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List updated August 21, 2017


 Lee Baker (Class of 1965)
Jerry Ballenger (Class of 1976)
Steve Baumann (Class of 1979)
Dale Belcher (Class of 1964)

Richard Berkley (Class of 1966)
Mary Blanchard (Class of 1977)
Leslie Bryant (Class of 1980)
Vicki Comer (Class of 1966)

Joyce 'Joy' Crane (Class of 1961)
Dave Curtis (
Class of 1963)
Tim Drennan (Class of 1970)
Don & Linda Duerst (Class of 1957 & 1960)
Ed Dulaney (Class of 1943)

David Dwyer (Class of 1968)
Corky Elliott (Class of 1945)
Lynn Freese (Class of 1960)

Joe Geremia (Class of 1962 - attended Sacred Heart 1950-1957)
Randy Hagan (Class of 1963)
Pam Hart (Class of 1967)

Jana Heidy (Class of 1985)
Jim Hoffman (Class of 1967)
Ann Jackson (Class of 1960)
Carol Jones (Class of 1962)
Larry Jones (Class of 1970) - In Memory of Gary E. Jones (Class of 1975)
Robert & Nancy Ginn Martin (Class of 1955 & 1957)
Bill Maxwell (Class of 1964)
Phil McCullem (Class of 1968)
Kene Merideth (Class of 1967)

Phyllis Montgomery (Class of 1978)
Jim Morris (Class of 1969)
Mary Ann Morrow (Class of 1954)
Alan Mueller (Class of 1980)
Gary O'Connor (Class of 1980)

Scott Orr (Class of 1957)
Suzie Parker (Class of 1964)

Phil & Bonnie (Watkins) Prather (Class of 1960 & Class of 1962)

DeAnna Roemer (Class of 1975)
Brent Sappington (Class of 1970)

Cheryl Sigsbee (Class of 1962)
Thomas Shrout (Class of 1966)
Russ & Peggy (Fisher) Sloan (Class of 1956 & Class of 1959)
Ron & Judy (Callahan) Smiley (Class of 1964 & Class of 1962)
Burt Stoerker (Class of 1966)

Bud & Marilyn (Conner) Stone (Class of 59 & 60) - In Memory of Gerry Sisson (Class of 59)
Barry Stuart (Class of 1960)
Nancy Stuart (Class of 1964)

Ahmad K. Suleiman (Class of 1977)
Steve Toler (Class of 1970)
Tony Turner (Class of 1967)
Carolyn Wilson (In Memory of Roger Wilson, Class of 1960)
Phil Wulff (Class of 1974)
Sharon Wulff (Class of 1977)
Jesse Yeager (Class of 1963)

Pam Young (Class of 1976)
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