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2012-05-28 - Pat Erickson - Class of 1964
Just one? Then it would have to be Nellie Kitchens, because she made this word person into a fan of really abstruse mathematics. She made it make sense, which no other math teacher has been able to do. Runner-ups would be Conrad Stawski and Helen McTurnan, whom I had for English and humanities -- they made me a literature major and a journalist -- and Kent Toalson, who introduced me to the skills of choral singing, and to Gilbert & Sullivan. Teachers really do help you lay the foundation of your life.

2011-06-20 Amanda Worthington - Class of 2008
Ryan Pingrey - I had him as a math teacher for two years and he was amazing!

Ms. Tinsley - she was so fun and I learned a lot in her biology 2 class.

2010-08-30 Kelly Marsden - Class of 1979
Mike Cowan was my favorite teacher in high school. He tapped in to my love for grammar, parts of speech, sentence structure and variety, punctuation, spelling and creative writing. I tested out of a semester of freshmen college English because of Mr. Cowan, or at least partly because of him-- I guess I did have a little to do with that! He's also partly to blame because I consistently correct the misspeech of others, blurt out "typo" when I discover a misspelling in what I'm reading and expect(ed) my children to use correct English. Dave, my husband since 1981, calls me the English Major, although I never acquired my degree. However, his ministry has taken us to the South Pacific where I have taught English as a second language. Love it! Thanks, Mr. Cowan! You teached me real good and are the most bestest teacher I ever did saw!

2010-04-12 Tressie Robinson - Class of 1969
John Patterson was a great teacher. I moved to Hickman my senior year and was lucky to be able to play the trumpet. Most activities at Hickman were set the spring before so I had very little opportunities. Mr. Patterson started a jazz band that year and I made the audition cut. It was a great year. I see him at the MMEA convention for music teachers every year and he still motivates me. You see, I am a music teacher now. 

2009-10-15 Brenda Cross - Class of 1961
Helen McTurnan was my favorite and one thing I have remembered her saying was, "never rewrite your notes just because you doodled on them. Maybe your doodle will help you remember answer when test time comes." As a result, when test time came. I remembered the doodle, the picture on book page, paragraph answer was in, but never the answer. I still don't have a good memory, but I love to write. I have written poetry that has been published and children's short stories I'm still waiting on someone to help with illustrations.

2009-06-09 Mike Coghill - Class of 1966
Mrs. Wiggins, She truly cared about her students, and she was a very good teacher. The thing that I remember the most about her was that we were in the middle of 3rd period English class when the announcement was made that President Kennedy had been assinated. She immediately went into her comforting mode, calming her students down. It was a somber mood after the initial disbelief and panic of some of the students. She was a master at calming those panic stricken students. She was a great and much loved teacher.

2009-03-13 Marian Isom - Class of 1980
I don't think I had a bad teacher while I was at Hickman and I know I got an excellent education.  Raymond Newby & Bud Clark are two of my favorite teachers.  These men shared their passion for education, their subject and the students.  Mr. Newby was my Speech and Debate coach.  He was great to be around, but he expected us to work, hard, be prepared and never give up.  He taught leadership by example and that while you should always do your best, you can't take yourself too seriously.  Bud Clark was my choir director and he loved it when we transformed music from notes on a page to a powerful moment filled with music.  I am sure that these men made more than the ususal impact on me because we spent time outside of the classroom too.  There were countless debate tournaments and choir concerts / tours where I was able to see their character and where they got to know all of us even better.  The gift of time is a precious gift and these teachers shared it generously.

2009-03-02 - Peggy Workman - Class of 1964
Conrad Stawski.  He was just the best.  I felt he always was talking to just me and always made everyone have excitement about his classes. His patience is something I always have remembered that ability he had, and have tried to keep it in my heart, and in my treatment of others.

2009-02-25 - Judy Cook - Class of 1976
Mrs. Kirtley, Interior Design/Child Development, she was a very nice person who liked to pump you up & make you think.  She was a very energetic person who was a go getter.
Mr. Gross, English, he was a really cool teacher, he encouraged us to think outside the box.

2009-02-03 - Richard Berkley - Class of 1966
Leo Behrens was my band director from 5th grade through high school. I count Mr. Behrens and colleague Joan Hills as main positive influences in life. I went on to study music and direct middle and high school bands mainly due to these two. I thank God for putting me in the right place to have the benefit of their expertise and caring attitude.

2009-01-22 - Paul Fritsch - Class of 1985
Hank Landry and Wanda Brown - the double-barrell approach of these two was truly the highlight of my high school life. Great discussions, great info without indoctrination. Ms. Brown is still smokin' hot!

2009-01-18 - Lloyd "Poonie" Allen - Class of 1946
Mrs Elijah my History teacher was my very favorite with Mr Bollinger not far behind. He taught Chemistry and I started out in College to major in Chemistry because of how he got me interested in it but I changed to Biology because I didn't care for the lab work. I ended up working in a Pharmaceutical Lab for 30 years!

2008-11-10 - Judy Griggs - Class of 1971
I have at least four favorite teachers: Wayne Thomas was a great bookkeeping teacher. His sense of humor made the class fun. He taught the subject well, and it has helped me in almost every job I've had throughout my life. Mr. Coleman was a great Girls' Glee Club teacher. He helped develop my love for music. Mrs. Cockrell was a very good home ec teacher. She taught some essential life skils, such as cooking, as well as being kind to our fellow classmates. Mrs. Sheiley (I'm not sure I spelled her name correctly) was a great office skills teacher. I have been a secretary by profession, and she prepared me well, with typing, shorthand and office skills. Thank you to all of you for being such wonderful teachers.

2008-10-30 - Delores Hiatt - Class of 1971 - Mrs. Mary Metscher
She was my biology teacher in the 10th and 11th grade.  She was a wonderful teacher.  I would go to her class every morning before classes started and we would talk.  She helped me through some rough times during those years.

2008- 10-14 - Dale Bittle - Class of 1963 - Leo Behrens
Leo Behrens (BAND) I was with Mr. Behrens from 7th grade all the way through high school and because of him I have the love and appreciation of music (all types) I have today.  He also gave stability to my life during a very difficult phase of my life.  Thanks Mr. Behrens.

2008-07-29 - Ahmad Suleiman - Class of 1977 - Mrs. Wiggins
Late Mrs. Ruth Wiggins, English teacher. She was always there to listen and give advice.

2008-06-01 - Michael Grant - Class of 1969 - Mrs. Westerfield
Mrs. Westerfield- English one of the most easiest going teachers that I have met.  She enjopyed teaching english and it showed.  She made things come alive as well as keep discussions open on what the author was trying to convey as well as encourage our projects.

2008-05-20 - Liz Marie Breitweiser - Class of 2010 - Mr. Kirkpatrick
Mr.Kirkpatrick, he helped me out a lot. He made me realize that just because everyone else has given up on me, that doesn't mean he has given up on me. He made me mad sometimes but thats just because he was pushing for me to do better. He does it for all of his students, he doesn't give it easy, he gives you time to get everything done. He is one of the nicest teachers at Hickman. He gives you a dream that you know if you try you will reach. He gives you easy things to do but you have to give it all that you have in order to have it done well. I will miss him and his lonnnngggg never ending lectures about how smart we all are. I will always remember the things he told me, he is the dad figure that i never had.

2008-05-09 - Mark Randall - Class of 1976 - Harold Bossaller
Harold Bossaller, Ag teacher and FFA advisor, really cared about his students and what was going on in their personal lives. You could sit in his little closet of an office and tell him anything or ask his advice. He was what every young teacher should strive to be and the world would be a better place. We have stayed in touch over the years and he and his wife Pat have been to all my kids weddings. My hat is off to you BO! I'm a better person for having known you.

2008-03-24 Wayne Anderton - Class of 1960 - Mrs. Delmez
Mrs. Delmez English Litature I can't remember her ever raising her voice in anger at anyone and in view of how utterly unrefined and goofy some of us were at times , I find that to be amazing . And she was the only person in my life that I can say, ever made reading Shakespere even remotely an interesting experience . And still to this day I consider that to be indeed a feat of an amazing proportion for me.

2008-02-07 Kelly Henderson - Class of 1978 - Mr. M. Cowan
Mr. M. Cowan-I think I shall never forget you most.  You were the one that made English class so much fun and made us want to learn.  I love to read now because of you.  I love learning new words and still go to the dictionary if I don't already know.  I think he is an excelent teacher, and kids today should be so lucky to have him as thier teacher.  Hey Mr. Cowan, are you still taking Simon and Garfunkel's song "The Sound of Silence" and making the kids break it down into a deeper understanding?  And I'm not so flippant now as an adult! Ha ha!

2007-12-30 Bob DePew - Class of 1966 - Charles Campbell
Mr. Charles Campbell stands out as the best HS teacher i ever had. He made Science come alive and is  probably the reason i later majored in Biology at Southwest Missouri State University.  I remember  him speaking to several science classes at once.
(deviders  pulled back)  and starting out by saying " i am here to talk for an hour .. you are here to listen for an hour .. if you get  thru before i do ..   raise your hand "   i have used that  a few times since ..   : )  I  Thank him for his enthusiasm and leadership in making science come alive.

2007-10-30 Larry Wyatt - Class of 1994 - Mrs. Billings
She always made English Literature a hoot to be in and let me speak my mind about the literature in class even when I was wrong.

2007-10-03 Jeanie Dobbs - Class of 1967 - Conrad Stawski
He talked to us like adults, and he used neat words like "transmogrification" and "fantasmagorical." He honed my writing skills and jettisoned me into further literary pursuits.

2007-09-24 Gary Vaught - Class of 1982 (Mrs. Faye Sharp and Mr. Mike Cowan)
Although I've always loved math, Mrs. Sharp made it mean something to me.  And, beyond that, she was the first teacher to show me how to be a scholar - how to learn rather than memorize.  As for Mr. Cowan, he took Comp and Grammar and made it FUN.  He had us live the excitement of expanding our vocabularies and the power of words.  God bless them both.

2007-08-22 Marjorie Reid - Class of 1961 (Helen Mc Turnan)
Helen Mc Turnan, Senior English Teacher.  She was funny and an all-round good teacher.  She taught me what to expect when I went to college.

2007-07-31 - Patricia Leonard - Class of 1967 (Jim Ritter)
My favorite was not really a teacher. It was my counseler Jim Ritter. He always was there when I needed to talk to someone. He is the reason I graduated.

2007-07-27 - Mark Dalton - Class of 1968 (Conrad Stawski)
Hands down.....Mr. Stawski and Humanities...he motivated me to learn more about artistic matters in which I had no inherent interest.

2007-07-23 - Scott Vroegindewey - Class of 1971 (Coach Steve Thomas)
It is difficult to pick my favorite Hickman teacher because they were all terrific!  I would like to share a story about one, Coach Steve Thomas.  I went out for wrestling during my senior year.  One night we wrestled against lowly Hannibal High School and I was pinned, losing in the first period.  I believe I was the only one who lost that night.  As I recall, most of my teammates were carrying-on, and I sat in the back of the school bus -- alone -- wanting to quit.  Coach Thomas came to the back of the bus and put his arm around my shoulder.  He encouraged me, saying: "Son, there are some 2000 kids who go to this school, and you had the ____ to go out [for wrestling]."  His one-on-one interest of me means a lot still.  He showed me he was not just a coach but a mentor.  I will never forget that night.  I deeply regret I never thanked him.  I hope and pray this tribute will suffice, and make its way to him.  Thanks, Coach!

2007-05-13 - Sharon Wulff - Class of 1977 (Mrs. Kay Kirtley)
Without a doubt one of my most memorable teachers - there at school and in the community was Mrs. Kay Kirtley. That lady really knew how to model boots and keep her class busy working on the latest and greatest fashions. She was direct and to the point with her answers and was always there to offer her help. She also had a beautiful smile and great laugh. What a beautiful lady!

2007-05-03 - Aimee Lorson - Class of 1997 (Laurie Hoff, Barb Mayer & Barb Jewett)
Well the one teacher that I had at Hickman that inspired me the most was Laurie Hoff. I loved reading and creative writing and was able to do that in her class... she was also one of the only teachers that I had that seemed to understand me and some of the rough spots I was going through back then... I was able to talk to her knowing that she wouldn't judge or think any less of me as I know some other staff members did (not that I blame them).

I also want to mention Barb Mayer and Barb Jewett. They were more like support staff but they both helped me get through the toughest part of my life and did the best they could to help keep me focused on things that mattered. I don't think they will EVER realize how much they helped me but I will ALWAYS remember the encouragement and strength they gave me to get through.

2007-04-25 - Jessica DiBlasi - Class of 1997 (Ms. Patti Watts)
My favorite Kewpie teacher was Ms. Patti Watts. She was always willing to go the extra mile to help out her students!!!

2007-04-21 - Myron Lewis - Class of 1992 (Cheryl Patterson)
Cheryl Patterson was the best teacher in my high school career

2007-04-08 - Sharon Pruett - Class of 1978 (Mr. Sadich)
Mr. Sadich - He taught a lot of things on how to be good at your job. How important a job is and to do the very best at what ever you are doing. He also talked a lot about staying out of trouble and if you want anything out of life you have to work hard for it. To this day I work very hard and try my best to teach my son all that I was taught and work hard and stay out of trouble.

2007-04-05 - Shirley Allen - Class of 1952 (Nellie Mae Kitchens)
Nellie Mae Kitchens, the best Math Teacher there ever was, no question!

2007-02-20 - Phillip Arnold - Class of 1991 (Dale Plieman)
Dale Plieman - Computer, Word Processing Class.  I took this class thinking that it would be a push-over, mostly because I was on the wrestling team and Dale was the head coach.  Suffice it to say, that was not the case.  Coach Plieman pushed for excellence in the classroom in the same manner he pushed for in the wrestling.  Although I will never forget passing with a "D", I passed, I still passed, coach made me work for that grade.  I respect that more now today than I did then, and would not trade that memory and lesson for anything.

2006-11-02 - Chance Knowles - Class of 1985 (Coach Travis)
Coach Travis always kept me focused on my schoolwork. He never pulled any punches with me when it came down to my work.

2006-10-17 - Jim Patchett - Class of 1984 (Jeff Peters)
I would have to say that Jeff Peters was my favorite teacher.  He wasn't exactly all there, but he was what you would picture as a Biology teacher, and a good one at that!

2006-09-27 - Ted Fleener - Class of 1967 (Many)
With one exception, who will remain unnamed, I thought our teachers were wonderful. Mr. Henderson and Mr. Whitaker, Mr. Smith in Geology stand out. But David Schneider and Bill Higdon were very, very good. They believed in me and encouraged me. And I can say the same for Mr. Elliot Battle. We had a good group of teachers who encouraged us. In retrospect, Ruth Ingrum and Mr. Roberts were also in a class by themselves. As a teacher and guidance counselor now, with five children and two grandchldren, I really appreciate how hard they all worked to help us at that point in our lives. Sincerely,  Ted Fleener

2006-09-01 - Leslea White - Class of 1994 (Sandy Paulson)
Sandy Paulson was my favorite Kewpie teacher.  She was also my soccer coach.  I will never forget my years at Hickman or the impact Sandy Paulson had on my education and life.  She was there for math class, soccer, tutoring in any subject, and to be a friend.  She was truely a wonderful person and someone I will never forget.

2006-08-25 - George Hansen - Class of 1966 (Mr. Henderson)
Mr. Henderson, Biology teacher, shall always remain the consummate instructor. Not only did he make his subject material interesting, he also cared about your intellectual development and overall well-being. I can still "hear" him explain that the body's most important organ is the liver with its 500 different functions. Mr. Henderson was respected and sincerely liked by all.

2006-08-17 - Tim Garro - Class of 1982 (Bill Higdon & Coach Lee)
Bill Higdon and Coach Lee.  They both made me want to go into teaching and coaching.  I always admired the way they both  made you feel important while you were around them.  That is something that I have tried to carry on with my students and players for the past twenty years.

2006-08-05 - Deb Dougherty - Class of 1976 (Mr. Coleman)
Mr. Coleman - Girls Glee Club (Mr. Coleman was energetic, happy, and determined!  I was amazed that he got 9 girls to sing like one.  With his guidance, our "Triple Trio" went on to competitions.)

2006-07-21 - Melissa Boyer - Class of 1996 (Ms. Peggy White)
My favorite teacher was Ms. Peggy White. She always took the time to help those that needed the extra help. I spoke to her as if she were a freinds. I trusted her and listened to the advise that she provided.

2006-07-09 - Tim Morris - Class of 1984 (Greg Paige)
My favorite teacher was Greg Paige.  Just all around good guy w/ no B.S.

2006-07-03 - Denise Withrow - Class of 1974 (Randy Gross & Mr. Toalson)
I really enjoyed my English teacher, Randy Gross... He was "one of the guys", very down to Earth..I was sad to hear of his passing.  I also loved Mr. Toalson, music...That was a very classy gentleman...He was very passionate about music and I enjoyed being a Choraleer as my dad was before me with Mr. Toalson...Mr. Toalson also passed before his time...makes you sad as time passes on...

2006-01-19 - Ashley Hall - Class of 2003 (Ms. Gadbois)
My favorite teacher at Hickman High School was Ms. Gadbois. She really seemed to care when proplems arose in my life. I also like Mrs. Rahm a lot. I have Mrs. Rahm for two different years in two different schools and I think that she is a wonderful person as well as teacher. Both of these teachers deserve a reward.

2006-01-31 - Christina Losapio - Class of 1998 (Kathleen Wells-Morgan)
Kathleen Wells-Morgan impacted not only my junior year of high school, but also my future profession as a high school teacher. She remains friendly to her students and to her former students.

2006-02-13 - Kristi Moore - Class of 1996 (Marty Hook)
Marty Hook.  Throughout my 3 years at Hickman, I had Mr. Hook for 4 classes and 6 musicals. He was laid back, easy going, and a fun guy. He could goof around with us but knew when to be serious and get to work. I admired him for his willingness to give his all.

2006-02-18 - Ted Vaughan - Class of 1974 (Ruth Wiggins)
Ruth Wiggins; every student needs an advocate on the faculty, just as every student needs a surrogate relative. Mrs. Wiggins served in those roles for me and hundreds -- maybe thosands -- of other kids.

2006-03-21 - Jill Beaumonte - Class of 1990 (Marilyn Parker)
My Favorite Kewpie teacher was Marilyn Parker. She always had a smile on her face, and helped me through some rough times when my grandfather passed away and my parents got divorced.  She helped make my time at Hickman a time I will always remember.

2006-03-22 - Judy Reynolds - Class of 1963 (Helen McTurnan & Helen D. Williams)
Helen McTurnan"s love of English Lit inspired me to appreciate reading, the theater and the arts.  Plus she was just a lady - soft spoken and gentle.  She and Mrs. Helen D. Williams were like two peas in a pod to me but I felt closer to Mrs. Mc.

2006-03-25 - Bruce Noble - Class of 1986 (Barbra Rothenberger)
Barbra Rothenberger was a Vo-Ag teacher while I was at Hickman that was teaching horticulture and a few other vo -ag classes. What I remember about her was that she was always the one teacher that I had who you could talk to. The advice you would get was usually pretty good. She was the one teacher that I had that when you left high school would still care to know what had become of her students. To this day I still remember the times in her classes.

2006-04-07 - Charles Wells - Class of 1968 (Mr. Henderson or Mrs. Keller)
Mr. Henderson or Mrs. Keller.  Mr. Henderson did his best to make biology fun but it could be challenging too. He was always there to help with the questions but had time to talk too. Mrs. Keller made World History challenging and interesting.  She expected hard work and gave you the grade your earned. Miss them both.

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