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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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Joanna Beck - Chairperson
Erin Acock - Email removed 2010-03-20
Steve Amaro - BIO - Email removed 2009-03-01
Maya Angelo - 2008-07-15
Amanda Argall - Email removed 2009-06-08
Andy Bell - Email removed 2008-05-09 - University of Missouri - Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
Brandon Belvin - 2009-03-05 - Un of MO - Rolla; Candler School of Theology -
                                                    BS in Computer Science; Master's of Divinity (Ordained Ministry)
Megan Bennett - Email removed 2011-11-07
Becky Berry - Email removed 2010-07-27
Amber Bishop - 2014-08-23
Jon Breidenstein - Email removed 2008-05-09

Rebecca Brouse - Email removed 2010-07-27
Phillip Coleman - 2002-08-16 - Un of MO-Rolla, Electrical & Computer Eng - Process Engineer @ Garmin Inc.
Erika Collins - 2008-03-04
Nick Cook - 2006-01-12 - Georgetown Univ, Wash DC - BS in Interntl Economics, Peace Corps - Kiribati
Aaron Crews - 2008-08-10
Ryan Cunningham - 2007-06-11
Casey Dempsey - BIO - Email removed 2010-04-12
Chad Doebelin - 2004-10-08- US Navy, Boatswain's Mate Second Class Petty Officer
                                                           Enlisted Surface Warfare Specalist
Jason Dorman - 2021-11-08 - Moruary Science (Funeral Director/Embalmer, Atchison KS)
Andrea Dunafon - Email removed 2008-05-09
Mandy Eckerle - 2008-08-13
Katie Edlund - 2005-04-27 - University of Missouri-Columbia - RN, BSN
Daniel Ellebracht - 2007-12-01
Cheryl Ellsworth - 2002-04-17 - Hannibal LaGrange College - Elementary Education
Lindsey Erickson - 2007-03-31
Tara Everett - 20202-08-08

Karen Franta - 2002-03-19
Brooke Gerhart - 2008-09-11
Roselyne Gonon - Email removed  2009-03-01
Todd Good - 2008-07-23
Anil Gupta - Email removed 2008-05-09 - Washington Univ-St. Louis -
                                                                       BS in bus adm, major: finance, minor: spanish
Rachel Haffey - 2011-05-04
Elizabeth Hoff - 2016-05-14

Jamie Huggans - 2006-10-06
Laura Hutton - 2004-01-13
Nicole Italiano - 2006-09-11
Angie Jameson - 2011-07-11
Jennifer Johanning - Email removed 2018-11-20
Cate Kandlik - 2008-07-17 - Colorado State University - Landscape Architecture
Amy Kennedy - 2003-03-04 - Luther College - Nursing, BSN
Robert Kimes - 2014-02-02
Patrick King - 2007-11-06

Rachel King - Email removed 2008-05-09
Roberta LaHue - 2007-10-30
Jessica Lanney - 2005-10-24
Christina Losapio - 2003-01-02 - Truman State University and UM-St. Louis - B.A. English -
                                                       working on Masters in Education and certification
Brandy Melton - 2007-09-13
Joel Miller - 2002-08-04 - Truman State & Univ of MO Sch of Med - B.S./Chemistry & working on M.D.
Karen Miller - Email removed 2008-05-09 - St. Olaf College - Vocal Music Education
Andrew Misfeldt - Email removed 2014-09-24 - U of Iowa - 2002 - BS in Biology; BS in Psychology -
                                                      presently at Vanderbilt University - working on MD/PhD
Budd Morris - Email removed 2002-03-23
Erin Mullins
Angela Paneck - 2003-03-04 - Drake University - Magazine Journalism
Lindsay Payne - 2010-08-10
Crystal Peterson - Email removed  2010-07-27 - Columbia College 2002 - BS Bus Adm; Majors in Finance & Management
Kathy Pham - 2007-05-21
Jared Phillippe - BIO - 2002-10-01 - Linn Tech - Service Advisor Mike Kehoe Lincoln-Mercury-Jeep
Jessica Price - 2007-09-01
Lavinia Quinones - 2004-07-11
Misty Randol - Email removed  2011-01-02 - MU - Masters in Communication Science and Disorders
Jacob Relles - 2002-08-22 - Email withheld
Monica Reid - Email removed 2004-05-19 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Social Work
Jaime Robertson - 2002-08-11 - Central MO State Un - Secondary Edu English with a minor in Creative Writing
Shannon Roseberg - Email removed 2011-11-07
Katie Romesburg - 2008-05-22
Lauren Schneider - Email removed  2009-03-01 - Columbia College - Psychology and Business Management
Jennifer Schwartz - 2013-03-01 - William Woods - Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Katherine Scott - 2008-08-19
Meagan Sinn - 2002-08-01 - DePauw Univ (Indiana) - Economics/Sociology; Accts Recv Technician
Natalie Smith - 2003-05-12 - Furman University
Todd Sorenson - BIO - 2003-08-20 - Ball State - Major: Corporate Media,  Minor:Computer Science
                                                                                 Masters: Data Communications and MGT
Ann Soucie - 2008-08-10 - Un of MO-Columbia - BS Mechanical Engineering/Flight Controller for ISS
Hilary Sprague - 2006-12-17
Brian Stewart - Email removed 2014-09-24 - University of Central Missouri - Occupational Safety & Health
Amber Strong - 2006-05-12 - University of Missouri-Columbia - BA English
Elizabeth Vair - Email removed 2008-05-09
Carrie Watkins - Email removed 2008-05-09 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Magazine Journalism
Stacy Wemhoff - 2006-12-06 - Moberly Area Community College - Criminal Justice
Matt Whitney - Email removed  2009-03-01 - CMSU - Computer Information Systems
Katherine Williams - 2010-11-22
Tasha Willingham - Email removed 2008-05-09
Matt Wine - 2004-07-12
Grahm Zieba - 2006-07-06

Steve Amaro March 27, 2001
I moved to Columbia in 1996 after attending Kemper Military Academy in Boonville, MO.  Previosly I had lived in Florissant, MO and had attended McCluer North High School.  While @ Hickman I swam 100 Free Style for the swim team, participated in the Drama program, and help put together the wormcomposting program with a local recycling agency.
Casey Dempsey June 29, 2003

Since I have left hickman high school I have had my fair share of hard times...as some of you may have known me and my father were the owners of oakland plaza lanes inc.,we have sold the business and are now both working in the automotive business. I am still trying to get my own business up and running but since I have not had the proper education it has been very tough for me to do. I will not give up though...I am sure that with hard work and dedication that I will be able succeed. I have been a race car fabricator now for 5 yrs. and I love every minute of it. Racing is a big part of my life since I am no longer physically able to continue riding bulls. I had just about fullfilled my dream of being a proffesional bullrider when i was kicked in the head during a violent hangup. It has caused a few problems for me but it is nothing that is going to stop me from being the person I want to be. I also have been very involved in the custom car business and have built  my own complete custom ride, I am very proud of it since I am the only person that was involved in its building process..there will be pictures of it up on my website, b_lowxpektationzcarclub.com, the site is still a work in progress but soon hope to have pictures of my car and other cars and trucks that I have built in the past few years. I also have not had much luck in the dating scene so I am still single and have not been married although most of you know I was dating Brandy Lampkins for quite awhile and love her with all my heart, unfortunatly she was taken from us in car wreck and Im sure for those of you that know her you know as well as I do she was a beautiful person with a great personality. I one day hope to see her again in another life. if anyone has any questions for me or would just like to say hi then please get ahold of me. I am still in columbia and if you cannot find my number then please feel free to call my father and best friend, Keith Dempsey at perry chevrolet in columbia missouri. Hope to hear from you soon.!.....
Jared Phillippe October 1, 2002

Hello, I went to Linn Tech for two years for Automotive Technology.  I now work for Mike Kehoe
Lincoln-Mercury-Jeep as a service advisor. I have been there for close to three years. I married Kristi Strong
from Hallsville and we currently live in Columbia and have one kid born in 2000.  Kristi is currently going to
Columbia College and graduates in December of 2002.
Todd Sorenson August 20, 2003

I moved to Indiana my junior year at Hickman.  I'm just hoping to get in contact with some old friends from Columbia. Please give me a write at my email address: sorensontodd@yahoo.com.

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