spent a week hiking the Long Trail.  In 1999, Barbara put the rear wheels of her bicycle in the Chespeake Bay at Yorktown, VA and headed west.  David flew to Oregon two months later and picked her up at Florence, OR where she was putting the front wheels of her bike in the Pacific Ocean.  She rode 4318.6 miles, crossed the continental divide 9 times and camped out most of the time.  She did it alone.  In 2000, she became a grandmother for the first time as daughter, Elizabeth presented her with Taryn Grace Dwyer.  Elizabeth and James live in Eldon, MO where she teaches at a state school for the developmentaly disabled.  Elizabeth is Barbara's youngest, 28 (as of April 2001).  Son Matthew, 30, is a pharmacist at KU Med Center in Kansas City (still single).  Daughter, Melissa, 33, is Director of Human Resources for Pacific Northern Company in Dallas, TX.  She, too, is single.

Mike Grathwohl December 8, 2003
I skipped my Senior year at Hickman and actually graduated in August of '64. All of this, not because I was brilliant...quite the opposite. I attended a Seminary in Kansas City, my 1st year of High School. I was a "bobo" and had to repeat my Freshman year...so we moved to Columbia and I attended my 1st year over at Jeff Jr. Sharon, my sis...as you may recall..."loved" that...NOT! After Hickman, I attended the U of Mo for a year and then enlisted in the Marine Corps. I spent 4 years as an Air Traffic Controller in such places as Beaufort, SC..Futema, Okinawa and Quang Tri, VietNam. I ended my last tour as a Sergeant at MCAS El Toro, CA., in May of '69. I bounced back and forth between MO and CA for about 8 years...until I finally decided "California or Bust" for good. I then spent 13 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and worked for Lockheed Missles and Space Co for 5 1/2 years. Married and moved to New Hampshire for about 8 years, divorced and moved to N. Carolina for a year. Moved to the frozen north (Minnesota...) and changed my name to "Nanuk". Been here since 1997. I have been in Engineering for over 20 years. I am a Sr. Engineering Designer for United Defense (a Defense Contractor) and have been here for 3 yrs. I work on Pro/Engineer...3D Solid Modeling CAD software and design electro/mechanical parts for 155mm Self-propelled Howitzers. I love the company and the job very much. I have two Yorkies and I do lots of landscaping and gardening. (..and snow shoveling...)
Helen Miller May 7, 2001

After spending a year studying French in Switzerland right after Hickman, I went to MU where I graduated with a major in French and minors in Italian and German.  I married Dan Kallenbach (class of '65) and we travelled around while he was in the army (Virginia, California, Texas, Maryland, Thailand).
  While Dan was in grad school (Architecture at Yale) I started working in hospital management.  I wasn't interested in it, but the hospital was right across the street from our apartment.  We had our first daughter, Elizabeth, in 1973 and our second, Cynthia, in 1976 after we moved to Minneapolis where Dan got his first architecture job.
  After 10 years in that beautiful but cold city we decided to move to California were we have been living for 15 years.  I decided to go back to my love of languages and got a master's in education and linguistics and began teaching at California State University - Sonoma in the Intensive English Program (teaching English to International Students).  About a year ago I became the director of the program.
  Our girls are grown now - Elizabeth is working on her Master's degree in Archaeology/Museum Studies and Cynthia just got her BA in Geography and is looking for a job in the Bay Area using GIS.
  Life is good.  We have a nice place in the hills west of Occidental, CA in Sonoma County - the beautiful wine country.  We love visitors, so if any of your are out west - stop by.
Susan Modlin May 3, 2001

Even though I haven't spent much time in Columbia since our 1965 graduation (I went to college in Colorado, my dad died while I was in college, my mother moved to Colorado, and the rest of my life took root out there as well), I'm still sentimental about my home town.  My degrees are in psychology and counseling.  I've had an "eclectic" work history (paralegal negotiator at the Colorado Springs DA's consumer fraud office, crime victim advocate (Boulder DA's Office), a counseling private practice (8 years), and now publicist for a non-profit that helps people research health care information).  My first husband (19 year marriage) died of cancer in 1988.  No kids on purpose.  I'm remarried (10 years) and live in the mountains west of Boulder.  I have a large greenhouse where I can grow real tomatoes (and other stuff) at 8400 feet.  I do a lot of volunteer work on environmental causes and travel.
Jack Morgan May 7, 2003

Following graduation from law school at MU in 1971, I spent 26 years in the military as a JAG attorney.  I served in the Army for 4 years and then in the Air Force for 22 years.  I was stationed throughout the US and in Korea.  My expertise was primarily in criminal law.  I taught at the Air Force JAG (legal) school, served as a circuit judge travelleing to bases throughout the central U.S. and in my last assignement I served as an appellate judge on the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals in Washisngton, DC. I retired from the Air Force as a Colonel in 1999 and returned to Missouri to work for the Judicial Branch of Missouri government.  I live in Columbia but work in Jefferson City where I am the Director of the State Fine Collection Center.  The Center is a central violations bureau that process traffic tickets for over half of Missouri's counties.  I am enjoying being back in Columbia where I continue to be an avid Mizzou sports fan.  My father died in 1987 but my mother is alive and still lives in Columbia.  My wife Debbie and I have 3 children.  Our daughter Stacey is an attorney in Kansas City.  Our son Jay is a Captain in the Air Force and our son William is a junior at Mizzou.
Susie Nirmaier September 11, 2005
Bill Sangster May 3, 2001

After 28 years as a physician I am trying to learn "new tricks".  I am doing a fellowship in Health Informatics at MU. (Computers applied to medicine)  I am having a blast learning all sorts of new things and being back on campus.  It is really true when they say that education is wasted on the young. I would love to get together with other old Kewpies now that I am back in town so please get in touch.
Rally, rally, rally for the Purple and Gold!
Tom Smith January 25, 2010

Director for the Florida State Association of Nurse Anesthetists and candidate for president elect 2011.

Was Southern States Bodybuilding Champion 2008 and will be going to the Nationals in 2010 to compete in bodybuilding.

Took my experience from the road and currently am a music minister at Turning Point in St Augustine, Florida. We are a progressive Christian pop/rock orchestra.

Clinical instructor of anesthesia University of Florida (Go Gators)