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Charley Blackmore, '98
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50th Reunion was June 9 & 10, 2023

40th Reunion was June 21 & 22, 2013
There was NO 35th Reunion scheduled for 2008
30 Reunion was August 8 & 9, 2003"

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Dana Estill & Marcia Baker - Chairpersons - Emails removed 2007-04-27
Theresa Abernathy - 2006-09-18
Vernon Anderson - 2009-12-14
Larry Asay - BIO - 2010-12-02 - Utah State University - BS Engineering
Dorothy Ballew - 2013-05-04
Glenn Ballew - 2014-07-05

Karen Barnes - 2005-07-08 - Penn Valley Community College, Columbia College - Physical Therapist
Marcia Barnes - 2003-03-29 - Univ of MO, Columbia & Southern IL Univ, Carbondale - B.S. in Ed.; MS in Ed; Sr Mgr, Research Adm, American Heart Association National Center, Dallas
Susan Barnett - 2009-11-06
Steve Bender - 2023-04-03

Chip Berkley - Email removed 2007-05-20
Mark Blackmore - Email removed 2013-05-25 - MU-Columbia - Masters in Music Education
David Bolander - 2007-05-22
Roy Bond - 2008-12-24
Ronda Bower, died November 26, 2020
Ann Brandecker - 2003-04-18
Steve Brown - 2008-05-10
Michael Burnham - 2003-06-02
Jackie Burton - BIO - 2023-01-14
Karen Campbell - 2016-02-06 - Veterinary Dermatologist

Ta-kuang Chang
Dixie Clark - Email removed 2010-04-11
Jim Clark & Pam Reynolds - 2002-01-16
Brian Collins - 2011-01-21
Peggy Corwin - 2007-05-29
Cindy Davis - 2014-02-28
Dave Decker - Email removed 2003-11-17

Sue Dobbs - 2008-02-19
Leonard Douglas - Email removed 2011-11-07 - Columbia College, Columbia, MO - B.S. Business Administration 1979
Frank Ehler - Email removed 2009-02-27
Hank Emerson - Email removed - 2018-11-19  
Jim Fadler - Email removed 2003-01-25
Robert Flood - 2010-07-10
Skip Franklin - BIO - Email removed 2017-11-07 - Oklahoma State University - Computer Tech Support
Gene Frazier - Email removed 2007-05-20
Kevin Fyer
Anne Gaughan - Email removed 2007-05-20 - Stephens College and Bay de Noc Community College -
Graphic Arts/Data Processing
Bill George - BIO - 2007-05-20 - Univ of MO, N Dakota State, St. Thomas Univ - BSEE, MSSE
Cynthia Gordon - 2007-08-01 - DePaul Univ Law School/Rush Univ Medical College - have both a JD and an MD
Beverly Gore - Email removed 2011-11-06
Doug Grindstaff - BIO - 2002-01-17
Donna Harris - Email removed 2002-08-06
Laura Harris - Email removed 2010-04-11
Deborah Hart - Email removed 2014-09-24 - L.D.S. Business College, Salt Lake City, UT - Associate Degree in Bus Adm
Linda Heafley - BIO & Picture - 2006-10-29
Lori Hegstad - Email removed 2007-05-20
Ramona Hendricks - 2002-01-18
Stan Hennigh - 2008-11-22
Kathe Hentges - BIO - 2007-06-30
Randy Hilger - 2008-02-02
Priscilla Hill - 2008-08-10
Debra Horrell - 2009-09-07
Teresa Howard - 2015-03-18

Bob Jackson - 2002-01-18
Terry Jennings - 2009-03-30
Janice Jones - 2013-04-07
David Junk - 2007-07-22
Kerry Kerr - 2015-02-03 - Un of MO - Columbia 1977/Pittsburg State Univ - Pittsburg KS 1985
BS Industrial Arts Educ./MS Industrial Arts Educ
Holly King - Email removed 2007-05-20
Mary Kultgen - 2002-11-11 - Stephens College - BA
Candy Kreigh
Don Lee - Email removed 2007-05-20
Susan Linder - BIO - Email removed 2007-05-20
David Linneman - BIO - Email removed 2007-05-20
Malcolm Lodwick - Email removed 2003-01-25
Ron Logan
Kathy Long - 2009-01-21
Wendell Long, died June 30, 2015
Dave Loring - 2008-07-27
Sami Lucas - Email removed 2002-11-07
Debbie Luebbert - 2005-08-26
Brad Luecke - 2002-12-28
Nancy Lundsted - 2007-10-13
Jeff Lynch - 2005-07-12
Scott Marshall - 2012-01-12
Anita Martin - 2023-06-24

Duane McGee - 2003-03-06
Nancy McQuigg - Email removed 2012-09-01
Sabra Meyer - Email removed 2007-05-20 - William Woods - History
Mitch Moore - 2002-04-18 - University of Missouri - Attorney
Linda Morgan - Email removed 2007-05-20
Pat Morrison - BIO - 2005-04-19
Mary Mountjoy - Email removed 2011-01-23
Charlie Nicastro - 2009-10-27
Dave Nichols - 2008-07-13
Eric Niewoehner - Email removed 2009-02-26
Bill Olin - died November 24, 2018
Terry Lynn Palmer - 2010-07-30 - University of Missouri - B.S. Education
Dan Parker - 2007-05-24
Debbie Parman - died August 23, 2017 - BIO
Lesley Pauley - Email removed 2009-02-27
Dwight Rhodes - BIO - 2003-08-04 - Truman State Univ. - BS - Law Enforcement, 1976; Police Sergeant
Elaine Roberts - BIO - Email removed 2013-05-25
DeAnna Roemer
Gena Russell - BIO - 2002-06-17 - Columbia College - BA
Ken Sapp - 2017-02-15
Nancy Sappington - 2008-08-04

John Semon - Email removed 2007-05-20
Terry Shaw - 2002-01-21
Roberta Shields - 2009-09-10
Terri Sietz - 2010-03-04
Eleanor Silberman - Email removed 2007-05-20
Jeannie Slate - Email removed 2013-05-25
Marty Smith - 2002-01-20
Rosemary Smith - 2015-09-12

Maya Spier - BIO - 2005-09-27 - Evergreen State College - Premed, psychology and writing
Clint St John - Email removed 2007-05-20 - Univ of MO - Sales Rep, Acct. Mgr. MBS Direct
Donald Stamper - 2010-09-20
Tom Stock - BIO - 2007-05-21 - NE Missouri State (now Truman) - Video/film editor
Donna Stone - 2003-08-31
Robin Stroud - BIO - 2011-02-28
Jim Sublett - 2002-08-26
Mike Swanson - 2009-11-29
Susan Swearingen - 2016-03-27

Steve Swope - Email removed 2002-04-28
Mark Tapley - 2012-04-18
Cynthia Tennyson - 2006-11-23

Nancy Thomann - Email removed 2014-09-24
Deborah Toalson - 2013-06-10
Leslie Tray - Email removed 2006-11-16

Bob Turner - 2002-03-22
David Vaught - 2011-01-24 - University of Missouri - Doctorate - Professor
George Wakerlin - 2011-02-06
Mike Walter - 2010-02-05
Donna Walters - BIO - 2003-03-02
Derrick Washington - 2008-09-09
Bruce Whitesides
Paul Wieschhaus - 2009-10-15
Richard Williams - 2002-06-11
Debra Winingear - Email removed 2002-08-06
Mark Wobbe - 2009-09-13
Leslie Woods - Email removed 2010-10-09
Jessica Worden - 2003-06-20 - Rockhurst College, Kansas City, MO - B.S. in Biology
Mariam Wright - Email removed 2007-05-20
Randy Wyatt - 2003-08-12 - University of Missouri - manufacturer's representative
Cindy Zimmerman - 2008-07-21
Larry Asay December 2, 2010

I graduated from Utah State University in Engineering.  Worked for Morton Thiokol on the Space Shuttle Program and for Ford Motor Co.  I retired from Ford in 2006.  I have been Married since 1979 and have 4 daughters.  We live now on a lake in Northern Utah.
Jackie Burton September 3, 2006

My husband and I moved to Peoria, AZ in 2002. We moved from Plano, TX which we miss alot. My parents live here in AZ and my brother Randy lives in Flagstaff with his family.
I was a Dental Assit. for many years and then got into outside sales. I no longer work and enjoy decorating and other crafts.
The weather is great out here in the winter but the summer's are a bit hot.
I miss Coumbia and all my friends back home. I don't get back as often as I use to.
Looking forward to our next reunion in a couple of yrs. and seeing the class of "73".

Skip Franklin January 26, 2002
Born and raised in Moberly, MO. Moved to Columbia in 1971. Family stills lives in Columbia area. Joined US Air Force in 1975. Retired in 1995. Work for US Postal Service. Married Lynn Crowley of Hallsville in 1973, divorced in 1976. Married Cindy Bezler of Columbia in 1978, divorced in 1983. Married a military woman, Linda from North Carolina in 1985, still married. Cindy and I had a boy, Scott. His family pretends that I'm not alive. Linda has two sons from a previous marriage with Harris Ball of NC, Michael and Jeffrey. We had a son, Keith who still lives with us. My hobbies are computers, military history and historical board wargames.
Bill George
May 25, 2003
Moved to Minnesota to work at a Young Life resort camp and finished my degree in Bio-Medical engineering at NDSU.  Met My best friend, Maree at SU and married her.  Since then completed a masters degree in Software Engineering and traveled to Japan and South America for work.  I work in research at Medtronic the World's leader in implantable medical devices.  Spend much of my time trying to keep up with My Three Son's, which includes coaching soccer and snowboarding.
Doug Grindstaff January 17, 2002

Went into Air Force six days after graduation, was a VietNam Vet for 3 yrs., became a Police Officer after leaving service.  Stayed in the LEO Field for 14 yrs., then built Target Masters; a Indoor Range & Pro-Shop Facility-In Columbia.  I have been there for 11 yrs. [ '91- present...]  Divorced twice...they could not handle me!  :-)  I am waiting for the 2003' Reunion!  Maybe a old female classmate will be there  !  KOOL!    DG

Linda Heafley October 29, 2006
Well for those of you that graduated in 1973, like me you are 50+ years old and have accomplished a multitude of events the last 30+ years.  I have 2 grown sons, a wonderful husband and a slew of careers to my credit. I lived in Los Angeles most of my adult years and will always feel like that is 'home'. I am presently living in Waco, Texas, don't ask, with my husband.

I am the director of nursing for a 224 bed skilled nursing facility and responsible for 200+ employees. My other life was in radio and television. I have lost contact with everyone that I went to high school with and would like very much to hear from all of you that knew me at one time.

I am very much in the 'reflective' stage of my life. Looking at the pages of our yearbook. Hoping to see something about those that shared my early years on the website.

I wish you all much love, health and happiness.

Linda Lee Heafley-Allen

Kathe Hentges June 30, 2007
I graduated from MU in 1977 and spent the next few years moving from town to town with my husband Alan living life as a corporate gypsy. Norman, OK has been home for the past 24 years. We have 2 grown sons and a daughter-in-law, all living on the East Coast. I am the office manager for our county's child abuse response center and serve as the coordinator for the Child Abuse Response and Treatment Team. I'l love to hear from you.
Susan Linder January 23, 2002

Hi!  It has been a long time since I have heard from anyone from DHHS.  I am still married to my first husband, my apologies to all who lost money on that bet.  We have raised two children, built four homes and relocated many times.  Our son is now home from the Marine Corps (thankfully) and will marry soon.  He is working in law enforcement. Our daughter is married and is an accountant.  Our son-in-law is working on his master's in education.  We are now enjoying the peace and quiet without the joys of finding frogs in the Tupperware or curlers in the floor.  I'm sure all parents can relate.  I would like to hear from my classmates. It is hard to believe almost 30 years have gone by.  We rarely get to Columbia so we are out of the "loop" as it were.
David Linneman January 18, 2002

Married another engineering student after completing a West-Pac Cruise with the U.S. Navy in 1974.  Debra A. Brock (Truman High School 1972) of Independence and are preparing to mark our 28th year together.  We have two sons, one in the navy and one AT MU in their engineering program and raised two nephews, one in the navy and the other living in Virginia.
Pat Morrison April 19, 2005

Hi,I'm still around.  Married 3 times...divorced..oh well!  I live in Tennessee now, moved from MO to California in 1979 then to TN in 1989.  Had one husband from each state, enjoying being single again.  So much for the Betty Crocker homemaker of tomorrow award my senior year.  My kids Chris 28, Matt 27, and Jessica 23 are doing well. I have 4 grandkids.  I live in Hendersonville and enjoy riding my motorcycle on pretty days, camping and gardening.  Younger bro Robert still lives in Columbia.  Oh yeah I also went to college(s) El Camino and Long Beach city in CA and Volunteer State and TSU in TN and became a nurse after being a RDA and singing waitress in my youth.  Life is good would love to hear from fellow KEWPIES.  The only bad part about growing older is having to say goodbye to friends and loved ones.  I hope y'all are doing well, hope to see you at 35th or 40th reunion whichever is next.

Debbie Parman, died August 23, 2017 - November 25, 2002
I married two years out of school.  We are still married.  I have three of the most wonderful children ever. One boy, or I should say, young man, and two daughters. Johnny Jr is 23 and is in the National Gaurd and makes cabinets for a living.  Mary Frances is 19, married to a wonderful young man, Lance.  Claire is 11 and attends Southern Boone County Middle school.
My husband and I served God and our church for 7 years as full-time Supervisors in our Christian school. Pete had to go back to work to help support the minstry.  Our church charged no tuition so we didn't get paid by the church, but we lived in the Pasorate. Pete went back to plumbing and that's what he does today, I continued to work there as a Supervisor for 8 more years, until the church closed the school.  I home-schooled the two girls until the oldest one finished, and put the youngest one in public school.  I then got a job with the Universtiy Library system, a job I love, and that's it in a nutshell.
Dwight Rhodes August 4, 2003

After graduation in 1973 I went to Kirksville, MO and earned a B.S. in Law Enforcement, working part time for the security department and Kirksville Police.  Moved to Kansas City, MO in 1978, where I am now a Sergeant.  Married Joni (Jackson) Waddell of Sydney, IA in 1981, have 4 children currently ages 24 - 20 (Kristi, Lezli, Shannon, Chris.) Divorced earlier this year (2003.)
Police duties now are mainly computer-related.  Earned Certificate in Computer Technology from Rockhurst University in 1999, and now teach database and networking courses there while completing work on an MBA.  Formed a business, Aretek Computing (www.aretek.com), in 1998 to program databases for businesses and government agencies.  My son, Chris, and my son-in-law, Daniel, work with me part-time.
I play the trumpet in several KC area bands (dixieland, swing, salsa bands, community bands, Marching Mizzou Alumni Band) usually performing various places 2 or 3 times per week.
Will be attending the 30th reunion in August, 2003 with my best friend, Jan Marie.
Lainie Roberts (Elaine) January 15, 2004

Graduated in 1973.  Did not attend college or any further education.  Employed by University of Missouri School of Medicine until 1977.  Gained employment with Vickers, Inc. as a Product Coordinator and remained there until 1992, when permanently layed off.  Began employment with Boone County with the Public Works department as an Administrative Coordinator, and am still there to this day.

Married on December 19, 1981 and divorced about 6 years later.  Son, Benjamin William was born on Veteran's Day, November 11, 1988.

Reside just outside Hallsville on 11 acres I own since 1974.

Lost my father in 1986 and my mother in 1992.  Both my brothers, Danny and Pete Roberts graduated from Hickman also in 1968 and 1971 respectively.  Have two nieces and one nephew.  Danny has one daughter and Pete has a son and daughter.  Danny's daughter Jennifer lives in Mansfield Texas.  Pete's daughter Janette lives in Hartsburg and works for a parole affiliation.  She has a master's degree in criminal justice.  Pete's son Michael is attending University of Nebraska obtaining his master's in athletic training.

My son and I reside at home with our two dogs, Shiloh and Cartman and our cat Zorro.

We are members of the Hallsville United Methodist Church.  Ben has been involved in scouting since the 1st grade and is now at Life Rank.  One more rank to start Eagle.

That about sums it up.  Oh, I did take one college course at Columbia College, English Comp I.  I am proud to say that I have a 4.0 in college, as I received an A for the course.  (people are always impressed with the 4.0, until I finally fess up it was based on one class, good for a laugh)

That about sums it up in a nutshell.  Just try to live a quiet, peaceful life and raise a teenager.

Gena Russell June 17, 2002
I am Gena Russell and went to W.Blvd. from K-6 ( 1960-1967), W.Junior High(1967-1970), and D.H.H.Hickman(1970-1973). I was so shy through school that I did venture to go to my 25th reunion in 1993, yes the year of the great flood, and not too many people remembered me. It was nice seeing all the people I remember though. After college, Columbia College, I married a guy I had met, a full blooded Chukchansi indian from California and moved to the reservation land his people still live on in Yosemite California. We had two daugters, and after he died, I moved down to the Mohave Desert in Needles California where I married the second time and we have two sons. My family and I,  just moved up to Oregon where my husband got transfered, and it is wonderful. I have done much from being a jeweler, to working for the Post Office and traveled to Europe and most of the U.S. and Mexico but being with my family is the best place for me. Best of all things to all you Kewpies!
Maya Spier September 27, 2005

I was a wild child and really only attended my sophomore and part of my junior years.  I finished on my own after getting out of juvie.  I'm sure there were a lot of folks who thought I would come to no good end, but there were a lot of people I loved dearly, and they knew better, I think.

I married at 17, had my daughter at 19 and raised her while getting my B.A. in Olympia, WA at The Evergreen State College.  I have worked for the state of Washington since 1983, with a break for more education (computer programming degree).  I speak 6 languages now--Spanish, French, Russian, Hebrew and Italian (as well as English)--in that order of fluency.  I do fine beadwork, fantasy art, have had a bronze sculpture cast.  I sing with an a capella choir.

I have been happily attached/married to the love of my life for over 20 years and we've raised our kids together (his and mine).  I have birds and cats and a dog and a turtle.  I am madly in love with my family and consider myself incredibly rich.  :)

Tom Stock July 7, 2003
My wife of 23 years, Robin, & I made the trek from Missouri to Illinois, Colorado, Florida, & finally to my hometown of Waterloo, IA. (At least our kids are native Missourians!) David, our 23-yr.-old, is a soon-to-be sargeant in the Army Reserves. He & his wife are expecting our first granddaughter (Ava) in November. Jennifer, 20, works for a bill collections company, and is the mother of Benjamin, our 6-month-old grandson. Meagan, 18, will start college this fall as an art education major. Robin is a financial aid officer at a local college (very valuable with 3 in college). I am senior video editor at an area ad agency, shooting and editing commercials, corporate & training videos. In our spare time we garden, exercise our 2 Golden Retrievers (and ourselves), & continue fixing up our 80-yr.-old home. (Yes, the emergency room DOES know me by name.)
Robin Stroud January 29, 2002

Married High school sweetheart Rick Pratt. Recently divorced after 27 years, have 16 year old daughter,Erin, three cats and one dog. Will be moving soon to  Casa Grande, Az. Have lived in Mesa, AZ. for the last 6 years. It is much drier here! Work as an RN at Central Arizona Detention Center in Florence, Az. It's never boring!
Donna Walters March 2, 2003

I still live in Columbia, married twice. Tom and I will celebrate 13 wonderful years this August. I have 2 step boys, Justin is married to a great girl, and Tim is an engineering student at UMC. Tom and I have 18 acres north of Columbia and had our dream home built 2 years ago. In my spare time I quilt and scrapbook. We enjoy watching the deer in our back yard, travling and are wine enthusiast. I am looking forward to attending our class reunion this year.


Was Held

Friday, August 8, 2003
6:30 P.M.
Boone Tavern Restaurant
811 E. Walnut Street
Casual Gathering, Appetizers, Cash Bar

Saturday, August 9, 2003
6:00 P.M. - Social Hour
7:00 P.M. - Dinner
Peachtree Banquet Center
120 E. Nifong Street
Buffet Dinner, Music, Cash Bar