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Ralph Silberman - Chairperson
Donna Allee - BIO - Email removed 2009-02-26
Gwen Athen - Email removed 2010-07-27
Bill Barnett - Deceased (2007-12-28)
Patsy Baize
Mike Baker - 2003-11-06
Jayme Barr - Email removed 2009-02-27
Donna Battle - 2005-01-06
Steve Baumgatner & Lynda Smith
Carol Bea - Email removed 2005-03-08
Larry Berkley - 2002-07-02
Terry Beverly - 2004-08-12 
Mary Bodard - Deceased March 26, 2023
Sam Bornhauser
Donna Brady - Email removed 2009-02-26
Larry Brown - 2009-04-28
Barry Brummett - 2004-02-25
Beverly Burge - Email removed 2018-11-19 - University of Missouri - Columbia - B. S. Agriculture/Horticulture
Sharon Calvin - Email removed 2011-01-24
Phil Cathey - Email removed 2010-04-11
Steve Chapman - Email removed 2008-10-31 - University of Georgia - Ph.D.--Child and Family Development
Lynn Clayton - 2002-07-11 - U of MO - BS in Ed
Debra Cole - 2010-01-03 - Stephens College - Marketing
Constance Cornwell - 2014-10-10 - MU- BS & MA Speech & Drama, Retired career high school teacher
Don Dalton - 2003-11-02

Klara Dannar - BIO - 2002-02-19
David Daugherty - 2009-03-14
Tim Dinneen - Email removed 2002-04-07
Linda Dorrel - 2012-04-03
Wanda Eichelberger - Email removed 2008-10-31

James Flood
Alan Forbis - Email removed 2018-11-20
Duncan Frazier - 2003-11-05
Judith Galeota - Email removed 2017-11-07
Linda Garrison
Pat Gates - Email removed 2004-02-17
Teresa Gibbons - 2014-019
Alex Gimarc - 2004-01-19

Karla Goebel - Email removed 2008-10-31
Michael Grant - Deceased July 2021 - BIO
Pat Grathwohl - Email removed 2003-09-12
Steve Hogan - 2002-02-07
Mary Hulett - Email removed 2002-11-10
William Hull - 2014-04-26 -  1974 BS - NW Missouri State Univ   1980 MBA - Illinois State Univ
                                               Retired Domain Services Engineering Specialist – Country Financial
Connie Jacoby - 2022-06-05
Joyce Johannesen - 2008-05-08

Chuck Johnson - 2013-04-17
George Keepers - 2004-11-05 - Baylor College of Medicine - M.D.
Karen Kemper - BIO - 2003-01-14 - Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Mary Kintner - Email removed 2002-07-21
Peggi Klein - Email removed 2002-10-08
Mary Kovacs - Email removed 2013-05-25
Stephanie Kren - Email removed 2008-10-31
Karen Kunkel - 2006-08-04
Fran Lentz - 2007-07-12 - St Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing - RN
Fred Lewis - (Jabari Simama) - BIO - 2004-01-30 - Emory University - PH.D.
Phyllis Lowrey - 2009-09-25
Cathy Marriott - Email removed 2015-09-15
Gary Martt - 2002-09-10
Anne McCaskill - 2011-07-27
Bill McKee - 2011-01-04
Linda Menges - BIO - 2006-08-26
Albert Miller - BIO - 2004-02-29 - Adelphi Univ, BSW & MSW; Princeton University, MA & PhD -
                                                        Associate Professor of Religion at Oberlin College
Connie Mitchell - 2009-04-04
Connie Moore - 2009-04-04
Jim Morris - Deceased August 12, 2019 BIO
Patsy Morton - 2007-08-12
Vicki Morton - 2007-08-22
Marjorie Neal - Email removed 2011-11-07
Ed Onofrio - Email removed 2004-04-28
Charles Paige - 2009-10-25 - Broadcast Television Promotion and Programming
Bob Parsons - 2006-01-27
Rick Payne - 2002-10-09
Janet Poe - 2005-10-07
Tressie Robinson - 2008-07-17 - University of Central Missouri - BME-vocal and band
Curtis Russell
Mary Sadich - 2003-01-15 - University of MO/ University of VA - Speech and Language Pathologist
Debbie Sappington - Email removed 2011-11-07
Charlene Schiesser - Email removed 2017-11-07
Emily Schroeder
Cecil Schull - Email removed 2008-10-31
Rebecca Schulte - Email removed 2008-06-25
Scott Shelton - Email removed 2008-09-06
Abby Shock - Email removed 2004-05-19
Ralph Silberman - 2002-08-10
Debbie Smith (Deceased) - Kewpie of the Month, April & May 2000
Marilyn Steward - 2009-10-03
Martha Sue Taylor - Email removed 2002-06-17
Linda Thornton - BIO - Email removed 2008-10-31
Martha Toalson
Jeane Thompson - Email removed 2009-02-27
Lou Washington - 2006-07-09
Kathleen Weir - Email removed 2009-02-27
Wendy Wells - 2002-07-11 - Un of MO Columbia - BSMT (Bachelor of Science-Medical Technology)
Kevin Welch - Deceased (Sept 29, 2015)
Linda Whitesides - 2018-07-16
Kathleen Whitt - 2008-05-18

Donald Wood - BIO & Picture - Email removed 2009-02-27
Virginia Woodruff - Email removed 2004-06-09

Donna Allee
July 10, 2002

Hi!  I got married right after high school to Eddie Sachs and after 33 years of marriage we are still very happy.  We moved to Ashland in 1970 and have been here ever since.  We are co-owners of the Little General Stores in Columbia which used to keep us very busy.  As we get older though, we would much rather be playing golf and traveling.  We have 5 children.  Rebecca,27 years old, married to Jason and they have a 3 year old daughter named Kylie.  They also have another baby on the way.  Nathan, 26 years old, married to Jessica and they have 2 daughters, Mikaila, age 6 and Paige, age 5.  Erik is 23 years old and enjoying the good life of a single man.  We have 2 children still at home with us.  Joshua, age 12, in the 7th grade and Andrea, age 10, in the 4th grade.  They both go to the Ashland School.  Between children and grandchildren we do stay very busy, but we enjoy all of it.
Klara Dannar February 19, 2002

Hello! I moved from Columbia in 1976, to Ann Arbor, MI.  After several years of messing around with school I finally gradutated from the Univ of MI with a degree in nursing.  Currently I am am working (slowly) on a graduate degree in Community Health.  About six years ago I moved from the city to an old farm house just a few minutes away.  My husband and I are organic gardners, love the rural life, chasing yard sales,and plan to retire on a remote Northern Michigan island in a few years.  My daughter, Sara, lives in Pennsylvania so I travel there often. I have attended the 20th and 30th reunions and have enjoyed seeing old friends.  I usually come to MO several times a year and am always hoping to run into folks.  Seems Wal-mart is a hot spot!
Michael Grant 2009-06-16

I went to the University of Missouri in Columbia.  I got a B.S. Social Work.  I worked for several years at the Mid Mo. Mental Health Center.  Opps I forgot a REAL important fact.  During my college years I got re-aquainted with the lady that was to become my wife.  We got re-aquainted during the summer of my sophmore year.  She was a junior at Hickman(Class of 72).  It was none other than Olivia C. Williams.  She was working at the new K-Mart at the time, and I had went through her line, and began flirting and ask her for her phone number. PAYDIRT!  Now let me explain the re-aquainted.  When we were young (elementary school), we both took piano lessons from Ms. A. Ballenger, who was the pianist and organist at Broadway Baptist Chuirch.  This lady had been giving lessons for decades.  I would be finishing my lesson when she would show up.  You see she was better than me, and a little smart-alec. like Margaret, on Dennis the Menace.  Well fast forward, got married and started a family.  We have 2 daughters.  During the early 80's I went back to school and got a Masters of Science in Public Health.  After moving to Dallas  I was a free lance Health Columnist, For the Dallas Weekly, the largest Black Newspaper in Dallas.  During this time I was also a Certified HIV Educator, doing seminars and education on  safe sex practices.  I landed a job as a Union Representative for The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, 125.  This kept me busy but it was very rewarding.  When you save a persons job and reverse a wrong, you have done GODS Business.  Well my children are grown and successful and am awaiting my great granddaughter to come into the world.  I am old.  I am in the process of starting my own business but health related issues are getting in the way, but I am not going to let it keep me back-besides I'm a KEWPIE.
Karen Kemper January 14, 2003

I lived in Kansas City for 18 years, but it has been great being back in Columbia for the past 11.  There are great old Kewpies here that I see often.
Fred Lewis - (Jabari Simama) January 31, 2004

Former City Councilman Jabari Simama (Fred Lewis HHS'69) brings a fresh, original voice to social and political commentary.  His quick wit, concise writing style, and unconventional messages have made him a highly sought after speaker and television and radio guest.

Simama is a former Atlanta city councilman and professor of radio, television and film at Clark Atlanta University.  From 1994-1998, he wrote a highly acclaimed and popular weekly column for Creative Loafing Magazine.  While doing so, he was named by a competing magazine as one of “five columnists in Atlanta worth reading.”  He has appeared on national television shows such as: “Hardball with Chris Matthews” CNN’s “Talk Back Live,” “ABC News,” and “CNN News.”

In 1980 Jabari Simama was hired as the original general manager of the Center for Community Television in Atlanta (now People TV).  He built and developed this award-winning community media station and directed it until the end of 1986.  During and afterwards, he has had considerable production and on-air talent experience.

Jabari Simama is the former communications director for Mayor Bill Campbell.  Presently he is an executive in the Office of Mayor Shirley Franklin where he directs an $8 million nationally acclaimed community technology and Internet initiative.  He has worked with, or for, all four African-American Atlanta Mayors.  In 1993, his peers on the Atlanta City Council elected him President Pro-Tem of the Council and their representative to the Metropolitan Atlanta Olympic Games Authority.

Jabari Simama has lived in Atlanta since 1973.  He grew up in Columbia, Missouri, attending Lincoln University, the University of Bridgeport, the former Atlanta University, and Emory University, where he earned a Ph.D. in African American Studies.  He a nationally recognized authority in community media and technology and is well known and respected throughout Atlanta.

Linda Menges August 27, 2006
I am living with my mohter 91 1/2 yrs old. Had to quit work to take care of her. Moved back from Nebraska in 2005 to care for her.
I have two girls, Jessica who is 27ys old, Katrina who just turned 15 yrs old.
I have two grand daughters.
Jerry Toogood who I had married out of high school lives out here now along with his brother Craid Toogood.
Joined this net work to try and locate other people that I had been friends with when going to high school.
Hope to hear from some of you soon!
Linda (menges)Ramsey
Albert Miller February 29, 2004 (I graduated in the 1970 academic year but was a part of the 1969 class)

Albert G. Miller who is affectionately known as “A.G.” has taught at Oberlin College since 1991 and holds the post of Associate Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion, where he teaches American and African American religious history.  He received B.S.W. and M.S.W. degrees in social work from Adelphi University and the M.A. and Ph.D. in religion from Princeton University and has done further study at Union Theological Seminary in New York, New York and Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado. He is also an ordained Senior Minister and a District Minister for the Midwest District in The House of The Lord Pentecostal Church.

A.G. is the author of the book, Elevating the Race: Theophilus G. Steward, Black Theology, and the Making of an African-American Civil Society, 1865-1924, which was released in the summer 2003 by the University of Tennessee Press.  Miller is also presently researching and writing a second book entitled, Fundamentally Black: The Rise of Evangelicalism on the African-American Community.  Miller has written several articles including, “The Construction of a Black Fundamentalist Worldview: The Role of Bible Schools” in African Americans and the Bible: Sacred Texts and Social Textures edited by Vincent L. Wimbush, New York: Continuum, 2000; and “The Rise of Black Evangelicalism in American Culture” in Perspectives on American Religion and Culture, published by Blackwell Publishers, Ltd. 1999; and “At-Risk Youth, At-Risk Church: What Jesus Christ and Black Teenagers are Saying to the Black Church” in The Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church and Culture, published by Princeton Theological Seminary.

Before his academic career, A.G. served in various administrative positions.  He served as Director of Recruitment and Training with Young Life's National Office of Urban Affairs, Denver, Colorado from 1982 to 1986 and as Addiction Program Administrator at the Bedford-Stuyvesant Comprehensive Alcoholism Treatment Center, Brooklyn, New York from 1979 - 1980.  He has worked as a social worker with a variety of social work and youth serving agencies such as the YMCA/Career Opportunities for Brooklyn Youth and the Protestant Board of Guardians - Youth Guardian Services in Brooklyn, New York.  A.G. also served as a Group Home Director and Child Care Counselor with Project Contact of the Educational Alliance, New York, New York.

A.G.’s ministry experience varies widely.  He served as Organizing Minister, The House of the Lord Pentecostal Fellowship, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1988 to 1991 and as Associate Minister with The House of the Lord Pentecostal Church, Brooklyn, New York from 1980 to 1982.  He has served as youth minister of Young Life Stamford, Connecticut and New Life on the Lower East Side in New York, New York.  He is presently the pastor of a new and developing congregation in Oberlin, Ohio.

Locally A.G. is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Save Our Children, Inc of Asbury United Methodist Church in Elyria, Ohio.  He serves on the Board of Director of Lorain County Access, an agency that promotes higher education in Lorain County, Ohio and on the committee of the Oberlin Community Youth Scholarship Fund.  A.G. also is a founding advisory committee member of The Bridge, Oberlin’s free community computer technology center.  He is also a founding member of Oberlin Black Alliance for Progress (OBAP), a local grassroots community organization.

A.G. is married to Brenda Grier-Miller for 27 wonderful years and the father of four marvelous children: Isoke, Caleb, Imani and Opuruiché.

Jim Morris - February 22, 2009 (Deceased August 12, 2019)
After high school I married Courtney (Corky) Brown. Went to work for the U.S. Postal Service for 3 1/2 years and decided I was not meant for the "different" hours there. Corky is an R.N. and happy with her choices with that. We moved to Blue Springs Missouri in 1973, went to work for Jack Cooper Transport in January 1976 and have been there ever since. Have two GREAT kids a boy(man)Jay and a daughter Becky and the two best granddaughters in the world Madi & Shelby. Still very happily married and we are both looking to possible retirement soon. Presently we are in Grain Valley, Missouri. HERE IS TO THE CLASS OF 69 AND CONTINUING SUCCESSES TO ALL!

Linda Thornton January 6, 2002
I went to work at the University Hospital in the dietary department.  I have been working there full-time since April of 1969.  I have enjoyed it very much but I am ready to retire.  I got married in May 1977 to a wonderful guy. We are still married and are still in love today.  We have a son that I had in 1970 before I was married to Joe.  We also have a daughter from Joe's previous marriage.  We didn't get blessed with a child of our own which I deepley regret.  Michael(son) is 31 lives in Illinois just graduated from college is going to be a teacher in high school.  He has a son (Zachary) 16 months old & beautiful wife named Missy.  Our daughter (Monti) lives in Bowling Green is married to Keith and they have two daughters (Christa age 9), (Shyenne age 6).  I am very happy with my life choices and I am doing great.
Donald Wood November 25, 2007

I left Hickman and Columbia in 1968 to serve our country in the United States Air Force.  In 1972 I separated from the Air Force for a short period only to return and make the Air Force a career retiring in 1991.  Thanks to a couple of friends, I met and married my wonderful wife Elaine Watson, whom I had known since preschool. We have been happily married for 35 years now.  We have 2 beautiful children fortunate enough to have both a daughter and son.  They have blessed us with 5 grandchildren.  Together we have traveled and seen much of this world, living in 17 different states and countries.  I drive over the road for SMC continuing to see sites and highways.  When not driving for a living, we enjoy traveling to Colorado, Minnesota and yes Missouri.  We are very active in our church and serve our Lord in many ways.  For fun we enjoy our Harley Davidson Motorcycles, that's right we have 2, and enjoy riding and seeing sites on them.  Last year we became very active in CMA (Christian Motor Cyclist Association) www.cmausa.org (cornerstone chapter)  A big mission we accomplish in doing this ministry is prison ministry anywhere from local prisons to prisons in Louisiana.  Oh did I mention we enjoy traveling.