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John & Janice Mills Lumb - 45th Anniversary - December 5, 2003

Vernon and Jeanne Barr - 60th Wedding Anniversary - July 2, 2004

Leo & Mary Ann Roberts - 65th Anniversary - July 14, 2005

Luke & Joan Chase - 40th Anniversary - October 7, 2006

Bill and Eleanore Geel - 65th Anniversary January 10, 2007

Wayne Thomas - 90th Birthday - January 20, 2007

Janet Nichols Potts & David - 40th Anniversary - July 16, 2007

Don Roberts & Marilyn Hummel - 50th Anniversary - December 28, 2007

John & Doris Hoersch - 50th Anniversary -  July 12, 2008

Myrtle Taft - 90th Birthday - August 8, 2008

Jim & Billie Hopper Silvey, 1949 Kewpies, 55th Anniversary - June 6, 2009

Donald & Marjorie Trimble Semon - 60th Anniversary - July 30, 2010

April & Jerry Cockrell - 25th Anniversary - September 18, 2010

Marvin & Donna Lear Bozarth  - 50th Anniversary - April ?, 2012

Marty and Ed Elliott - Class of 1951 - 60th Anniversary - September 11,2013

Mary Helen Ballew & Lloyd Yoest - Class of 1941 - 70 Anniversary - Novemer 11, 1943

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John and Janice (Mills) Lumb celebrated their 45th Anniversary on December 5, 2003.
Both John and Janice grew up in Columbia.
John (Hickman Class of 1954) is the son of Oscar and Della Lumb,
owners of Oscar's Auto Service until their retirement in 1976.
Janice (Hickman Class of 1956) is the daughter of
Harold and Dorothy Mills, former owners of Rangeline Grocery.  John retired
from the Soil Conservation Service in 1993 after 33 years of service; Janice
retired from Ava Elementary Schools in 2001 after 24 years in Title 1.  They
have two children: John, 37, of Nixa and Jana, 31 of Verona.  John and Janice
can be reached at Route 6, Box 618101 Ava, MO 65608.  417-683-3111.
John Lumb, Class of 1954, is February 2004, "Kewpie of the Month"
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Vernon and Jeanne Barr
60th Wedding Anniversary (See Picture)
July 6, 1944 - 2004
  There will be a reception 4:00 PM-7:00 PM, Friday July 2, 2004 in the Fireside Room,
First Baptist Church, on Broadway, in Columbia, Missouri.
Please send email to if you plan to attend.
Jeanne Taylor, Class of 1940 "June 2004, Kewpie of the Month"
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Front: Jeanne & Vernon Barr,  Gavin & Liam Scott
Middle: Nancy & David Barr, Nancy Burnett, Jayme Nobles, Carolyn & John VanSciver, John & Bonnie Morgan
Back: Barr Nobles, Ina Jordan, Jessica & Rachel Morgan, Shannon Scott
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Leo & Mary Ann Roberts - 65th Anniversary (July 14, 1940 - 2005)
July 16, 2005 Celebration @ Thronbrook Clubhouse, Columbia, Missouri
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Sylvia (1960 Kewpie) - Leo (1938 Kewpie) & Mary Ann - Nancy (1967 Kewpie)


Celebrating at Leo and Mary Ann Roberts’ 65th anniversary surprise party are, bottom row from left,
daughter Sylvia Bradfield (1960 Kewpie), Leo (1938 Kewpie) and Mary Ann, and daughter Nancy (1967 Kewpie) and husband John Seiler.
In the top row, from left, are grandchildren Brett (1988 Kewpie) and Brian Bradfield (1982 Kewpie), Melissa Meister and Michelle Ham.
Click to see all four generations of the Roberts family


On July 16, daughter Nancy Seiler invited her parents over for lunch but said they first had to go to the swimming pool to get the kids.
When they walked into the Thornbrook Clubhouse, Mary Ann and Leo were surprised to see three generations of family
and many friends waiting to celebrate and make a "to-do" over such a milestone anniversary.
In attendance besides Nancy and her husband, John, were the Robertses’ other daughter, Sylvia Bradfield; grandsons Brian and Brett Bradfield and their spouses, Katy and Cristy; and granddaughters Melissa Meister and husband Pete and Michelle Ham and husband Trey from Olathe, Kan. Great-grandchildren included Matthew Bradfield, Bradley and Andrew Meister, Madalyn and Olivia Bradfield, and Elizabeth and Jackson Ham.
See the complete story by Irene Haskins of "The Columbia Daily Tribune"
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To celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary,
the children of Luke and Joan Chase
invite friends and other well wishers
to an informal reception
at the Downtown Optimist Clubhouse
1201 Grand Ave. (Bus. Loop 70 and Grand)
from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Saturday, October 7, 2006.

Luke passed away Thursday, Jan. 1, 2009.

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Bill and Eleanore Geel
celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary
January 10, 2007

The Geels were married Jan. 10, 1942,in Ashtabula, Ohio.
They have three children:
Kenneth Geel - Class of 1963
Richard Geel - Class of 1967
the late Janet Geel - Class of 1962
six grandchildren
and five great-grandchildren

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Maxine & Wayne Thomas at his 90th birthday celebration, Saturday, January 20, 2007
 You can send congratulations to:
Thanks, Judy for providing this picture and congratulations to you too for still having your parents.
Judy (Thomas) Wright, Class of 1963
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Mexicoans celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary

David and Janet Potts celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the home of
Leon and Marilyn Coats in Lamar with family and friends on Father's Day

Janet Nichols, daughter of Owen Banks and Elizabeth Frances Johnson Nichols
and David Potts, son of Earl Minnis and Stella Mae Thomas Potts were married
July 16, 1967, at the First Christian Church in Columbia with Glydon Burke

They are parents of two sons, Michael Earl Potts, who lives in Rogers, Arkansas,
with his wife, Janelle, and two sons, Ethan, 5, and Tobin, 7 months; and Greg who
lives in Peoria, Illinois, with his wife, Helen and daughter, Renee, 1.

The couple is planning a future trip to the Lake of the Ozarks and Branson.

Also, celebrating anniversaries were Leon and Marilyn Coats, sister and
brother-in-law of Janet Potts celebrated their 60th wedding annivesary, and the
                                                                          Potts' son and daughter-in-law Mike and Janelle Potts celebrated their 10th
                                                                          wedding anniversary.

from the "Mexico Ledger" 2007-06-27

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The 50th Wedding Anniversary of Don and Marilyn Roberts

Donald Ray Roberts (Class of ’53), son of Ray M. and Julia Blanche (Edwards) Roberts, and Marilyn H. Hummel (Class of ’54), daughter of Lynn Ellis and Ruth (Ridgway) Hummel, were married at the First Christian Church in Columbia, Missouri, by Dr. C. E. Lemmon on December 28, 1957. Maid of Honor was Marilyn’s sister Anne (Hummel) Cash and Best Man was Curtis Walton Brown.  Bridesmaids were Ellen Henry and Judy Roberts.  Groomsmen were Seth Slaughter and Larry Sutherland, and ushers were Robert Henry and David Taylor. Donald had completed his BA at the University and had finished 6-months of U.S. Army active duty at Fort Carson, Colorado; and Marilyn had performed her senior recital for her BA earlier that month.

Don completed his MA in English Education and Marilyn completed her MA in Music Education, and while Don fronted a dance band and Marilyn taught private piano lessons, the family grew:  David Lynn was born in 1958; Deborra Louise born in 1960; Michael Ray born in 1962; and Mark Hummel born in 1964.  From 1960 to 1967, Don return to Kewpie land and taught English and Journalism at Hickman High School.

Don left Hickman in 1968 and moved the family to northwest Missouri where he was English Consultant, Site Coordinator, and, finally Director of Project Communicate, a federally-funded project.  He returned to MU in 1970 and completed his Doctorate in 1972.  During the period 1967 to 1972, Marilyn continued taking courses, teaching in three elementary schools and teaching piano privately.  Don worked as Assistant NCA Chairman to Dr. Neil Aslin.

In 1972, Don joined the Shawnee Mission School District where he served in several administrative positions:  Director of Language Arts and Foreign Language, Director of the Curriculum Center, and in building administrative positions.  He continued to be active in NCA accreditation activities.  Marilyn continued teaching in elementary schools and privately.

Don retired from Shawnee Mission in 1997 and Marilyn retired from the Blue Valley District in 1998. They have 9 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. They took the family to DisneyWorld November 2007 to celebrate their GOLDEN MOMENTS.
Don and Marilyn live in Overland Park, Kansas.

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Doris & John Hoersch, 1947 Kewpie celebrated their 50th Anniversary
The wedding took place in Chicago, Illinois on July 12, 1958
The anniversary party was held in Boonville, Indiana on July 12, 2008


From left to right: Phil Davis – Hickman High Class of ‘47, Doris Hoersch, Bill Frisbee – Class of ‘47,
John Hoersch – Class of ’47, Jack Simon – Class of ‘47, Carol Davis, Cindy – Great Niece


47 Kewpies
Phil Davis - Usher, Bill Frisbee – Best Man, John Hoersch - Groom, Jack Simon - Usher


Entire Family
Front – Amber Hoersch, Krista Olson, Kaylie Hoersch (Baby), John F. Hoersch, Nadine Hoersch, Alexia Philpott, Brenton, Janet Conkle, Steve
Back Row – John Hoersch, Jr., Andy Hoersch, John Hoersch, Sr., Doris Hoersch, Joyce Hoersch, Marissa Humbers, John Philpott, Kyle Philpott
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Myrtle Taft celebrated her 90th birthday Aug. 8 with her husband, Bill, and their three children. Bill Jr. came from Kansas, Marie Margolin from California and Alice Fisher from Texas.
Courtesy of Bill Taft

Wishing their mother, Myrtle Taft, a happy 90th birthday are her three children, from left, Bill Taft Jr. (Class of 1963), Alice Fisher (Class of 1971) and Marie Margolin (Class of 1960).

Nine bouquets of flowers, donations of meals and other edibles, calls and cards combined to make this a festive occasion. Myrtle’s health problems have prevented her attendance at Missouri United Methodist Church for several years, but she managed to make the Aug. 10 Sunday services. Recognized by pastor Jim Bryan, she received a healthy welcome back to the center of much of her interest and concern since the family moved to Columbia in 1956.

Myrtle and William Taft, now a retired MU journalism professor, were married in early 1941 and have completed more than 65 happy years together. Her husband recently published a book in tribute to their togetherness appropriately titled “Created in Heaven: A Love Story.” The emphasis is on the contrast of their backgrounds, their nearly five World War II years followed by his pursuit of a doctorate and several moves. Also included are recollections and pictures — 125 of them — from family and friends.

One of 14 children, Myrtle was born in Virginia and is the only one to live outside that state and the only one to marry a non-Virginian — sweet-talkin’ Bill. Four of her siblings have died, and the other nine still live in Virginia. The final family reunion the Tafts attended was held in Virginia in 2000.

Recently, Myrtle had a corneal transplant and hopes to regain her ability to read papers, magazines and books. This transplant came from Alabama, so she remains a “true Southerner” and still sees things from a Southern viewpoint.

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Donald Semon, 1945 Kewpie & Marjorie Trimble Semon, 1947 Kewpie, 60th Anniversary - July 30, 2010

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Jerry  "Jr." and April Ruble, 1985 Kewpie, Cockrell of Columbia celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 at Finger Lakes State Park in Columbia.
They were married Sept. 14, 1985 at Dripping Spring Christian Church of Columbia by the late Rev. Harold Willard.

April & Jerry have two children; Katelyn and Kortney of Columbia.

Marty and Ed Elliott celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary
September 11, 2013.

They were married in San Diego, California and still resided there.
Marty is a retired Adult Education teacher and Ed is a retired Land Development engineer.
Marty & Ed were both Kewpies of the Class of 1951.

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Happy 70th Anniversary, Mary Ballew & Lloyd Yoest, 1941 Kewpies

Mary Helen Ballew Yoest, 90 and Lloyd Yoest, 91, celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with family and friends Saturday at the Columbia home of Tom and Diane Mendenhall.
Picture from "The Columbia Daily Tribune" Sunday, November 10, 2013
See story in the Tribune

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