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Erin Elliott - Chairperson
Carla Alexander - 2007-03-13
Bill Ashlock - 2004-07-29
Lisa Austin - BIO - 2006-09-14
Travis Ballenger - 2007-06-20
Joselyn Basa - Email removed 2018-11-20
Holly Bauer - 2009-03-19
Angela Baum - 2008-09-04
Nancy Beckman - Email removed 2005-12-13
Ryan Belyea - Email removed 2007-03-12
Brandee Bower - Email removed 2009-02-28
Karen Bowser - Email removed 2007-02-08
Cynthia Bruce - 2009-02-23
Tracey Bush - Email removed 2011-12-23 - Columbia College - BS Criminal Justice
David Cheney - 2002-06-16 - University of Missouri - Aviation/Acquisition Officer, US Army
Gwin Coleman - Email removed 2015-08-11 - Indiana University-Indianapolis - Multimedia Designer
Kelly Cope - BIO - Email removed 2002-01-10
Diana Creech
Michaele Cromwell - 2009-03-07
Joy Downing - 2007-09-10
Dana Druml - 2024-01-26 - STL Community College-Flo Valley - Deaf Communication-sign language interp.
Stacey Dunn - BIO - Email removed 2018-11-20
Erin Elliott - Email removed 2018-11-20
James Fowler - 2003-11-25 - UNC-Wilmington - social worker
David Good - 2007-03-09
LaSandra Guthrie - 2008-07-26
Chenella Hacker - Email removed 2009-02-28
Kimberly Hale - 2008-05-18
Julie Hall - 2009-02-22
Laura Hinshaw - Email removed 2002-11-20
Clay Hedges - BIO - Email removed 2009-01-08 - MU-Columbia Undergrad / Rockhurst University - Grad-BS Fish & Wildlife / MBA
Johnna Ireland
Amy Jaycox - BIO - 2009-03-27 - Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator - GKN Aerospace St. Louis
Amy Jones - 2008-10-09
Rebecca Kaplan - 2002-04-21 - Columbia University, Jewish Theological Seminary of America -
                                                              BA, Theater Arts, BA Sacred Music
Paul Kastens - 2009-03-24
Josh Keller - BIO - Email removed 2018-11-20
Debi Kindle - Email removed 2015-09-17
Darren Lammers - 2008-10-03
Nancee Lancaster - 2009-10-22
David Leach - BIO - 2009-01-14
James Locke - BIO - Email removed 2019-04-21
Stacey March - 2008-07-30
Kim Martin - 2010-02-07
Jennifer McCormick - BIO - 2010-04-11
Tom McCoy - Email removed 2009-04-12
Lonnajean McKenney - 2012-05-29
Matt Montie - BIO - 2007-06-20 - Tulane University - BA, History and Political Science

Shonda Murray - 2009-03-25
Melinda Niederschulte - 2015-08-09
Chris Nolan - BIO - 2002-04-22
Jason O'Neil
Vicki Palmer - Email removed 2008-11-21
John Poe - BIO - 2002-04-11 - MidAmerica Nazarene University - BA Accounting/Business Administration
Keith Powell - BIO
Lesley Rieman - 2008-09-04
Laura Rogers - Email removed 2009-02-28 - St Luke's College of Nursing - Bachelor's of Science in Nursing
Aaron Rudroff - 2007-07-11
Jennifer Runowski - BIO - 2014-06-24
Diana Salazar-Lowe - BIO - 2002-06-16 - Mt Holyoke College/Un of CA, Davis - B.A.-Politics/M.A.-Spanish
John Scalise - Email removed 2003-12-30
Cindy Schneider - Email removed 2003-02-08
Susan Settergren - Email removed 2019-04-21
Dhiren Shah - 2002-04-11 - Northwestern University - MD(Gastroenterology)
Tammy Shepard - Email removed 2013-05-25  
Cindy Sheridan - Email removed 2015-04-20  
Chad Shettlesworth - 2005-09-07
Monique Simmons - 2005-11-16
Charles Smith - Email removed 2010-04-12
David Snodgrass - 2009-01-21
Brandon Stallman
Melvonne Stapleton - 2004-05-26
Donald Steiner - BIO - Email removed 2011-01-24
Garrett Struessel - BIO - 2008-03-10
Pam Taylor - Email removed 2003-06-16
Brooksie Teel - 2009-04-22 - University of Mo-Columbia - Marketing and Logistics - sales rep
Kristin Thomas - 2005-02-09
Evanthe Thompson - Email removed 2011-09-13
Rob Timmons - Email removed 2007-03-23 - Uni of MO & William Woods Univ - BA International Studies & MBA
Anastsia Trafton - Email removed 2009-02-28
DeAnn Vance - BIO - 2009-02-04
Melinda Via  - 2019-08-01 - Univ of MO - Bachelor of Journalism, currently a freelance writer & PR professional
Eric Volkert - Email removed 2002-05-19
Jim Vredenburgh - Email removed 2010-07-27
Katherine Weber - 2006-11-10
Lloyd Weber - Email removed 2018-11-20
Pam White
Kelcy Whitener - 2009-02-19
Nicole Williams - BIO - 2008-06-04
Letitia Woodard - 2007-03-12
Flora Worstell - Email removed 2017-11-07
Charles Wright - Email removed 2007-12-02
Lisa Wright - Email removed 2004-04-13

Lisa Austin August 28, 2001
Employed as an EEO & Affirmative Action Specialists with Boeing in St. Louis.  Married and mother of 2!  Brooke was born on July 4th, 2001 and my step-daughter (Alyssa) was born in July of 1987!  Our family enjoys boating, fishing, BBQs, socializing and traveling (especially to Mexico!!).

Kelly Cope March 24, 2001
It is the year of our Lord, 2001 (No HAL, that I know of).  Those of you that I have not seen or spoken to in many years, I hope that you are healthy and happy.  I am very well and have been married to my lovely wife Rene' for 10 years!!  I have 2 lovely boys, Christian and Austin (8 and 3).  I have been a Paramedic for 7 years as a career.  I have just started my own company with 2 partners (and dear friends).  My family wishes you, and yours, are safe and well.
Stacey Dunn February 15, 2007

I graduated from MU with a degree in psychology and was pursuing a nursing degree when I married Tim Noland in 1997 on the beach in Maui. We moved around a lot, from Iowa to Kentucky, back to Missouri. We were married for 6 years when he passed away after a lengthy illness. I moved back to Columbia in 2003, bought a new house and am working with flexible spending accounts for ASI. It has been very hard to start completely over, especially at my age. I have run into a few people here and there, but am interested to know who else is still around.
Clay Hedges August 11, 2006

I moved from Goodland, KS to Columbia, MO in 1986 when I was a freshman.  There were more people in my sophomore class at Hickman than in the entire Goodland High School (9-12 grades).  I tried out for basketball, but didn’t make the team, and found a place on the Cross-Country team.  I began swimming as a junior and lead the Kewpies to consecutive Missouri State High School 2nd place team finishes, while earning All State Honors in the sprint freestyle events as a team captain my senior year.

I graduated from Hickman in 1989, attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, and graduated with a B.S. in Fish & Wildlife Biology in 1994.  At MU I was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, and a four year varsity letterman and team captain on the MU Swimming and Diving team.  I completed an M.B.A. at Rockhurst University in 2003.

In high school and college I spent six summers as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and coach for age group swimmers at the “old” Columbia Country Club and Southwest Swim Club.  After MU graduation I went on to perform a variety of jobs.  I was a Curatorial Director for the Mid-America Aquacenter Children’s Public Aquarium in St. Louis.  I was employed as a National Marine Fisheries Observer in the Bering Sea, Alaska where I was trained and certified in US Coast Guard cold-water survival techniques and Marine Biology sampling.  I built houses with Matt Darrough in Columbia, and worked at CC’s City Broiler briefly before moving to Kansas City to work for Enterprise Rent-a-car in 1997.  In 1997 I left ERAC to work for the nation’s 2nd largest propane company, Ferrellgas.

I reside in Liberty, MO with my wife Lisa, daughters Kate (3) and Abby (1), child #3 (baby boy) on the way, two golden retrievers (Bo and Penny), and some freshwater fish.  I enjoy outdoor activities, home improvement projects, strumming guitar and listening to music, visiting zoos and aquariums, and spending time with the family.  I am employed as a Business Analyst in the IT Department at Ferrellgas.

Amy Jaycox July 2, 2002
Wow, how time has gone by.  After graduation I moved to St. Louis where I attended a private girls college, and then a local community college majoring in Chemical Technology.  After an overload of studying, I took a hiatus in Denali, Alaska where I worked for Princess Cruise Lines for two years as an employment recruiter.  I met my husband, Matt and we returned to the St. Louis area where I began work in the oil refineries as a compliance coordinator dealing with OSHA, EPA and DOT.  Matt and I divorced in 2000, although we are still best friends, I moved on to a new career in the aerospace industry.  I will be certified as EMT basic next month, and I will begin work on my law degree this fall at SIUE.  I have not been blessed with any children as of yet, so I spend my free time traveling, spending time outdoors, and cuddling with my two cats.  Please feel free to write!
Josh Keller April 10, 2002

Well,well,well,   Here we are again.  My life since graduation has been one adventure after another, never went to college (I know some of you are SHOCKED by this) Moved to New Jersey in 91 was a commercial fisherman in the north atlantic (yes it does pay good, yes it does suck, and no it isnt worth it) got homesick, moved back to columbia and went to work as a first mate for a commercial barge line on the mississippi river. I was single at the time so the 30 days on/30 days off schedule was just peachy for me. I took a vacation to the florida keys were I met Sandy, well that was the end of me being single and needless to say the end of my job on the river (hard to be gone for a month at a time and maintain) so what to do now??  I searched and searched the classifieds for companies wanting to pay big money to smart aleck,nintendo playing, ex-commercial fisherman.. no luck--- must be a pretty tough career to get.  Sandy and I moved to columbia, and got married in 9!
7 (I know, I know shes crazy for moving from the florida keys to columbia mo, but she did and makes me pay DEARLY for it all winter long) I am currently opening my second used car lot here in columbia, (oh man I can hear you guys hooting about this!  "KELLER IS A USED CAR DEALER??!!??---OH MAN!!") Sandy is a waitress at Murrys, and is the iron fist behind our rental property business. We bought our dream house, don't have kids, and spend our summers with a traveling all star baseball team I manage and coach "the columbia riverdogs"-- a 14 yr old team currently ranked 5th in the state and 19th in the nation.. been to the world series 2 years in a row. Well that pretty much sums up my last ten years, I hope more of us will tell us their story as well.  I hope the dept of corrections provides some of our classmates with the oppurtunity to use the computer in exchange for good behavior. (you know who I am talking about).. take care, Josh
David Leach August 21, 2001

Greetings from Colorado!!  Since leaving Hickman I graduated from Mizzou with a
B.S. in Computer Science in 1994.  I then went south to Rolla where I received a M.S. in Computer Science in 1996.  While there, I met my wife, Amy.  After Rolla I moved to Denver to work as a software engineer for Hughes Aircraft (later Raytheon Systems).  After that, I worked for a SHORT time at an e-commerce company known as WeddingNetwork.com.  Finally, since 1999 I have been employed as a senior software
engineer at AT&T Broadband.  Some of the things Amy and I (no kids yet) have been up to in our 2 years of marriage: enjoying our new home in Denver, shooting
pool on our billiards table, skiing, SCUBA diving, water-skiing, camping, traveling, and enjoying plenty of concerts around the city.
Hopefully more of you will be adding BIOs to your entries soon.
James Locke  October 27, 2008

Hello fellow Kewps! So, what's been up...I went to Mizzou and got a BS in chemistry. My real goal was med school, but alas, no med school would take me and my lowly 3.4 GPA. (That's what I get for going to a party school.) After failing to adequately prepare my life with a Plan B, I continued to work all over Columbia as a pharmacy technician until 2000, when, deciding I had to wrest myself from the vortex, I sold most everything I owned and moved to California. I soon had an awesome job with a compounding pharmacy in Berkeley, and met my wife Jessica. We were married in 2004 and stayed in Oakland until 2006. The cost of living and the stress of big-city existence was taking its toll on us, and so, rather than burn down the city, we decided to move to Portland. I'm now working at Kaiser Hospital as an IV technician and we live in a sweet house with 3 adorable cats.
Jennifer McCormick March 12, 2007

It's been a long road since graduation.  I graduated from MU in 1993 with a BA in English and minors in Psychology and Philosophy. Unsure what to do with those, I continued to wait tables until I moved to Florida in the summer of 1994.  I sold radio advertising in Gainesville for 2 years and then opened an independant consulting firm.  That lasted almost exactly a year before a major car wreck forced my Mom to come get me and move me into her basement back in Columbia - I know you're all jealous I got to move back home.  Nothing like having a curfew in your late 20's!  After I recovered, I managed Boone Tavern for almost a year before taking a job with the Alzheimer's Association.  Even then I continued to wait tables as a second job and was at Jack's Gourmet for over 2 years.  I didn't stop waiting tables until I got into pharmaceuticals.  I've been a rep for almost 7 years now, which is not quite as long as I've been married to Eric Metzdorf - he's a year older than us and went to Rock Bridge.  We live in Columbia with no kids (yet) and 2 large dogs.
Update 2010-04-11 - Since I first submitted my bio Eric and I have had two children.  Graeme is almost 2 1/2 years and Kael is 5 months.  I'm still in pharma despite recent layoffs.  I work for Sepracor and have been with them 4 years which brings my industry total to 9 years.  Eric "retired" when I went back to work after having Graeme.  He stays home and takes amazing care of the boys.  We live in Columbia and are celebrating our 10th anniversary this month. 
Matt Montie June 25, 2007

My immediate family and I are back in Columbia!!!  My wife, Carleton a Columbia native, and I decided that Columbia was the best place we could ever live, so we moved back.  After High School Graduation, I went to Tulane University and recieved a BA in History and Political Science.  Then I joined the Navy, met my wife (friend of Kim Martin) and had two boys, Zach and Gabe.  We traveled a lot with the Navy all over the US, Japan and Canada, so we needed to settle down.  I got out and got a job with Amazon.com running a warehouse in southeast Kansas and then in Reno.  That is when we decided that the best place to raise the family was in Columbia with extended family and Jr High and High School buddies near by.  We are very excited to be back.  Feel free drop me an email, if you want to say hello.  Thanks.  Matt
Chris Nolan April 22, 2002

After Hickman I started to go to school at MU but got tired of it and wanted to make some money.  So I went and started work for Gunther's Games.  I'm sure many of you remember that place.  Anyway, I was there for 5 years as a repair man and route tech.  I then moved to Springfield to start work in the computer industry for a systems integration company.  This job didn't last long and I moved to Phoenix where I got a job with Genuity (before the Genuity of today) as a NOC Tech.  I then followed my soon to be ex to Chicago where I worked for Allstate as a Level-1 tech and then back to Genuity as a Systems Administrator.  When Genuity was bought by GTEi I left and started work for the company I currently work for, Conxion Corporation.  I'm a Senior Network Engineer and Operations Center Manager for the Chicago Data Center.  I divide my time between work and my 4 year old son, Ryan.  He and I are best buds and do a lot of stuff together.  Its just him and I but I would! n't have it anyother way although he's crazy about my girlfriend, Jenny.  I still enjoy playing paintball and riding my mountain bike with Ryan in tow behind me.  He and I make frequent trips to Phoenix to see Grandma.  Ryan and I are living NW of Chicago in Crystal Lake. 
John Poe April 11, 2002

After graduating from Hickman, I packed my bags and moved to Kansas City where I attended MidAmerica Nazarene University.  Upon completing my BA degree in Accounting and Business Administration, I married my wife Danielle and moved to Cincinnati.  I've managed to survive the riots (I work about 2 miles from where that all went down) and all the other news worthy events that Cincy is famous for (or is that infamous).  We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Madison.  We'll probably stop there, as the estrogen levels are already too high in our house.  I love to keep up with old friends, so if you remember me, drop me an email.
Keith Powell October 18, 2001

From HHS, went to Tulane University in New Orleans, including junior year abroad at Oxford University.  Then to Vanderbilt Law School.  Now I'm a member of the Missouri, Kansas, and South Carolina bars, and of the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the 8th and 4th Circuits.  I am now practicing law in Columbia, South Carolina.
Jennifer Runowski January 26, 2002
Hi fellow Kewpies!  After Graduation I attended SMSU (in Springfield).  I met my husband of 8 yrs.  We have 3 beautiful children, 2 boys ages 8 & 7; and a girl who will be 2 in April.  I worked in the satellite industry for several years and quit to be a stay at home mom when our first was born.  I returned to the workforce in 1998 working as a campaign manager for several different races.  In 1999, I went to work for First USA Bank and am a manager in the Internet Department. My parents moved here in 1990 and still have their Mizzou basketball season tickets, so we get to Columbia a few times a year.  We have 11 parakeets (anyone want one?) a cat and 2 black Labs.  When not working I am still heavily involved in the Democratic Party most recently serving as Chair for my Legislative District. When the kids get older I plan on running for office.
Diana Salazar-Lowe July 11, 2002

Hi everyone!  I just visited Hickman a couple of weeks ago with my new husband, Ron, who is a high school science teacher.  It has really grown since we were there.  Ron and I were in Missouri so that he could meet all the relatives on my mom's side of the family (I'm happy to report that we are still married even after that experience!).  We are currently living in Davis, California.  I am still doing freelance translation work (Spanish and English) for microfinance organizations and we are hoping to start a family soon.  Other than that, we are just trying to stay cool this summer and avoid those rolling blackouts!  Hope you are all doing well.
Donald Steiner March 16, 2009

After graduating Hickman, I worked at the University of Missouri - Columbia in the School of Medicine as an Audio/Visual Technician for 8.5 years.  I also attended Columbia College as an evening student while working at UMC and part-time bartending.  After graduating with an Associates in Computer Information Systems and a BS in Business Administration (Marketing, Management and CIS) I worked for my father - Steiner and Associates, a meeting planning business.  I worked there for about 5 years and went to work at ACT - Alternative Community Training.  I've been here for 5 years now.  I am the Sales Coordinator and Production Training Specialist.  I work with the disabled and just love my job (most of the time).
Garrett Struessel  October 24, 2005

Hi from Colorado,
After graduating from Hickman I attended Luther College in Decorah Iowa and graduated in 1993 with a BA in Psychology.  I moved then to Fort Collins Colorado for three years.  I got married in 1995 to Stacey, whom I met at Luther, and then we moved to Berkeley California for four years.  I went to a Lutheran Seminary for four years there and became a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor in September 2000.  We bought a home near Denver now are loving life in Colorado!  We now have two boys, Kenneth who is age 3 and Joseph who is a year and a half.  We love to go to the mountains to hike, especially in summer and fall and are busy with the boys most of the rest of the time.  Stacey and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary in June and are truly blessed.  Hope all is well with you.
DeAnn Vance - February 7, 2009

Hi fellow kewps! I only see a few of you and not very often even though I am still in Columbia.  After HHS I attended and graduated from the Univ. of Mo. in Columbia with a BS in Human environmental sciences/emphasis in early childhood ed.  Degree still resides in my closet in some box just waiting to be put to good use. Some say I am using it, since I currently run a homebased childcare program in my basement.  I agreed to stay home with my 12yr. old nephew when he was 6mos. old and love getting paid to stay home (although I have had to add some other kids to make ends meet).  Believe it or not my mother and I still live together along with my boyfriend of 5yrs.,Philip Mason from Georgia(we're taking it slow).... somehow this arrangement works for everyone. My 2 nephews and daycare children are the only human kids I have and I'm glad they go home every evening... although I'd love one of my own... My animal children include a blended family (mine and Philip's)including 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 ferrets, and too many fish to count.  One of my favorite hobbies is Hot Air Ballooning (no I don't own one). I do love helping to get those giant areostats in and out of the air safely and I have been up 13 times to date. Looking forward to seeing all of you at our 20th reunion.... WOW! how time does fly. 
Nicole Williams February 1, 2004

After graduating from Hickman, I attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri where I first received a B.S in Criminal Justice and then a year later received a M.A in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice.  I then moved to Grandview, Missouri (Kansas City metro) and became a Probation & Parole Officer for the State of Missouri.  I continue to work as P&P officer, which is now going on 10 years (too long!!).  Anyway, I have a daughter, Alyssa that was born in 07/97 and is currently 6 years old. For 3 years it was Alyssa and I (or Thelma and Louise as I referred to ourselves).  I had bought a home, and Alyssa began Montessori school in 2000, so that was definitely a transitional time for me.  I also during the same year, met my husband, Daniel McGongial.  We were married May 2003 (yeah, yeah it took me 3 years to be sure I wanted to give up my some of closet space).  Daniel has 3 children that reside in St. Paul Minnesota, so we visit often there although we have no plans to move there.  So between, working, cooking, Brownie meetings, tennis practices, birthday parties, hair appointments, and nail appointments, I stay pretty busy.  There is this creative side to me that has ideas on writing a screenplay, so we'll have to see what happens.  Oh in regard to my twin brother, Nicholas.  I will say that he moved up here (he lives about 15 minutes away and yes HE followed ME here lol)and he is doing wonderfully.  I'll make sure he signs on to fill everyone in on his happenings, but overall he is doing quite well.  Well, e-mail me as I would love to hear from everyone!!