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Tonya Benton - Chairperson
Keith Applegate - 2006-07-23
Brenda Batye - Email removed 2014-05-11
Brent Bell - 2007-05-30
Eric Benus - Email removed 2011-07-18
Tana Blickley - 2003-11-06
Maria Bowling - 2016-06-21
Matt Boyer - BIO - 2017-04-17
Ginger Bradshaw - 2006-10-10
Nancy Brickner - 2008-12-03
Cheree Brooks - 2007-04-01
Kyle Bryant - 2007-04-09
Angie Buuck - 2007-07-07
David Bryant, deceased 2022-07-07

Richard Byrd - 2007-01-11
Dian Canton - Email removed 2010-07-27
Stacie Carleton - Email removed 2010-04-10
Libby Carnahan - 2007-04-01
Butch Carson - 2016-03-21

Ben Caruthers - 2007-03-28
Lisa Chapman - BIO - 2011-10-02
Kimberly Cook - 2007-03-29
Scott Cornell - BIO - 2011-04-23
Denise Cox & Mike Riley - BIO - 2003-07-16
Christy Craig - Email removed 2018-11-20
Shawnda Crawford - BIO - 2009-04-23
Joanna Cummins - BIO & Picture- 2007-01-05
Stephen Cupp - BIO - Email removed 2008-12-18
Jacqueline Curry - 2007-06-01
Marie Davis - 2009-03-28
Teresa Davis - Email removed 2008-11-13
Carol Devier - Email removed 2011-01-24
Lara Dieckmann - 2012-04-28
Lisa Dickson - Email removed 2010-04-12

Stephanie Dirksmeyer - 2007-07-20
Denise Druml - 2024-01-26

Debbie Dorward - 2007-04-23
Vicki Duchrow - 2006-10-28
Tony Ehler - 2006-12-04
Leah Ellis - Email removed 2009-02-27
Abby Fancher - Email removed 2009-02-28 - Mizzou / Colorado State University - BS Mechanical Engineering / MBA
Kerry Flanagan - 2007-03-16
Elizabeth Forte - BIO - Email removed 2009-06-08 - University of Maryland - Ph. D. in Theatre History
Terry Frueh - 2007-07-09 - Oregon State U. - PhD Water Resources Engineering
Gina Garrett - Email removed 2011-11-06
Ethiopia Gebeyehu - 2006-10-15
Jon Gerber - Email removed 2002-04-22
Missy Gibbs - BIO - 2007-03-27 - Fontbonne University - Special Education-Elementary
Melissa Gilpin - BIO - 2017-03-09 - Oklahma State University - Associates in Small Busienss
Rachelle Glynn - 2007-06-27

Tami Gotsch - 2007-03-26
James Guptill - 2006-05-11
Elaine Gurka - 2007-04-02
Teresa Hackler - 2007-03-28
Carolyn Haibach - 2016-09-01

Gwen Handy - 2007-06-08
Christie Hardin (Warneke) - Email removed 2019-04-20

Jan Harting - 2002-03-20
Dan Henry - Email removed 2019-04-20
Fatima Hill - 2005-07-30
Wendy Hook - 2007-03-11
Susan Hurt - Email removed 2013-01-01
Lori Jobe - 2011-05-11
Mark Johnson - Email removed 2009-02-28
Randy Kennedy - Email removed 2011-11-07
Tim Kersey - Email removed 2008-05-30
Tracy Kinsey - BIO - 2016-05-30
Kelly Leach - Email removed 2004-03-23
Mark Lensmeyer - 2007-03-27
Patrick Logan - BIO - 2002-03-21
Teresa Lorton - BIO - Email removed 2011-10-23
Jay Lundquist - Email removed 2011-11-07
Kirsten Luterman - 2005-04-08 - Macalester College-St. Paul, MN -  BA in International Relations/History in '91
                                            - Now teaching high school history at a British school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Brad Mann - 2006-05-05
Andrea Manson - 2007-06-29
Rachelle Marsh - BIO - Email removed 2009-02-27
Christine Mason - 2006-02-07
Marlese McCann - 2009-09-07
Arthur Meshach - 2007-07-07
Dawn Morris - 2007-03-04
Shannon Murray - 2005-03-31 - DeVry-Kansas City - B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology
Hudson Murrell - 2007-05-12
Charles Naugle - 2007-06-13
Vince Nichols - 2006-01-05
Deborah Page - Email removed 2008-12-18
Dieter Palmer - 2005-12-18
Tammy Pamler - 2003-01-04
Dale Parmer - 2006-10-23
Tracy Pendleton - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01
Brian Perkins - 2002-03-16
Tim Pingelton - 2011-12-06 - San Diego State University - Master of Fine Arts

Christina Pontius - Email removed 2009-10-18 - Drury University (undergrad) & SMSU (grad) - BA in French & music,
                                                                                  MSAS in progress; Job Placement Specialist at Ozarks Tech
Laura Prentiss - 2007-0-5-11 - Mount Holyoke College/Columbia University - BA/MSW
Thomas Ragsdell - 2007-04-01
Althea Richardson - Email removed 2018-11-20 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Assistant Principal
Jacqueline Robinson - Email removed 2003-08-11
Kevin Sapp - Email removed 2007-02-08
Blake Sasse - 2007-07-03 - Univ of MO (91) and Univ of New Hampshire (95) - Wildlife Biology
Scott Saylor - 2007-03-31
Stephanie Scott - 2007-07-03 - K State - Interior Architecture degree, model builder at HOK Sport Architects
Kathy Siebels - 2007-09-23 - SMSU (undergraqd.), Lindenwood College,(masters) - BS in Ed., MA in Special Ed.
Stephanie Simon - 2007-03-27
Rusty Smith - Email removed 2009-02-28
Stacey Smith - 2007-04-05
Dan Spangler - 2007-03-27
Jackie Stone - 2002-03-22
Larry Strawn - BIO - 2011-03-07 - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - Workforce Education
Traci Stuckey - Email removed 2009-02-28
David Thomas - Email removed 2019-04-20
Michelle Thomas - 2007-05-02
Doug Thornsberry - 2002-03-25
John Tolbert - Email removed 2006-08-17 - Columbia College - Mathematics
Eleanor Toomey - Email removed 2011-01-23 - University of Missouri - Break Time Accounting (MFA Oil)
Arthur Trass -
Beth Van Hove - 2017-04-12

Shannon Wall - 2007-06-20
Jim Watson - 2007-02-06 - University of Maryland-College Park - PhD, chemistry
Holly Westhoff - Email removed 2009-02-28
Elizabeth Westling - 2011-12-06

Hillary White - 2007-03-26 - Stephens College - BS Mass Communication
Katie Whitman - 2006-11-20
Mark Whitmarsh - BIO - Email removed 2009-04-12
Phillip Williams - 2007-03-26
Jon Wilson - BIO - 2003-02-24 - Columbia College - Business Administration/Mortgage Loan Officer
Holly Winingear - 2002-03-20
Jodie Wright - BIO - 2003-06-03 - Penn Valley Community College - Physical Therapist Assistant
Scot Zwonitzer -  - Email removed 2009-02-28

Matt Boyer May 8, 2008
A lot has happened since I last updated my biography. I am still living in Columbia but have recently gotten married (March 2007).  My wifes name is Jennifer Boyer.  I have spent the last 4 years working as a high school counselor at North Callaway HS in Kingdom City, MO.  I will be the High School Assistant Principal next year (08-09).  I am finishing up my Ed Specialists degree in Administration at MU this year. 
Lisa Chapman June 16, 2002

After high school I thought that making money was more important than going to college, so that's what I did.  I was a work-a-holic until I had my daughter in June of '92.  I was a single mom with no support from the father for about 4 years.  I then moved to KC and met my future husband.  We lived in Texas for a little over a year and then moved back to KC.  We married in November of '98 and soon welcomed our daughter in April of '00.  My husband James is a music school teacher in Spring Hill KS and I have been a corporate travel agent for the past 4 years.  We just bought our first home in November '01 and have the pleasure of traveling quite often.  The Lord has richly blessed us with good health, wonderful family, many close friends and a terrific church home.  God willing we will be adding to our family again in the very near future.  May the Lord bless you and keep you all.  Feel free to email me and I will try to respond in a timely fashion (as quickly as my girls will allow me the time).

Denise Cox & Mike Riley July 16, 2003
Greetings fellow alumni!  Here's an update on the Riley household.  We are now living in Springfield, IL and have been married 11 years.  Mike is the Vice President of Automated Controls, a division of EMCOR and I am doing something that has been more of a challenge for me than my 10 years of Human Resources--staying home with our 2 boys Will (age 7) and Nathan (age 3).  I also am a Creative Memories Consultant on the side helping others create rememberable scrapbooks.
In addition to his job with Automated Controls, Mike is also a Captain in the Air Force Reserves and is stationed out of Whitman Air Force Base where he is a Commander for the 442nd Maintenance Operation Flight.  In his spare time he also is the cubmaster of Will's cubscout pack.  We would love to hear from others!

Scott Cornell March 22, 2002
Graduated from Univ of Missouri in 1994 with BA in Communications with minor in Russian Area Studies. Moved to Phoenix, Arizona, moved back to Columbia for awhile. Currently working at the University of Missouri as an Information Technology specialist.
Joanna Cummins January 5, 2007

I have been living in Colorado since 1991.  My husband, Scott, and I will be celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary this coming July (2007).  We have three sons - Alan, 7; Todd & Brett 3 years old.  I am very thankful I can stay at home with our boys.  I keep plenty busy with our sons activities and volunteering at school.  I enjoy scrapbooking, softball, sewing and skiing with our 7 year old (hopefully all our boys in 2007).
Shawnda Crawford  April 28, 2009

Hi! Im glad to see so many of us that submited a BIO. I have been married since 1996 to my husband Rolland and 1998 was blessed with a son Shiloh then in 2001 our miracle was born. His name is Dakota. Dakota was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome (hydrocephalis)For the last couple of years we have lived in Iowa. I work at a Nursing home as a dietary Aid and Service aid. I love being around the resisdents and hearing their wisdom and stories. I would love to hear from anyone that wants to chat. Have a great one!!
Stephen Cupp March 6, 2006

Hello All, how the time has flown. I currently live in the Kansas City area working as a contractor for the military at the National Simulations Center. My current job takes me all around the world. Been married for 14 years and have two boys. Hope all is well with everyone.
Elizabeth Forte November 13, 2006

Elizabeth Long, a third year doctoral student in the Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance Studies in the Department of Theatre at the University of Maryland, is the recipient of the International Shakespeare Globe Center Fellowship. In August 2005 and 2006, she conducted research on productions at Shakespeare’s Globe in London and will return to the Globe in 2007. Her research interests include the genealogy of production practices of Shakespeare in Performance and the study of voice, speech and acting pedagogies in relationship to that genealogy. In addition, she is investigating the history of the Folger Theatre in the archives at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC. She has presented papers on the History of the Folger Theatre at the Mid-America Theatre Conference the International Federation for Theatre Research Conference and the Hawaii International Conference for Arts and Humanities. In March of 2006 she presented a paper, “Can Technology (I.M.)prove Shakespeare?” at the Mid America Theatre Conference.

Long has worked as a voice, speech and text consultant, an instructor of acting with a special interest in classical drama and a professional actor.  She has conducted numerous training sessions for the Interpreting Division of the Office of Language Services, U.S. Department of State. She recently worked as a Dialect Consultant for Everyman Theatre’s production of School for Scandal and Round House Theatre’s production of Retreat from Moscow.  In February of 2006, she provided private coaching on the production of Hamlet at Rep Stage. In 2005, Ms. Long served as a Voice Consultant for Mr. Roberts (Kennedy Center) and as Voice, Speech and Text Consultant for The Taming of the Shrew (University of Maryland). In addition, she was the Voice, Speech, Text and Dialect Consultant for Our Town (directed by John Vreeke – University of Maryland), Fen (The Catholic University of America) and Voice, Speech and Text Consultant for Romeo and Juliet (The Catholic University of America).

She has taught Voice and Speech at the Catholic University of America and the Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University and the Shakespeare Theatre Company. She is an Affiliated Teaching Artist with the Shakespeare Theatre Company, teaching such Master Acting Classes as Shakespeare in Production, Shakespeare Dream Roles, Classical Theatre Scene Study, Voice and Text, Dialects. Voice and Speech as well as leading workshops for TextAlive! She currently teaches acting at the University of Maryland.

As a member of the faculty of The Shakespeare Theatre’s Camp Shakespeare Ms. Long has directed Richard III, As You Like It, Julius Caesar, Othello, The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Measure for Measure and The Two Gentlemen of Verona. In the fall of 2005 she directed Again For Cydnus, her adaptation of Antony and Cleopatra at the University of Maryland.

Long was a member of the acting company at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC from 1998 to 2002, appearing in The Trojan Women (JoAnne Akalaitis, director), The Duchess of Malfi (starring Kelly McGillis), Coriolanus and Don Carlos (all directed by Michael Kahn), The Country Wife (directed by Keith Baxter) and Romeo and Juliet (directed by Rachel Kavanaugh) . Other acting credits include: Hartshorn Theatre Company, New York (Celemine in The Misanthrope); over 20 productions at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival including Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well (with Michael Emerson, directed by Kent Thompson), Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest; and Arkadina in The Seagull; the Cleveland Play House (Leonide in The Triumph of Love); The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey (Dionyza in Pericles); Round House Theatre (Speaking in Tongues), the Studio Theatre (Far East and The Invention of Love) and two seasons at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.

Ms. Long is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and the Mid America Theatre Conference. She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Performance from the Professional Actor Training Program at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival/University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Performance from Illinois State University (cum laude). In June of 2007 she will begin work towards a certificate in Fitzmaurice Voicework developed by Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Missy Gibbs September 19, 2001
I hope you are all doing well!  To keep it short:  I am in St. Louis, married, have a sweet black laborador, teach elementary special education, play tennis competitively and have been involved in an international women's group I joined ten years ago in Columbia.  God bless!
Melissa Gilpin March 9, 2017
Tracy Kinsey December 24, 2005

Hello fellow class mates!! Gosh, it's been forever and I've missed you all. I hope life has been everything you've wanted. After graduation I moved to Lee Summit and bacame a store Manager for Taco Bell. I married in 89, had my Kelsee on February 5, 1990 and Ethen on May 1, 1991. I was divorce in 97 and haven't remarried. The 3 of us live in Keizer, Or. where I met my dad for the first time in 99. I'm in school for the first time since graduating. I'm studying Juvenile Corrections. I would love to have contact with all of you.
Patrick Logan March 21, 2002

I spent six years in the Navy; during that time I was Master Helmsman for two different aircraft carriers.  After seeing that most of the world is water I left the Navy and have been enjoying dry land since 1994.
Now I am the Director of Technology for a Fortune 100 company based in Dallas, TX.  I also consult part-time for a few hand-picked clients.
Teresa Lorton May 23, 2007

I've continued working for Shelter Insurance in Columbia upon graduating from Hickman in 1987.  I'm married and have one daughter who is 6 years old.  We are 'expecting' another daughter in July of 2007.  This will be our last. I've lived in Boonville with my husband since 1996.  He is currently involved with the Missouri Army National Guard as a part-time soldier and completed a tour to Afghanistan in 2005. We think about all the families with members deployed and wish for a successful end to the current war on terror.
Rachelle Marsh July 3, 2002

I am married to my best friend from high school whom was a sophomore my senior year at Hickman, Shawn whom was Shawn Dainel then. We have 3 awesome children Clayton who will be 14 in October of 2002, Shawn II who will be 14 in Janurary 2003, and Audrey who will 4 in October of 2002. Family has been our focus for most of the years since high school due to the fact we both were parents right after graduation.  Now that our lives have settled down in the last 5 years we can continue our education in other feilds to better ourselves. Something that we had to put on hold when most go on to college right after graduation.!!! It has been very rewarding to see our children grow up and we have learned more from that than any college could teach.   We are just enjoying life now and looking forward to the future!!!! 
Tracy Pendleton March 13, 2002

Hello Fellow Kewpies!  After Hickman, I attended SMSU and graduated with a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.  I started my career with Marriott at Tan-tar-a.  At which I met my Wife, Megan.  After several years at Tan-tar-a and managing a bar at the Lake of the Ozarks, I returned to Marriott as a Restaurant Manager at the St. Louis Airport Marriott,  Marriott's Evergreen Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, GA as a Restaurant Manager. As of June 2001, I am running the Event Department at the South Bend Marriott as the Senior Event Manager.  Megan stays at home with Paige (DOB 10/98) and Trent (DOB 10/01), a full time job!

Larry Strawn March 7, 2011
As a young man I was brutally shy so I didn't really have much luck with the ladies.  I played football and ran track and under-achieved academically.  24 years later I have almost 18 years in the Air Force and I'm stationed at Scott AFB, Illinois near St Louis.  My family still lives in Columbia so I come home most weekends.  When I retire from the military in a couple of years, I will probably move to Columbia and begin a second career.  I am divorced and I have 2 boys ages 12 and 10 who live with their mother in Washington.  So yes I am out there again exploring the dating scene. 
Mark Whitmarsh July 24, 2007

I worked in law enforcement for over ten years, and on my days off, assisted my father with his business, a handicapped vehicle and home conversion company.

In order to help my wife pursue her dreams, we moved to Wilmington, North Carolina so she could further her career in Nuclear Medicine, taking a job at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Wanting to involve myself in the community, I joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary shortly after settling here.

Looking for a change in careers I chose to look at Real Estate. Along with the pursuit of my career in helping others purchase their American dream, I enjoy wood working, kayaking, reading, am an active member in my church, and a member of C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team.)

We love living within 10 min of the beach.  We also have a son named Matthew.

Jon Wilson February 24, 2003
Hello everyone.  I am living in Columbia with my wife, Elizabeth Ford (Rock Bridge 1989) and our 2 girls, Riley and Lindy.  We are expecting our third child in June 2002 and HIS name will be Benjamin.  I work as a mortgage officer for US Bank and Elizabeth is a professor at the University of Missouri.  I spend the majority of my time chasing the girls around and my summer is filled with alot of softball and now I am coaching Riley's Tball team.  Elizabeth spends most of her time keeping me in line and telling me to stop playing softball, when she is not doing that she enjoys scrapbooking, shopping and thinking of new things for me to do around the house.

As we all get older I find myself thinking about my friends from high school and wonder what everyone is doing.  Please drop me an email and let me know "what's up."

Jodie Wright June 3, 2003
Hi all.  After Hickman I moved up to KC and went to college.  I got an associates degree in Physical Therapy.  I worked and played up there for several years then I met my husband Jason who is in the same field of work as myself.  We had our miracle baby, Ashlyn and because of Medicare cuts our jobs took us to Virginia in 1998.  It's beautiful here and I would recommend everyone to visit this area with mountains and beaches within 2 hours either way.  God has blessed us tremendously and continues to daily.  Jason has been called into the ministry and starts school for his Masters in Divinity this fall.  Back in high school, I never would have thought I would be a preachers wife, but now knowing the grace of God, I wouldn't have it any other way.  God Bless and feel free to email me.


15th Reunion
was held

Friday, November 29th, 2002 at 5:00 pm,
the day after Thanksgiving

TP's Bar & Grill @ 119 S 7th Street in Columbia

 Free appetizer buffet and drink specials will be provided
and tables will be reserved for our group.

To confirm your attendance, please e-mail Tonya Benton at:


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