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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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10th Reunion was July 8 & 9, 2005
20th Reunion was June 12 & 13, 2015

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Chairpersons Jason Sallee & Jennifer Losapio
Haley Abel - Email removed 2010-07-27
Shannon Acock - Email removed 2013-01-01 - Truman State University-BSN - RN
Melinda Anderson - Email removed 2011-01-24
Shayna Armstrong - 2002-06-07 - Stephens College - BS Elementary Education
Tamika Bell - BIO - Email removed 2003-11-17
Ken Bishop - 2006-06-10
John Brown - 2010-08-02
Carol Burkhardt - 2008-06-25
Jennifer Caquelin - Email removed 2003-08-18 - State Fair Community College - Domestic Goddess-student
Dawn Castagno - 2005-04-21
Stacie Connot - 2021-02-04
Steve Cornelison & Stacey Dothage - Email removed 2009-03-01
Michael Cotton - 2004-06-01
Jeremy Dalton - Email removed 2011-11-07
Ruthann Davis - 2004-03-11- University of Vermont- BA, Pace University- MA - Studio Arts/ English/ Masters of teaching, Primary school teacher
David Dykstra - Email removed 2006-11-30
Chris Dysart - 2005-04-10 - Mayo Medical School-School of Health Related Professions - Master's in Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA
Jerry Dowell - 2004-04-07 - Univ of MO - Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs for MO Lt. Governor
Ryan Edwards - 2016-10-26
Linda Elbert - Email removed 2011-01-24 - Truman State University / Florida State University -
B.S. Justice systems / pursing Masters in Social Work
Garett Fay - 2002-06-03 - Ozark Christian College - Batchler of Biblical Lit.
Daryl Ferguson - 2003-12-07 - United States Military Academy at West Point - Bachelor Science Electrical Engineering/ Aviation Officer U.S. Army
Tori Fleenor - Email removed 2009-03-01
Stephanie Foreman - Email removed 2009-03-01 - Un of MO, Un of IL & Un of MI - BS, Nutrition & Fitness;      MS, Exercise Physiology; currently working on Dr of Pharmacy degree
Gloria Freelon - 2005-08-12

Debra Gatzemeyer - 2007-09-10
Heather Gentry - 2017-08-28
Kristin Gerike - 2011-12-30

Ryan Gerling - Email removed 2013-01-01 - Grinnell College, B.A. - Computer Science,  Software Developer
Marsha Grieshaber - 2002-03-18
Sarah Griffith - 2004-09-12 - Princeton Theological Seminary - Master of Divinity, Ordained Minister and Social Worker
Srikar Guntaka - Email removed 2013-01-01 - Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute
Monika Herz - BIO - 2002-06-03
David Hickman - Email removed 2007-08-25
Erica Howard - Email removed 2009-03-01 - Columbia College - Art
Yung-Yi Hsieh - 2005-02-02
Jodi Hunt - Email removed 2007-09-27 - University of Missouri - Elementary Education
Roger Ilagan - 2003-05-09 - Duke University - PhD Cell Biology
Chara Jackson - 2012-09-20

Eric Johnson - Email removed 2008-08-13
Lindsay Kem - Email removed 2004-06-09
Alysia Kespohl - Email removed 2010-04-12
Hwa Jung Kim - 2002-06-04 - University of Maryland, College Park - Accounting B.S / Accountant
Janet Klix - 2007-02-21
Chris Knaus - Email removed 2006-03-28 - Central Methodist College - Bachelor's of Art in Biology
Andy Kremer - Email removed 2010-04-12 - U.S. Navy - Cardiovascular Technician
Michael Laughlin - 2004-06-05
Nahmjee Lee - 2011-11-07 - Washington University in St. Louis - BA, in Oregon Health Science Dental school for DMD degree
Amanda Long - Email removed 2010-04-12
Jeremy Martin - Email removed 2013-05-25  - University of Missouri-Columbia - MS Electrical Engineering
Lori Melvin - 2005-03-02 - Lincoln University - Associate Degree in Nursing
Kristi McGaffic - 2008-07-22
Cory McKernan - Email removed 2009-03-01 - University of Missouri - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Carey Meyer - 2004-11-10
Jessica Mitchell - Email removed 2009-03-01
Sherry Mitchem - Email removed 2011-01-24
Megan Mitzel - Email removed 2009-01-05
Brian Moegling - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01
Cassandra Nylin - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01
Nathan Odle - 2004-10-18 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Civil Engineering
Angie Padden - Email removed 2011-11-07
Shawn Palmer - 2009-09-30
Corey Parks - 2002-12-24 - NW MO State Un - Geography, Self employed/small business owner, Army reserves
Michael Parsons
Rachel Penney - Email removed 2010-04-12 - Columbia College - BA History and Political Science
Lisa Poellling - Email removed 2009-03-01 - MU-Columbia - Human Development & Family Studies-Human Resources Assistant
Tony Rachatellelle - 2012-06-20
Bill Roberts - BIO - Email removed 2013-10-12 - MU Columbia - School of Law -
Assistant AG, Missouri
Jennifer Ronnebaum - 2014-06-04
Art Schneider - Email removed 2013-05-25  - Central Missouri State University - Sprint PCS Network Analyst

Travis Schoengarth - 2004-04-28
Raven Sheppard - Email removed 2009-03-02
Sarah Shields - 2005-10-11
Rachel Sinquefield - 2005-02-23
Jamie Spotts - 2009-09-03 - SW MO State Univ - BS-Recreation & Leisure (natural resource management)
Lorenelle Stuart - 2002-10-27
Nick Tolentino - 2004-06-13 - University of Georgetown - Business
Regi Trotter - Email removed 2009-11-15
Kevin Troyke - 2004-10-01
Jared Vessell - 2004-08-01
Andrew Webb - Email removed 2002-06-10
Rachel Weirich - 2004-10-28 - Registered Nurse
Gregory Williams - 2006-08-11 - Columbia College - BS Biological Sciences - Comm Real Estate Broker
Russell Williams - 2008-06-30
C J Wine - 2002-08-04 - University of Missouri-Columbia - BSBA-management
Nissa Wooden - Email removed 2007-06-02
Eric Wright - Email removed 2006-12-20
Tamara Young - Email removed 2006-05-10

Tamika Bell October 11, 2001
"Class of '95" rules forever!!!!!!!!!  R.I.P. Wes and Rachael Kirchoff.  Hello!!!!My name is Tamika Bell.  I was supposed to graduate with the Class of '95, but unfortunately, I had to return to St. Louis where I graduated high school.  I will always be a "Kewpie to the heart" despitethe fact that i had to leave Columbia abruptly.  Some of my fondest memories lie within Hickman's walls, and i cannot deny that that is where my heart lies!!!!! Kewp dog 4 life!!!!! Shout outs to Reggie Trotter, Les Dehaven, Paul Ashley, Matt Boltz, Jaimie Scholden, Doug Woodcock, Tywan Lewis, Anastasia Preston,  and all of those other wild and crazy "kewps" that i used to hang out with... u know who u are, and you also know that the Class of "95" kicked butt!!!! And for those who don't Remember, just say "homecoming" and all of the memories will come back...lol
Monika Herz June 3, 2002

I only was at Hickman for 3 months as a foreign exchange student, but wanted to stay in contact, so I'm signing up!
Brian Moegling June 17, 2002

Since graduating from Hickman in '95 my life has taken me several different directions.  After an 18 month stint in Tallahassee Florida I came back to Columbia and my life started falling into place.  I rejoined the Mormon church where I was raised (but had left while in high school), became married and am now enjoying a career with New York Life here in Columbia after a 2 1/2 year stint as a Jeweler at Buchroeder's.  I'll get back into jewelry someday from my home as a hobby, but for now Insurance and Financial Services is a far greater opportunity for myself and my family.  Feel free to send me a note just to say Hi, and maybe we can meet over lunch someday.  I'd love to get the chance to talk to anyone who is still around from those days at Hickman.
Cassandra Nylin September 21, 2004

Since High School I have been many things:
a student
a mother
many different kinds of cooks
store manager of a convenience store.
But nothing is more important to me than my son, Cian Xavier Nix, age three and a half. I wish to let all my friends from school know that I miss them, want them to find me, and catch up on the years.
I am currently a cook at Applebee's, which is interesting, but not my life's dream. I have attended Kansas State University twice, the first time for Architectural Engineering, to no avail. I found out the virtues, or rather perils, of parties and alcohol that year.  I went back to the same university one year later for graphic design, and was doing well until stress made me into a zombie, as I stopped sleeping for long periods of time. However the past may be flooded with regrets, I know that without each mistake I would not have the two best children in the world.
Fellow Kewpies out there somewhere:   I hope you are well, I hope you remember the good years at High School as well as I do, and I hope that your dreams are coming true!   :)
Bill Roberts May 9, 2004

I am graduating from UMC Law School on May 15, 2004, then going to work for the Mo. Attorney General's Office in August after I take the bar in late July.

For those of you who heard about my having cancer, I have been cancer free for over 6 years now and am considered cured.  It was a long struggle, but I think that I am a much better person for it.

Please feel free to drop me a line at any time.


Class of 1995
10th Reunion
July 8 & 9, 2005

July 8, Friday - informal get  together at  "Harpo's"

July 9, Saturday 10:00 am
Tour of Hickman HS, canceled due to construction

July 9, Saturday 6:00 pm - until
The Columbia Ramada Inn Conference Center
1100 Vandiver Drive
Buffet Dinner

For more information and to register: