July 2003, "Kewpie of the Month" Tom Fleetwood - Class of 1953

Those present at the 45th Reunion of "The Class of 1953 of Hickman High School" who attended Robert E. Lee
Elementary School together are, from left to right:  A. T. Dorsey, Bill Vaughn, Peggy Porter, Iola Sontag, Lowell Bullard,
Sharon Parman, Ruth Ann Barnhardt, Gerry Whitwirth and Tom Fleetwood front and center.

Las Vegas Open Tom Fleetwood Memorial

More About Tom Fleetwood

Tom and Della Fleetwood in front of their home in Downey, California.
"Who ever would have thought that darts would have taken me around the world?" asks Tom Fleetwood ’58.

Tom passed away April 25, 2004
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