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Col. Frank Kurtz, 85; In WWII,
Army's Most Decorated Pilot

LOS ANGELES -- Col. Frank Kurtz, the most decorated Army Air Corps pilot in World War II, has died at age 85.  He died Oct 31, 1996, at his home in Los Angeles of complications after a fall, his wife said.

Col. Kurtz, who came from Missouri, became known for flying the last of the 35 B-17 Flying Fortress planes stationed in the Pacific.  When the plane was chewed up in combat, Col. Kurtz and his crew dubbed it "part swan and part goose -- The Swoose."

After flying the big plane home, Col. Kurtz went to the European theater, where he headed "the Swoose Group" and personally flew more than 60 missions over Italy and Germany.

Among survivors are his wife, author Margo Kurtz and daughter, actress Swoosie Kurtz.
                        1996, Los Angeles Times

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An interesting email about this webpage, received 2012-02-18

A Group Lead Crew Back From Piombino, Italy Mission April 28, 1944.
Standing, second from left, E. J. Campbell, Navigator; third from left, Fred Higginbotham.
Kneeling, second from left, Frank Kurtz, Group CO; fourth from left, Emerson Tolle, Pilot. Others are unidentified.
Photo courtesy of Tom Stevenson, 772nd

Frank's Daughter Swoosie Kurtz

Born: September 6, 1944  Omaha, Nebraska

Swoosie was an "Air Force" brat growing up. She lived in 17 cities and attended eight schools.  Swoosie majored in drama at the University of Southern California (USC).  After school in California, she studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  Her performance in "The Fifth of July" won Swoosie what Broadway considers its' "Triple Crown," the Tony, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle awards.  She was named after the WWII Air Force plane "Swoose," half-swan, half-goose.  Her father flew that type of plane during the war.  Her father was the most decorated fighter pilot of WWII.  Swoosie won an Emmy for her role on "Carol & Company."  She has been nominated for eight more Emmy's.

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Sat 2/18/2012 12:59 AM

Dear Charlie

I found in my family photo drawer , the imagines I forward you from Piombino (Italy) portraiting an american soldier who left this photo as  memory to my Uncle Primo Cambi on the September the 6th 1944.

I found on your website imagines from Piombino with the staff of Frank Kurts as the most decorated pilot of US Aircraft in World War the 2nd.The photo shotted is dated April the 28th 1944 , with the courtesy of Tom Stevenson.

 I have not the complete name of Frederich but I would like to know , from his garments, his identity as US Soldier. I am available to further searches if I can be useful to increase notices about this history period.


Best regards
Antonio Cambi
Medicine Doctor
14/4 Montanina Street
Lari (PI) Italy
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