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Updated 2018-01-07  

Hello Kewpie,

For the last nineteen years www.kewpie.net has been the source for Kewpie class reunions and “the gathering place” for all Kewpies. Some of you have made a gift to help me with expenses incurred from providing www.kewpie.net, which is a free service for all Kewpies. Also for the last nineteen years I have made myself available to help and done everything I could to make your class reunion a success. I have heard from hundreds of you who expressed your appreciation for what I have done, and I am honored just to have been a part of it all. After much thought I have come up with a way you can show your appreciation of what www.kewpie.net has become by joining me to help make a difference for future Kewpies! I have decided to start the “kewpie.net Scholarship" and the "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship".

There will be at least two scholarships awarded every year to students based on outstanding service to Hickman High School and or the community. The students also must exemplify the “Kewpie Spirit” and have a desire to preserve the Kewpie spirit after graduation.

The scholarship can be used to offset costs of a technical school, junior college or four-year college of the student’s choice.

Faculty selection of the recipient will be based on “Outstanding Service.” Need should be a consideration of the award but shall not be the sole determining factor.

Recipients of this scholarship should have a desire and willingness to preserve the continuity of their respective class. It would be "KooL" to know the recipients will want to be there to provide the guidance to their classmates for reunions in order to keep the “Kewpie Spirit” alive and well for many years beyond graduation! To have the recipients keep in touch with me @ kewpie.net, that would-be way "KooL"! Scholarship applications can be obtained from the Hickman High School Guidance Department.

The webpages are @ http://www.kewpie.net/netscholarship/kewpie.netScholarship.html and http://www.kewpie.net/cbcscholarship/cbc63scholarship.html. They will contain the names of all those making donations and a running total of the scholarship. Also, if you would like to make your donation in memory of an individual, that too will be on the webpage. Checks should be written to “Central Missouri Community Foundation” so your donation will be tax deductible. In the note portion or lower left corner of the check notate the "kewpie.net Scholarship" or "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship" and the name of the individual, if you choose to make your donation as a memorial. The webpage will also contain an ongoing account of the recipients of this scholarship, so you can see what a great thing your donation was for the “Kewpie Spirit!”

Please mail checks to me for proper record keeping and posting to the webpage or a donation can be made directly to the Central Missouri Community Foundation at "kewpie.net Scholarship" or "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship" on with a credit card.

The "kewpie.net Scholarship" of $1,000.00 is awarded to a graduating senior boy and graduating senior girl each year and the "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship" of $500.00 is awarded to a graduating senior boy and graduating senior girl each year. Presently the balance of assets for the "kewpie.net Scholarship" is $64,402.72 and the balance of assets $27,278.14 for the "Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship".

I am really excited about the possibilities of what can come from this with your help! Having heard from so many of you about how much you have appreciated www.kewpie.net over the last nineteen years, I know I can depend on you to share the excitement and make this an overwhelming success! Over 5,500 Kewpies have registered to use www.kewpie.net and over 1200 visit daily. It has been and will continue to be a free service from me to you as long as I can make it happen. If you made a small $25 or $50 donation, wow, that could be $137,500.00 to $275,000.00! What a great thing we can do to preserve the future of the best high school on the planet, the home of the “Kewpie Spirit”, David Henry Hickman High School, our alma mater.

Mail your check, made payable to “Central Missouri Community Foundation

Charley Blackmore
2312 Deer Creek Ct
Columbia MO 65201-3564

Questions: Call 573-442-1873 (10:00 AM to midnight), call or text 573-808-5314 or email to charley@kewpie.net

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