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Charley Blackmore, '98
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since Oct 1998
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10th reunion was Sept 24 - 26, 2010

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Ben Arnet - BIO - 2004-07-27
Traci Baugh - 2010-02-04
Jessie Benfield - 2016-08-06
Bridget Biesemeyer - Email removed 2018-04-21
Jacklyn Boik - Email removed 2013-01-01 - Columbia Beauty Academy - Licensed Cosmotoligist
Matt Brockmeier - 2004-07-12
Becky Bundy - 2021-01-08 - Moberly Area Community College - Child Daycare
Stephanie Chan - 2007-06-13
Juan Chavez
Tiffany Cisewski - 2010-02-04
Jamie Clark - 2002-01-17
Ryan Coday - Email removed 2004-01-13
Sonya Collier - 2008-05-07
Sara Cowherd - 2009-03-16 - University of Missouri - B.S. in Biology & B.S. in Chemistry
Abby Creath - BIO - 2006-07-25
Adam Crutchfield - Email removed  2009-03-01
Julie Cupp - 2007-10-18
Adam Dickerson 2019-01-21

Mike Denzel - Email removed  2009-06-08 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Computer Science - BS
Sarah Dreier - 2010-02-04 - Texas Christian University - interior design
Ola Duru - Email removed  2009-06-08 - American University - International Marketing with a minor in Public Relations
Sheila Eichelberger - BIO - 2008-12-10
Alisha Elliott - 2003-07-27 - University of Tulsa - Graphic Design & Marketing
Tara Fiene - 2004-01-09
Bradley Gaines - 2007-10-31
Candice Gerling - Email removed  2009-03-01 - University of Missouri-St Louis - International Business
Alex Gibbs - 2002-05-01 - University of Missouri - Plant Science
April Gilpin - Email removed 2015-08-11
Meghan Goss - 2010-02-04 - University of Missouri-Columbia
Angela Gray - 2012-03-04

Matt Grimshaw - Email removed 2018-11-20 - University of Missouri-Columbia - BS Civil Engineering
Brandon Guffey - 2013-04-22
Molly Hale - 2010-02-04
Latanya Harvey - Email removed 2001-01-11
Jennifer Hayden - 2005-07-16 - University of Missouri - Animal Science
Sarah Henderson - 2019-08-26

Brian Jackson - 2009-10-06
Daniel Jacob - 2010-04-24
Kendra King-Email removed 2006-05-25 - Columbia College - social work
Ashley Kochert - 2014-10-10
Peter Lake - 2005-10-21
Brittany Lange - 2004-01-21 - Florida State University - Finance
Daniel Lange - BIO - Email removed 2010-02-07
Evan Life - 2016-10-17 - Missouri-Columbia - BS Mechanical Engineering; MS Nuclear Engineering
Kelly Lynch - 2002-05-03

Katie Maples - 2005-12-07
Jessica McCarty - BIO - 2007-02-13
Jennifer McLaury - 2018-01-24

Rachel Meyer - Email removed 2011-11-07 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Nursing
Casey Nelson - 2005-07-27
Ashley O'Neal - 2019-08-26

Sara Ortbals - 2010-02-25
Tim Ortman - Email removed 2012-12-08
Christina Palmer - 2019-08-26
Daniel Perry - 2016-06-23
Elizabeth Price - Email removed 2014-04-27

Cheri Roewe - 2016-02-13
Katy Ryan - 2008-11-19 - University of Missouri-Columbia - Real Estate Writer--Kansas City Star

Joel Shettlesworth - 2005-05-25
J Sydney Snider - 2007-05-10
Than Som - 2010-02-06
Robert Starke - 2002-07-12
Staci Sweezer - mail removed 2013-05-25
Trevor Taylor - Email removed 2011-11-07
Marcella Trujillo - 2007-09-19
Angelle Udo - Email removed 2001-12-11
Alicia Villiers - BIO - 2009-10-13 - United States Navy - Religious Programs Specialist
Stacy Vogel - 2006-09-06
Jake Whitesides - Kewpie of the Month, June & July 2000
Sarah Williamson - 2008-08-20
Lakeshia Wilson - 2005-05-06

Ben Arnet July 27, 2004
I graduated from the University of Missouri in December 2003 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.  I'd been working for the Mizzou Television Network and KOMU-TV in Columbia all throughout college, so after graduation I finished out the 03-04 Mizzou basketball season and started looking for something else.  In the Summer of 2004 I moved to Tucson, Arizona.  I am currently a sports anchor/reporter for KGUN-TV in Tucson.  I anchor the sports on the weekends and do sports related feature stories during the week.  We cover everything from the University of Arizona to the twenty or more high schools in Tucson.  We also go into Phoenix from time to time to cover the state's professional teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phoenix Suns.  All and all, it's a fun life!
Abby Creath 2006-07-25

I am a senior in the School of Social Work at the University of Missouri.  I have recently moved to New Franklin, MO where I live with my boyfriend (and best friend) Brian Lenger, who is a '99 graduate of Boonville High School. I will begin a semester long practicum with the Cooper County Children's Division in Boonville, MO in August 2006.  After graduation I will be working for the State of Missouri Children's Division and continuing to work towards my MSW.  I don't know yet which county I will be serving, hopefully it won't take me too far from home.
Sheila Eichelberger October 2, 2006

I am now married as of May to my wonderful husband Nathan.  We are residing in Columbia as my family is here.  I graduated from Mizzou in 2004 and work as a Property Manager for a large apartment community.  My husband works in banking.  We have one dog (our only child)!  :)

I am looking forward to a reunion if we have one.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Daniel Lange August 2, 2007
I don't have much to say about myself other than I have changed drastically since the year of 2000. I have been involved in the initial occupation of Afghanastan and was on the front lines during the initial invasion into Iraq. My experiences in the military have helped my come out of my shell so to speak. In high school I was a loner and extremely quite. I just wanted to stay in my lane and not be noticed. I have a beautiful wife and two very active and loving boys. I am happy with the way things have turned out and am looking forward to our 10 year reunion.
Jessica McCarty February 13, 2007

In 2005 I graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology with a minor in business.  I am working now at Millers Professional Imaging in Columbia, MO.
Alicia Villiers October 14, 2009

Junior year I enlisted into the United States Navy as a Religious Program Specialist. My job is basically a Chaplain's Assistant. I have been overseas to many different countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Italy, etc (the list could go on for forever). Awesome opportunity and great experience. I loved what I did. I didnt work a day in the 8 years I served Active because I loved my job so much. In 2008 I unfortuneatly got Honorably Discharged from the Navy. I still serve but as a Reservist and I am currently working on going back active duty.  Currently I work at BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair in Norfolk, Virginia handling Government contracts so our USNavy ships, cargo ships and supply ships that come into the yard can get fixed by the companies that I give the thumbs up to come onto the shipyard and vessels to complete the work.  I am anxious for our 10year HS reunion to reconnect with old friends. Best of luck to everyone! 
Houston, no problem
Astros pick Whitesides in 5th.

By RUS BAER of the Tribune’s staff
Story ran on Tuesday, June 6, 2000

The Houston Astros made Jake Whitesides’ dreams come true yesterday when the organization selected the former Hickman star during the first day of Major League Baseball’s First-Year Player Draft.

Now Whitesides hopes to realize the Astros’ expectations.

Hickman slugger Jake Whitesides will take his talents to the professional ranks now that the Houston Astros franchise drafted him yesterday in the fifth round of the MLB draft.
Brian W. Kratzer photo
Selected about two hours into the draft with the 27th pick of the fifth round - the 157th overall - Whitesides said he intends to relinquish his baseball scholarship to the University of Arizona so he can pursue his life-long dream of playing major-league baseball.

"They called seconds before they drafted and asked if I’d sign in the fifth round," Whitesides said, recalling the monumental phone call from the Astros organization.

Whitesides didn’t hesitate, saying he’d sign for the average amount offered to fifth-round draft picks.

After putting him on hold for a few seconds, the voice on the line came back with the four words Whitesides will never forget: "Congratulations, you’re a Houston Astro."

Whitesides won’t be an official member of the Houston organization until he signs a minor-league contract, but the left-handed slugger doesn’t expect a lengthy negotiation process.

"The money is not really a factor," Whitesides said. "I just want to make enough money starting out to get me through until I make it to the major leagues."

The average signing bonus for fifth-round picks last year was $174,000. Last year, Whitesides’ Hickman teammate, left-handed pitcher Ryan McCullem, received a $100,000 signing bonus as an eighth-round pick of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Astros scout Joe Robinson is expected to be in Columbia later this week to begin contract talks.

Anderson said Whitesides’ build - he stands about 5-foot-10-inches and weighs 185 pounds - and playing style remind him of former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies star Lenny Dykstra.

Although some teams expressed concern about Whitesides’ height, Robinson said it wasn’t an issue with the Astros.

"We did not worry about his size," Robinson said. "He’s a legitimate center fielder. He can hit; he can run. Now it’s time for him to show us what he can do so we can get him to the big leagues."

Whitesides has been showing what he can do at the high school level as a four-year starter in Kent Fewell’s outfield. Whitesides has been an all-state outfielder since he was a freshman and he ended his career as the state’s all-time home run leader with 46.

Although he’ll be swinging a wood bat now and facing a tougher level of competition, Robinson thinks Whitesides can continue to be a power hitter in the professional ranks.

"We think he has some power in his swing," Robinson said. "That’s going to be part of his player development."

When Whitesides agrees to a contract, that development will begin in Martinsville, Va., as a member of the Astros’ rookie league affiliate. The Martinsville Astros are members of the Appalachian League.

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